תמונות בעמוד

Abides, associate with the gods, and shares
Celestial banquets; where, with soft disport
Of love, bright Hebe in her radiant dome
Treats him nocturnal. With terrific clang
Surrounding ghoft, like fowl, the region wing
Vexatious, while the threatening image stands,
Gloomy as night, from his bent battle-bow
In act to let th' aerial arrow Ay.
Athwart his breast a military zone
Dreadful he wore, where grinn'd in fretted gold
Grim woodland favages, with various scenes
Of war, fierce jousting knights, and havoc dire,
With matchless art portray'd ; me strait he knew,
And, piteous of my state, address’d me thus :

O exercis’d in grief, illustrious son
Of good Laertes, fam’d for warlike wiles !
Fated thou art (like me, what time I breath'd
Etherial draught) beneath unnumber'd toils
To groan oppress’d : ev’n 1, the seed of Jove,
Combated various ills, and was adjudg’d
By an inferior wretch (what could he more?)
To drag to light the triple-crested dog
That guards hell's massy portal : I atchiev'd
The talk injoin'd through the propitious aid
Of Mercury and Pallas, who vouchsaf'd
Their friendly guidance; then without reply,
To Pluto's court majestic he retird.

Mean time for others of heroic note
I waited, in the lists of ancient fame
Isroll'd illustrious ; and had haply seen


Great Theseus, and Pirithous his compcer,
The race of gods; but at the hideous scream
Of spectres iffuing from the dark profound
I wax'd infirm of purpole, fore disinay'd
Left Proferpine should send Medusa, curl'd
With snaky locks, to fix me in her realm
Stiff with Gorgonian horror : to the ship
Retreating speedy thence, I bade my mates
To shove from shore : joyous they ftrait began
To ftem the tide, and brush'd the whitening feas,
Till the fresh gales reliey'd the labouring oar.

[blocks in formation]


AVE you not seen (to state the cafe)

Two wasps lie itruggling in a glass ?
With the rich favour of Tokay
Allur'd, about the brim they play ;
They light, they murmur, then begin
To lick, and so at length slip in ;
Embracing close the couple lies,
Together dip, together rile;
You'd swear they love, and yet they strive
Which shall be sunk, and which survive,

Such feign'd amours, and real hate,
Attend the matrimonial state ;



When facred vows are bought and sold,
And hearts are ty'd with threads of gold,

A nymph there was, who ('tis aver'd
By fame) was born without a beard :
A certain sign, the learn'd declare,
That (guarded with uncommon care)
Her virtue might remain at ten
Impregnable, to boys or men.
But from that æra we'll proceed,
To find her in a widow's weed :
Which, all love's chronicles agree,
She wore just iurn’d of twenty-three;
For an old for she call'd her mate,
For jewels, pin-money, and plate.
The dame, possessid of wealth and ease,
Had no more appetites to please ;
That which provokes wild girls to wed,
Fie !--- It ne'er enter'd in her head.

Yet some prolific planet smild,
And gave the pair a chopping child;
Intitled by the law to claim
Her husband's chattels, and his name :
But was so like his mother! She
The Queen of Love, her Cupid he.

This matron fair for spouse deceas'd
Had forrow'd fore, a week at least;
And seem'd to grudge the worms that prey,
Which had lain dead full many a day.
From plays and balls she now refrain'd,
To a dark room by custom chain'd;



And not a male for love or gold,
But the dear hopes of ţivo years old.

The maids fo long in prison pent,
Ask leave to air ; she gives confent
(For health is riches to the poor):
But Tom must stay to guard the door.
In reading Sherlock she'd employ
Her folitude, and tend the boy.

When madam fees the coast is clear,
Her spirits mantle and career ;
Diffusing ardour through her mien ;
Pity they should condense to spleen!
But now by honour she's confin'd,
Who flutter'd once as free as wind :
And on a masquerading morn,
By fix securely could return;
Having, to seal him safe till nine,
With opium drugg'd her spouse's wine.
This the gay world no worse would hold,
Than had the only chang’d his gold :
The species answer'd all demands,
And only pass’d through other hands.
But honour now prescribes the law,
The tyrant keeps her will in awe;
For charity forbid to roam,
And not a chitterling at home.
What! a large stomach, and no meat !
In pity, Love, provide a treat,
Can widows feed on dreams and wishes,
Like hags on visionary dishes ?

Impossible! Through walls of stone
Hunger will break, to fuck a bone.
Want, oft in times of old, we read,
Made mothers on their infants feed;
And now constrain'd this matron mild,

hard-hearted to lier child.
Her darling child she pinch’d; he squallid;
In haste the favourite footman's call'd,
To pacify the peevisli chit ;
For who but he could do the feat?
He smarting fore, refus'd to play ;
But bade man Thomas beat mamina.
She, laughing, foon avow'd her flame
By various signs that want a name.
The lacquey faw, with trembling joy,
Gay humour dancing in her eye;
And strait with equal fury fir'd
Began th’attack; the daine retird:
And haply falling as the fled,
Hé beat her tell the lay for dead ;
But (with new vigour for the strife)
Soon with a figh return'd to life.

Think ye she'd e'er forgive her son,
For what the naughty man had done?
She did; yet, fpited with his pain,
He founds th’alarm to charge again.
But, 'squire, consult your potent ally,
Whether he 's yet prepar'd to rally-
Yes; blood is hot on either side ;
Another combat must be try'd.

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