תמונות בעמוד

the delights of sense; but how much farther are the delights of heaven! Think then, “ Can an Archimedes be so taken up with his mathematical invention, that the threats of death cannot disengage bim, but he will die in the midst of his contemplations? Should not I be much more taken up with the delights of glory, and die with these contemplations fresh upon my soul; especially when my death will perfect my delights, while those of Archimedes die with him! What exquisite pleasure is it to dive into the secrets of nature, and find out the mysteries of arts and sciences; especially if we make a new discovery in any one of them! . What high delights are there then in the knowledge of God and Christ! If the face of human learning be so beautiful, as to make sensual pleasures appear base and brutish; how beautiful then is the face of God! When we meet with some choice book, how could we read it day and night, almost forgetful of meat, drink, or sleep! What delights are there then at God's right hand, where we shall know in a moment all that is to be known !" Compare also the delights above, with the delights of morality, and of the natural affections. What delight had inany sober heathens in the rules and practice of moral duties, so that they took him alone for an honest man who did well through the love of virture, and not merely for fear of punishment; yea, so much valued was this moral virtue, that they thought man's chief happiness consisted in it! Think then, “ What excellency will there be in our heavenly perfection, and in that uncreated perfection of God, which we shall beholů ! Whát sweetness is there in the exercise of natural love, whether to children, parents, yoke fellows, or intimate friends! Does David say of Jonathan, Thy love to me was wonderful, passing the love of women? Did the soul of Jonathan cleave to David ? Had Christ himself one disciple whom he especially loved, and who was wont to lean on his breast? If then the delights of close and cordial friendship be so great, what delight shall we have in the friendship of the Most High, and in our mutual intimacy with Jesus Christ, and in the dearest


love of the saints! Surely this will be a stricter friendship, and these more lively and desirable friends, than ever the sun beheld; and both our affections to our Father and Saviour, and especially theirs to us, will be such as we never knew here. If one angel could destroy an host, the affections of spirits must also be proportionably stronger, so that we shall then love a thousand times more ardently than we can now. As all the attributes and works of God are incomprehensible, so is this of love; he will love us infinitely beyond our most perfect love to him. What then will there be in this mutual love !"

$ 6. Compare also the excellencies of heaven, with those glorious works of creation, which our eyes now behold. What wisdom, power, and goodness, are manifested therein! How does the majesty of the Creator shine in this fabric of the world! His works are great, sought out of all them that have pleasure therein.What divine skill in forming the bodies of men or beasts! What excellency in every plant! What beauty in flowers! What variety and usefulness in herbs, plants, fruits, and minerals! What wonders are contained in the earth and its inhabitants; the ocean of waters, with its motions and dimensions; and the constant succession of spring and autumn, of suminer and winter! Think then. if these things, which are but servants to sinful man, are so full of mysterious worth, what is that place where God himself dwells, and which is prepared for just men made perfect with Christ! What glory is there in the least of yonder stars! What a vast resplendent body is yonder moon, and every planet! What an inconceivable glory hath the sun! But all this is nothing to the glory of heaven. Yonder sun must there be laid aside as useless. Yonder is but darkness to the lustre of my Father's house. I shall myself be as glorious as that sun. This whole earth is but my Father's foot-stool This thunder is nothing to his dreadful voice. These winds are nothing to the breath of his mouth. If the sending rain, and making the sun to rise on the just and on the unjust, be so wonderful, how much more

wonderful and glorious will that sun be, which must shine on none but saints and angels! Compare also the enjoyments above, with the wonders of providence in the church and world. Would it not be an astonishing sight, to see the sea stand as a wall on the right hand and on the left, and the dry land appear in the midst, and the people of Israel pass safely through, and Pharaoh and his host drowned? or to have seen the ten plagues of Egypt? or the rock gushing forth streams? or manna and quails rained from heaven? or the earth opening and swallowing up the wicked? But we shall see far greater things than these; not only sights more wonderful, but more delightful. There shall be no blood, nor wrath, intermingled; nor shall we cry out, as the men of Beth-shemesh, Who is able to stand before this holy Lord God? How astonishing to see the sun stand still in the firmament; or the dial of Ahaz go back ten degrees! But we shall see when there shall be no sun; or rather shall behold for ever a sun of infinitely greater brightness. What a life should we have, if we could have drought or rain at our prayers; or have fire from heaven to destroy our enemies, as Elijah had; or raise the dead, as Elisha; or miraculously cure diseases, and speak all languages, as the apostles! Alas, these are nothing to the wonders we shall see and possess with God; and all of them wonders of goodness and love. We shall ourselves be the subjects of more wonderful mercies than any of these. Jonah was raised but from a three days' burial in the belly of a fish; but we shall be raised from a many years rottenness and dust; and that dust exalted to the glory of the sun; and that glory perpetuated through eternity. Surely, if we observe but common providences; as the motions of the sun; the tides of the sea; the standing of the earth; the watering it with rain, as a garden; the keeping in order a wicked confused world; with many others, they are all admirable. But what are these to the Sion of God, the vision of the divine Majesty, and the order of the heavenly hosts? Add to these, those particular providences which thou hast thyself enjoyed and recorded through thy life, and compare them with the mercies thou shalt have above. Look over the mercies of thy youth and riper age, of thy prosperity and adversity, of thy several places and relations: are they not excellent and innumerable, rich and engaging? How sweet was it to thee, when God resolved thy doubts; scattered thy fears; prevented the inconveniences into which thy own counsel would have cast thee; eased thy pains; healed thy sickness; and raised thee up as from death and the grave! Think then, “ Are all these so sweet and precious, that without them my life would have been a perpetual misery? Hath his providence on earth lifted me high, and his gentleness made me so great? How sweet then will his glorious presence be! How high will his eternal love exalt me! And how great shall I be made in communion with his greatness! If my pilgrimage and warfare have such mercies, what shall I find in my home, and in my triumph? If God communicates so much to me, while I remain a sinner, what will he bestow when I am a perfected saint? If I have had so much at such a distance from him, what shall I have in his immediate presence, where I shall ever stand before his throne?" . 7. Compare the joys above, with the comforts thou hast here received in ordinances. Hath not the Bible been to thee as an open fountain, flowing with comforts day and night? What suitable promises have come into thy mind; so that, with David, thou mayest say, Unless thy law had been my delight, I should then have perished in mine affliction ? Think then, “ If his word be so full of consolations, whatoverflowing springs shall we find in God himself! If his letters are so com. fortable, what will the glories of his presence be! It the promise is so sweet, what will the performance be! If the testament of our Lord, and our charter for the kingdom, be so comfortable, what will be our possession of the kingdom itself!" Think farther,“ What delights have I also found in the word preached? When I have sat under a heavenly heart-searching teacher, how hath my heart been warmed! Methinks I have felt myselt

perfo. Ce be /

; and


Imost in heaven. How often have I gone to the conregation troubled in spirit, and returned joyful! How ften have I gone doubting, and God hath sent me come persuaded of his love in Christ! What cordials lave I met with to animate me in every conflict! If but he face of Moses shine so gloriously, what glory is there 2 the face of God! If the feet of them that publish leace, that bring good tidings of salvation, be beautiful, ow beautiful is the face of the Prince of peace! If his treasure be so precious in earthen vessels, what is hat treasure laid upin heaven! Blessed are the eyes that ee what is seen there,, and the ears that hear the things hat are heard thene. There shall I hear Elijah, Isaiah, eremiah,, John, Peter, Paul, not preaching to gainsayrs, in, imprisonment, persecution, and reproach; but riumphing in the praises of him that hath raised them o honour and glory.”—Think, also, “What joy is it to ave access and acceptance in prayer; that I may alays go to God, and open my case, and unbosom my pul to him, as to my, most faithful friend! But it will be more unspeakable joy, when I shall receive all blessings ithout asking, and all my necessities and miseries will e removed, and when God himself will be the portion pd inheritance of my soul. As for the Lord's supper, hat a privilege is it to be admitted to sit. at his table! have his covenant sealed to me there! But all the fe and comfort there, is to assure me of the comforts ereafter. O the difference between the last supper of Christ on earth, and the marriage supper of the Lamb t the great day! Then his room will be the glorious leayens; his attendants, all the hosts of angels and aints; no Judas, no unfurnished guest, comes there; ut the humble believers must sit down by him, and heir feast will be their mutual loving and rejoicing.”Concerning the communion of saints, think with thiyelf, “ What a pleasure iş it to live with intelligent and leavenly Christians! David says of such, they were all lis delight. O what a delightful society then shall I lave above! Had I but seen Job on the dunghill, what 1. mirror of patience! and; what will it be to see him


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