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The Jews-Their Characte : Jerusale m ute

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uee Wheet Aarve Their Languagernagogas-Ancies: Cos t acan: Shkan that A Touching Seenlopaestosomak bahisar Amwwomenta Missionaries, The Engissi. Church-In Dieren & Cardin - The Latin Fathers-A Pharmacy- ree-Armenias- hee (20

of the Holy Sepulchre-Copte-Their History mi Custumas tetas the CuTinion All Aralia Love-Pool of Bethesda remek N T -T of David - A Pruelan Prince-A Navigator of the Dead Sea-Irish Ireves Eastern Shepherds Meth lehem-Its Beautiful FemsiesCouveni-Place of the Nativity - Ethan Molomon's Cisterns, Aqueduct, Visit to Bethany-Sepulchre of Lazarus-Return to Hamim Sirocco-Climate of Palestine-An Adventure-How to catch a Mule--Reflections or the East-Its Wonders and present Prospects-Proceed to Europe


Dezertere from Jaffa— Flying Fish--Syra-Cape Colonna-Temple Win line

-The Piszus-Omnibuses-Athens-View of the Parthenon--Pran hin
iz - Edmund Lyons-Society-King Other Bavarian Gen n e. .
Piss Cost-The Greek Loan-Destruction of the Pentation preries ,
As seccommodation for Invalids-Means of sms - Raha
TS. Nerses-Nr. Finlay-His Perpeta tre

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Plan of Jerusalem
Chart of the Coast of Tyre.
Pharos at Corunna ,
Tomb of Sir John Moore
Group of Madeiranese
Algerines .
Egyptian Eyes
The Magician
The Scarabeus
Humerus of a Deformed Mummy
The Ibis Urn
The Pyramids of Geza
View of the Pyramid of Cheops
Coating of the Pyramids
The Knight's Tower at Rhodes
Tombs at Telmessus
Façade of a Royal Tomb
The Soothsayer's Cave
Acropolis of Tyre .
Ancient Tomb at Tyre
Shell Breccia at Tyre .
The Murex Trunculus
The Golden Gate, Jerusalem.
Ground Plans of various descriptions of Tombs
Interior of one of the Tombs of the Judges
View of Jerusalem from the brow of Mount Olivet.
Entrance of a Tomb in the neighbourhood of Jerusalem
Interior of Ditto
Ethiopian Skull
Mongolian Skull
Mixed Varietyof Skull

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Departure from England - The Bay of Biscay--Corunua -- Costumes-Troops - The Hercules

Tower_Story of Old Russian George--Visit to the Field of Battle-Sketch of the Action and Retreat-Similarity to that of Xenophon-Sir C. Napier-A Fish Market-Appearance of the Country--Zoology-A Brigand's Story-Trade-Cigar Manufactory - Hospital - Ilereditary Executioners—The Tomb of Moore-Departure from Spain.

The boats were hoisted to the davits, the anchor catted, and the last cheering note of the sailors' “Ye ho, my hearties, O!” had ceased on board the Crusader yacht on the evening of the 24th of September, 1837, as her light sails bent to the wind, and she slipt past the white cliffs of the Isle of Wight, to seek for her inmates in warmer climes that health which an English winter cannot afford. A nine-knot breeze soon took us out of the chops of the channel to where the god of the stormy water rules with undisputed sway—the sleepless Bay of Biscay—where we rocked and tossed about for the ensuing three days—the wind heading us hourly, and the sea rolling a tremendous swell. Old Neptune seemed to welcome this my first visit to his dominions with all due honours ; but notwithstanding the sea-faring philosophy of our own lordly poet, my soul did

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How my spirits sank within me when, lying in my birth on the weather-quarter, every swell broke upon the bulwarks, and the scattered wave, splashing over the deck, ran hissing along the vessel's side. What sensations this state begets, especially during those dark and dismal hours of night, when, in addition to the



elemental war without, the ocean's roar, and the howling wind, each bulk-head and spar would express its sufferings in the most mournful complainings! At times, these hitherto plaintive wailings would wax “ louder, longer, louder still,” till, rising in full chorus, they would become as outrageous and discordant as a menagerie at feeding time ;—and then would come an interval of rest—a moment of intense stillness, as if the winds and waves took breathing time, and paused to watch the effect of their last effort upon our gallant bark, or mark how they could best apply the succeeding one.

On Wednesday, a small bird (one of the fly-catchers) hovered about the vessel, at least seventy miles off land: unable to bear up longer, it fluttered a few minutes among the rigging, fell exhausted upon the deck, and died almost immediately. Next day, a dove made its appearance, endeavouring to reach us ;-poor thing! it came, like Noah's of old, not with an olive leaf, and the welcome tidings of land, but to tell us, that she, too, could find “no rest for the sole of her foot.” The wind continuing to head us, and freshening into a gale, we made but little way, and, to complete our miseries, the mainmast sprung at the deck! This misfortune was remedied during the day, the mast having been “fished” and rendered secure enough to carry a trysail, under which we made land on the following morning, September 29th, and a more welcome hail never saluted my ears. The sea moderated, and we determined on running into Corunna to refit. How weary one feels on first coming on deck, after a few days' sea-rocking; a lassitude very similar to that experienced in coach-travelling. We had perceived it gradually getting warmer for the last two days, and now the difference of climate was much greater than we could have supposed, from so slight a difference of latitude.

The north-west coast of Galicia, along which now lay our course, is bleak and rugged, though not deserving the term bold or iron-bound. The famous Hercules light, which forms so striking an object on this coast, soon pointed to where the swollen waves of Biscay give place to the calm and secure waters of the united harbours of Corunna and Ferrol. The numberless wind-mills that crown every eminence, in full work, with their snow-white sails glancing in the sun, carried us back to the days of Quixotte and Spanish knight errantry. The sight of them, indeed, always created a smile ; and perhaps it may be here

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