Overcoming Rejection

כריכה קדמית
Xlibris Corporation, 1 ביולי 2006 - 64 עמודים
Overcoming Rejection is a book designed to assist individuals struggling with painful memories of past experiences. Hurtful incidents have and will occur to everyone regardless of race, economic or social status. Through the use of the lives of various biblical people such as Joseph which will illustrate that rejection suffered at the hands of family members is nothing new. Furthermore, by exploring the situations encountered by Moses, David and Stephen to name a few one will be able to understand that troubles or difficulties at work affect everyone. Within the pages of this book the reader is reminded to seek God for answers and strength to endure for a more productive life. There are also great ideas of healthy methods that helps one deal with rejection as well as suggestions on harmful ways in which one should avoid. Clearly some of the biblical examples exemplified destructive ways that resulted in havoc. Remember, God's way is always the best way which leads to a victorious life.

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