Judaism and Modernity: The Religious Philosophy of David Hartman

כריכה קדמית
David Hartman, Jonathan W. Malino
Ashgate, 2004 - 481 עמודים
In the past quarter-century, David Hartman has established himself as one of the pre-eminent religious and Jewish thinkers of our age. Refusing to be limited by the traditional focus on metaphysics and theology, Hartman has developed his religious philosophy through sustained reflection on the concrete experience of individual, communal and national Jewish life.In Judaism and Modernity, prominent Israeli and American scholars of philosophy, religion, law, political theory, and Judaism engage Hartman's wide-ranging and provocative work. Touched by Hartman's passion for religious dialogue, humanism, and the interplay of traditional texts and modern thought, the contributors advance their own ideas on the philosophy of religion, religious anthropology, pluralism, Zionism, and medieval Jewish philosophy. This is a rich collection for students, professional academicians, and all who seek ways to incorporate the wisdom of the past into the evolving wisdom of the future.

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מידע על המחבר (2004)

Jonathan W. Malino is Professor of Philosophy at Guilford College, USA.

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