תמונות בעמוד

9 They that dwell in the wilderness shall kneel before him: his enemies shall lick the dust.

10 The kings of Tharsis and of the isles shall give presents : the kings of Arabia and Saba Ihall bring gifts.

1 All kings shall fall down before him : all nations Ihall do him service.

12 For he shall deliver the poor when he crieth : the needy also, and him that hath no helper.

13 He shall be favourable to the simple and needy: and Ihall preserve the souls of the poor.

14 He Tall deliver their souls from falfhood and wrong: and dear shall their blood be in his fight.

15 He shall live, and unto him shall be given of the gold of Arabia : prayer shall be made ever unto him ; and daily shall he be praised.

16 There shall be an heap of corn in the earth, high upon the hills : his fruit shall lake like Libanus, and shall be green in the city like grass upon the earth.

17 His Name shall endure for ever ; his Name shall remain under the sun among the posterities : which shall be blessed through him : and all the heathen shall praise him.

18 Bleffed be the Lord God, even the God of Israel : which only doeth wondrous things ;

19 And blessed be the Name of his Majesty for ever : and all the earth shall be filled with his Majeity. Amen, Amen.

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Psalm lxxii.) There are two things to be considered on this psalm : 1. The prayers that David made for the prosperity of Solomon, teach us, that kings and people ought to defire of God, as a thing of the greatest con fequence, that he would grant to those that rule over kingdoms, jurtice, wisdom, clemency, and all other virtues that are necessary for them.: And that in order to secure the happiness and good government of the people, it is not fufficient that they have a powerful prince, and live in plenty, bat juftice should be adminiitered among them, the wicked ihould be punished, and the righteous and innocent protected. 2. I is to be observed, that moft of the things mentioned in this pfalm, agree more perfeAtly to the kingdom of our Lord than to that of Solomon ; fince Jesus Chrift was to be that glorious King, who was to bring the most distant people into fubje&tion, whose kingdom was to last to the end of the world, and under whose government men were to enjoy a compleat

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Pialm. Ixxii. Qugm bonus Ifrael! TRULY God is loving unto Ifrael: even unto such as

are of a clean heart 2 Nevertheless, my feet were almost gone: 'my treadings had well-night Ripped.

3 And why? I was grieved at the wicked: I do also see 'the ungodly in such prosperity.

4 For they are in no peril of death: but are lusty and strong.

5 They come in no misfortune like other folk : neither are they plagued like other men.

6 And this is the cause that they are fo holden with pride : and overwhelmed with cruelty.

7 Their eyes swell with fatness : and they do even what they luit.

8 They corrupt other, and speak of wicked blasphemy : their talking is against the most High.

9 For they stretch forth their mouth unto the heaven : and their tongue goeth through the world.

10 Therefore fall the people unto them : and thereout fuck they no small advantage.

11 Tush, say they, how should God perceive it : is their knowledge in the most High?

12 Lo, these are the ungodly, these profper in the world, and these have riches in poffeffion: and I said, Then have I cleansed my heart in vain, and washed mine hands in innocency:

13 All the day long have I been punished : and chastened every morning.

14 Yea,and I had almost said even as they : but lo, then I should have condemned the generation of thy children.

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PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. happiness, and be filled with the choicest blessings of heaven. We have therefore in this psalm the description of our own happiness; which should put into our mouths the praises with which David concludes this fong: “ Blessed be the Lord God, even the God of Israel, which only doeth wondrous things: and blessed be the Name of his Majesty for ever : and all the carth shall be filled with his Majesty. Amen, Amen.


15 Then thought I to understand this : but it was too hard for me.

16 Until I went into the sanctuary of God: then understood I the end of these men.

17 Namely, how thou dost set them in Nippery places: and caftelt them down, and destroyeft them.

18 Oh, how suddenly do they consume : perish, and come to a fearful end !

19 Yea, even like as a dream when one awaketh : so Ihalt thou make their image to vanish out of the city.

20 Thu's my heart was grieved : and it went even through

my reins.

21 So foolish was I, and ignorant : even as it were a beast before thee.

22 Nevertheless, I am alway by thee: for thou hast holden me by my right hand.

23 Thou shalt guide me with thy council: and after that receive me with glory.

24 Whom have I in heaven but thee; and there is none upon earth that I desire in comparison 'ot' thee.

25 My Aeth and my heart failer h : but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for ever.

26 For lo, they that forsake thee Mall perish ; thou hart destroyed all them that commit fornication as a nft ther.

27 But it is good for me to hold me tast by God, to put my trust in the Lord God : and to speak ut all thy works in the gates of the daughter of Sion. .

PRACTICAL OBSERVATION S. Psalm lxxiii.] This psalm teaches us how we ought to judge of the prosperity of the wicked, and afflictions of the righteous. We ou ht never to believe that wicked man, who live in mirth and plenty in this world, and who enjoy all their wishes, are truly happy; or that the righteous, because they are amicted, lovi God 'in vain. Asaph has taught us, that to resist this tempt.tion, which is a ve y dang roiis one, we must meditate upon the word of God, and the ways of providence ; that then we shall find, that the felicity of worldly men is vain and of short duration ; and that they ar- fet in fippery places, from where they fall suddenly If we add to these consider tions what the goí el his revealed concerning the condition of good and bad men after this lite, we Deall never be ftaggered, either at the prosperous flounthing ilate of the



Psalm lxxiv. Ut quid, Deus ?

why is thy wrath so hot against the sheep of thy parture?

2 O think upon thy congregation : whom thou hast purchased, and redeemed of old.

3 Think upon the tribe of thine inheritance: and mount Sion, wherein thou hast dwelt.

4 Lift up thy feet, that thou mayest utterly destroy every enemy : which hath done evil in thy sanctuary.

5 Thine adversaries roar in the midst of thy congrega. tions: and set up their banners for tokens.

6 He that hewed thick timber afore out of the thick trees: was known to bring it to an excellent work.

7 But now they break down all the carved work thereof: with axes and hammers.

8 They have set fire upon thy holy places : and have defiled che dwelling-place of thy Name, even unto che ground.

9 Yea, they said in their hearts, Let us make havock of them altogether : thus have they burnt up all the houses of God in the land.

10 We see not our tokens, there is not one prophet more: no, not one is there among us, that understandeth any


1 O God, how long shall the adversary do this dis. honour: how long shall the enemy blafpheme thy Name, for ever?

12 Why withdrawest thou thy hand : why pluckest thou not thy right hand out of thy bosom to consume the enemy?

PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. ungodly, or the sufferings of the righteous; and instead of beiаg tempted to forsake the fear of the Lord, we shall cleave to him more and more, by a lively faith, and by such fentiments of love and confidence as Afaph expresses when he says, “I am alway by thee; for thou haft holden me by my right hand ; thou shalt guide me with thy counsel, and after that receive me with glory. Whom have in heaven but thee? and there is none upon earth thar I defire in comparison of thee. It is good for me to hold me falt by Cod.”


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13 For God is my King of old: the help that is done upon earth, he doeth it himself.

14. Thou didft divide the sea through thy power : chou breakest the heads of the dragons in the waters.

15 Thou smotest the heads of Leviathan in pieces : and gavest him to be meat for the people in the wildernels.

16 Thou broughteft our fountains, and waters out of the hard rocks : thou driedft up mighty waters.

17 The day is thine, and the night is thine : thou hast prepared the light and the sun.

18 Thou haft set all the borders of the earth: thou hast made summer and winter.

Remember this, O Lord, how the enemy hath rebuked: and how the foolish people hath blasphemed chy Name.

,20 O deliver not the foul of thy turtle dove unto the multitude of the enemies : and forget not che congregation of the poor for ever.

21 Look upon the covenant : for all the earth is full of darkness, and cruel habitations.

22 O lec nor the fimple go away alhamed : but let the poor and needy give praile unto thy Name.

23 Arile, O God, maintain thine own cause : remember how the foolish man blasphemeth chee daily.

24 Forget not the voice of thine enemies: the presumption of them that hate thee, increaleth ever more and more.


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PRACTICAL OBSERVATIONS. Pfalm lxxiv.] Observe, 1. That as God, to punith the Jews for the abuse of his service, had suffered their temple to be burnt, and then to be led into captivity, by idolaters ; for the fame reasons he has often delivered his church into the hands of perfecutors, and deprived nations of the benefit of his word, and removed their candlestick ; but when he thus affiets his church, his design is to chastise it, to try it, and to purify ic. 2. That when God appears the most provoked with his people, he does not quite forsake them; but always remembers his covenant, and delivers them at last by his power and goodness. Thus it has always happened, as the Jews particularly experienced, when God delivered there from the Babylonith captivity, and they rebuilt the temple of Jerusalem, the destruction of which is lamented in this pfalm. Laitly, As the pro


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