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GILBERT WEST is one of the writers of when I m inauitant to give a s treet account; the intel which inguries have obtained is general and s

He was the son of the reveread Dr. West: him who published Padas, at Oxford, about the be

this century. His mother was sister to si Temple, afterwards lord Cobham. His father, per to ederate bim for the church sent bim first to afterwards to Oxford; but he was seduced to a man mode of He, by a commission in a troop of borse, pre him by his uncle.

He continded some time in the army; though its sonable to suppose that be nerer sunk into a mere saur por eter lost the love, or much neglected the per learning; and, afterwards, finding himself more inclus civil employment, be laid down his commission, an gaged in business under the lord Townshend, there tary of state, with whom he attended the kiag to Ha

His adherence to lord Townshend ended in other a nomination, May, 1729, to be clerk extraordinaryo privy council, which produced no immediate prodt; -7 only placed him in a state of expectation and right cession, and it was very long before a vacancy add him to profit.

Soon afterwards he married, and settled himself ina. pleasant house at Wickham, in Kent, where be de himself to learning and to piety. Of his learning, ive collection exhibits evidence, which would have been fuller, if the dissertations which accompany his versi Pindar had not been improperly omitted. Of his piet! influence bas, I hope, been extended far by his DDS tions on the Resurrection, published in 171



ty of Oxford created bin a doctor s - March 30, 1748, and would, dumidess. F. her, had he lived to complete wie SURSE editated, the Evidences of the Ett se des jent. Perhaps it may not be the ser 1 = e read the prayers of the pics in ser sig to his family, and that an Smer zemre ** his servants into the parione mi I E M - son, and then prayers. Crasia INDEH

r of verses to whom may be pra tew e ! Es of poet and saint.

a was very often visited by Lateital To they were weary of factam a man 2:

kham to find books and quie. a 2 2 =
ary conversation. There is a re
Pitt; and, what is of far mirzimage.

telton received that contir maz
..sertation on St. Paul.
These two illustrious friends 2 r sani sez

blandishments of infidele. T blished, it was bought by se To B me su ange of opinion, in expectain terima gaur ristianity; and as infidels or er sir t venged the disappointment assa, Mr. West's income was Mt 27 strane sy eavoured, but without sunt

His reported, that the staurantané tag on ins offered to him, but that he mi avea power of superintendence that is uwyie warto allow him.

In time, however, his merame va ingred, he lived to have one of the lucrative detalles of the privy council, 1952: and Mr. Pitt at si lís power to make him treasurer of Chelsea hospital He was now sufficiendy nied; but wealth came too late

long enjoyed; use could it secure him from the ities of life: he lost, 1755, his only son; and the

[blocks in formation]

grare one of the few poets to i without its terrours.

Of his translations, I have Olympick Ode with the origina tion surpassed, both by its elega does not confine himself to his a he saw that the difference of the ferent mode of versification. Th. happy: in the second he has a li meaning, who says, “if thou, my games, look not in the desert sk the sun; nor shall we tell of no! Olympia." He is sometimes toc bestows upon Hiero an epithet, nifies “ delighting in horses ;" ar lation, generates these lines :

Hiero's royal brows, whose c

Tends the courser’s noble
Pleas'd to nurse the pregnau

Pleas'd to train the youthf
Pindar says of Pelops, that “ he can
the White Sea;” and West,

Near the billow-beaten si
Of the foam-besilver'd may

Darkling, and alone, he ste which, however, is less exuberant sage.

A work of this kind must, in a minu cover many imperfections ; but West have considered it, appears to be th labour and great abilities.

His Institutio Gart
ficient knowled
to which it is
but, for wan
nor eleganc

His Imi



edge considerable, gant, and his disd his confidence; - was immured by

On this occasion , on the credit of h he engaged to as much money 'y. He showed

afterwards his him about two could scarcely ve to exhaust. anslation nég


18, who, while

sooner lived 'readful cala

ile, perhaps, į memory, I

ature, and of only with the n, and Spanish

efly upon works by indulging some ently delighted with ass the bounds of iled only by a

He lover hted to rove

on the mag waterfalls of



WILLIAN COLLINS was born at Chichester, on the B of December, about 1720. His father was a battere good repetation. He was, in 1733, as Dr. Warton be kindiy informed me, admitted scholar of Winchester ca lege, where he was edaeated by Dr. Burton. His Englis exercises were better than his Latin.

He first courted the notice of the pablick by sme verses to a Lady Weeping, published in the Gentlema Magazine

L 1 . be stood first in the list of the scholars to received in succession at Ser college, but unbap | there was no vacancy. This was the original mistortur of bis e. He became a commoner of Queen's colis probabir with a canty maintenance; but was, maar bait a rear, eieeted a demy of Magdalen college, Wate continued the he had taken a bachelor's degree, and suddenly left the university; for what reason I see

He now, about 124 came to London a literary acco

1 maar project in his head, and very litz meter in his pocket. He designed many word great fault was irresistica: or the frequeat cales

hatte necessity broke his schemes, and suffered a se ne settiet parpos. A man doubtful of trembling at a crestitor, is not much disposed to mecacation, or remote inquires He pabb for a History of the Revival of Learning; and I ham speak with great kindness of Leo the tes geen resentment of his tasteless successo. Der not a page of the history is ever sritten

be eaks planned then. He and then odes and other poems, and on however little

Thiag; and I have best i leo the teeth, and wide

Cressu. Bet probab? Ever written. He plantei


poems, and did something,

About this time I fell into his company.

to his company. His appear

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