A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World Performed by Captain James Cook: With an Account of His Life During the Previous and Intervening Periods

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Haswell, Barrington & Haswell, 1838 - 224 עמודים

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עמוד 84 - ... hundred yards. I now hoped that our contest was over, and we immediately landed; but we had scarcely left the boat when he returned, and we then perceived that he had left the rock only to fetch a shield or target for his defence. As soon as he came up, he threw a lance at us, and his comrade another; they fell where we stood thickest, but happily hurt nobody.
עמוד 392 - He possessed, in an eminent degree, all the qualifications requisite for his profession and great undertakings ; together with the amiable and worthy qualities of the best men. Cool and deliberate in judging: sagacious in determining : active in executing: steady and persevering in enterprising, from vigilance and unremitting caution : unsubdued by labour, difficulties, and disappointments : fertile in expedients : never wanting presence of mind : always possessing himself, and the full use of a...
עמוד 373 - Cook expressed himself a little surprised, saying, that as the inhabitants of that town appeared innocent of stealing the cutter, he should not molest them, but that he must get the king on board. Kariopoo sat down before his door, and was surrounded by a great crowd : Kanynah and his brother were both very active in keeping order among them. In a little time, however, the Indians were observed arming themselves with long spears, clubs, and daggers, and putting on thick mats, which they use as armour.
עמוד 168 - Our people, who were daily exposed to the rain, felt no ill effects from it; on the contrary, such as were sick and ailing when we came in, recovered daily, and the whole crew soon became strong and vigorous, which can only be attributed to the healthiness of the place, and the fresh provisions it afforded.
עמוד 203 - I was now well satisfied no continent was to be found in this ocean, but what must lie so far to the south, as to be wholly inaccessible on account of ice...
עמוד 105 - In the mean time, some of the people were sent on the other side of the water to shoot pigeons for the sick, who at their return reported that they had seen an animal as large as a greyhound, of a slender make, a mouse colour, and extremely swift ; they discovered also many Indian houses, and a fine stream of fresh water.
עמוד 393 - ... and admirable arrangements of the Almighty in the formation of this globe, and, at the same time, the arrogance of mortals, in presuming to account, by their speculations, for the laws by which he was pleased to create it.
עמוד 235 - ... abundance, and to a large size, many of the trees being as thick, breast high, as two men could fathom, and exceedingly straight and tall.
עמוד 378 - ... he naturally turned to the rock, and was endeavouring to support himself by it, when a savage gave him a blow with a club, and he was seen alive no more. They hauled him up lifeless on the rocks, where they seemed to take a. savage pleasure in using every barbarity to his dead body, snatching the daggers out of each other's hands, to have the horrid satisfaction of piercing the fallen victim of their barbarous rage.
עמוד 10 - An Observation of an Eclipse of the Sun at the Island of Newfoundland, August 5, 1766, with the Longitude of the Place of Observation deduced from it'.

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