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own narrative shows, and all who knowledge, lived a number of years were acquainted with him knew after she heard the voice: so that from their own observation, that he the miracle, if we suppose it to be was subject to a most afflictive me. one and her construction of it lancholy. The only wonder is, not right, must be considered as having that his imagination should occa announced a falsehood ; and if her sionally master his reason, but that interpretation was not the right one, its triumph over reason was, in the then the miracle was utterly usemerciful order of God's providence, less. In absurdities like this, imanever permitted to be complete ginary miracles often terminate; and permanent. He was habitually and a handle is furnished to infia man of a sound and discriminating dels, which they are ever ready to mind, not only in common affairs, employ, to the injury of all religion, but in religion also. Of his piety, and the discrediting of all revelaand very eminent piety, no body tion. but himself entertained a doubt.

(To be continued.) That he was deceived by his excited imagination, in the things to which we have referred-as John Bunyan, and even Martin Luther, had been before himt-may be be

(Continued from p. 25.) lieved, without detracting from the Rev. and dear Sir, excellence of his general character. The present paper, I shall devote It is remarkable that he common- to a few strictures on that characly reasoned rightly, even from mis- teristick of our Methodist brethren, taken facts, and always went to which, for want of a better word, I his Bible for instruction.

shall term their exclusiveness. We once knew a woman, whose Much of the real glory of the acknowledged eminent piety had its present age, is derived from the beorigin, according to her own account, nevolent plans and societies to in hearing what she believed was a which it has given origin. Adoptsupernatural voice, calling her re- ing the maxim that "union is pow. peatedly by her proper name. This er," evangelical denominations of she construed into an indication Christians have formed themselves that she had but a short time to into societies, whose great objects live, and ought therefore, without are, to promote the glory of God, delay, to prepare for death; and and extend evangelical religion. this was followed by the usual ex- These societies are formed on prinercises which precede and termi- ciples strictly Christian, and truly nate in a sound conversion. Now, liberal. The effect produced by admit the hearing of the voice to be them, is already seen and felt imaginary, as we have no doubt throughout the world. And, per. that it was, still it was true that it haps, in no instance are their benewas her duty immediately to pre- ficial effects so obvious, as in the pare for death. It was the belief love and harmony which they have of this truth, and the performance created between brethren, who, beof the consequent duty, which fore, were separated in heart and under the divine blessing, termi- feeling. As it respects these sonated so favourably; and the same cieties, I will state some facts recauses would have produced the specting the conduct of the Methosame effects, and in thousands of dists in regard to them, for the purinstances do really produce them, pose of illustrating their exclusive without any miraculous voice. Be- spirit. side, in the case before us, the And first, as it regards the Bible woman concerned, to our certain Society. This must be considered

the most noble and Catholick insti- from his Catholick subjects, than tution in our land. Publishing the that which is generally rendered Bible, as it does, without note or by the members of the Methodist comment, and without the Apo- church, to their bishops and riders. crypha, it is reasonable to suppose The American Sunday School that it should engage in its support, Union, is next deserving of notice. every Protestant denomination. This noble institution is, perhaps, Concentrated action, is powerful second to none in existence. With action; and the same powers, when the operation of Sunday Schools, applied in the same direction, pro- commenced a new era in the histoduce results which they never could ry of our species. When the Nado, if divided. It would seem that tional Society was formed, a few this simple principle should annihi- years since, the utmost care was late all opposition to the Bible So- taken to free its constitution from ciety, and induce the most bigoted every thing calculated to excite the zealots to unite in its support. But prejudice of any denomination. In neither this, nor any other prin- iny opinion, this object was admiciple, has ever produced this effect rably effected. But yet the exclufully upon the Methodists; for sive spirit of Methodism, would not until the present day, as a denomi- admit of co-operation, even here. nation, they are open in their oppo - Like the Bible Society, the Sunday sition to it. It is true that some of School Union retains, in its Board that communion are in the Board of Managers, and in its Publishing of Managers, and are elected year Committee, a due representation after year, to a seat among its di- from the Methodist Society, but it rectors; but their election is more is for precisely the same objectthe result of the policy of the Sun to retain its national character. ciety to retain a national charac- Whilst a few Methodists' are its ter, than on account of any general warm friends, the great body of co-operation received.

them are its warm foes. Let facts We have now our Methodist Bi- testify to the truth of this remark. ble Society. Having found an op At the last anniversary of the portunity to quarrel with the Young Sunday School Union, a resolution Men's Bible Society of New York, was passed, to supply the valley of they soon transferred the contro- the Mississippi, as far as practicaversy from that branch, to the pa. ble, with Sunday Schools, within a rent institution. The tocsin was limited period. Reason and piety sounded through the Advocate, would dictate, that the announce ycleped Christian, and echoed ment of that resolution, would crethrough the country by the “circuit ate no feeling but joy and exultariders ;” and as sure as you live, tion in every Christian heart. But at the next conference, the Metho- how different was its effect upon dist Bible Society came to life. our Methodist friends! Their innuSince that time, they have been endoes; questioning of motives and rallying their 450,000 members to objects—their sly and cunning reits support, and that too, with a marks, more detrimental to the great degree of success.

cause than open hostility, are too completely marshalled and servile generally known, and of too recent are their members, generally, that a date, to need specification. From the bishops, riders, and editors have the east to the west the alarm bas but to say to one go, and he goes; been given, and opposition excited to another come, and he comes; and against carrying that resolution into to another do this, and he doeth it. effect. His holiness at Rome, could not Those acquainted with the condesire more implicit obedience duct of “circuit riders” as it reVol. IX.-Ch. Adv.


For so

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gards Sunday Schools, need no evi- where resided a "rider," and where dence to substantiate the remark there was a pretty strong Methowe have made. Almost to a man, dist influence. In the absence of they are opposed to Union Sunday, the “son of thunder," he had an Schools. And if ever they sanc- opportunity of explaining his object tion them, it is in deference to the to the people. He convinced their superior influence of some other de. understanding, and enlisted their nomination. At least this is my feelings. The next morning the experience. A few months since, rider returned. Hearing what was between thirty and forty dollars effected, and observing the feeling were collected, in a village not far excited, he set his wits to work to from my residence, to purchase a counteract every thing that was library. Every denomination con- done. And what, think you, was tributed. The moment it came to the plan adopted? He reported the ears of the rider," he hasten- that the agent, under the mask of ed to the spot; made an effort to religion, was circulating pamphlets send it to the Methodist Society at in favour of the election of PresiNew York; and when he could not dent Adams! When rebuked by effect it, he used every effort to se- the agent for such an infamous slanparate the school. Throughout the der, he challenged him to a publick country, where they cannot have controversy to prove it!! This is schools completely under their in- no second-hand story. I heard it fluence, and libraries from the from the lips of the agent himself. “book concern,” they are generally His character and standing as a miopposed to them altogether. "Aut nister of the gospel, place the fact totum, aut nihil,” is their motto. beyond controversy.

Next in order, comes the Ameri Permit me to state another fact, can Tract Society. This noble in- on the authority of the same indivistitution, like the others mentioned, dual. During his agency, he visitwas formed for the purpose of com- ed a part of the country where free bining the efforts of the different masonry was greatly unpopular, on denominations, for the more exten- account of recent developments in sive and wider diffusion of religious the case of Morgan. To prevent Tracts. I believe the Methodists his success, a Methodist reported never pretended to countenance that he was circulating pamphlets this Society. The lovely and de- in favour of Masonry. The report voted Summerfield, who was cut off produced a powerful opposition to in the midst of his days, and in the him; and every thing he could do zenith of his usefulness, was among or say, could not convince many

to its original founders. But he stood the contrary. alone; and when he fell, there was In stating these facts, I am very no one to take his place. As far as far from asserting that all the Memy knowledge extends, there is not thodist preachers of our country a single auxiliary to that Society, would stoop to such foul means, to to be found among the "regulars,” accomplish any end, however desiror Episcopal Methodists. If there able. Far from it. Among them I is, it has escaped my notice. have known as honourable and high

With this Society, I have been minded men, as are to be found in acquainted from its origin; and the ministry. But very many of know many facts illustrative of the those who supply the wastes of our feelings of Methodists towards it. country, will use almost any means During the contested election be- to give Methodism, and Methodist tween the late and present Chief institutions, the ascendancy, and to Magistrate of the United States, an check the progress of those Socieagent of this Society visited a town ties, which corne, even remotely, in

collision with the interests of the But the Methodists, more exclusive “ book concern."

and hostile to every other denomiI might state many other facts nation than either of these, and af. in regard to the Temperance, Sab- fording very much less co-operabath and other Societies, to illus- tion in the general plans of benevotrate their exclusive spirit. To lence, are lauded as the truly excuse their co-operations in the catholick, truly liberal sect; whilst cause of temperance, they will tell the others are continually accused you that every Methodist church is of bigotry and sectarianism. Is a Temperance Society!! For the this right,-is this honest? When same purpose, they will tell you the bandage which the Methodist that every Methodist church is a circuit riders have tied on the eyes Sabbath Society!! And although of the community is taken away, it inany of those in the high places of will then, in my opinion, be perpower, are more friendly to these fectly obvious that, with the

exceptwo institutions than to the others tion of the Catholicks, there is named, yet it is almost impossible not in Christendom so exclusive to enlist them, as societies, through a denomination as the Method the country, in their support. And ists. it is no rare occurrence to hear Again: I would not be undertheir preachers, travelling and stood as saying that the Methodists local, delivering philippics, loud were opposed to Bible, Sunday and long against them. During School, Tract, 'Temperance, and the last winter, a petition was sent Sabbath Societies, in themselves to Congress from the town of my considered. This would not be residence, in favour of Sabbath true. They demonstrate their mails; and I am credibly informed friendship to these societies, by en-and I mention it with pleasure-couraging them among themselves. that it was subscribed by the most But the great reason of their opporeputable members of the Method - sition to them is, they dislike to be ist church.

co-workers with others. And sooner Here I desire to make a few re than do this, I fear they would see marks. These last statements are them annihilated. Perhaps my lannot made for the purpose of censure guage may be too strong, perhaps I or reproach. The Methodists have may be mistaken; but if I ain, I a perfect right to pursue their own never was so before, in the face of plans, in their own way. They so much evidence. But I have no have the right to abstain from any hesitation in declaring, in view of connexion with all other branches what I have seen during the last of the Christian church. They twelve years, that the Methodists, bave the perfect right to assume as a body, would sooner see the socaste, and to proclain the touch of cieties named, sink to the bottom, all others, ceremonial defilement like a foundered ship in a storm, But they have no right, whilst en than triumph over opposition, under tertaining and exercising their ex the auspices of other, and especlusive spirit, to proclaim them- cially Calvinistick denominations. selves, as they do, the most liberal This is the result of the exclusive and catholick of all sects of Chris. spirit, which they drink in with the tians. The Baptists avow and de. first milk which they receive from fend their notions on close commu the breast of Methodism; and which nion. In this they are honest. afterwards grows with their growth, The Episcopalians avow and de- and strengthens with their strength. fend their peculiar and untenable Again: the exclusiveness notions, on prelacy and church which we have remarked, we would order. In this they are honest. not be understood to attribute, as


a necessary consequence, to Me- and exclusive feelings, very many thodism. There are hundreds, pro- of the Methodists descend to means, bably thousands, attached to that “ad captandum vulgus," which communion, who, if left to them. even the plea of ignorance cannot selves, would scarcely make a dif- palliate. To bring into disrepute ference between the truly pious of the societies named in this article, any denomination; and who would it is well known that infidels and contribute their support to every wicked men have raised against moral and religious institution. them the cry of "church and state.” But here is the rub.—They are These are sybilline words, which, not left to themselves. The moment in our day, have an ominous applithey are admitted to full mem cation to every thing moral and bership, they must be all Metho- religious. They are the device of dist. They must join the crusade wicked men, to prejudice and inagainst all other sects, opinions Auence the ignorant. It is the fact, and institutions; or otherwise be that very many of the Methodists, considered as halting between instead of confuting this slander, two opinions, and be always looked

use every exertion to extend it. upon with a jealous eye. The lead- And why? With the expectation ers in this work are the circuit of building up their society and its riders, and under them the class institutions, upon the ruins of those leaders. All preachers are agents whose destruction is its great obfor every thing attached to the ject. Let me not be told that “ book concern”-for papers, ma this is untrue. I have heard the gazines, Tract, Sunday School, "riders” with mine own ears, make Missionary, Bible, and other Socie- assertions by no means equivocal ties. Of course, they receive a on the subject. I have heard them compensation proportional to their warn the community against the

To be successful they “church and state denominations, inust infuse into their followers à and societies." Nor let it be said spirit as exclusive as possible. that all these were ignorant, goodThey must array them against the meaning men, who knew no better. general objects of benevolence, and The fact, is otherwise. Men who do create in them an affection only know better, and would not like to for Methodist institutions. To ac be excused on the ground of ignocomplish this object, they leave no rance, are partakers of these sins. stone unturned. And it is this un- Perhaps the ghost of the article ceasing exertion of the “circuit “ Murder Will Out," and that of riders” that has given such an ex. others, no less injurious to the charclusive cast to the feelings and acter of their brethren, and the verasentiments of thousands among city of Methodisin, which have been them, who, otherwise, would look circulated through the community, upon other denominations without by publications from the “book suspicion or alarm; and who would concern,” may testify to the truth see in every Christian a co-worker of these remarks, by a momentary and a brother. If the "book con- appearance to my readers. cern” would only take away the

I will conclude this paper by strong influence of “compensa- stating, that if Methodist tion," it is more than probable that friends were willing to pass only the riders themselves would be less for what they are, if they used exclusive, and more catholick, than only honest means to accomplish they now are.

their designs, if they were candid În connexion with this subject, I in the avowal of their feelings, my have but one remark more to make. remarks would never have appeared Would that there existed no occa on the pages of your highly useful sion for it. Influenced by party Miscellany.



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