Male Myths and Icons: Masculinity in Popular Culture

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Palgrave Macmillan, 25 בספט׳ 1995 - 203 עמודים
This book studies some of the important myths of masculinity in popular culture, including the western, the horror film, rock music and pornography. The book begins with an assessment of some of the key theoretical issues in gender studies and cultural studies, including identification between subject and text, and the debate over the male subject position and the female object position in patriarchal culture.

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Laurence Simmons is an associate professor at the University of Auckland. He has conducted fellowships and residencies at UC Santa Barbara, SUNY Stony Brook, and Cambridge University and is the author of Baudrillard West of the Dateline, From Z to A, and The Image Always Has the Last Word. Roger Horrocks is the former head of the department of media studies at the University of Auckland and the deputy chairperson of New Zealand’s broadcasting commission. Andrew Sharp is a retired professor of political studies. He is the author of The English Levellers, Justice and the Maori, and The Political Ideas of the English Civil Wars. Stephen Turner is a lecturer in the English department of the University of Auckland.

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