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be devised, than that which is now pur The committee appointed on the
sued under the authority of the General subject of a Western Agency, reported,
Assembly. Nevertheless, as such a con- and their report was accepted and adopt-
vention will, in all probability, be held, ed, and is as follows:
this Presbytery, as a matter of courtesy, The Presbytery of Lancaster, after
will comply with the request which has mature deliberation on the subject of
'been made by our respected brethren of Missions as referred by the last General
the West Lexington Presbytery, and Assembly to the Presbyteries and Sy-
appoint two delegates to that conven. nods of the West, adopted the following,
tion: reserving to themselves the right of as the expression of their views.
hereafter approving or disapproving of 1. That they are already as a Presby,
the acts of that convention.

tery auxiliary to the Assembly's Board
5. Resolved, That while this Presby- of Missions, allowing to individuals and
tery do not impugn the motives of those churches the privilege of co-operating
who differ from them in their views as with any other Board, and they have
to the best method of conducting mis- had no reason to be dissatisfied with this
sions, they do, nevertheless, conscien-arrangement.
tjously believe, that the missionary work 2. That they have, in resolutions
is of too vital importance to the interests adopted October, 1830, declared them-
of religion, to be conducted without the selves unfavourable to any union between
most careful inspection of the judicato- the Assembly's Board, and the Ameri-
ries of the church, and especially, to be can Home Missionary Society, which
committed to those who acknowledge no would, either directly or constructively
visible responsibility but that which is change the character-plan of operation
due to an undefinable and vacilating pub -or responsibility of the Assembly's
lic opinion.

Board. 6. Resolved, That this Presbytery 3. They deem such an arrangement declare itself auxiliary to the Board of unnecessary, as every thing proposed, Missions of the General Assembly, and can be gained by the Assembly's Board, that a committee of missions be appoint- and her executive committees. ed to correspond with the Assembly's 4. That in their apprehension, such Board, and to devise such measures as an agency would create and cherish rathey may deem most expedient, for rais. ther than allay and remove collision. ing funds, and sustaining the operations 5. That under these views, they are of the Board.

opposed to the agency contemplated. 7. Resolved, That the committee of 6. That as Presbyteries and Synods missions of this Presbytery be authorized are called on to adjudicate on the subject, to arrange the destitute Churches in this they can see no necessity for the proposed Presbytery into a cirouit or circuits, and convention, apply to the Assembly's Board for one 7. That should said convention meet, or more missionaries to be employed in the Stated Clerk is hereby directed to ministering to these vacancies.

transmit to it a copy of these proceedThe Rev. J. R. Moreland, and Mr. ings. John Coovert, elder, were elected dele 8. That a copy of these proceedings gates to the Cincinnati Convention. be transmitted to the next General As

The Presbytery also adopted the fol sembly, as the decision of this Presbytelowing as a standing rule:

ry on the subject referred to their con"Every minister or licentiate from any

sideration. other Presbytery or corresponding body,

A true copy. applying to be received as a member of JAMES CÜLBERTSON, Stated Clerk. this Presbytery, shall submit to an ex N. B. Our Presbytery consists of 13 amination on the doctrines of our Con. members, and we are therefore entitled fession of Faith, provided any two mem. to 2 representatives to the General As. bers of Presbytery shall require it.” sembly

J. C.


In conformity to the recommendation
Zanesville, Sept. 28, 1831.

of the last General Assembly, to the The subject of a Western Agency, Synods and Presbyteries in the West to referred by the last General Assembly correspond with one another, and devise to the Presbyteries and Synods of the a plan for carrying on Missions in the West, was taken up and committed to West, the Presbytery of Allegheny, at Messi's. Culbertson, Hunt, and Pitkin, its meeting at Slate Lick, on the 19th day to report thereon as early as practica- of October, 1831, adopted the following ble,

resolutions, viz:

Resolved 1. That in the opinion of conversions unto God. A while after this Presbytery, the General Assembly is the commencement of the revival, “a eqally competent to the entire supervi. four-days meeting” was held at Rochession and control of Domestic Missions ter, another in Batavia, at Bergen and within its pale, as to the management of Byron, &c. &c. Sometime in April, the any other ecclesiastical concerns. Baptists had a protracted meeeting, in

2. That whereas it has been agreed the church or meeting house on Pine upon by many Presbyteries in the West, Hill, (which they hold'in common with to appoint delegates to meet in conven- us,) which was common to the cause. On tion at Cincinnati, on the 23d of Novem- the 28th of the same month, our prober next, in order to carry the recom-tracted meeting began; it lasted seven mendation of the General Assembly into days: about 60 persons took the anxious effect, the Presbytery have appointed, seats, and these meetings were regular and do hereby appoint, the Rev. John and lively, were deeply solemn and awMunson, to meet in said convention, and tul-were evangelical, spiritual, power. to deliberate and vote on any business ful, and prosperous. About 40 persons, that may come before that body. it is thought, were renewed and forgiven,

3. That this delegate be instructed to and some suppose, still more "passed represent in said convention, that, in the from death unto life,” at the time, and not opinion of this Presbytery, all Mission- long after, this long and peculiar meeting. ary operations connected with the Pres. On one day of meeting, about 1200 peobyterian church, ought to be under the ple were present; and every day the con. sole direction of the General Assembly, gregation was large. The Rev.brethren unconnected with any voluntary associa- who assisted, were Rawson of Barre, tions whatever.

(who was preaching statedly in Royalton 4. That should this delegate be pre- and Shelby, Niagara Co.) Cheeseman veentd from attending said convention, l of Byron, Crawford of Le Roy, and then a copy of these resolutions, proper- Miller of Avon. The prayers were ly attested, shall by him be forwarded to “ghostly” and tervent; the exhortations said convention, as expressive of the were tender and melting; the sermons views of this Presbytery on the contem- were orthodox, clear, forcible, solemn, plated subject.

argumentative and spiritual. The total Signed by order of the Presbytery.

depravity of the unregenerate; the neCyrus Riggs, Moderator. cessity of the sovereign grace of God, Test. John GLENN, Clerk,

and the special work of the Holy Spirit; the person, the atonement and righteousness of Christ, and the endless' and just

damnation of hell, were among and were REPORTS OF MISSIONARIES.

the principal truths that were preached to the people. Many suppose, and it

may be true, that from the middle of A powerful revival in Elba, Gennesee co. March to the first of July, there were The following account of the revival ex- the town of Elba; but in my opinion,

more than one hundred conversions in perienced in the congregation of Elba, dur- there were not more than 80. Of them ing the last spring and summer, has recent- about 70 have made a public profession ly been received from our missionary in of religion. Not more than 30,'I believe,

have been received into our church; that place, the Rev. George Colton.

probably 20 more will be added: and, Sometime in the month of March, the had not certain circumstances, (which present year, God began to pour out his might be named,) prevented, full 60 Spirit upon some of the inhabitants of would probably have come into our Elba, The work commenced in a par- church. Of the astonishing and far ticular street, and not long afterwards in greater displays of sovereign and rich two more sections of the town. To these grace in many other places in the county school districts or sections, this work of of Gennesee and still farther off. I say divine grace, was, for five or six weeks nothing, for want of time to relate, and chiefly confined. Soon it appeared in room in this paper to insert it. In our other parts of the town; and it was dis- temperance society of Elba, there is covered by an increasing number and about 250 members. There are two the anxious faces of the assembly, on the Sabbath Schools, and a Female praying, Sabbath, in the meeting liouse; by nume- and Missionary Society. Prayer meet. rous and solemn conferences and prayer. ings, conferences, lectures, &c. are kept meetings, and lectures—and by many up. Brethren, pray for us. cases of obvious conviction, and sundry instances of quite hopeful and manifest


From the Rev, ASAHEL BRONSON, dated | Spirit with special revivals is 74 or 75, Cayuga Co. N.Y. October 23d, 1831.

which is about two thirds of the whole

number of churches under the care of Revival in Lysander, N. Y. Synod. I commenced my labors as a missiona Since my last report, in March, the ry in this place on the 22d of June. Soon | Lord has blest my little portion of his after I arrived here, there appeared to be vineyard with some additional showers an unusual religious excitement amongst of his grace. In the former part of the some of the people. About fifteen per month of June we held a four days meetsons became pious in the estimation of ing, which the Holy Spirit honored and Christian charity; twelve of whom have made instrumental in the hopeful conversince united with the Presbyterian church. sion of several souls. During the meetAbout four weeks since, we had a pro-ing and within a few days after, we trust tracted meeting: It was an unusually about 30 persons were brought to bow in solemn time. The meeting continued | willing subjection to the Prince of Peace. five days. Not far from sixty persons,

Of these, about 20 have united with the as nearly as can be ascertained, have church under my care, and a few others found peace in believing in the Lord Je- are expected still to do so. We have sus Christ, Among this number are to received in all since my last report, 30 on be found some who were decided deists examination, and 5 by letter: The presand universalists, The work of the ent total number in this church is 102.

still progressing. My ministerial labours have been constant. I have

PENNSYLVANIA. preached from four to six sermons in each week, besides attending prayer

From Mr. I. TODD, dated Gibson, Nomeetings and visiting from house to vember 30, 1831. house. I have baptized four adult persons and two infants. I have administer

Revival in Gibson, Pa. ed the Lord's Supper once. A temper

In my last I informed you that the ance society has been organized, and a Lord had begun to favour us with a reSunday School established.

freshing from his presence. It gives me pleasure now to have it in my power to

say that he has continued to bless us with From the Rev. J. Mreus, dated Brock- the gracious influences of the Holy Spirit

ever since. In September we had a four port, Sept. 27, 1831,

days meeting in this place, which the Another year's service as a missionary Great Head of the Church was pleased of your Board was finished on the first of to favour with his gracious smiles. No this month. A variety of circumstances sooner were his people "all with one achave concurred to delay my report to acord in one place," than the Lord.made later period in the month than it should us sensible of his special presence. A have been. Among these has been the deep solemnity seemed to rest on, and meeting of the Synod of Gennesee, which appeared to continue from day to day on held their sessions in our church the oth the minds of both saints and sinners. er week: and a most blessed meeting it God was pleased to give his people near was—the most so by far that this Synod access to the mercy seat. The heralds has ever enjoyed. Besides attending to of the cross who were present were ena. the ordinary business of review, the Sy-bled to exhibit the truths of the gospel nod had little to do, and seemed desirous with great earnestness and much affecof doing but little except to tell and hear tion, and to accompany those truths of the wondrous things God has wrought which they delivered with powerful apwithin our bounds during the past year, | peals to the heart. The result was that to devise plans, and form purposes of the convictions of a number who had greater usefulness, and to encourage each been awakened before were deepened, other to hope for richer blessings for the and several who come to the place altoyear to come. The free conversation on gether unconcerned were pricked to the the state of religion, interspersed as it heart. Nor is this all; twelve or fourteen. was with prayers of thanksgiving and entertained hopes before the close of the songs of praise to God for all his mercies meeting. Half of this number were from shown, was of the most thrilling inter- | abroad. Not a few left the place with

serious impressions resting on their The aggregate number of communi- minds and some under deep anxiety. I cants received by all the churches with understand, that not less than sixteen, in the bounds of this Synod the last year. belonging to neighbouring societies, who was reported to be about 4035; and the now give the pleasing evidence of havnumber of churches blest by the Holy | ing been born again, received their first


impressions at the four days meeting in procure them. I have continued to atthis place.

tend a Bible Class at Sawickly, consistFourteen belonging to this society | ing of about 20 members; and one at have, as I have reason to believe, pas- | Duff's, containing about 30. sed from death unto life since I last

Guarding againsl Error. wrote. One of these is a man of seventy, Considering the prevalence of numeanother a child of ten. Two others were pous and dangerous errors, I have deempersons who had gone to such lengths ined it my duty to deliver discourses on iniquity, that I was almost induced to be several of the distinguishing doctrines of lieve, that God had already said concern. grace, or of the Reformation; such as ing them, as he did concerning Ephraim those of the Trinity; the Divinity and viof old. “They are joined to their idols, let carious righteousness of the Son of God; them alone." Ten stand now propounded the Deity, Personality and effectual for admission. They will probably be re- l work of the Holy Spirit; the deerees and ceived the secondSabbath of this month,on | sovereignty of God, personal election and which will be our next communion season. | the final perseverance of the saints; justi

Previous to the revival in this place our fication through the meritorious rightchurch numbered only 26 members. If eousness of Christ, impuied to those who all that now stand propounded are added, I believe; the original and total depravity there will be 52 belonging to this church. of men, and their absolute dependence This will make just double the number. on God for a new heart and progressive Several others who do not come forward sanctification. And, that I might be now, will probably before long.

able to exhibit these doctrines in the

light of revealed truth, I have devoted as From the Rev. J. Andrews, dated much of my tiine as could be spared Pittsburgh, September 27, 1831.

from public labours to study and medi

ation upon these subjects. I have also Since the date of my last report, I been recently more convinced than ever have succeeded in forming two Sabbath of the necessity and importance of a sysschools, which have done well. One of tematic knowledge of the truths and prethem was opened with 40 scholars. cepts of the Christian religion; or of seeThese have punctually attended, and ing them in their connexion and relation made evident improvement.

Several | to each other. It is a means of giving adult persons, who failed to obtain an | stability to the mind, and of preserving education at the proper season, have be- it from being carried away with every come learners at this school, and, in con wind of doctrine." These remarks are sequence of indefatigable industry, will | peculiarly applicable to the young. I soon be able to read the scriptures and have, therefore, considered it my duty, become acquainted with their precious in the present state of things, to form contents. The superintendant is much | catechetical classes, for the purpose of gratified with the close attention, good instructing this interesting class of the order and increasing knowledge of the people, among whom I labour, in the scholars in general. Besides these knowledge of the principles of Christianischools, another has come into operation ty in that systematic form in which they in a place where efforts were used in are exhibited in the Shorter Catechism. vain to establish one last winter. It is In Sawickly I have formed such a class, conducted by a single individual. On consisting of 16 members. Its meetings the 10th of July, the scholars of three | are held once in every two weeks. The schools were collected at the house of members are required to commit the worship in Duff's congregation, and a answers of the catechism accurately to discourse, adapted in simplicity to their memory, and study with care the lescapacity, was delivered. They conduct. | sons assigned. At the first meeting, they ed with great propriety, and appeared recited and were examined on the anto be highly attentive to the truths com swers of the first ten questions; at the municated. On the 28th of August, I || second they recited the same and ten visited and addressed a school at Sawick- | additional answers, and were examined ly church. It commenced with 19 scho on the last ten; on the third they recited lars, who have increased to 40. From a | all the answers from the beginning to late report of the superintendant it ap- || the thirtieth inclusive, and were examinpears that their improvement has been ed on the last ten. This course, if Progreat, and that the teachers deserve vidence permit, will be pursued until much credit for their diligent attention. we shall have gone through that oxcel. This school has a library, which has lent and most comprehensive form of contributed to give it interest. And || sound words. It is also intended, if such has generally been the effect of li- Providence afford health and opportuni. braries where the people were willing to ty, to form two or three catechetical

Vol. IX. - Ch. Adv. 4 Q

rope of sand.

classes in Duff's congregation, to be con- be driven from us until every heart shall ducted on the same plan. To assign be brought to feel his influence, convincshorter lessons might seem to promise | ing, comforting and building up." the attainment of a more accurate know His influence has, I hope, been also ledge of evangelical truth and duty. But beneficially felt to some extent at Unity: there is reason to apprehend, that too | At our meetings there for some time I many would become weary of a course had observed much seriousness, and in which could not be completed within the some cases apparently deep conviction compass of six months or a year. At and anxiety. *A four days meeting was the close of each examination, I endea- appointed, commencing on Friday the last vour to address a practical exhortation day of September, and the Lord's supto the members of the class: and I find || per to be administered on the Sabbath no doctrine which will not admit of a following. Although a number appearpractical application. The congregations ed among the anxious on Friday and Sain which I labour as a stated supply, are turday, only two applied for admission not divided in their views of Christian who, upon examination, were received. doctrine. They are firmly attached to The meeting throughout was attended the doctrines, government and disci- with considerable excitement, particular. pline of the Presbyterian Church, asly on Sabbath evening and Monday. On laid down in our standards; and would be Monday evening a number professed to afraid of the boasted new light of the pre- have obtained hopes of mercy; four of sent day, lest it should prove to be dark- whom have sincē, upon examination, ness; and of a form of ecclesiastical go-been received as members. Those who vernment which, from its feebleness as have been received, both at Wolf Run a bond of union, is justly comparable to aand Unity, are of the most respectable

class; whose example and influence it is

to be hoped, will have a good effect. VIRGINIA, From the Rev. W. D. Suita, datedtinue to bless us while the present "little

May the great Head of the Church conGrave Creek, Ohio co. Va. Nov. 1st, 1831. shower shall increase to a "great rain." Revival in the congregations of Wolf A distillery relinquished.

Run, and Unity, Va. I stated in my last communication that with hopeful prospects. We have form

The cause of Temperance advances solemnity began to prevade our meetings | ed a new society at the Forks of Wheelat Wolf Run. On the fourth Sabbath ofing, seven miles from Wolf Run meetAugust we enjoyed a very comfortable ing-house. There was in the immediate communion season. On the Thursday vicinity an extensive distillery,owned and preceding, I appointed a conversation kept by a member of the church, a man meeting after preaching, which was more of considerable wealth, respectability and numerously attended than I had antici- influence. His example as well as his pated, although our meetings for some distillery did much harm, which first weeks previous had been unusually

gave rise to the idea of attempting to solemn. The meeting was indeed

form a society in the neighbourhood. The solemnly interesting. The aged sinner effort proved successful. At our first of seventy mingled his tears with those meeting we formed a society of 40 memof the youth of sixteen; and the profane, bers, and the owner of the distillery stat, intemperate sabbath-breaker bowed with ed publicly to the meeting, that he would him who had trusted much to his mou immediately cease the manufacturing of rality-all seeming equally to loathe | ardent spirits. themselves" as the chief of sinners."

I have formed three Bible classes, one After some hours spent in conversation || at each of my stations for Sabbath preachand prayer, the meeting was dismissed |ing, which seem to be attended with a with the intimation, that on Saturday good deal of interest, and bid fair to be morning the church session would receive

useful. members. Fifteen applied, and upon ex Our Sabbath Schools are still going on, amination were received. I'wo others have generally increased their number of were received on certificate, making in scholars. Some of them will be under all an addition to our number of seven- the necessity of stopping their operations teen. Our meetings still continue solemn during the winter, which I fear will have and interesting. I preached there on

a bad

effect. last Sabbath. There was more depth of feeling, more bowed heads, more flow

NORTH CAROLINA. ing tears than I have witnessed on any previous occasion. The presence of the

From the Rev. E. GRAVES, dated Orange, Heavenly Messenger sent to “convince N. C.. November 1st, 1831. of sin, of righteousness and of a judg

A good work begun. ment," was very manifest. May he not Since my last quarterly report I have

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