Fractional Statistics and Anyon Superconductivity

כריכה קדמית
World Scientific, 1990 - 447 עמודים
The occurrence of fractional statistics has been discovered in more and more quantum field theory models, including some of the most geometrical and canonical ones. In a remarkable case, the fractional quantum statistics of quasiparticles in the fractional quantized Hall effect (FQHE) contributes to the understanding of states found there. Very recent work has indicated that similar possibilities arise for two-dimensional films in certain states of liquid 3He. Perhaps most exciting, although quite speculative at this moment, are recent attempts to apply fractional statistics to spin systems, and specifically to the behaviour of the 2-dimensional copper oxide layers that seem to be critical to the phenomenon of high-temperature superconductivity. It has recently been shown that fractional statistics automatically implies superconductivity of a qualitatively new kind. This collection of reprints with comprehensive commentary will serve as a valuable reference for those interested in the subject but have found it difficult to acquire basic knowledge, or a coherent view of the whole, due to the scattered literature available at present.

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