תמונות בעמוד

cording to the day? Dost thou feat that my zeal, my strength, and the sounding of 'my bowels towards thee, are restrained? Am not 1 Jesus still? Is my love waxed cold that it cannot pity? Is my hand shorten ed at all that it cannot save? Is mine ear heavy that it cannot hear? Or have I no power to deliver? Behold, at my rebuke I dry up the sea, I clothe the heavens with blackness; and if in the greatest storm I say to the raging billows, Be still! there is a great calm : fear not then: the zeal of the Lord of hosts my zeal; will do this and more for thy soul, yea, I will do for thee exceeding abundantly above all that thou canst ask or think. .

“ I see what passes in thy heart, O thou unwise and slow of heart to believe all that I and my prophets have spoken; I read thy new excuses. Thou sayest thou dost not suspect me, my faithfulness, and my power; but thyself, thy helplessness, and the treachery of thy own desperately wicked heart.-What, shall this sore evil hinder thee from coming to me, who alone can remedy it? Wilt thou pray to be excused from believing, on such an account as this? O drop this last, this most absurd plea; and walk in the steps of the faith of thy father Abraham, Rom. iv. 16, Consider not the deadness and hardness of thy heart, but the reviving softening love of mine; not thy want of power, but my omnipotence; not the suggestion of Satan, but the declarations of iny gospel. Wrestle not only against flesh and blood, but against the powers of internal darkness, and the spiritual wickedness of an unbelieving thought. Strive to enter in at the strait gate of faith. Against hope believe in hope, that I quicken the dead, and call the things which are not as though they were. Stagger no more at my promises through unbelief; but be strong in faith, and give glory to God, by being fully persuaded that what I promise, I am able and willing to perform. 3. In me thou mayest find the richest and readiest supply of all thy wants: I am both the Resurrection regarding thy stuff; the poorer thou art the better: the oil of his grace flows most abundantly into empty vessels: his charity is most glorified in the relief of the most miserable objects: his. royal bounty scorns the vile compensation of thy wretched merits: he sells like a king, like the King of kings, without money and without price. Ask and have, and, Take freely, are the encouraging mottos written upou all the unsearchable treasures of his grace.. milt St

Be of good comfort. then, rise, he calleth thee: stretch out thy withered hand, and he will restore it: open thy mouth wide, and he will fill it; bring an empty vessel, a poor hungry heart, and he will give into thy bosom good measure, pressed down, shaken together; and running over. In biegums

And now what meanest thou, sleeper? Why tarriest thou? Arise, and wash away thy sins, calling on the name of the Lord. Lose not time in conferring with flesh and blood; much less in parleying with Satan, or consulting thy unbelieving hearts here delays lead to ruin: the Philistines are upon thee, instantly shake thyself. If thou art not altogether blinded by the god of this world, and led captive by him at his will; this moment, in the powerful name of Jesus, burst the bonds of spiritual sloth-break, like a desperate soul, out of the prison of unbelief-escape for thy life-look not behind thee-stay not in all the plain. This one thing do; leaving the things that are behind, Sodom and her ways, press forwards towards Zoar, and escape to the mount of God, lest thou be consumed. By the new and living way consecrated for us, in full assurance of faith, fly to the Father of mercies—pass through the crowd of Laodicean professors -press through the opening door of hope-take the kingdom of heaven by violence.

With halting, yet wrestling Jacob, say to the Friend of sinners, I will not let thee go unless thou bless me. If he makes as if he would go farther, with the two mournful disciples constrain him to stay; or rather, with the distressed woman of Canaan, follow him


975 whithersoever he goeth-take no denial-through the Vi vail, thắt is to say, his flesh, torn from the crown of ad his head to the sole of his feet-through this mysteri94 ous vail, rent from the top to the bottom, rush into ell the blood-besprinkled sanctuary-embrace the horns y of the golden altar-lay all thy guilt on the head of

the sin-atoning victim-read thy name on the breast of -Althy merciful High-priest-claim the safety, demand

the blessings, receive the consolations bestowed on :9 all that fly to him for refuge-and begin a new de: 1 lightful life, under the healing and peaceful shadow Ils of his winys. 9V19 But perhaps thou art now devoid of active power, 119 and broken in spirit. The hurry of thy self-righteous

nature subsides. Wounded and half dead, thou liest - in the way of misery, waiting for the passing by of thy ft deliverer. Thou hadst set thy heart upon being bless

l'ed in one particular manner, and God in his wisdom - thinks it best to bless thee in another. Thou wouldst ay scale the New Jerusalem, and storm heaven; but he Yi chuses it should come down into thy soul, as a fruitful pshower descends into a fleece of wool. Be still then, e and know that he is God. Let him break thy self& will, which hides itself under godly appearances; and 2 let him practically teach thee, that salvation is not of

him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God

who showeth mercy. Op'?3 Meekly dive into the amazing depth of these words, Pute In quietness and rest shall be your strength. Stand Sustill, and see the salvation of God.” The fire, the Joearthquake, and the rending of the rocks, are over: 1 silence takes place; the still small voice will soon folFilow. Thou art for a time taken from the foaming bil.: Jows of self-agitation, and laid by the still waters: a

calm succeeds the impetuous storm, and a passive do waiting thy restless, fruitless endeavours. Thou art in

the case of one fallen into the sea, who having strugogled long and hard to escape drowning, is obliged to 11 yield at last. · Yield, then, weary sinner, yield to thy w happy fate.". Fully surrender* *o the God of thy life, Entirely abandon thyself to Jesus. Freely trust himi with thy present and eternal salvation. Whether thou swim or sink, let thyself go into the ocean of mercy Catch at no broken reed by the way, but calmly ven ture into the unfathomable depths of redeeming love. Lose thus thy life, and thou shalt find it. The power of God will soon be made perfect in thy weakness; and when thy strength is renewed, earnestly wrestle again. Thus go on, alternately striving and waiting, according to the leadings of the Holy Spirit, till hav. ing passed through all the inferior dispensations of di. vive grace, thou enter by faith into the rest that remains for the people of God, and take possession of that kingdom of God, which consists in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. : VII. In that kingdom, happy believer, the times of refreshing fully come from the presence of the Lord mercy and love embrace thee on every side; and thy sprinkled conscience enjoys the peace of sin-pardon ing God. Then smiling Justice, more than satisfied by the meritorious death of Christ, sheathes her flam ing sword, and declares, “There is now no condemnation to them that are in Christ Jesus; they are justified from all things, and freely forgiven all trespasses." And now thou art more than conqueror through him that loved thee. Standing by humble faith in his om nipotence, thou canst do all things, through his grace strengthening thee. Sin has no dominion over thee: the cruel and bloody tyrant, that reigned unto death, is dethroned; and grace, rich grace, sweetly reigns through righteousness unto eternal life. Triumphing in Christ over thy fiercest enemies, and putting thy victorious foot upon the neck of the last, thou chal lengest. bis utmost rage, and shoutest, «0 death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Thanks be to God, who giveth us the victory, through our Lord Jesus Christ!”

Now thou seest and feelest that God is Love! Thou dwellest in Him, and He in thee." Love, the fulfi Hing of the law, diffusing itself through all thy heart, infu enees thy looks, words, and actions, and makes thee

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spring after Jesus into the chariot of cheerful obedir ence: thy heart is as his heart; and while active grace draws thy willing soul along, God's free Spirit pours the oil of gladness upon the fervid wheels of thy affec, tions: supported and animated by thy Lord's presence, thou swiftly movest, thou delightfully fliest in all the ways of duty: mountains of difficulties sink into plains before thee; wisdom's, roughest ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace, : 59

Now thou rejoicest to be thought worthy to suffer shame for Christ's name, and countest it all joy when thou fallest into divers trials. With him the cross loses its dreadful aspect, and enormous weight: when thou findest it in the highway of holiness, instead of consulting with flesh and blood, how thou shalt go aside to avoid it, thou immediately takest it up, and it proves a comforting staff, a never-failing prop. , in

Christ crucified works this miracle of grace, for Him thou receivest with every cross; and the moment thou dost so in the power of his Spirit, God, even thy own God, gives thee his choicest blessing: he crowos thee with loving-kindness and tender mercies; and with the inexpressible complaisance of a father who receives a lost son! With the triumphant joys of a Saviour, who embraces a raised Lazarus, he says to the myriads that surround his throne,“ One more sinner repenteth unto life! hallelujah! He hath escaped the avenger of blood, he hath passed the gate of the city of refuge! hallelujah! Shout, ye sons of the morning! My angels, strike your golden harps ! Dance every heart for joy, through the realms of heaven! Let bursts of triumphant mirth, let peals of ravishing praise, roll along the transporting news! Let all your exulting breasts reverberate, let all your harmonious tongues echo back our glorious joy! For this my son was dead, and is alive again! This your brother was lost, and is found!”

And irradiating thy soul with the light of his reconciled countenance, he says to thee from a throne blazing with grace and glory, “ Penitent believer, receive the adoption of a son. Because thou receivest my Son,


and isolirradiating the says to thee

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