A Beirut Heart: One Woman's War

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Scarletta Press, 2005 - 253 עמודים
A Beirut Heart is the unforgettable story of an American woman who lived amidst the Lebanese Civil War for eight years and through it all attempted to sustain a life with her Lebanese husband and two small children. It is a memoir that offers a unique illustration of the unsung heroes of war—the women who assume the awesome task of keeping the family united during wartime.

The book tells the story of how Cathy Sultan moved with her family to Lebanon in 1969. For six years they led an ideal life experiencing the rich culture, exotic food and breathtaking landscape of the city located along the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

After the war began in 1975, their lives changed forever. Sultan recounts how she held the family together by comforting her children after bomb blasts and consoling her physician husband who spent his days treating wounded civilians. To keep sane, she used cooking as her tranquilizer.

The unique narrative places us uncomfortably inside something we seldom consider—the domestic element of civil war—and leaves on the reader a permanent impression of the destroyed city and its resilient people.

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Cathy Sultan, a native of Washington D.C., is also the author of Israeli and Palestinian Voices: A Dialogue with Both Sides (Scarletta Press, 2006) and Tragedy in South Lebanon: The Israeli-Hezbollah War of 2006 (Scarletta Press, 2008). She sits on the Executive Board of the National Peace Foundation, where she directs Middle East educational projects. She is also involved with "Women in Black,” a group that stands in silent vigil to protest war, ethnic cleansing and human rights abuses. She and her husband currently live in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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