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Comprising upwards of 300 Volumes of Standard Educational Works,

A. S. BARNES & Co.,

LEE & SHEPARD'S .... 149 Washington St., Boston.

ALSO AT WOODMAN & HAMMETT’S ... 37 & 39 Brattle St.

The attention of School Officers, and of Teachers in Public and Private Schools throughout New England, is respectfully invited to these publications. Covering nearly the whole ground of School and Collegiate Education, and noted everywhere for freshness, accuracy, adaptability to the wants of youth, and superior mechanical execution, they offer unusual attractions to all who are in want of reliable and durable Text-Books. This high reputation will be maintained with such vigilant care that the patrons of the National Series will be spared the expense and great inconvenience of change in the future.

The Leading Books of the Series are: Parker and Watson's Spellers and Readers. 1 Peck's Mechanics. Clark's English Grammars.

Peck's Ganot's Natural Philosophy. " Analysis of the English Language, Norton & Porter's First Book of Science. Monteith's & McNally's Geographies.

Porter's School Chemistry. WWard's United States and Universal Histo Gregory's Chemistry. ries.

Wood's Botanical Text-Books. Davies' Revised Arithmetics (with Metric Page's and Emmons' Geologies. System incorporated.)

Jarvis' Primary Physiology. Davies Revised Algebras.

Physiology and Laws of Health. (The Davies' Keys for Teachers.

most practical and intelligible treatises Davies' Higher Mathematical Series.

on this important subject. Bartlett's Mechanics - Astronomy --Acoustics Ledru's French Series, and Optics

Pujol & Van Norman's French Class Book. Church's Calculus-Analyt. Geom.- Descrip. Brooks'Annotated Greek and Latin Texte. Geom. - Shades, etc.

Boyd's Logic-Criticism - Composition.
Also the well known “ Teachers' Library,” Comprising -
Root op School Amusements.

1 Stone's Teacher's Examiner. Bates' and Fowle's Teachers' Institutes.

Nortbend's Teacher's Assistant. Jewell on School Government.

Davies' Outlines of Math. Science. Mansfield on American Education.

" Logic of Mathematics. Holbrook's Normal Methods.

Dwight's Modern Philology. Page's Theory and Practice of Teaching. Mayhew- Universal Education, Progress of Education, by Philobiblius.

And other kindred works of great Value to Educators.

The undersigned will be happy to correspond with, or call upon, School Officers and Teachers desiring information in regard to any book of the Series. He will also send, post-paid, a DESCRIPTIVE CATALOGUE and a copy of the new quarterly “EDUCATIONAL BULLETIN” to any address, on application for the same.

A very liberal discount will be allowed on books ordered for Examination or First Introduction. Address....WOODMAN & HAMMETT, (AGENT FOR A. S. BARNES & Co.)

37 & 39 Brattle Street. (June 1, 1 year.]

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108 Fulton Street, Boston.



All articles warranted. Catalogues furnished, with prices, on application by mail, by sending five cents for return postage.


New Text-Books in Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and Astronomy, THE CAMBRIDGE COURSE OF ELEMENTARY PHYSICS. In Three Parts.

Part I. Cohesion, Adhesion, Chemical Affinity, Electricity. Part II. Sound, Light, Heat. Part III. Gravity, Astronomy. By W. J. ROLFE and J. A. GILLET, Teachers in the High School, Cambridge, Mass. 12mo. Price $1.75.

The imperative need of a Course of Physics adequate to the present advanced state of science has led to the preparation of this series. A thorough trial in the Cambridge High School, for which it was originally prepared. has fully tested it, and it is now offered to the public with the belief that it will meet a want felt by a large number of teachers, and not satisfactorily supplied by any of the text-books now in use.

The Arst volume, including Cohesion, Adhesion, Chemical Affinity, and Electricity, is now ready; another volume will follow immediately, and the third within a year. The volumes will be issued from the University Press, Cambridge, in their usual elegant style, and illustrated with numerous engravings from designs made expressly for the works.

New French Series. A FRENCH GRAMMAR. Being an attempt to present, in a concise and systematic form, the Essential Principles of the French Language. To which is added a French, English, and Latin Vocabulary, containing the most common words in French which are derived from Latin. By EDWARD H. MAGILL, A.M., Sub-Master in the Boston Latin School. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1.50. A KEY TO THE EXERCISES IN THE AUTHOR'S FRENCH GRAMMAR.

By EDWARD H. MAGILL, A, M. 12mo. Price 75 cents. AN INTRODUCTORY FRENCH READER: Containing Grammatical Exercises pro

gressively arranged, Familiar Conversations on various subjects, and Selections for Reading and Declamation : together with Explanatory Notes, References to the Author's French Grammar, and an adequate Dictionary. By EDWARD H. MAGILL. 1 vol. 12mo. (To be ready in a few days.)

The New Latin Course, Comprising in one volume all the Latin Prose required for entering College, and the only

Editions of the Classics with references to the New Grammar by Harkness. PREPARATORY LATIN PROSE BOOK : Containing all the Latin Prose necessary for

entering College; with References to HARKNESS's and ANDREWS and STODDARD'S LATIX GRAMMARS; Notes, Critical and Explanatory ; a Vocabulary, and a Geographical and Historical Index; with easy Prose Selections, designed to supply the place of a Latin Reader; also, additional Prose Matter, especially prepared for and adapted to the Introductory Course of Latin Prose at Harvard University. Eighteenth edition, enlarged and improved. By J. H. HAXSOX.

A. M., Principal of the Waterville Classical Institute. Crown 8vo, pp. 900. Price $3.00.
A HANDBOOK OF LATIN POETRY : Containing Selections from Virgil, Ovin, and

HORACE; with Notes, and References to HARKNESS's and ANDREWS and STODDARD's LATIN
GRAMMARS. By J. H. HANSON, Principal of the Classical Institute, Waterville, Me., and W.J.

Rolfe, Master of the High School, Cambridge, Mass. Crown 8vo. Price $3.00. SELECTIONS FROM OVID AND VIRGIL. A Shorter Handbook of Latin Poetry; with Notes and Grammatical References. By J. H. HANSON, A. M., and W. J. ROLFE, A. M. 1 vol. crown 8vo. Price $2.00.

This volume comprises all the Latin Poetry, Notes, and References contained in the larger volume, with the exception of Horace.

LATIN PRIMER. A Guide to the Study of Latin Grammar: with Exercises for Transla

tion ; adapted to HARKNESS's and ANDREWS and STODDARD'S Latin Grammars, and as an Introduction to HAYSON'S Latin Prose Book. By HENRY E. SAWYER, A. M., Principal of the High School, Middletown, Conn. 16mo. Price 30 cts. LATIN LESSONS AND TABLES, Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods. By

CYRUS S. RICHARDS, A. M. 12mo. Price $1.00.



fessor in Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N.J. Price $1.50. A PRACTICAL AND COMPLETE GRAMMAR OF THE GERMAN LANGUAGE. By ADOLPH DOUAI, Ph. Dr. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1.75.

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Carson unton Scribnery

National System of Penmanship.

The best, most popular, and the most extensively used of any system in the world! Specimen book, containing 300 copies, sent postpaid, for 50 cents; to teachers for 25 cents. ** For Circulars, containing particular descriptions and notices of the above, address

CROSBY & AINSWORTH, 117 Washington St., Boston.


4 Magazine published every Saturday in Boston, containing the best Reviews, Criticisms, Tales, Fugitive Poetry, Scientific, Biographical, and Political Information, gathered from the entire body of English Periodical Literature, and forming Four Large Volumes a year, of immediate in

terest, and solid permanent value.

TERMS :- EIGHT DOLLARS PER ANNUM. To be remitted to the Publishers, for which the work will be sent regularly, free of Postage

Address LITTELL, SON, & COMPANY, 30 Bromfield St., Boston.

From Judge Story.

range of matter the best articles in every department I have read the prospectus of “The Living Age" and by bringing them together in a new work, to give with great pleasure, and entirely approve the plan.

to the people, at a very moderate sum, the cream of a It will enable us to possess in a moderate compass a

hundred different inaccessible and expensive maga select library of the best productions of the age. Ilzines and papers. This Mr. Littell has done, and dono wish it every success. I shall be glad to be a sub

all be glad to be a sub- so well as to have deserved and earned for himsel scriber.

the thanks and esteem of all grateful readers. Out o From the Historian, Jared Sparks.

so wide a field to select with taste and good judgmen

requires a talent in its way quite as rare as that which I fully concur with Mr. Justice Story in his estimate

produces a brilliant article. Of “ The Living Age' of the utility and importance of “ The Living Age" as

we have a complete set upon our shelves, and we find a valuable contribution to our literature, not merely of

| it universally popular and useful. temporary interest, but of perndanent value. From Chancellor Kent.

From N. P. Willis, in the Home Journal. I approve very much of the plan of your work, “Tenderloin," " foie gras," are phrases, we believe « The Living Age," one of the most instructive and pop- which express the one most exquisite morsel. By the ular periodicals of the day. I wish that my name may selection of these from the foreign reviews, - the mos be added to the list of subscribers.

exquisite morsel from each, -our friend Littell make

up his dish of Living Age.' And it tastes 60. W From the Historian Prescott.

commend it to all epicures of reading. I have little doubt that Mr. Litte!l will furnish a healthy and most agreeable banquet to the reader; and

From the New York Times. it seems to me that a selection from the highest foreign journals will have a very favorable influence on our

The taste, judgment, and wise tact displayed in thi

selection of articles are above all praise, because they reading community.

have never been equalled. From George Bancroft.

From a Gentleman in Knoxville, Tennessee, writin From the specimens that the public has seen, it can

under date of May 14, 1864. not be doubted that Mr. Littell is able to make, from the mass of contemporary literature, instructive and You can scarcely be more gratified to hear from m interesting selections. I wish you success with all my than I am to renew my acquaintance with you througl hcart.

the " Living Age." Among all the deprivations of th From George Ticknor.

last three years (nearly), that of your journal has not I have never seen any similar publication of equal

I assure you, been of the minor class. As, however, merit. I heartily wish tor it the wide success it de

had a complete set of it from the beginning, I turne scrves as a most agreeable and useful selection from

n to the bound volumes, and gave them quite a thoroug the vast mass of the current periodical literature of our

reading. Indeed, these same volumes proved a res times. Be pleased to consider me a regular subscriber

solace and refreshment intellectually to the family, i to “The Living Age."

the midst of the protracted literary dearth that w

have suffered. We therefore hail the return of you From the late President of the United States, John familiar face, as a journalist, with sincere pleasure, a Quincy Adams.

we welcome the spring after a long and severe winter Of all the periodical journals devoted to literature and wish you long life, and an uninterrupted career o and science which abound in Europe and in this coun- usefulness. try, “The Living Age" has appeared to me the most from a Clergyman in Massar husetts of much Literar useful.

From an article on the Independent, written by Rev.
Henry Ward® Beecher.

In the formation of my mind and character I owe a

much to "The Living Age" as to all other means o It was a happy thought to relent from this wide education put together.



(with a simple and complete System of Analysis.) This is a new edition in new and enlarged type of this Author's Analytical and Practical Grammar, which bas become a standard text book in good schools throughout this country and Canada. In this new book the order of subjects, method and classification, which gave the former work such an enviable reputation among our most successful teachers, have been, for the most part, retained; and such changes only have been admitted as the present wants of the school-room seem to require. Tables of the different parts of speech and a tabular classification of the analysis of the sentence are given; also the subjects of accent, prefires and suffixes, are presented to afford facilities for a more intimato acquaintance with the integral structure of our language. BULLIONS COMMON SCHOOL GRAMMAR, .

50 cents. For pupils who have a limited time in which to study grammar, this little book is complete in itself. It is, however, for graded schools an introductory book to the Practical Grammar, and teaches composition or the construction of language throughout the book. BULLIONS & MORRIS'S NEW LATIN GRAMMAR.

$1 50 This new book is founded on Bullions' Latin Grammar, and gives a new treatment of the vowel quantities of the Noun and the Verb, with a different style of type for the terminations in the Declensions and Conjugations of the third Declension of the meaning and use of the Moods and Tenses, particularly the Subjunctive Mood, with a full discussion of the Moods of the Verb--a new arrangement of the Active and Passive Voices of the Verb - a full treatment and discussion of Pronouns and their uses- an analysis of the Four Conjugations - a new classification of Irregular Verbs-a new chapter on Derivation and Composition - a re-distribution of the Syntax, bringing together the uses of the various cases, etc., under separate heads — a translation of all the Examples quoted in the Syntax, - a careful revision of the Prosody, etc., etc. BULLIONS' & MORRIS'S LATIN LESSONS.

. $1 00 A convenient-sized book for beginners, and a synopsis of the B. & M. Grammar with Exercises in translations of Latin, also varied “Readings " and a Vocabulary. BULLIONS' LATIN READER

... . . . $150 This book has references to both Bullions' and Bullions & Morris's Latin Grammars. Also, BULLIONS' CÆSAR'S COMMENTARIES, .

$1 50 The other books of Bullions' Series are published as heretofore, with the addition of BULLIONS & KENDRICK'S GREEK GRAMMAR, . . . $9 00

This book is a carefully revised edition of Bullions' Greek Grammar, by A. C. Kendrick, D.D., LL D., of Rochester University, N. Y. In the changes and additions, much relating to Accents, Prepositions, Particles, and the Third Declension has been re-written, and also much on the Verb and in the Syntax has been re-cast. In simplicity and size, it is believed that this will be the most convenient and useful Greek Grammar published. BULLIONS' LATIN-ENG. LEXICON (with Synonyms). LONG'S CLASSICAL ATLAS, quarto, 52 Maps, . .

Edited by Geo. Long, A. M. Constructed by Wm. Hughes. The Maps are finely engraved and colored, and in a form very convenient for classical students. BAIRD'S CLASSICAL MANUAL, .


: _ wave UNANI;_

: _ · · · · · $2 50 ALDEN'S SCIENCE OF GOVERNMENT. . .

. . $1 50 ALDEN'S YOUNG CITIZEN'S MANUAL OF GOVERNMENT, - 0 50 SHAW'S MANUAL OF ENGLISH LITERATURE (new). . . . 1 75 Hooker's Human Physiology. ..... $1 75 | First Book ............... $0 90 Brocklesby's Astronomy ........ 1 75 Com. School Astronomy ........ 080 Peissner's German Grammar ...... 1 75 Keetels' French Graminar ....... 1 75 Palmer's Book-keeping ......... 100 Blanks to same .........50 cents each. STODDARD'S SERIES OF ARITHMETICS, REVISED, ETC. WITH LARGER TYPE, AND MODERN BUSINESS METHODS, INCLUDING A FULL EXPOSITION AND APPLICATIONS OF THE METRIC SYSTEM

OF WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Stoddard's Juvenile Mental Arithmetic . $0 25 8. & H.'s University Algebra ...... $2 00 American Intellectual Arithmetic .... 0 50 Key to Intell. Arithmetic ........ 0 50 Rudiments of Arithmetic ........ 0 50 Key to Elem. Algebra ......... 100 New Practical Arithmetic ...... .. 1 00 | Key to New Practical Arithmetic .... 1 25 Stoddard & Henkle's Elementary Algebra 1 25 Key to University Algebra . ...... 2 00

Copies for examination of the above, excepting Long's Classical Atlas, and Bullions' and Kaltschmidt's Latin Dictionaries, and Keys to Arithmetics, etc., sent by mail, post-paid, to teachers, on receipt of half the annexed p SHELDON & CO., Publishers,

498 & 500 Broadway, New York. June 67-year

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