A Numismatic Manual: Or, Guide to the Study of Greek, Roman, and English Coins: with Plates from the Originals

כריכה קדמית
Effingham Wilson, 1832 - 170 עמודים

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עמוד 128 - It is enclosed by walls of great solidity, portions of which are supposed to be as old as the time of the Visigoths.
עמוד 79 - England. COL. CASILIN. Colonia Casilinum, Castellazo in Italy. COL. CL. PTOL. Colonia Claudia Ptolemais, Acre in Phoenicia. COL.
עמוד 64 - A PARTH. RECVP. CivibuS et Signis Militaribus a Parthis Recuperatis. CN. Cneius. COEL. Coelius. CON. OB. Constantinopoli Obsignata, or Constantinopoli Officina secunda, or Conflata obryzo. COL. Colonia. CONS. svo. Conservator! suo. CONCORD. Concordia. CL. v. Clypeus Votivus. COMM.
עמוד 80 - AVG. DD Colonia Julia Concordia Apamea Augusta Decreto Decurionum COL. IVL. PATER. NAR. Colonia Julia Paterna Narbonensis COL. NEM. Colonia Nemausus COL. NICEPH. COND. Colonia Nicephorium Condita, in - Mesopotamia...
עמוד 143 - A very uncommon and singular coin, charged with the royal arms, but without a name. It is, by the make and size, a French gross, and is supposed to have been coined by the Duchess of Burgundy for Perkin Warbeck, when he set out to invade England, in the year 1494.
עמוד 81 - Colonia Romana Felix Aug. Flavia Caesarea Metropolis. The same. COL. ROM. Colonia Romulea, or Seville. COL. ROM. LVG. Colonia Romana Lugdunum. COL. RVS. LEG. vi. Colonia Ruscino Legio Sexta, at Roussillon in France.
עמוד 143 - ... in breadth. The seal is of the plate and wax type. On the obverse appears a figure of the emperor seated on his throne, with the sceptre in his right hand and the globe in his left; a shield, with the crowned imperial eagle, occupies the space on the one side of the throne, and a corresponding shield, with the crowned Bohemian lion with two tails, occupies the space on the other side; and round the margin runs the legend, Karolus quartus divina...

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