תמונות בעמוד

Whatsoever fruit useth to be set upon a root or a slip, if it be sown, will degenerate. Bacon,

I prostrate fell,
To shrubs and plants my vile devotion paid,
And set the bearded leck to which I pray'd.

Prior. 8. To intersperse or variegate with any thing.

As with stars, their bodies all And wings were set with eyes.

Milton. High on their heads, with jewels richly set, Each lady wore a radiant coronet. Dryden.

The body is smooth on that end, and on this it is set with ridges round the point. Woodward. 9. To reduce from a fractured or dislocated state.

Can honour set to a leg? no: or an arm? no: honour hath no skill in surgery then? no.

Sbakspeare. Considering what an orderly life I had 'led, I only commanded that my arm and leg should be set, and my body anointed with oil. Herbert.

The fracture was of both the focils of the left leg: he had been in great pain from the time of the setting.

Wiseman. Credit is gained by course of time, and seldom recovers a strain; but if broken, is never well set again.

Temple. 10. To fix the affection; to determine the thoughts.

Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Colossians. They should set their hope in God, and not forget his works.

Psalms. Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, the heart of men is fully set in them to do evil.

Some I found wond'rous harsh,
Contemptuous, proud, set on revenge and spite.

Set not thy heart
Thus overfond on that which is not thine.

When we are well, our hearts are set,
Which way we care not, to be rich or great.

Denham. Our hearts are so much set upon the value of the benefits received, that we never think of the bestower.

L'Estrange. These bubbles of the shallowest, emptiest, sor

row, Which children vent for toys, and women rain For any trifle their fond hearts are set on. Dryd.

Should we set our hearts only upon these things, and be able to taste no pleasure but what is sensual, we must be extremely miserable when we come unto the other world, because we should meet with nothing to entertain ourselves.

Tillotson. No sooner is one action dispatched, which we are set upon, but another uneasiness is ready to set us on work.

Locke. Minds, altogether set on trade and profit, often contract a certain narrowness of temper. Addis.

Men take an ill-natured pleasure in disappointing us in what our hearts are most set upona

Spectator. An Englishman, who has any degree of reflection, cannot be better awakened to a sense of religion in general, than by observing how the minds of all mankind are set upon this inportant point, and how every nation is attentive to the great business of their being. Addison.

I am much concerned when I see young gentlemen of fortune so wholly set upon pleasures, that they neglect all improvements in wisdom and knowledge.

Addison. 11. To predetermine ; to settle.

We may still doubt whether the Lord, in such indifferent ceremonies as those whereof we dispute, did frame his people of set purpose unto any utter dissimilitude with Egyptians, or with any other nation.

Hocker. He remembers only the name of Conon, and forgets the other on set purpose, to shew his

country swain was no great scholar. Dryden. 12. To establish ; to appoint ; to fix.

Of all helps for due performance of this ser. vice, the greatest is that very set and standing order itself, which, framed with common advice, hath for matter and form prescribed whatsoever is herein publickly done.

Hooker. It pleased the king to send me, and I set him a time.

Nebemiab. He setteth an end to darkness, and searcheth out all perfection.

Job. In studies, whatsoever a man commandeth upon himself, let him set hours for it: but whatsoever is agreeable to his nature, let him take no care for any set times; for his thoughts will fly to it of themselves, so as the spaces of other business or studies will suffice. Bacon.

For using set and prescribed forms, there is no doubt but that wholesome words, being known, are aptest to excite judicious and fervent affece tions,

King Charles. His seed, when is not set, shall bruise my head.

Milton. Though set form of prayer be an abomination, Set forms of petitions find great approbation.

Deubam. Set places and set hours are but parts of that worship we owe.

Soitb, That law cannot keep men from taking more use than you set, the want of money being that alone which regulates its price, will appear, if we consider how hard it is to set a price upon unnecessary commodities; but how impossible it is to set a rate upon victuals in a time of famine.

Locke. Set him such a task, to be done in such a time.

Locke. Take set times of meditating on what is future.

Atterbury. Should a man go about, with never so set study and design, to describe such a natural form of the year as that which is at present established, he could scarcely ever do it in so few words that were so fit.

Woodward. 13. To appoint to an office; to assign to a post:

Am I a sea, or a whale, that thou settest a watch over me?

Job. As in the subordinations of government the king is offended by any insults to an inferior magistrate, so the sovereign ruler of the universe is affronted by a breach of allegiance to

those whom he has set over us. Addison. 14. To exhibit ; to display: with before.

Through the variety of my reading, I set ben fore me many examples both of ancient and later times.

Reject not then what offer'd means : whe

But God har set before us, to return thee
Home to thy country and his sacred house?

Long has my soul desir'd this time and place,
To set before your sight your glorious race. Dry.

A spacious veil from his broad shoulders flew,
That set th' unhappy Phaeton to view:
The Aaming chariot and the steeds it shew'd,
And the whole fable in the mantle glow'd.

When his fortune sets before him all
The pomps and pleasures that his soul can wish,
His rigid virtue will accept of none. Addison.

He supplies his not appearing in the present

by the


scene of action, by setting his character before us, carried by land with camels through that hot and and continually forcing his patience, prudence, sandy country.

Knolles, and valour, upon our observation. Broome. 26. To station ; to place. 13. To propose to choice.

Cænus has betray'd All that can be done is to set the thing before

The bitter truths that our loose court upbraid: men, and to offer it to their choice.


Your friend was set upon you for a spy,

And on his witness you are doom'd to die. 16. To value ; to estimate ; to rate.

Dryden, Be you contented

27. To oppose. To have a son set your decrees at nought? To pluck down justice from your awful bench?

Will you set your wit to a fool's? Sbakspeare. Sbakspeare.

28. To bring to a fine edge : as, to set a The backwardness parents shew in divulging

razor. their faults, will make them set a greater value 29. To point out, without noise or dison their credit themselves, and teach them to be turbance: as, a dog sets birds. the more carefal to preserve the good opinion 30. To Set about. To apply to. of others.


They should make them play-games, or enIf we act by several broken views, and will

deavour it, and set themselves about it. Locken not only be virtuous, but wealthy, popular, and

31. To Set against. To place in a state every thing that has a value set upon world, we shall live and die in misery. Addison.

of enmity or opposition. Have I not set at nought my noble birth,

The king of Babylon set himself against Je A spotless fame, and an unblemish'd race,


Ezekiel. The peace of innocence, and pride of virtue? The devil hath reason to set himself against it ; My prodigality has giv'n thee all. Rowe. for nothing is more destructive to him than a Though the same sun, with all-diffusive rays,

soul armed with prayer.

Duppa. Blush in the rose and in the diamond blaze,

There should be such a being as assists us We prize the stronger effort of his pow'r, against our worst enemies, and comforts us unAnd always set the gem above the flow'r. Pope.

der our sharpest sufferings, when all other things set themselves against us.

Tillotson. 17. To stake at play.

32. To Set against. To oppose; to place What sad disorders play begets! Desp'rate and mad, at length he sets

in rhetorical opposition. Those darts, whose points make gods adore.

This perishing of the world in a deluge is set Prior.

against, or compared with, the perishing of the world in the contlagration.

Burnet. 18. To offer a wager at dice to another. Who sets me else? I'll throw at all. 33. To Set apart. To neglect for a sea

Shakspeare. 19. To fix in metal.

They bighly commended his forwardness, and Think so vast a treasure as your con

all other matters for that time set apart. Too great for any private man's possession;

Knolles. And him too rich a jewel to be set

34. To Set aside. To omit for the preIn vulgar metal for a vulgar use. Dryden. sent.

He may learn to cut, polish, and set precious Set your knighthood and your soldiership aside, stones.


and give me leave to tell you that you lie in 20. To embarrass; to distress; to perplex.

Shakspeare (This is used, I think, by mistake, for In 1585 followed the prosperous expedition of beset: as,

Drake and Carlile; in the which I set aside the Adam, hard beset, replied. Milton.]

taking of St. Jago and St. Domingo, as surprizes rather than encounters.

Bacon. Those who raise popular murmurs and discon

My highest interest is not to be deceived about tents against his majesty's government, that they

these matters; therefore, setting aside all other find so very few and so very improper occasions

considerations, I will endeavoar to know the for them, shew how hard they are set in this

truth, and yield to that.

Tillotson, particular, represent the bill as a grievance.

Addison.' '35. To Set aside. To reject. 11. To fix in an artificial manner, so as to

I'll look into the pretensions of each, and

shew upon what ground it is that I embrace that produce a particular effect.

of the deluge, and set aside all the rest. The proud have laid a snare for me, they have set gins. Psalms.


No longer now does my neglected mind 22. To apply to something, as a thing to

Its vonted stores and old ideas find: be done.

Fix'd judgment there no longer does abide, Unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon To taste the true, or set the false aside. Prior. usary, that the Lord may bless thee in all that

36. To Set aside. To abrogate; to annul. thos settest thine hand to. Deuteronomy. Several innovations, made to the detriment of

With whate'er gall thou sett'st thyself to write, Thy inoffensive satires never bite.


the English merchant, are now entirely set aside.

Addison. 73. To fix the eyes.

There may be I will set mine eyes upon them for good, and Reasons of so much pow'r and cagent force, bring them again to this land. Jeremiab. As may ev'n set aside this right of birth : Joy salutes me when I set

If sons have rights, yet fathers have 'em too. My blest eyes on Amoret. Waller.

Rozve. 14. To ofer for a price.

He shows what absurdities follow upon such a There is not a more wicked thing than a co supposition; and the greater those absurdities vetous man; for such an one settetb his own soul the more strongly do they evince the falsity to sale.

Ecclesiasticus. of that supposition from whence they flow, and 75. To place in order; to frame.

consequently the truth of the doctrine set aside After it was framed, and ready to be set toge

by that supposition.

Atterbury. ther, he was, with infinite labour and charge, 37. To Set by. ro regard; to esteem. VOL, IV.


your throat.



David behaved himself more wisely than all, Up higher to the plain, where we 'Il set forth so that his name was much set by. 1 Samuel. In best appointment all our regiments. Shaks. 38. To Set by. To reject or omit for 47. TO SET forth. To show; to exhibit, the present.

To render our errours more monstrous, and You shall hardly edify me, that those nations what unto a miracle sets forth the patience of might not, by the law of nature, have been sub

God, he hath endeavoured to make the world

Brorum, dued by any nation that had only policy and

believe he was God himself. moral virtue; though the propagation of the

To set forth great things by small. Milton. faith, whereof we shall speak in the proper place,

'The two humours,of a chearful trust in providwere set by, and not made part of the case. Bacon, ence, and a suspicious diffidence of it, are very 39. To Set down. To explain, or relate

well set forth here for our instruction. L'Estrex. in writing.

When poor Rutilus spends all his worth,
They have set down, that a rose set by garlick

In hopes of setting one good dinner fortb,
"Tis downright madness.

Dryden. is sweeter, because the more fetid juice goeth into the garlick,

Bacon. 48. To Set forward. To advance ; to Some rules were to be set down for the govern.

promote. ment of the army.


They yield that reading may set forward, but The reasons that led me intothe meaning which

not begin, the work of salvation. Hooker, prevailed on my mind, are set down. Locke.

Amongst them there are not those helps which An eminent instance of this, to shew what use others have, to set them forward in the way of can do, I shall set down. Locke. life.

Hooker. I shall set down an account of a discourse I In the external form of religion, such things as chanced to have with one of these rural states

are apparently, or can be sufficiently proved, Addison,

effectual, and generally fit to set forward gode 40. To Set down. To register or note in liness, cither as betokening the greatness of God, any book or paper ; to put in writing.

or as beseeming the dignity of religion, or as conLet those that play your clowns speak no more

curring with celestial impressions in the minds than is set down for them.


of men, may be reveren:ly thought of. Hooker. Every man, careful of virtuous conversation,

They mar my path, they set forward may calastudious of scripture, and given unto any abstin


Fob. ence in diet, was set down in his calendar of su

Dung or chalk, applied seasonably to the roots of trees, doth set them forwards.

Bacon. . Hooker. spected Priscilianists. Take

49. To Set in. To put in a way to One half of my commission, and set down

begin. As best thou art experienc'd, since thou know'st

If you please to assist and set me in, I will reThy country's strength and weakness. Sbaksp. collect mj'self.

Collier. I cannot forbear setting down the beautiful description Claudian has made of a wild beast, newly 50. TO SET off. To decorate; to recombrought from the woods, and making its first ap mend ; to adorn ; to embellish. It

pearance in a full amphitheatre. Addison, answers to the French relever. 41. To Set down. To fix on a resolve. Like bright metal on a sullen ground,

Finding him so resolutely set down, that he was My reformation, glittering o'er my fault, neither by fair nor foul means, but only by force, Shall shew more goodly, and attract more eyes, to be removed out of his town, he inclosed the Than that which hath no foil to set it off Sbaksp. same round.

Knolles. The prince put thee into my service for no

other reason than to set me off. Shakspeare. 42. TO SET down. To fix; to establish.

Neglect not the examples of those that This law we may name eternal, being that

have carried themselves ill in the same place ; order which God before all others hath sel down

not to set off thyself by taxing their memory, with himself, for himself to do all things by. Hooker.

Bucon. but to direct thyself what to avoid.

May you be happy, and your sorrow's past, 43. To Set forih. To publish ; to pro Set of those joys I wish may ever last. Wailer. mulgate; to make appear.

The figures of the groupes must contrast each My willing love,

other by their several positions: thus, in a play The rather by these arguments of fear,

some characters must be raised to oppose others Set forth in your pursuit. Sbakspeare: and to set them off.

Dryder The poems, which liave been so ill set forth The men, whose hearts are aimed at, are th under his name, are as he first writ them. W'aller. occasion that one part of the face lies under 44. To Set forth. To raise; to send out kind of disguise, while the other is so much sa

Addiso on expeditions.

of and adorned by the owner. Our merchants, to their great charges, set forth

Their women are perfect mistresses in shev fleets to descry the seas.


ing themselves to the best advantage: they a The Venetian admiral had a fleet of sixty

always gay and sprightly, and set off the wor Knulles. faces with the best airs.

Addisc gallies, set forth by the Venetians.

The general good sense and worthiness of 1 15. To Set forth. To display ; to ex character, makes his friends observe these lice plain; to represent.

singularities as foils, that rather set off than blemi As for words to set forth such lewdness, it is his good qualities.

Addis not hard for them to give a goodly and painted The work will never take, if it is not set shew thereunto, borrowed even from the praises with proper scenes..

Addis Spenser. Claudian sets off his description of the Eridan Whereas it is commonly set forth green or yel with all the poetical stories.

Addis low, it is inclining to white.

Brown. $1. To Set on or upon. To animate ; So little have these false colours dishonoured

instigate ; to incite. painting, that they have only served to set forth

You had either never attempted this chan her praise, and to make her merit further known.

set on with hope; or never discovered it, st Dryden. with despair.

Siu 16. To Set forth. To arrange; to place He upbraids Iago, that he made him in order.

Brave me upon the watch; whereon it came

proper to virtue.

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sin was.

That I was cast; and even now he spake 57. To Set out. To mark by boundaries lago set him ea.

Sbakspeare. or distinctions of space. Thou, traitor, hast set on thy wife to this.

Time and place, taken thus for determinate

Shakspeare. Baruch setteth thee on against us, to deliver us

portions of those infinite abysses of space and unto the Chaldeans.

duration, set out, or supposed to be distinguished,

Jeremiah. He should be thought to be mad, or set on and

from the rest by known boundaries, have each a two-fold acceptation.

Locke, employed by his own or the malice of other men to abuse the duke.

Clarendon. 58. TO SET out. To adorn ; to embellish. In opposition sits

An ugly woman, in a rich habit set out with Grim death, my son and foe, who sets them on. jewels, nothing can become.

Dryden. Milton. 59. To Set out. To raise ; to equip. The vengeance of God, and the indignation of The Venetians pretend they could set out, in men, will join forces against an insulting baseness, case of great necessity, thirty men of war, a when backed with greatness and set on by mise hundred gallies, and ten galeasses. Addison. information.

South. 60. To Set out. To show; to display ; The skill used in dressing up power, will serve

to recommend only to give a greater edge to man's natural am

Barbarossa, in his discourses concerning the bition: what can this do but set men on the more eagerly to scramble?


conquest of Africk, set him out as a most fit inA prince's court introduces a kind of luxury,

strument for subduing the kindom of Tunis.

Knolles. that sets every particular person xpon making a

I could set out that best side of Luther, which higher figure than is consistent with his revenue.


our author, in the picture he has given us of

him, has thrown into shade, that he might place 52. To Set on or upon. This sense may, a supposed deformity more in view. Atterbury.

perhaps, be rather neutral. To attack; 61. To Set out. To show; to prove. to assault.

Those very reasons set out how heinous his There you missing me, I was taken up by

Atterbury. pirates, who, putting me under board prisoner, 62. To Set up. To erect ; to establish presently set upon another ship, and, inaintaining a long fight, in the end put them all to the sword.

newly. Sidney.

There are many excellent institutions of Cassio hath here been set on in the dark :

charity lately set up, and which deserve all manHe's almost slain, and Roderigo dead, Shaksp.

ner of encouragement, particularly those which

relate to the careful and pious education of poor So other foes may set upon our back. Sbakip.

children. Alphonsus, captain of another of the gallies,

Atterbury. suffering his men to straggle too far into the land, 63. To Set up. To enable to commence was set upon by a Turkish pirate, and taken.

a new business.

Knolles. Whocould not win the mistress, woo'd the maid, of one hundred ships there came scarce thirty Set up themselves, and drove a sep'ratetrade. Pope. to work: howbeit with them, and such as came daily in, we set upon them, and gave them the 64. To Set up. To build ; to erect.

Their ancient habitations they neglect, chace.


And set up new; they, if the echo like not If I had been set upou by villains, I would have

In such a room, they pluck down those. B. Jonson. redeemed that evil by this which I now suffer,

Jacob took the stone that he had for his pillow, Taylor. and set it up for a piilar.

Genesis. When once I am set upon, 't will be too late to

Such delight hath God in men be whetting when I should be fighting. L'Estr.

Obedient to his will, that he vouchsafes When some rival power invades a right,

Among them to set up his tabernacle. Milton. Flies set on tiies, and curtles turtles fight. Gartb.

Images were not set up or worshipped among 53. 70 SET on. To employ as in a task. the heathens, because they supposed the gods to

Slatspeare. Set on thy wife t'observa

be like them.

Stilling flect.

Statues were set up to all those who had inade 54. TO SET on or upon. To fix the atten.

themselves eminent for any noble action. Dryden. tion; to determine to any thing with I shall shew you how to set up a forge, and seitled and full resolution.

what tools you must use.

Moxon. It becomes a true lover to have your heart Patrons, who sneak from living worth to dead, more set upon her good than your own, and to Withhold the pension, and set up the head. Pope. bear a tenderer respect to her honour than your satisfaction.

65. To Set up. To raise ; to exalt; to Sidney.

put in power. 55: 10 SET out. To assign; to allot.

He was skilful enough to have lived still, if The rest, unable to serve any longer, or will

knowledge could be set up against mortality. ing to fall to thrift, should be placed in part of

Sbakspeare. the lands by them won, at better rate than I will translate the kingdom from the house of others to whom the same shall be set out. Spens.

Saul, and set up the throne of David over Israel. The squaring of a man's thoughts to the lot

2 Samuel. that providence has set out for him is a blessing. Of those that lead these parties, if you could

L'Estrange. take off the major number, the lesser would 56. TO SET out. To publish.

govern; nay, if you could take off all, they I will use no other authority than that excel

would set up one, and follow him. Suckling. lent proclamation set out by the king in the first

Homer took all occasions of setting up his own year of his reign, and annexed before the book countrymen, the Grecians, and of undervaluing of Common Prayer.

the Trojan chiefs.

Dryden. if ail shoula be set out to the world by an 66. TO SET up. To establish; to appoint; angry whis, the consequence must be a confine to fix. ment of our friend for some months more to his Whatever practical rule is generally broken, gure.

Swift. it cannot be supposed innate; it being im

possible that men should, without shame or fear,

So let him land, serenely break a rule which they could not but And solemnly see him set on to London. Sbaks,

evidently know that God had set up. Locke. On Wednesday next, Harry, thou shalt set 67. To Ser up. To place in view.

forward; He hath taken me by my neck, shaken me to

On Thursday we ourselves will march. Sbaksp. pieces, and set me up for his mark. Fob.

The king is set from London, and the scene Scarecrows are set up to keep birds from corn

Is now transported to Southampton. Sbakspeare. and fruit.

Bacon. 7. To put one's self into any state or posThy father's merit sets thee up to view,

ture of removal. And shows thee in the fairest point of light, The faithless pirate soon will set to sea, To make thy virtues or thy faults conspicuous. And bear the royal virgin far away. Dryden.

Addison. When sets he forward ? 68. To Set up. To place in repose ; to

-He is near at hand.

Dryder. fix; to rest.

He, with forty of his gallies, in most warlike Whilst we set up our hopes here, we do not, so

manner appointed, set forward with Solyman's

Knolles. seriously as we ought, consider that God has ambassador towards Constantinople,

provided another and better place for us. Wake. 8. To catch birds with a dog that sets 69. TO SET up. To raise by the voice. them, that is, lies down and points

My right eye itches, some good luck is near; them out; and with a large net. Perhaps my Amaryllis may appear ;

When I go a-hawking or setting, I think my. I'll set up such a note as she shall hear. Dryden. self beholden to him that assures me, that in such 70. To Set up. To advance; to propose a field there is a dpvey of partridges. buyie. to reception.

9. To plant, not'sow. The authors that set up this opinion were not In gard'ning ne'er this rule forget, themselves satisfied with it. Burnet. To sow dry, and set wet.

Old Proveri. 91. To Set up. To raise to a sufficient 10. It is commonly used in conversation

fortune ; to set up a trade ; to set up a for sit, which, though undoubtedly bartrader.

barous, is sometimes found in authors. In a soldier's life there's honour to be got; and If they set down before's, 'fore they remove one lucky hit sets up a man for ever. L'Estrange. Bring up your army.

Sbakspears. 72. This is one of the words that can II. To apply one's self. hardly be explained otherwise than by If he sets industriously and sincerely to per

form the commands of Christ, he can have no various and multiplied exemplification.

ground of doubting but it shall prove successful It is scarcely to be referred to any radical

to him.

Hammond. or primitive notion ; it very frequently 12. To Set about. To fall to; to begin. includes the idea of a change made in We find it most hard to convince them, that the state of the subject, with some de it is necessary now, at this very present, to set gree of continuance in the state super about it: we are thought a little too hot and induced.

hasty, when we press wicked men to leave their TO SET. v. 11.

sins to-day, as long as they have so much time before them to do it in.

Calamy. 1. To fall below the horizon, as the sun

How preposterous is it, never to set abeus at evening.

works of charity, whilst we ourselves can see The sun was set. Genesis. them performed?

Atterbury. Whereas the setting of the pleiades and seven 13. TO SET in. To become settled in a stars is designed the term of autumn and the be

particular state. ginning of winter, unto some laticudes these stars

When the weather was set in to be very bad, I do never set.


have taken a whole day's journey to see a gallery That sun once set, a thousand meaner stars

furnished by great masters.

Addison. Give a dim light to violence and wars. Waller.

As November set in with keen frosts, so they Now the latter watch of wasting night,

continue through the whole of that month, And setting stars, to kindly rest invite. Dryden.

without any other alteration than freezing with Not thicker billows beat the Lybian main,

more or less severity, as the winds changed. When pale Orion sets in wintry rain,

Ellis. Than stand these troops.


A storm accordingly happened the following My eyes no object met

day; for a southern monsoon began to set in. But distant skies that in the ocean set. Dryden.

Gulliver, The Julian eagles here their wings display,

14. To Set on or upon. To begin a march, And there like setting stars the Decii lay. Garth.

journey, or enterprise. 2. To be fixed hard.

Be't your charge
A gathering and serring of the spirits together

To see perform'd the tenor of our word: to resist, maketh the teeth to set hard one against

Set on another. Bacon.


He that would seriously set upon the search of 3. To be extinguished or darkened, as the

truth, ought to prepare his mind with a love of sun at night.


Locke. Ahijah could not see; for his eyes were set, The understanding would presently obtain the by reason of his age.

i Kings. knowledge it is about, and then set upon some 4. To fit musick to words.

new inquiry.

Locés. That I might sing it, madam, to a tune, 15. To Set on. To make an attack. Give me a note : your ladyship can set.

Hence every leader to his charge; -As little by such toys as may be possible. Sbak. For on their answer we will set on them. Slaksp. s. To become not Kuid; to concrete. 16. TO SET out. To have beginning.

That fluid substance in a few minutes begins If any invisible casualty there be, it is quese to sei, as the tradesmen speak; that is, to ex tionable whether its activity only set out at our change its fiuidity for firmness.

nativity, and began not rather in the womb. 6. To begin a journey.



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