An Anzac Zionist Hero: The Life of Lieutenant-Colonel Eliazar Margolin

כריכה קדמית
Vallentine Mitchell, 2006 - 194 עמודים
An acclaimed figure in Israeli historiography, but little known in Australia, this book asks the question why. Margolin served in two armies in the First World War, the Australian and British, and was buried twice with full military honors, first in Australia, then Israel. Escaping the Russian pograms, he helped pioneer and defend the settlement of Rehovot in Palestine, and as an original ANZAC served with distinction at Gallipoli. He was recruited by Jabotinsky to take command in the Jewish Legion in Palestine, becoming the first Jewish district commander there since the time of Bar Kokhba. His men of the First Judeans put down the 1921 Arab May Day pogrom in Jaffe for which he was expelled from Palestine back to Australia.

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