תמונות בעמוד

To come unprepered before him, is an argu tyrannous aphorisms, appear to them the highese ment that we do nos esteem God. Duppa. points of wisdom.

Ašiltet, Fields are full of eyes, and woods have ears; UNPRI'NTED. ad;. Not printed. For this the wise are ever on their guard,

Defer it, till you have finished these that are For, unforeseen, they say, is unprepar'd.

yet unprinted.

Pepe. Dryden. VÁPRI'S ABLE. adj. Not valued ; not of 2. Not made fit for the dreadful moment

estimation. of departure.

A baubling vessel was he captain of,
I would not kill thy unprepared spirit;

For shallow draught and bulk zaprisable,
No; heavens forfend!

Sbakspeare My unprepar’d and unrepenting breath UNPRI'SOXED. adj. Set free from conWas saatch'd away by the swift hand of death.



Several desires led parts away, UNPREPA'R EDNESS. n. s. State of being Water decrin'd with earth, the air did stay; unprepared.

Fire rose, and each from other but untied, I believe my innocency and unpreparedness to Themselves unprison'd were, and purified. Dean, assert my rights and honour, make me the most

UNPRI'ZED. adi. Not valued. guilty in their esteem; who would not go easily Not all the dukes of wat'rish Burgundy have declared a war against me, if I had first as

Can buy this unpriz'd, precious maid of me. saulted them. King Cbarles.

Sbakspeant. UNPRE POSSE'ssed. adi. Not prepos. UN PROCLA'IMED. adj. Not notified by a sessed ; not preoccupicd by notions. publick declaration. The mprefossessed on the one hand, and the

The Syrian king, who to surprize well-disposed on the other, are affected with a

One man, assassin-like, had levied war, due fear of these things.

War unproclaim'd.

Miltor, It finds the mind naked, and unprepossessed UNPROFA'NED. adj. Not violated. with any former notions, and so easily and in

Ưnspoil'd shall be hel arms, and unprefan'd sensibly gains upon the assent.

Soutb. Her holy limbs with any human hand; UNPRE'SSED. adj.

And in a marble tomb laid in her native land. 1. Not pressed.


UNÞROʻFITABLE, adj. Useless; serving Have I my pillow left unpress'din Rome?

Shukspeare. no purpose: In these soft shades, unpressd by human feet,

The church being eased of unprofitable la Thy happy Phænix keeps his balmy seat.

bours, needful offices may the better be at. Tickel. tended.

Hooker. 2. Not enforced.

Should he reason with unprofitable talk? Job. "hey left not any error in government un.

My son Onesimus I have begotter in my

bonds; which in time past was to thee zapra, mentioned, or unpressed, with the sharpest and most pathetical expressions. Clarendon.

fituble, but now profitable to thee and me.

Pbilmir. UNPRETE'NDING. adj. Not claiming any They receive aliment sufficient, and yet no distinctions.

more than they can well digest, and withal Bad writers are not ridiculed, because ridicule sweat out the coarsest and unprofitables& juice. ought to be a pleasure; but to undeceive and vin

Bacon dicate the honest and unpretending part of man It is better to fall honourably, than to surkind from imposition.

Pope. vive in an unprofitable and unglorious life. UNPREVA'ILING. adj. Being of no force.

L'Estranga Throw to earth this unprevailing woe.

Then they who brothers' better claim dis

Sbakspeare. UNPREVE'NTED. adj.

Defraud their clients, and, to lucre sold,

Sit brooding on un profitable gold. Drydes. 1. Not previously hindered.

With shame and sorrow fillid, A pack of sorrows which would press you

For plotting an unprofitable crime. Dryden. down,

'An ox that waits the coming blow, If unprevented, to your timeless grave,


Old and unprofitable to the plough. Drydom

With tears so tender, 2. Not preceded by any thing.

As any heart, but only hers, could move; Thy grace

Trembling before her bolted doors he stood, Comes unprevented, unimplor'd, unsought. And there pour'd out th' unprofitable flood. Milton.

Drydens UNPRI'NCELY. adj. Unsuitable to a UNPRO'FITABLENESS. n. s. Uselessness, prince.

We are so persuaded of the unprofitableness of I could not have given my enemies greater ad your science, that you can but leave us where vantages, than by so unprincely an inconstancy. you find us; but if you succeed, you increase the

King Charles.
number of your party.

Addison. UNPRINCIPLED. adj. Not settied in te- UNPRO'FITABLY. adv. Uselessly; withnets or opinions.

out advantage. I do not think my sister so to seek,

I should not now unprofitably spend Or so unprincipled in virtue's book,

Myself in words, or catch at empty hope, As that ihe single want of light and noise

By airy ways, for solid certainties. Box Fonsaio Could stir the constant mood of her calm

Our country's cause, thoughts.

Milton. That drew our swords, now wrests 'em from our Others betake them to state affairs, with souls

hands, so unprincipled in virtue and true generous And bids us not delight in Roman blood breeding, that flattery, and court shifts, and Unprofitably shed.




UNPROʻPited. adi. Having no gain. fall into all such evils upon the face of the Be clamorous, and leap all civil bounds,

earth, as men, either destitute of grace divine, Rather than make unprofited return. Sbakspeare.

may commit, or, unprotected from above, endure. UNPROLIFICK. adj. Barren ; not pro- UNPROVED. adj.

Hooker. ductive.

Great rains drown many insects, and render 1. Not tried; not known by trial. their eggs unprolifick, or destroy them. Hale.

The land UNPROʻMISING. adj. Giving no promise

In antique times was savage wilderness, of excellence; having no appearance of

Unpeopled, unmanur'd, unprou'd, unprais'd.

Spenser: value.

There I found a fresh, unproved knight, If he be naturally listless and dreaming, this Whose manly hands imbrued in guilty blood unpromising disposition is none of the easiest to Had never been.

Fairy Queen. be deal with.

Locke. 2. Not evinced by argument. An attempt as difficult and unpromising of

There is ruch of what should be demonsuccess, as if he should make the essay to pro

strated left unproved by those chymical experiduce some new kinds of animals out of such

Boyls. senseless materials.

Bentley. To UNPROVI'DE. v. a. To divest of rea UNPRONOUNCED. adj. Not uttered; not

solution or qualifications ; to unfurspoken.

nish. Mad’st imperfect words, with childish trips, Unpronounc'd, slide through my infant lips.

I 'n not expostulate with her, lest

Her beauty unprovide my mind again.
UNPRO'Per. adj.


Prosperity, inviting every sense 1. Not peculiar.

With various arts to unprovide my mind; Millions nightly lie in those unproper beds, What but a Spartan spirit can sustain Which they dare swear peculiar. Sbakspeare. The shocks of such temptations? Southern. 2. Unifit; not right.

UNPROVI'DED. adj. UNPRO'PERLY. adv. Contrarily to pro 1. Not secured or qualified by previous priety ; improperly.

measures. I kneel before thee, and unproperly

Where shall I find one that can steal well ? Shew duty as mistaken all the while

O, for a fine thief of two-and-twenty, or there. Between the child and parent. Shakspeare. about! I am heinously unprovided. Sbakspeare. UNPROPIʼrious. adj. Not favourable; With his prepared sword he charges home inauspicious.

My unprovided body, lanc'd my arm. T was when the dog-star's unpropitious ray

Sbakspeare. Smote ev'ry brain, and wither'd ev'ry bay,

Tears, for a stroke foreseen, afford relief; Sick was the sun.

But unprovided for a sudden blow,

Like Niobe we marble grow, UNPRO PO'RTIONED. adj. Not suited to

And petrify with grief.

Dryden. something else. Give thy thoughts no tongue,

2. Not furnished; not previously supNor any unproportion'd thought his act.

plied. Shakspeare.

Those unprovided of tackling and victual are UNPROPO'sed, adj. Not proposed.

forced to sea.

King Charles. The means are unpropos'd. Dryden.

The seditious had neither weapons, order, nor UNPRO'PPED. adj. Not supported; not

counsel; but, being in all things unprovided, were slain like beasts.

Hayward. upheld.

Th' ambitious empress with her son is join'd, He lives at random, carelessly diffus'd,

And, in his brother's absence, has design'd With languish'd head unproppid,

The unprovided town to take. Dryden. As one past hope, abandon'd,

True zeal is not a solitary, melancholy grace, And by himself given over.


as if only fit to dwell in mean minds; such as The fatal fang drove deep within his thigh,

are utterly unprovided of all other natural, moAnd cut the nerves; the nerves no more sus

ral, or spiritual abilities.

Spratt. tain

Courts are seldom unprovided of persons unThe bulk; the bulk, unproppd, falls headlong der this character, on whom most employments on the plain.

naturally fall.

Swift. UNPROSPEROUS. adj. [improsper, Lat.] UNPROVO'KED. adi. Not provoked. Unfortunate ; not prosperous.

The teeming earth, yet guiltless of the The winter had been very unprosperous and

plough, unsuccessful to the king.

Clarendon. And unprovok'd, did f. uitful stores allow. Nought unprosp'rous shall thy ways attend,

Dryden. Born with good omens, and with heav'n thy Let them forbear all open and secret methods friend.

Popes of encouraging a rebellion so destructive, and so UNPROSPEROUSLY. adv. Unsuccess. un provoked.

Aldison fully.

UNPROVO'KING. odi. Giving no offence. When a prince fights justly, and yet une I stabbed him a stranger, unprovoking, inof

fensive. prosperously, if he could see all those reasons

Fleetwood, for which God hath so ordered it, he would UNPRU'NED. ad;. Not cut; not lopped. think it the most reasonable thing in the world.

The whole land is full of weeds;

Taylor. Her fruit-trees all unprun'd. Shakspeare. UNPROTE'cred. adj. Not protected; not UNPU’BLICK. adj. Private; not generally supported ; not défended.

known or seen. By woeful experience they both did learn, Virgins must be retired and unpublick: for that tu forsake the true God of heaven is to all freedom of society is a violence done te



virginity, not in its natural, but in its moral cs the female figure, as to unqualify a woman for pacity; that is, it loses part of its severity and an evening walk

Addison Strictness, by publishing that person, whose

work Our private misfortunes may unqualify us for is religion, whose thoughts must dwell in heaven. charity: but reflect, wherher they may nct have

Taylor, been inflicted by God, as a just punishment of UNPU'BLISHED. ad.

our former unmercifulness. Atterbury 1. Secret ; unknown.

Deafness unqualifies me for all company. All blest secrets;

Swift. All you unpublish'd virtues of the earth,

UNQUA'RRELLABLE. adj. Such as cannot Spring with my tears.

Sbakspeare. be impugned. 2. Not given to the publick.

There arise unto the examination such satise Apply your care wholly to those which are factory and unquarrellable reasons, as may code unpublisbed.

Popa firm the causes generally received. Brown, UNPU'NISHED. adj. [impuni, fr.] Not To UNQUE'En. . a. To divest of the punished; suffered to continue in im. dignity of queen.

Embalm me, punity. Bind not one sin upon another, for in one thou

Then lay me forth; although unqueca'd, yet

like shalt not be unpunished.

Divine justice will not let oppression go un-

A queen, and daughter to a king, inter me. punished. L'Estrange.

Sbakspeare The vent'rous victor march'd unpunisia UNQUE'NCHABLE. adj. Unextinguishhence,

able. And seem'd to boast his fortunate offence.

We represent wi'dñres burning in water and Dryden. unquenchable.

Bacon UNPU'RCHASED. adj. Unbought.

The people on their holidays, Unpurchasid plenty our full tables loads, Impetuous, insolent, unqucnchable. And part of what they lent, return t'our gods.

The criminal's penitence may have numbered

Denbam. him among the saints, when our unretracted UNPU'RGED. adj. Not purged; unpu

uncharitableness may send us to unguensbabie

frames. rified.

Government of the Tenge Is Brutus sick?

Our love of God, our unguencbáble desires to

promote our well-grounded hopes to enjoy his And will he steal out of his wholesome bed,

glory, should take the chief place in our zeal. To tempt the rheumy and unpurged air,

Spratt. To add unto his sickvess? Sbakspeares UNQUE'NCHABLEness. n. s. Unextin

Iy her visage round those spots, unpurgid,
Vapours not yet into her substance turn'd. guishableness.

Milton. I was amazed to see the unguencbableness of this UNPU'RIFIED. adj.


Hakrill. 1. Not freed from recrement.

UNQUE'S CHED. adj. 2. Not cleansed from sin.

1. Not extinguished. Our sinful nation having been long in the fur.

We have heats of dungs, and of lime us. quencbed.

Barer. nace, is now come out, but unpuriped.

Decay of Piety.

2. Not extinguishable. UNPU'R POSED. adj. Not designed; not

Sadness, or great joy, equally dissipates the intentional.

spirits, and immoderate exercise in hot air, with

unquerched thirst. Do it,

UNQUE'STIONABLE, odj. Or thy precedent services are all

But accidents unpurpos'd. Sbakspeare. 1. Indubitable; not to be doubted. UNPURSU'ED. adj. Not pursued.

The duke's carriage was surely noble through All night the dreadless ángel unpursued

out; of unquestionable courage in himself, and rather fearful of fame than danger.

Wester. Through heav'n's wide champain held his way.


One reason that mathematical demonstrations UNFU'TRIFIED. adj. Not corrupted by

are uncontroverted, is because interest hath no place in those unquestionable verities. Glanville

, rottenness.

There is an unquestionable magnificence in Meat and drink last longer un putrified, or un every part of Paradise Lost.

Addisor. soured, in winter than in summer. Bacon. No animal inputrified, being burnt, yields any

2. Such as cannot bear to be questioned alkaline salt, but, putrified, yields a volatile ale

without impatience: this seems to be the kali.

Arbuthnot. meaning here. UNQUA’LIFIED. adj. Not fit.

What were his marks? Till he has denudated himself of all these in

-A lcan cheek, which you have not; a cumbrances, he is utterly unqualified for these

xnquestionable spiric, which you have not, agonies. Decay of Piety.

Sbakspeare. All the writers against christianity, since the UNQUESTIONABLY. adv. Indubitably; revolution, have been of the lowest rank in re without doubt. gard to literature, wit, and sense; and upon If the fathers were unquestionably of the that account wholly unqualified to pro;agate houschold of faith, and all to do good to them, heresies, unless among a people already aban then certainly their children cannot be strangers doned.

in this household.

Sprati. Tories are more hated by the zealous whigs St. Austin was unquestionably a man of parts, than the very papists, and as much unqualified but, interposing in a controversy where his tafor the smallest offices.

Swift. lent did not lie, shewed his zeal against the anTO UNQUALIFY. v. a. To disqualify; to tipodes to very ill purpose.

Burada disest of qualification.

UNQUE'STIONED, ad. Arbitrary power so diminishes the basis of 1. Not doubted; passed without doubt.


Other relations in good authors, though we UNRA'KED. adj. Not thrown together do not positively deny, yet have they not been and covered. Used only of fires. unquestioned by some.

Brown. Cricket, to Windsor chimnies shalt thou leap: 2. Indisputable ; not to be opposed.

Where fires thou findst unrak'd, and heartbs un. It did not please the gods, who instruct the

swept, people;

There pinch the maids.

Sbakspears. And their unquestion'd pleasures must be serv'd. UNR A'NSACKED. adj. Not pillaged.

Ben Jonsona He gave that rich city for a prey unto his 3. Not interrogated; not examined. soldiers, who left neither house nor corner thereShe mutt'ring pray’rs as holy rites she meant, of unransacked.

Knolles. Through the divided crowd unquestion'd went. UNRA'N SOMED. adj. Not set free by pay


ment for liberty. UNQUICK. ad:. Motionless ; not alive.

Unransom'd here receive the spotless fair, His senses droop, his steady eyes unquick ; Accept the hecatomb the Greeks prepare. Popes And much he ails, and yet he is not sick. TO UNRAVEL. v. a.

Daniel, UNQUICKENED. adi. Not animated ;

1. To disentangle ; to extricate ; to clear.

He has unravelled the studied cheats of great not ripened to vitality.


Feli, Every fætus bears a secret hoard,

There unravel all With sieeping, unexpanded issue stor'd;

This dark design, this mystery of fate. Addison. Which num'rous, but unquicken'd, progeny,

With Machiavelian sagacity thou unravelled's Clasp'd and enwrapp'd, within each other lie.

intrigues of state.

Arbuthnot. Blackmore.

2. To disorder ; to throw out of the preUNQUI'ET. adj. [inquiet, French ; inquie

sent order. tus, Latin.]

How can anything succeed well with people I. Moved with perpetual agitation; not that are to be pleased with nothing, unless the calm ; not still.

ball of the universe may be unravelled, and the From grammatick fats and shallows, they are laws of Providence reversed? L'Estrange. on the sudden transported to be tossed and tur.

O the traytor's name! moiled with their unballasted wits, in fathomless I'll know it; I will: art shall be conjur'd for it,

and unquiet depths of controversy. Milton, And nature all unravell'd. Dryden and Lee, 4. Disturbed ; full of perturbation; not at So profane and scepeical an age takes a pride in peace.

unravelling all the received principles of reason and religion.

Tillotson. Go with me to church, and call me wife, And then away to Venice to your friend;

3. To clear up the intrigue of a play. For never shall you lie by Portia's șide

The solution or unravelling of the intrigue With an unquiet soul.


commences, when the reader begins to see the Thy love hopeful to regain,

doubts cleared up. From thee I will not hide

Thus supernaturally is the plot brought to What thoughts in my unquiet breast are ris'n. perfection; nor is the unravelling of it less haps

pily imagined.

Sbakspeare Illustrated. 3. Restless; unsatisfied.

UNRA'ZURED. adj. Unshaven. She glares in balls, front boxes, and the ring;

As smooth as Hebe's their unrazor'd lips. A vain, unquiet, glitt'ring, wretched thing. Pope.

Milton, Mirth from company is but a fluttering un

UNRE'ACHED. adi. Not attained. quiet motion, that beats about the breast for a Labour with unequal force to climb

few moments, and after leaves it empty. Pope. That lofty hill, unreach'd by former time. Dryd. UNQUI'ETLY. adv. Without rest.

UNREAD. adj. Who's there besides foul weather?

1. Not read ; not publickly, pronounced. -One minded like the weather, most

These books are safer and better to be left Unquietly. Sbakspeare. publickly unread.

Hooker. UNQUI'ETNESS. n. s.

His muse had starv'd, had not a piece unread, 1. Want of tranquillity.

And by a player bought, supply'd her bread. Thou, like a violent noise, cam'st rushing in,

Dryden. And mak'st them wake and start to new unquiet

2. Untaught; not learned in books. Denbam.

Uncertain whose the narrower span, 2. Want of peace.

The clown unread, or half-read gentleman.

Dryden. It is most enemy to war, and most hateth un

UNREADINESS. n. s. quietness.

Spenser. 3. Restlessness ; turbulence.

1. Want of readiness ; want of prompt. What pleasure can there be in that estate, Which your unquietness has made me hate?

This impreparation and unreadiness when they

Dryden. find in us, then turn it to the soothing up of 4. Perturbation ; uneasiness.

themselves in that accursed fancy. Hooker. Is my lord angry?

2. Want of preparation. He went hence but now,

Nothing is so great an enemy to tranquillity, And certainly in strange unquietness. Sbaksp: and a contented spirit, as the amazement and

From inordinate love, and vaip fear, comes all confusions of unreadiness and inconsideration. unquietness of spirit, and distraction of our senses.

Taylor. Taylor. UNRE'ADY. adj. UNRACKED. adj. Not poured from the 1. Not prepared ; not fit. lees.

The fairy knight Rack the one vessel from the lees, and pour Departed thence, albe his wounds wide, the lees of the racked vessel into the unracked Not throughly heal’d, unready were to ride. vessel Bacon.





How now, my lords? what all unready so? UNREBA'TED. adj. Not blunted.

sbakspeare. A number of fencers try it out with warebated 3. Not prompt; not quick.


Hatewill. From a temperate inactivity, we are unready UNREBU'K ABLE. adj. Obnoxious to no to put in execution the suggestions of reason; censure. or by a content in every species of truth, we Keep this commandment without spot, sare embrace the shadow thereof.


bukable, until the appearing of Christ. 1 Timotby. 3. Awkward; ungain.

UNRECEIVED. adi. Not received. Young men, in the conduct of actions, use ex

Where the signs and sacraments of his grace treme remedies at first, and, that which doubleth all errors, will not acknowledge or retract them ;

are not, through contempt, unreceived, or re

ceived with contemp, they really give what they like an unready horse, that will neither stop nor promise, and are what they signify. Hoster. turn.

Bacon. UNRECLAIMED. adj. UNREAL. adi. Unsubstantial; having

1. Not tamed. only appearance.

A savageness of unrelaimed blood,
Hence, terrible shadow!

Of general assault.

Sbakspeart. Unreal mock'ry, hence!

I with pain

2. Not reformed. Voyag'd th' unreal, vast, unbounded deep

This is the most favourable treatment a singer Of horrible confusion.


can hope for, who continues unres/aimed by the goodness of God.

Rogers UNKE'ASONABLE. adj.

UNRECONCI'LABLE. adj. 1. Not agreeable to reason: No reason known to us; but that there is no

1. Not to be appeased ; implacable.

Let me lament, reason thereof, I judge most unreasonable to ima. gine.


That our stars, unreconcilable, should have divided
Our equalness to this.


, It is unreasonable for men to be judges in their own cases; self-love will make men partial to

2. Not to be made consistent with. themselves and their friends.


He had many infirmities and sins, usrecesci

able with perfect righteousness. Hand . She entertained many unreasonable prejudices against him, before she was acquainted with his UNRE'CONCILED. adj. Not reconciled. personal worth.

Addison. If you bethink yourself of any crime 2. Exorbitant; claiming or insisting on

Unréconcil'd as yet to heav'n and grace,
Solicit for it straight.

Sbakspears more than is fit. Since every language is so full of its own pro

UNRECOʻRDED. adj. Not kept in rememprieties, that what is beautiful in one is often brance by publick monuments. barbarous in another, it would be unreasonable Unrecorded left through many an age, to limit a translator to the narrow compass of Worthy,t' have not remain'd so long unsang, his author's words.

Dryden. My intention in prefixing your name is not

The great Antilocus! a name to desire your protection of the following papers,

Not unrecorded in the rolls of fame. which I take to be a very unreasonable request; UNRECO'UNTED. adj. Not told; Dot since, by being inscribed to you, you cannot re related. commend them without some suspicion of par This is yet but young, and may be left tality. Swift. To some ears unrecounted.

Sbakspeare 3. Greater than is fit ; immoderate. UNRECRU'ITABLE. adj. Incapable of

Those that place their hope in another world have, in a great measure, conquered dread of

repairing the deficiencies of an army. death, and unreasonable love of life. Atterbury.

Empty and unrecruitable colonels of twenty

men in a company. UNRE'ASONABLENESS. n. S.

UNRECU'RING. adj. Irremediable.
I. Inconsistency with reason.

I found her straying in the park,
The unreasonableness and presumption of those

Seeking to hide herself, as doth the deer that thus project, lave not so much as a thought,

That hath receiv'd some unrccuring wound. all their lives long, to advance so far as attrition.

Sbakspears Hammond. UNREDU'CED. ad; Not reduced. 2. Exorbitance; excessive demand.

The earl divided áli the rest of the Irish coure The unreasonableness of their propositions is

tries unreduced into shires.

Đan not more evident, than that they are not the UNREFOʻRMABLE. adj. Not to be put joint desires of the major number. King Charles. into a new form.

A young university disputant was complaining 'The rule of faith is alone unmoveable and of the unreasonableness of a lady, with whom he was engaged in a point of controversy. Addison.

unreformable ; to wit, of believing in one only

God omnipotent, creator of the world, and is UNRE'AUONABLY. adv.

his son Jesus Christ, born of the virgin Mary. I. In a manner contrary to reason.

UNREFO'R MED. adj. 2. More than enough. I 'll not over the threshold, till my lord return

1. Not amended; not corrected. from the wars-Fye! you confine yourself most

This general revolt, when overcome, pro unreasonably.


duced a general reformation of the Irishry, which TO UNRE'AVE. v. a. (now unravel; from

ever before had been unreformel.

We retain the Julian constitution of the year, un and reave, or ravel; perhaps the

unreformed, without consideration of the des same with rive, totear, or break asunder.] fective minutes. To unwind ; to disentangle.

2. Not brought to newness of life. Penelope, for her Ulysses' sake,

If he may believe that Christ died for him, ss Devis'd a web her wooers to deceive;

now he is an unreformed Christian, then what In which the work that she all cay did make, needs he reformation! The same at night she did unrcav:. Sperser. Unhumbled, unrepentant, xnreferred. Miho

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