Roots & Routes: Bosnian Adolescent Refugees in New York City

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Peter Lang, 2006 - 220 עמודים
Roots and Routes is a poignant study of the social integration and identity formation of female refugee youth. Grounded in the practical experiences of adolescent Bosnian refugees living in New York City, the book gives voice to these youths’ experiences as they develop a sense of self in their newly adopted homes. Jacqueline Mosselson explores the tensions of affiliation that this process of identity formation generates as the refugees seek to understand ties that bind them to their past, their homeland, and their cultural and geographical roots. Of central concern is the way the identities of refugee youth are affected by new understandings of cultural capital and social expectations. Mosselson’s work draws on the theoretical literature of cultural studies and critical psychology to call into question long-held beliefs about the ways refugees adapt to the United States. In this powerful and moving book, the female refugee informants speak back to, and reflect on, the constraints as well as the possibilities of their transition, migration, and exile from their homelands.

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Identity in Transit
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The Author: Jacqueline Mosselson is Assistant Professor of International Development at the Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts Amherst. She received her Ph.D. with distinction in comparative education and developmental psychology from Columbia University, from where she also received her Masters of international affairs in economic and political development. Her research and teaching interests are in the areas of cultural studies, international development, and youth in post-conflict settings.

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