Regulation: Legal Form and Economic Theory

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Bloomsbury Publishing, 15 באוק׳ 2004 - 380 עמודים
This is a reprint of Anthony Ogus' classic study of regulation,first published in the 1990s. It examines how, since the last decades of the twentieth century there have been fundamental changes in the relationship between the state and industry. With the aid of economic theory Anthony Ogus critically examines the ways in which public law has been adapted to the task of regulating industrial activity and provides a systematic overview of the theory and forms of social and economic regulation. In particular, he explores the reasons why governments regulate, for which, broadly speaking, two theoretical frameworks exist. First 'public interest' theories determine that regulation should aim to improve social and economic welfare. Second, 'economic' theories suggest that regulation should aim to satisfy the demands of private interests. The book also looks at the evolution of the forms of regulation in Britain, extending to the policies of privatization and deregulation which were so characteristic of the period. The author skilfully evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of the different forms of regulation, particularly in the light of the two theoretical frameworks, but also by involving an analysis of how firms respond to the various kinds of incentives and controls offered by government. A significant feature of the book is its analysis of the choices made by governments between the different forms of regulation and the influence exerted by interest groups (including bureaucrats) and EC law.

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Table of United Kingdom Statutes
Table of United Kingdom Cases
The Market and Private
Public Interest Grounds for Regulation
Regulation and the Pursuit of Private Interest
Use of the Criminal
Institutions and Accountability
Justifications and Explanations
Prior Approval 1 Introduction
Licensing of Professional Occupations
Licensing of Other Occupations and Commercial Activities
Licensing of Products
Licensing of Land
Betting Gaming and Lotteries Act 1963 226
Economic Instruments 1 Introduction 2 Forms of Economic Instruments

Mandatory Price Disclosure
Quantity Disclosure
Identity and Quality Disclosure
Controls on Misleading Information
General 1 Nature of Standards
An Idealized Public Interest Model for StandardSetting
CostEffectiveness Models for StandardSetting
Mandatory CostBenefit or CostEffectiveness Analysis
Principles of StandardSetting
Private Interest Considerations
The Impact of EC
Specific Regulatory Regimes 1 Occupational Health and Safety
Information Regulation
Other Regimes
Environmental Pollution Control
Adulteration of Food Act 1860
Political and Private Interest Considerations
Bill of Rights 1688
Private Regulation 1 Alienable Rights 2 Inalienable Rights 3 Judicial Role
Public Ownership 1 Introduction
Public Interest Justifications for Public Ownership
Private Interest Considerations 4 Legal Structure and Productive Efficiency
Allocative Efficiency
British Aerospace Act 1980 289
Price Controls 1 Introduction 2 Price Controls for Distributional Purposes
Public Franchise Allocation
Broadcasting Act 1980 325
Broadcasting Act 1990 320 325
The Future of Regulation
Subject Index
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מידע על המחבר (2004)

Anthony I Ogus,CBE, is Professor of Law at the University of Manchester.

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