Discoveries in Australia, כרך 1

כריכה קדמית
T. and W. Boone, 1846
Discoveries in Australia : with an account of the coasts and rivers explored and surveyed during the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle, in the years 1837-38-39-40-41-42-43, by command of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty : also, a narrative of Captain Owen Stanley's visits to the islands in the Arafura Sea.

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עמוד 99 - They have no houses, animals, nor poultry; their persons are tall, straight bodied, thin, with long limbs ; they have great heads, round foreheads, and great brows ; their eyelids are always half closed to keep the flies out of their eyes...
עמוד 100 - Their eyelids are always half closed, to keep the flies out of their eyes, they being so troublesome here that no fanning will keep them from coming to one's face, and without the assistance of both hands to keep them off, they will creep into one's nostrils, and mouth too, if the lips are not shut very close.
עמוד 100 - ... nostrils, and mouth too, if the lips are not shut very close. So that from their infancy, being thus annoyed with these insects, they do never open their eyes as other people, and therefore they cannot see far unless they hold up their heads, as if they were looking at somewhat over them.
עמוד 45 - Expedition from the Cape of Good Hope, through the territories of the Chief Moselekatse, to the Tropic of Capricorn.
עמוד 57 - ... consolidated by the percolation of rainwater. When the wood had decayed, lime was washed into the cylindrical cavities, and became hard, sometimes even like that in a stalactite. The weather is now wearing away the softer rock, and in consequence the casts of roots and branches project above the surface: their resemblance to the stumps of a dead shrubbery was so exact, that, before touching them, we were sometimes at a loss to know which were composed of wood, and which of calcareous matter.
עמוד 131 - Presently, as if to recall to their routine of duty, these upward springing thoughts, the boats were found to be rapidly carried by the stream towards an extensive flat, which appeared to extend right across the opening towards which all eyes had been turned with so much eagerness, and over which the tide was boiling and whirling with great force. To attempt to cross would have been madness; there was nothing, therefore, to be done but patiently await the rising of the tide. The nearest land, a mangrove...
עמוד 451 - ... danced every night and morning, accompanying their infuriated gestures with the most horrid yells. "The number of Indians collected amounted to about sixty ; they were merely residing on the island during the fishing season ; for their home, as it afterwards turned out ; was at a considerable distance off. Their principal subsistence was turtle and small fish, which they caught with hook and line, and shell fish which abound on the reefs. The island also produces a small fruit " like a plum with...
עמוד 172 - HABITATIONS. sive coral reefs which fronted the islands, left a space of only half a mile between ; a black pointed rock ten feet above high water, marks the edge of the western reef, where it is covered by the tide ; keeping this close on the starboard hand, will conduct a ship into good anchorage in 13 and 15 fathoms. The rise and fall of the tide at this place, we found to be 22 feet. As we required another station on the west end of Bathurst Island, I arranged that we should pass the night in...
עמוד 414 - Messrs. Fitzmaurice and Keys had fire-arms lying on the ground within reach of their hands ; the instant, however, they ceased dancing, and attempted to touch them, a dozen spears were pointed at their breasts. Their lives hung upon a thread, and their escape must be regarded as truly wonderful, and only to be attributed to the happy readiness with which they adapted themselves to the perils of their situation. This was the last we saw of the natives in Adam Bay, and the meeting is likely to be long...

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