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ts in

(1) To examine, to study; studious. D. THE 42D RADICAL. H. M., vi.; xxxi. 1. A., II. x. 3: et al. To chía look after. G.L.C., x. 22. (2) To be

A displayed. D.M., xii. 3, 4.

Small, smallness; in small matters, D. (1) Few, to make few. G.L.c., X. 19.

seaou M., xii. 2 ; xxx. 3. A., I. xii. 1: II, xxii.:
et al. Sæpe.

th kua D.M., xxix. 1. A., II. xviii. 2: VIII. v.: kua

et al. (2) 171, a desiguation of F, my little children, my disciples. A., the wife of the prince of a State. A.,

V. xxi.: VIII. iii.: XI. xvi. 2: XVII. ix. XVI. xiv.

We, the disciples. A., XVII. xix. 2. Home After Hil with intervening words, than,

The disciples. A., XIX. xii. I, a little

child. A., XX. i. 3. J7 ning so) and so it is better to. G.L.C., X. 22. A., III. iv. 3 ; xiii. 1: et al.

designations of the wife of the prince of To sleep, be in bed. A., V. ix.: X. viii.

a State. A., XVI. xiv.

(1) A little. A., XIII. viii. (2) di 9; xvi, 1: XV. xxx. ch'in

sleeping shaor Gili

, the assistant music-muster. A., dress. A., X. vi. 6.

shao N (1) Full. A., VIII. v. (2) Fruit. A., XVIII, ix, 5. (3) I, A name. A., shih IX. xx. 1. (3) Really. G.L.C., X. 14.

XVIII, xviii. 1, 3. Genérous, magnanimous. D.M., x. 3; Up. 3d tone, Young, youth. A., V. kiwan xxxi. 1. A., III. xxvi.: XVII. vi.: XX. shaou xxv. 4: IX. vi. 3; ix.: XVI. vii. kruan i. 9.

shao To examine accurately, discriminate. (1) To esteem. A., XVI. vi.: XVII. shin D.M., xx. 19. A., XX. i. 1,

shung xxiii. To add to, esteem above. A., IV. sliên

vi. 1. To place over. D.M., xxxiii. 1.

(2) Still, likewise. G.L.C., X. 14. (3) A name, A., XIV. xxxviii.

Pray, let it be. D.M., xxxiii. 3. leaou liao

THE 430 RADICAL. t. 寶 Precious ; precious things; a jewel. G. paou L.C., X. 12, 13. D.M., xxvi. 9. A., XVII.

til, to blame men. D.M., xiv. 3. pao i. 2.


A., XIV. xxxvii. 2. Occasions for blame.

A., IV. vi.

(1) To approach to, A., I. xiv.: XVI.

i. 6. (2) To complete, for the good of. Øt Archery. D.M., xiv. 5. A., III. vii.; chiu A., XII. xix. shay xvi.: IX. ii. 2: XIV. vi. Read shih. A., shê VII. xxvi, to shoot with an arrow and string.

THE 44tu RADICAL A. 1. To dislike , be disliked. D.M., xvi, 4;

Corpse-like. A., X. xvi. 1. yih xxix. 6. yi


shih (1) Shall, will, to be going to, to be about

N A cubit. A., VIII, vi. tséung to. D.M., xxiv. A., III. xxiv.: XVI. i. 1,

ch'ih chiang 2, 6 : et al. (2), a sage, or there

Tips Pe, Confucius. D.M., ii. 1 ; XXX. abouts. A., IX. vi. 2. (3) 'ato

, t

i. A., XIX. xxii.; xxiii.; xxiv.; XXV. act as internuncius. A., XIV. xlvii. 1: ni XVII. xx.

# (1) To correct. #, good cor(1) Alone, unassisted. A., XIII. v.

yin rector, designation of the chief minister chuen (2) Assuming, presuming. #, D. of Ts'do. A., V. xviii, 1. (2) {#, an M., xxviii. 1.

ancient minister. A., XII. xxii. 6. (3) (1) Honourable in dignity. D.M., xvii. fiti #, an ancient minister, grand2 ; xviii. 2. (2) To honour. D.M., xix. teacher. G.L.C., X. 4. 5; xx. 5, 8, 13, 14: et al. A., XIX. iii.:

E (1) To dwell in, to reside. G.L.C., vi. XX. ii. 1, 2.

keu 2. D.M., xxvi. 9. A., II. i.: et al., sæpe. 對 To reply to, in reply. Spoken of an

chü With a reference to privacy. A., X. vi. tuy inferior answering a superior. Passim. 7; vii. 2 ; xvi. 1: XI. xxv. 3: XIII. viii.: tui The only case where we can conceive of et al. (2) Metaphorically, applied to

an equality between the parties is A., situations, virtues. D.M., X. 3, 4; xxvii. XVIII. vi. 3.

7. A., III. xxvi.: et al., sæpe. (3) To










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keep. A., V. xvii. (4) To sit down.
A., XVII. viii. 2. (5) Comfort. A., XIV.

(1) The left, on the left. G.L.C., X. 2. iii. *. the economy of a family. D.M., xvi. 3. A., XIV. xviii. 2. te A., XIII. viii.

to to move the left arm or the A louse. G.L.C., vi. 4. D.M., xxxiii.

right. A., X. iii. 2. (2) # 5 , a douul 3.

ble surname. A., V. xxiv. Some make t'p. 20 tone. To put away. A., XX.

#alone to be the surname. ii. 1. BE *, to keep in the breath. 15 Fine, artful, specious. A., I. iii.: III.

k'eaou viii. 1: V. xxiv.: XV. xxvi.: XVII. xvii. A., X. iv. t.

chiao Often, generally. A., V. iv. 2: XI.

AL (1) A wizard, a witch. A., XIII. xxii. leu xviii. 1, 2. lü

(2) AL., a double surname. A. VII. ki (1) To tread on. A., VIII, iji.: X. iv, 2.

xxx. 2, 3.
le (2) The name of the emperor T'ang. A.,

XX. i. 3.

e Self. Himself, yourself, & plural. Pus

ke LI

sim. Observe L, XIV. xlii. 2. Used

chi (1) A hill, mountain, mountains. G. shan L.C., X. 4. D.M., xxvi. 9. A., V.xvii.:VI.

for U, G.L.C., vi. 2. iv., xxi.: X. xviii. 2. A mound, A., IX. E (1) To stop, end. D.M., xi. 2 ; xxvi. 10. xviii. (2) II. the name of a moun A., XVII. xxii.: XVIII. v. 1. In the

i tain. A., III. vi. (3) 4 W, a double phrase 715E, not to be able to stop, surname. A., XVII, v.

what is the result of necessity. A., XI. vii. 峻 Lofty, great. G.L.C., i. 3 ; x. 5. D.M.,

2, 3. () To retire from, resign, A., V. tsrun xxvii. 2.

xvii. 1. (3) E Ė F, and E

Je, it is all over. A., V. xxvi.: IX. To exalt; to honour and obey. D.M.,

viii.: XV. xii. (4) TUE, often followtsiumg xxvii. 6. A., XII. X.; xxi. 1, 3. 崩 The fall of a mountain. Metaph., down.

ed by $, and stop, and nothing more. puany fails, to be ruined. A., XVI. i. 12:

D.M., xxv. 3. A., VI. v.: VIII. xx. 3 : peng XVII. xxi. 2.

XII. vi.: et al. (5) LEE$ ten F, , an officer of Ts'e. A., V.xviii. and E te, all serve to give emphasis

to the statement or assertion which has tsui

preceded. A., I. xiv.; xv. 3: II. xvi. 1: 獄 The name of a mountain. D.M., xxvi. III. viii. 3: et al., serpe. (6) Indicates the yoh 9.

past, or present complete tense.


VIII. x.: XVIII. vii. 5.
Le F, how majestic! A., VIII. (1) A lane, A., VI. ix. (2)
xviii.; xix. 1, 2.

heung the name of a village. A., LX. ii.

hsiang live lite precipitous. G.L.C., X. 4.

異 Yielding A., IX, xxiii. yen THE 47TH RADICAL. 3


A stream, streams. A., VI. iv.: IX. ito A market, the market-place. A., X. chinen xvi. JIl flowing streams, river

she viii. 5: XIV. xxxviii. 1. clanan

shih currents. D.M., xxx. 3.

2.501) families. : ILL, a neighbour- tti (1) Linen-cloth, A., X. vii. 1. (2) chon hood. A., XV. v. 2.

poo To be displayed. D.M., XX. 2. chou

pu THE 48th RADICAL. I.

(1) Few, rarely. A., V. xxii: XVI, ï. he (2) To stop, pause. A., XI. xxv. 7.

hsi I A mechanic, an artizan. A., XV. xix.


Children. D.M., xv, 2. kung H I, the various artizans. D.M.,

xx. 12, 13, 11. A, XIX. vii. 1.

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non nu


te ti


Silk, A., XVII. xi,

4 A year, years, the year. D.M., xviii. pih

nëen 3. A., I. xi.: et al., sepe. pai

nien (1) God. A., XX. i. 3. Et

Luck, fortunate, fortunately. D.M., : E (2) An emperor. i thi

, The
ih, The hing, xiv. 4: A., VI. ii.; xvii.. VII. xxx. 3:

. .
Canon of the emperor, name of a portion
of the Shoo-king. G.L. C., i. 3.

fib A commander, general. A., IX. xxv.

Young. A., XIV. xlvi.: XVIII. vii, 5.
To lead on. A., XII. xvii. G.L.C., ix. 4.


(1) What is small,=mildly. A. IV.

ke Biti (1) The multitude, the people. G.L.C.,

xviii. (2) Influence, what may be ex

chi pected from. A., XIII. xv. 1, 3, 4, 5. (3) x. 5. (2) A host, properly of 2,500 men. szû Biti tie, A., XI. xxv. 4 (3) A teacher.

te, perhaps, peradventure. D.M.,

xxix. 6.
A., II. xi.: VII. xxi.: XV. xxxv.: XIX.
xxii. 2. (4) + Ailj, the chief criminal

judge. A., XVIII. ii.: XIX. xix. (5)
* 011 4. & liti, The grand music

To arrange in order. D.M., xix. 4.
master. A., III. xxxiii.: VIII. xv.:XVIII.
ix. 1. i Bit, the assistant do. A., hsü
XVIII. ix. 5. Biti alone. A., XV. xli.

A treasury. G.L.C., 21, A., XI, xiii.

foo 1. 1, 2. (6) The grand-teacher, one of the

f'u highest officers. G.L.C., x. 4. (7) The

The court of a house. A., III. i.: XVI. name of one of Conf. disciples. A., XI. xv.: XVII. iii.

t'ing xii. 2, 3. A mat. A., X. ix.; xiii.: XV. xli. 1.

Measures. D.M., xxviii. 2. EJ seih

the laws. A., XX. i. 6. 'hsi A sash. A., V. vii. 4.

To surmisc, conjecture. D.M., xvi. 4.


序府加庭度 m度ss庫



tae tai

to to

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taou tao

Constant, regular. G.L.c., X.2, A., Mi An arsenal. G.L.C., X. 21. ch'ang XIX. xxii. 2.


k'u bE A curtain, curtain-shaped. A., X. vi.

(1) Numerous. A., XIII, ix. 2, 3. Jik To curtain, overspread. D.M., xxx. 2.

shoo E, the numerous, the masses of (=thie

common) people. D.M., xx. 12, 13 ; xxix.

3. (2) J , and J , perhaps, THE 51st RADICAL. T.

near to. D.M., xxix. 6. A., XI. xviii. l.

(1) Ordinary. D.M., xiv. 4. (2) Use, F (1) To seek for, with a view to. A.'

yung course. In the phrase-# Mf. D.M., kan

II. xviii. 1. (2) A shield. It ii. 1, 2; iii.; vii.; viii.; ix.; xi. 3 ; xxvii. shields and spears,=war. A., XVI.i. 13.

6. A., VI. xxvii. (3) tk F, an uncle of the tyrant Chow, (1) The hon, name of one of the chiesf A., XVIII. 1. (4) The name of a band kang of the Ke family. A., X. xi. 2: XIV. XX.: master of Loo. A., XVIII. ix. 2.

II. xx.: VI. vii.: XI. vi.: XII, xvii.; xviii.; (1) A state of perfect tranquillity; to xix. (2) E , title of a book in the p'ing bring to, or be brought to, such a state.

Shoo-king. G.L.C., i. 1; ii. 2; ix. 2; 1.
G.L.T., 5, C., x. 1. D.M., xxxiii. 5. (2)
Level. A., IX. xviii. &, the the

si A measure for grain, containing about whole life. A., XIV. xiii. 2. (3) An. hon.

120 English pints. A., VI. iii. 1. epithet. A., V. xvi.



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SOW sou



Modesty, reserve. A., XVII, xvi. 2.

(1) Not. D.M., viii.; xi. 1, 2: et al. lien

.fuh A., III. vi.: V. viii. 3: VI. xxv.: XII. xv. lien


(2) JH 10 a man's name. A, XVII. 度 To be concealed. A., II. x. 4.

EL Large in mind. A., VIII. vii. To cn

huang large. A., XV. xxviii.: XIX. ii. JE A stable. A., X, xii.

huang kew

* (1) A younger brother. , elder chiu

and younger brothers, a brother; see on A temple. In the phrases - 171 ti

L , the same. D.M., xx. 8, D. M., xix. 3. , D.M., xvii. 1; miao

13. A., XI. iv. (2) Used for us, the xviii. 2 ; xix. 4, 6. A., XI. xxv. 6, 11:

duty of a younger brother. A, 1. ii. 1: XIV.xx. 2: XIX. xxii. 3. teu, A., XIV. xlvi. G.L.C., ix, 1; x. 1. (3) III. xv.: X. xiv.

Fi=a youth. A., I. vi.: II. viii. A (1) To stop short. D.M., xi. 2. A.,

disciple, disciples. A., VI. ii.: VII. xxxiii.: fei VI. X. (2) To fail, to cause to fail, put VIII. iii.: IX.ji. 2: XI. vi. l.

aside. D.M., xx, 16. A., XIV. xxxviii. ht Stringed instruments; prop. the strings 2: XV. xxii.: XVIII. vii. 5. SEE M. hicen of such. A., XVII. iv.l. The same as Se

hsien fallen States. (3) To be out of office.

BE (1) 張, and 子張, the designation A., V. i. 2: XVIII. viii. 4: XX. i. 6.

chung of one of Conf., disciples. A., IV. xviii. Broad, expanded. Spoken of the earth. 1; xxiii. 1: V. xviii.: XIX. XV.; xvi.: et al., kuang D.M., xxvi. 9. Of the mind. G.L.C., vi. sape. (2) * Bike, a mau's name.

name. A., kuang 4. D.M., xxvii. 6.

XVIII. viii. 1.

CIT Energy, forcefulness. D.M., x, 1, 2, 3,
kööang 4, 5. Strong, energetic. D.M., xx. 21;

ch'iang xxxi. 1. AZE, the court of a sovereign. A.,

a 1 v , using strenuous effort. D.M, t'ing X, i. 2.

keang Xx. 9. 建 To set up. D.M., xxix. 3.

chiang keen

More, still more, A., IX. x, 1. chien


THE 59H RADICAL. %. 奔 To play at chess. A., XVII. xxii. yih

JE To appear, be manifested. G.L.C., vi.

hing 2. D.M., xxiii. 1. THE 56th RADICAL. + heing

Elegant, accomplished. G.L.C., x, 14. To shoot with an arrow having a string yih attached to it. A., VII. xxvi.

WS To lose their leaves. A., IX, xxvii. The cross bar in front of a carriage ; to shih

bow forward to that bar. A., X. xvi. 3. WIE, equally blended. A, VI, xvi. til To commit parricide or regicide. A., pin she V. xviii. 2: XI. xxiii. 6: XIV. xxii. 1, 2. W An ancient worthy, called by shih

pủng Conf. A., VII. i.

poáng THE 57tu RADICAL. E.

THE 60th RADICAL. 1 . 212 , the designation of one of Conf. kung disciples. A., VI, i. 2, 3; iv.: et al.

That, that man,=he, him. A., XIV. X. ti To condole with mourners.

A., X. vi.

2: XVI. i. 6. G.L.c., iii. 4 ; x. 4, 22. # tecou 10,

pi tiao

, there. D.M., xxix. 6.






te (100 tiao







(1) To go, going. A., IX. xviii.: XVII. engaged in affairs, to act. A., VIII. v.

1: XVII. i. 2.
wang i.; v.: VII. 1, 2: XVIII. ii. 1. D.M., xx.


Up. 3d tone. Proceeding on. A., III,
14. T Æ, and onwards. A., III. X.

tsung xxiii.
(2) The gone, the past. A., I. xv. 3: III. A
xxi. 2: VII. xxviii. 2: XVIII. v.


Low. 3d tone. To be in close attend-
TIE The fle; punitive military expeditions. isung ance on. Always the # or 從我
ching A., XVI. ii.

A., III. xxiv.: V. vi.: XI. ii. 1 : ii.

XV.i 2.
1 (1) To wait, wait for. A, 1X. xii. Pe , naturally and easily. D.M.,

XIII. ii. 1. D.M., xxvii. 4. (2) To treat.
tai A., XVIII. iii.

sung xx, 18.
To imitate, follow as a model. D.M., Tip To drive a carriage. A., II. v. 2: IX.
xxx. 1.


ii. 2.

To be (1) As a noun. That which is after, (1) To make good. A., I. xiii. (2) To
the back. Surpe. # H, A., IX. x. 1. tu

report a commission. A., X. iii. 4. (3)

To return to. A., X. iv. 5 : XII. i. 1. (4)
Preceded by Ź. A., XIV. xxii. 4. 5:

To repeat. A., XI. v.
et al. A successor. A., XIV. XV. (2) Again. A., VI. vii.: VII. v. As a verb.

As an adjective. D.M., xi. 1: et al. FEE

A., VII, viii.

5E , A., IX. v. 3. T€ 4, A., ix. Pri (1) B P 9, by orderly method.
xxii. (3) As an adverb. Afterwards.

A., IX. X. 2. (2) Tethered. A., X. v. 1.
Sæpe. Often follows and T. (4)
As a verb. To come after, fall behind, the (1) That which is minute, minute, D.
make an after consideration. A., III.

M., i. 3 ; xvi. 5 ; xxvi. 6 ; xxxiii. 1. Re-
viii. 2: VI. xiji.; xx.: XI. xxii.; xxv. 8: wei duced. A., XVI. iii. (2) A negative par-
'XII. xxi. 3: XV. v. 3 ; xxvii.: XVIII. vii. ticle, if not. A., XIV. xxviii. 2. (3)


one F, the viscount of the State Wei.
A short, cross, path. A., VI. viii.

A., XVIII. i. (4) This , a double

surname. A., V. xxiij.—XIV. xxxiv.
得 (1) To attain to, to be found. G.L.T., The (1) To be evidenced. D.M., xxvi. 2, 3.
tih 2. D.M., xx. 18, 20. (2) To get, with ching (2) To attest, be attested. D.M., xxviii.
tê an objective following. Sæpe. Without chêng 5; xxix. 2, 8. A., III. ix.
an objective, getting, anything as, gain Virtue, virtuous. Passim. Energy,

(3) The auxiliary can often followed by

influence. D.M., xvi. 1. A., XII. xix.
TIJ. Sæpe. (4) Followed by an adjec-

tik (1) To remove. A., III. ii. (2) Pere
tive, and often in the question

chóě vading, with reference to a law of tithe.
.......can be=can be considered. A., IV. A., XII. ix. 2, 3.
1.: V.x.; xviii. 1, 2: et al. (5) X11E, 1X (1) To seek. D.M., xix. 4. (2) To
could not but. A., VII. ii. 3. (6)

keaou copy another's and pretend that it is

hsiao one's own; to pry out. A., XVII. xxiv. 2.
得 to be himself. D.M., xix. 2.
(1) On foot, A., XI. vii. 2. (2) Vainly,

without cause. A., XVII. v. 3. (3) Dis.
ciple, associate. A., XI. xvi. 2: XVIII.

The heart, the mind :-denotes the men-
vi. 3, 4.

sin tal constitution generally. Is not found
To move towards, A., VII. iii.: XII. shin in the Chung Yung. G.L.T., 4, 5: c. vi.
x. 1.

4; vii. 1, 2, 3; ix. 2 ; x. 14. A., II. iv. 6:

VI. v.: XIV. xlii. 1: XVII. xxii.: XX. i.
從 To follow; to act according to. G.L.C.,

3, 7.
ts-ung ix. 4; X. 2. D.M., xxviii. 5; xxix. 2. A.,

Must, used as an auxiliary; often=
II. iv. 6; xiii.: et al., sape. P Fk, to peik

The , to peik will certainly, would certainly. Some-
be engaged in govt. Generally, in a

pi times also with no verb following. Pas-
subordinate capacity,-A., VI. vi.: XIII. sim. v , what must,=what is ne-
xiii.; XX. 4: XVIII. v. 1. But not subor cessary is........ Sometimes conditionally.
dinate in-A, XX. ii, 1. i to be G.L.C., iv. 1. A., III. vii.: VI. vii.; xxvii.:




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