Northmost Australia: Three Centuries of Exploration, Discovery, and Adventure in and Around the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, with a Study of the Narratives of All Explorers by Sea and Land in the Light of Modern Charting, Many Original Or Hitherto Unpublished Documents, Thirty-nine Illustrations, and Sixteen Specially Prepared Maps, כרך 1

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Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Company, Limited, 1921 - 768 עמודים

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עמוד 231 - They went away then a little way, and came back again, throwing spears all around more than they did before: very large spears. I pulled out the spear at once from Mr. Kennedy's back, and cut out the jag with Mr. Kennedy's knife: then Mr. Kennedy got his gun and snapped, but the gun would not go off. The blacks sneaked all along by the trees, and speared Mr. Kennedy again in the right leg above the knee a little, and I got speared over the eye, and the blacks were now throwing their spears all ways,...
עמוד 231 - Then a good many blackfellows came behind in the scrub, and threw plenty of spears, and hit Mr Kennedy in the back first. Mr Kennedy said to me, "Oh! Jackey, Jackey! shoot 'em, shoot 'em.
עמוד 231 - I gave him paper and pencil, and he tried to write, and he then fell back and died, and I caught him as he fell back and held him, and I then turned round myself and cried : I was crying a good while until I got well ; that was...
עמוד 231 - Mr Kennedy, are you going to leave me?" and he said, "Yes, my boy, I am going to leave you;" he said, "I am very bad, Jackey; you take the books, Jackey, to the captain, but not the big ones, the Governor will give anything for them." I then tied up the papers; he then said, "Jackey, give me paper and I will write.
עמוד 9 - Australis Terra' is the most southern of all lands, and is separated from New Guinea by a narrow strait. Its shores are hitherto but little known, since after one voyage and another, that route has been deserted, and seldom is the country visited unless when sailors are driven there by storms.
עמוד 6 - Terra' begins at two or three degrees from the equator, and is maintained by some to be of so great an extent, that if it were thoroughly explored, it would be regarded as a fifth part of the world.
עמוד 231 - Don't look far away,' as I thought he would be frightened. I asked him often, ' Are you well now ? ' and he said, ' I don't care for the spear- wound in my leg, Jacky ; but for the other two spear- wounds in my side and back,' and said,
עמוד 232 - Albany. I now got into the ridges by sundown, and went up a tree and saw Albany Island; then next morning at four o'clock, I went on as hard as I could go all the way down, over fine clear ground, fine ironbark timber, and plenty of good grass; I went on round the point...
עמוד 87 - I had in the Name of His Majesty taken possession of several places upon this Coast, I now once More hoisted English Colours, and in the Name of His Majesty King George the Third took possession of the whole Eastern coast from the above Lat. down to this place by the Name of New South Wales...
עמוד 230 - Kennedy, and said to him there is plenty of blackfellows now; this was in the middle of the night; Mr Kennedy told me to get my gun ready; the blacks did not know where we slept, as we did not make a fire; we both sat up all night; after this, daylight came, and I fetched the horses and saddled them; then we went on a...

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