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dictu) call themselves the “ministers of || and at the end of which was another Christ.”

room, a very comfortable place for sumSoon after my arrival here, having but | mer, but not at all suitable for cold weaone church to preach to, I found a little ther. The audience consisted of froin leisure to explore the adjacent country, forty to sixty persons, who seemed to pay -And in this tour Providence directed good attention. The people calculated my way to the forks of the Embarras, to build a large school house, in which about 25 or 30 miles up the river. – public worship might be héld; but as There I fell into a settlement, which ap- many of them had their own houses yet peared to afford an inviting field of labor, to build, it will be late in the fall, before especially as there were in this place that work can be accomplished, if it be scattered abroad a number of the lost | done at all this season. From the chasheep. of the house of Israel. Conse- racter of the people, however, I think quently I was induced, for several times, they will persevere, and in time become to repeat my visit, till the services of a good congregation. brother Bliss could also be obtained here, when a new church was organized, with

FLORIDA, the name of Bethel, consisting of seventeen members, who were received on

From the Rev. E. H. Snowdex, St. Au" certificate.

gustine, E. F. Sept. 5th, 1831. The brethren of this congregation, and Soon after the receipt of your commisalso those of the other two new church-sion I came to this place and entered upes, (Gilead and Fair Prairie) each con on my ministerial duties. The Sabbath template the erection of a house of wor- after my arrival, the Presbyterian conship during the ensuing fall.–And may gregation convened for the first time in the Lord encourage them in it.

the new building, which has been for

years erecting, and which, though not enMichiCAN TERRITORY,

tirely completed, affords very pleasant

accommodations. Most joyous were the From the Rev. R. Sears, dated, White feelings of the people of God on this ocPigeon, St. Joseph's County, Oct. 4ih, casion. They had been in the wilderness 1831.

for almost ten years, without rest or A Church organized, and enlarged, at hearts to be permitted to worship in their

shelter; and it was truly cheering to their Saline, Mich. Ter.

tabernacle, having none to molest or On arriving at that place, (Saline) I make them afraid. Since that time the learnt that a Presbyterian Church, con work of consolidation has gone on and we sisting of twelve members, regularly or are now in a fair way to establish a reganized at Newark, Wayne County. spectable congregation. Ñ. Y. had recently settled in the town, Since my arrival, our Sabbath School but had not yet, by any public act, been which was in a languishing state, has remade known as a 'Church. I proposed ceived a friendly impulse. Several perthat this should be done on the next Sab sons who have never before manifested bath. Accordingly, at the close of the any interest in the subject, have, within morning service, the records of their or a few months come forward as teachers, ganization, with their confession of-faith and appear to be actively engaged in and covenant, were publicly read, and their work. Our Sabbath School libra. they resolved to take the name of the ry needs many additions. Most of the Presbyterian Church of Saline, and pro- books having been read by all the schoceed to act as such. After this, I was lars, but for this we must look to benerequested to tarry there awhile longer, volence abrcad. Is there no fund at the until the people could become incorpo- | disposal of your society, from which we rated into a regular Presbyterian Socie- I might obtain a supply? The wealthy are ty, according to the law of the territory. | contributing of their abundance to supConsequently I continued there four Sab- ply the Valley of the Mississippi: is not baths longer, and in visiting round among our section of the country as important, the people, found Presbyterian members and our claim equally strong? Although from different places, many of them re we are now under the American governcently come in, sufficient, when actually ment, it should be remembered we have, connected with the above-mentioned but recently passed from a foreign powChurch, to increase its number to about er, and are still surrounded by Catholicthirty. The necessary measures for in- ism. There has been an advance in mocorporating a Society were taken, after rals and religion. Not long since a few which I left them. While there I preach- females were seen going from house to ed in a wood-house, at a tavern, into house to collect children and explain to which a back room of the tavern opened, the people what a Sabbath School was.


Now we have four. The Spirit, of do- eternal ruin. I do hope the Board will ing good on this small scale is extending consider our case--and that the Lord will into the interior where a number have constrain some one of their faithful ministhis summer commenced operations un ters to come over to us. O! it is distressder favourable auspices. Four weeks ing to see the ignorarnce, stupidity, and ago a Female Tract Society was formed delusion of some, and the daring impiety which now consists of between forty and of others." fifty members. I have proposed the monthly distribution of tracts which will

PROGRESS OF TEMPERANCE. be carried into effect as soon as tracts can be procured from the Parent Society. The following brief statements are ex

I hope you will send on missionaries to tracted from recent reports of the MissionFlorida: but I would advise none to come l| aries of the Board in different sections of who cannot endure hardness as good sol. diers of Jesus Christ. They must labour our country. long and faithfully with but little appa Maryland, Kent. Co. I delivered an rent success. In conclusion I would pray || address on temperance, where we formed that the Lord may smile upon you in all a temperance Society on the plan of total your measures-guide you in all your de- || abstinence, and a number of the most reliberations, and cause the gospel as spectable citizens, Presbyterians, Methopreached by your missionaries to be the thodists, and Episcopalians, of both sexes power of God unto salvation.

joined it. I hope it will do much good, for. I have smelled the liquor, in the

breath of the young men with whom I MISCELLANEOUS.

conversed after sermon.

Ohio, Wayne Co. "A Temperance So

ciety has been formed in one of my conThe following is an extract from a lettergregations, consisting of about thirty recently received by one of our agents in members. A number more, it is expect

ed, will shortly join the Society. This the West, from Gen). Joseph M. Street, good cause is rapidly progressing: I had U. S. Ind. Agt. at Prairie du Chien. We the pleasure of attending the anniversary hope it may meet the eye, reach the heart, of the Wayne Co. Temperance Society and secure the services of some devoted in Wooster. The meeting was interestpreacher of the Gospel.

ing, and about fifty added their names

to the list.“There are about 400 inhabitants ex Preble Co. “The Temperance cause clusive of the Army, which is generally 2 is gaining ground. We have had seveor 300souls. Of these we can expect little ral speeches on the subject-the majority help. The inhabitants, with the excep- of this town is favourable to Tempertion of 20 or 30 persons, are all Romanance. Catholics.

Indiana, Rush Co. “The TemperOf the few, who are not Catholics, only ance reformation has had a very conside5 or 6 could be counted on for help, and rable influence even among those who some of these are poor. There is a have never become members of any sosettlement about 30 miles off, of 15 orciety. There are whole neighborhoods 20 families, where about as much would in this county, in which the work is done be given as here. I think the two places without ardent spirits, and in others might give from 75 to $100. I would board where it is still used, the quantity is greata minister free of any charge at my house, ly diminished. Many are ashamed to with his horse. Capt. L says he drink in the presence of temperance would do the same. This would help men, and others will hardly do it without some. If he only designed to preach here, some apology. no horse would be required; if at Cass Indiana, Dearborn Co. Through maville 30 miles, he would want a horse. ny hindrances the temperance cause is raAt Cassville are several pious, and many pidly advancing. We have formed at this anxious for preaching.

place the Dearborn County Temperance Certainly my dear sir, if any part of Society,” which numbered within the the world is destitute and loudly calls first few weeks of its existence, 83 reupon the notice of the Board, it is those cruits to the ranks of abstinence. Among two places especially this. Besides the these is a man of fine talents who is inhabitants, so large a number of Officers reformed from an 18 year's course of and soldiers ought to have preaching. It drunkenness. Already his heart-his is alarming to reflect upon so many im- features-his dress exhibit the decided mortal souls in the depths of misery- || benefits of the reformation. Should we under a fatal delusion, hurrying on to Il not rejoice to see him delivered “whom


Satan hath bound, lo! these 18 years?" || ful trifling with the solemn worship and To this County Society there is already sacred ordinances of God's house are one auxiliary, the like of which we hope practised. I might here descend to parsoon to see planted in every township of ticulars, but perhaps not with propriety. the County. The whole accession of When I have said this, and declare it to Temperance professors since my last, is be in my opinion tliecharacteristic of the 145, embracing much of the respectabil- majority of the population in this region, ity and influence of the vicinity.

I have said no more than may perhaps be said of a few dark corners of Christendom, (though I have never seen them,) but more than this may be said

of us in truth, for ignorance is so uniA Missionary of our Board who has been versal, the degradation of manners stationed for a considerable time, in the and morals is so great, that there seems frontier settlements of the South West, to be no foundation for forming good sobordering upon the Indian country, in a ing. There are some reasons why soci.

ciety, or a decidedly pious tone of feelrecent communication, gives the following ety should be of the lowest order here. appalling description of the State of Soci. There are some very honourable excep

tions to the character here given, but, as ety around him.

it respects the majority, in my opinion "I have sometimes thought it my duty this must stand. I pray not that the Lord to myself and to the Society to speak would take us out of the world, but that more fully and more particularly

respect. he would work a mighty work of grace ing the people amidst whom I dwell. for us. I relate these things to you, sir, Christianity blushes that I should record not from any ill will to iny neighboursthe scenes transacted here for the world nor because I believe that the truth of to know. Heathens might stand and God and the ordinances of the gospel wonder that men with the Bible in their are to be used without producing their hands and in the light of gospel truth, effect-nor to persuade you that they are should so trample on the ordinances and entirely without effect here; but that you institutions of the Gospel=and humani- in your extended and extending plans of ty mourns for the depravity of heart d:i- bringing glory to God and happiness to lý manifest in the degradation of human man, may not act unadvisedly toward us; power. I speak advisedly, the Sabbath || and that I as a servant of the Lord Jesus is made a day of business and recreation, | Christ, measurably at your disposal, may by the majority;-professing christians receive your friendly aid and counsel. are not at all scrupulous about making it a day of journeying. The name of the Lord is most profaned on the most tri

* Commendable zeal for the Truth. fling occasions. Children are gathered A Missionary in the State of Ohio, says, at the corners of the streets, and taught “Many persons in this region are to ućter the most horrid oaths and impre- || alarmed at the idea of corruption in the cations. The Father, while dandling Presbyterian Church, a few have attach. the prattler on his knee, instructs his lit- led themselves to other Calvinistic bodies. tle child to say the Swearers Prayer, Our ministers must adhere to the docperhaps the mother is the object of the trines of our church or many of their infantile cursing for some trifling chas- | people will forsake them; they cannot tisement. While the little ones are all be induced to renounce our Form of taught to utter words they do not under sound words and doctrines of the Bibles, stand, great care is taken to inflame the and lead into every scheme of accommotender heart with the spirit of the Prince dation between truth and error, or specof darkness. Here perhaps we may ac-ulations of what is falsely called philosocount for the reason why these children phy.” find use for such language only when they are angry. Drunkenness is unblushing; and lewd

APPOINTMENTS ness is not ashamed to walk abroad, un

From September 20th to November 1st. veiled in day-light. The anti-republican practice of treating with "ardent spirits”

Agreeably to an intimation given in the for electioneering purposes prevails here last Reporter, we now have the pleasure of not only in this county, but others, to an presenting an unusually large number of alarming extent. Bacchanalian revels are not uncommon,

new Missionary appointments. It will be in which not only drunkenness and de- perceived from the following list, that the bauchery, but sometimes the most fear- | twenty-four Missionaries appointed, are to

be located in twelve different states and ter. Rev. S. H. Morrison for one year, to Rus.' ritories, viz. Florida 1, Louisiana 1, Missis. sellville and Bethel Green, Alabama.

Rev. Isaac Chase for one year, in the vi. sippi 1, Illinois 3, Indiana 1, Ohiv 3, Ala. bama 1, Georgia 1, North Carolina 1, Vir- cinity of Washington, North Carolina, under

the direction of Rev. James Weatherby. ginia 3, Pennsylvania 7, New Jersey 1. It

Rev.W. K. Stewart for one year, Missionwill also be perceived, that no less thanary Agent for the State of Illinois. sixteen of these Missionaries have been com.

Rev. Thomas Smith for one year, to-Tal. missioned to labour in ten different states at lahassee, Florida. the south and west. Three of the number

Mr. A. 0. B. Ogden for one year, to the will be sustained entirely by the people; || Valley of Kenhawa, Virginia. and twenty-one will receive aid from the Mr. Alex. Ewing for one year, to Carmi Board. Twelve of these Missionaries are and Sharon, Illinois. from the Theological Seminary at Prince Mr. J. P. Hudson for one year, to the ton, N. J.; and to most of them the Board Presbytery of Winchester, Virginia. have been under the necessity of advancing

Rev. J. Larzalere for one year, to Tini

cum and vicinity, Pa. a portion of their salary, sufficient to carry

Rev. Alex. Heberton for one year, to them to their respective fields of labour. Allentown and vicinity, Pa. Fifteen of our Missionaries are young licen.

Mr. James Wycoff for one year, to the tiates, and their ordination will of course, first and second churches of Stillwater and and in accordance with the decided prefer-vicinity, New Jersey, ence of our Board, be left entirely to the Mr. James Anderson for four months, to discretion of the several Presbyteries, with the Presbytery of Hartford. in whose bounds they may labour. We

Mr. Rezeau Brown for one year, to Morneed hardly remind the churches, that the gantown and vicinity, Virginia. Board are, at present, in great want of funds; ville, vicinity of Philadelphia.

Mr. Wm. J. Gibson for one year to Morrisand we make no other appeal for immediate pecuniary assistance, than that which arises

RE-APPOINTMENTS. from this simple statement of facts,

Rev. John C. Campbell for one year, to Mr. John M. Harris for six mon:bs, to the New Hope, Vigo county, Indiana, and New city of New Orleans, Louisiana,

Providence, Edgar county, Illinois. Rev. M'Knight Williamson for one year, Rev. P. Chamberlain for one year, to the to Papertown and Dickinson, Pa.

Presbytery of Erie. Mr. John Patten for three months, to Rev. E. Hart for one year, to Springfield Oxford and West Nottingham, Pa.

and Elk Creek, Pa. Mr. Joseph Mahon for six months, to the Rev. A. Leonard for one year, to Truro western part of Perry county, and vicinity, and Lithopolis, Ohio. Pa.

Rev. J.L. Edgarton, for one year to ConMr. Robert Davidson for one year, to In- stable, Franklin county, New York. diana, under the direction of the Corres Rev. Isaac Reed for one year, to Bedford, ponding Executive Committee of Craw- Lawrence co., Oak Ridge, Jackson co., and fordsville Presbytery.

Richland Creek settlement, Indiana. Mr. Robert H. Lilly for one year, under

Rev. W. Brobston for one year, to Elizathe Corresponding Executive Committee at bethtown, Brown Marsh, South River, and • Cincinnati or Louisville.

Big Swamp, North Carolina, Mr. S. S. McRoberts for one year to Rev. Alcan Coe for four months, in Michi. Vicksburg, Mississippi, or Plains East Ba-gan and North Western Territories, among ton Rouge, Louisiana.

the Chippewa Indians. Mr. J. D. Matthews for one year, to St. Rev. R. H. Chapman, D.D., for one year, Mary's, Georgia.

to Tipton county, Tenn. Rev. A. M'Cready for one year, to Mid Rev.Joseph Myers for one year, to Brockdle Brook, Union, and Beaver Dam, Penn- port, New York, sylvania.

Mr.J.J. Rice for one year, to Dutch Neck, Mr. Robert Glenn for one year, to Sandy New Jersey. Lake and vicinity, Pa.

Rev. A. Aten for one year, to New Jer. Rev. W. R. Smith for one year, to the sey and Winchester, Preble county, and Valley of the Mississippi.

Jacksonburg, Butler county, Ohio.

Rev. T. E. Hughes for six months, to J.B. Morrow, O., A.B. Quay, Pa., J. S. Ball, Dunlapsville and vicinity, Indiana. Mo., Several members of the Synod of Illi

Rev. David Monfort, for one year to Frank. Inois, J. L. Belville, O., T. Smith, N. J., J. lin and vicinity, Johnson county, Indiana. G. Bergen, M., J. Myers, N. Y., R. Smith,

Mr. J. A. Mitchell for two months, to the Miss., W. S. Potts, Mo., A. Halsey, N. Y., Presbytery of Harmony, South Carolina. H. Galpin, N. Y., J. Stoneroad, Va. 2, A.

Kitchell, N. J. R. Clapp, N. Y., S.H.Cow

der, la., W. A. Moseby, Ala., D. Hoyt, Tenn., LETTERS RECEIVED

S. D. Blythe, Ky., S. Upson, N. Y., H.K. From September 20th to October 25th. Averill, N. Y., W. K. Stewart, III., O. Jen. A. M'Iver, N. C., W. C. Anderson, Pa, Sullivan, N. Y., Joseph Hamilton, Tenn.,

nings, Tenn., J. A. Mitchell, S. C., L. B. S. Montgomery, Va., J. Ayers, Pa., T. Root. w. Reed, o., L. R. Morrison, Tenn., T. Ala., 0. E. Snowden, Florida, A. Steele, Cratty, o., J. G. M'Kee, Pa., L. C. Rutter, Geo. 2, R. H. Lilly, N.J., 4. Leonard, 0,, Pa., W. Eagleton, Tenn., J. Bryson, Pa., Elders, Constable, N. Y., J. Smith, Pa., 1. J. Perkins, O.,J.Spicer,N.Y., R. Sears, Mich. Chase, N.Y.2, W. Ellison, O., J. W. Robin. Ter., J. Campbell, N. Y., v. Boileau, Pa., son, Geo., R. H. Hill, Ky., G. W. Hampson, R. Lambertson, Pa., Trustees,Cayuga creek, Pa., I. N. Candee, N. J. 2, N. Murray, Pa., N. Y., J. Montgomery, Mo., J. Glenn, Pa., W. Brobston, N. C., J. Wilson, N. Y., 1. A.B.Gilliland, 6., Committee of the Church, Reed, la. 2, A. O. Patterson, Pa. 2, A. Coe Cayuga Creek, N. Y., D. Monfort, Ia., D. and W. Andrews, O., A. N. M'Fall, s. C., Ellioli, Pa., C. Aunspaugli, Va., 0. H. St. R. Brown, N. J. 3, C. Cist, O., J. Alexan. John, N.Y., F. Hamlin, O., G.Hawley, N. Y., der, Tenn., z. Baird, s. C., G. W: Ash- J.S. Weaver, O., R. B.Dobbins, O., J.Campbridge, Ky., T. Barr,0.2, W. R. Smith, Pa., bell, Pa. J. S. Irvin, O., W. J. Frazier, III., J, Eaton and P. Chamberlain, Pa., A. Hamilton, Pa.,

NEW AUXILIARIES. J. Andrews, Pa., A. 0. 1, Ogden, N. J. 2, J. J. Rice, N. J., N. L. Rice, N. J., E, H. Shiloh, Indiana; Bloomington, Indiana; Walker, N. Y., A. M'Keehan, Pa., H. Ha- /St. Marks, Alabama; New Providence, Alamill, N. Y., C. Stewart, 0., G.G. Sill, N. Y., (bama; First Church, Northern Liberties, E. W. Conklin, N. Y., Elders, Middletown, Pittsburg, Penn.; Craggy Hope, Tenn., Al. Va., B.F. Spilman, 111., N.W.Calhoun, Va.,llexander's Creek, Tenn. Total 475.

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Account of Cash received by the Board of Missions of the General Assembly of

the Presbyterian Church from the 20th of Sept., to the 20th of Oct., 1831. Aaronsburg, Pa. monthly concert collection, per John Foster,

10 00 Bloomington, Ind. aux. soc., per Rev. I. Reed,

2 00 Bellefonte, Pa. congregation, per Jas. Lent,

15 00 Brockport, Monroe co. N. Y. aux. soc. per Rev Jos. Myers,

24 00 Cape May, N. J. Cold Spring cong. monthly concert coll'n, per Mr. Williamson, 11 35 Coshocton and Mill Creek, Ohio, col'n at sacramental meeting per Rev. T. Barr, 5 00 Ealon, Preble co. Onio, aux. soc. per Rev. Chs. Stewart,

8 25 do, do. do. from


12 00 Leacock, Pa. aug. soc. per Rev. Jos. Barr,

28 12 Newcombe, Ohio, collection per Rev. Chs. Stewart,

4 75 Qak Ridge Church, Ind, collection per Rev. I. Reed,

2 00 Octorora, Pa. aux. soc. per Rev. Jos. Barr,

.1 00 Philadelphia, Robert Ralston, Esq. bis subscription for 1831,

. 100 00 Alexander Henry, Esq. do.


100 00 John Stille, Esq.


. 100 00 Solomon Allen, Esq. for the Valley of Mississippi,

1000 00 donation from Wm. F. Geddes,

17 87 Pembroke, N. Y. donation from Rev. Lot B. Sullivan,

1 00 Philadelphus Church, N. C. collection per D. M'Neill,

7 50 Silver Spring Cong. monthly concert collection, per Mr. Williamson,

25 00 Three Springs, Huntingdon co. Pa. donation from Rev. Alex. M.Keehan, 20 00 West Mendon, N. Y. monthly concert collection, per G. G. Sill,

3 32 Missionary Reporter, from sundry subscribers,

21 00 $1,519 16

SOLOMON ALLEN, Treasurer, No. 34, South Third Street, Philadelphia.

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