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PRESBYTERY OF CINCINNATI, OHIO. opposed the recommendation of the Ge. The following account of the proceed.neral Assembly—but there is a wide dif

ference between an official correspondence ings of this Presbytery is taken from the of Synods and Presbyteries and an unoffi. “Standard” of Oct. 141h, and we give the cial convention, entire statement, because it would appear We hope also the churches will look

at the majority of this Presbytery and that the rejected resolutions express the sen.

ask themselves this question-Whát por. timents of a decided majority of the Church- tion of the Presbyterian Church was rees in that Presbytery.

presented in the Presbytery, by Messrs. At the late meeting of the Cincinnati Slack, Vail, Blanchard, Mahan and A.

Johnson? Ask themselves another quesPresbytery, a motion was made, for the

tion-How many of this new-school ma. appointment of delegates, to the Convention, which has been called to meet

jority are in the pay of the American

Home Missionary Society? at Cincinnati, on Wednesday the 23d

In the minority were four Pastors, two day of November next, at 2 o'clock in

stated supplies and thirt en Elders repthe afternoon. Some objections having

resenting fourteen,out of twenty-one con. been made to the phraseology of the motion, it was postponed, for the purpose of gregations; and yet,strange to tell, a Con

vention instead of a Correspondence was taking under consideration the following voted and the following delegates apviz: “Whereas the General Assembly of j. Gallaher, A. Mahan-all new-school.

pointed, viz: Ministers–J. Thompson, the Presbyterian Church at its last ses- Elders-J. Warren, R. Boal, new-school, sion did pass a resolution, which is as fol- and S. Newell. While this resolution lows, viz:

for a Convention was under consider"In view of existing evils resulting from latjon a motion was made and seconded the separate action of the Board of Mis- for postponement in order to take up sions of the General Assembly, and the the following preamble and resolutions American Home Missionary Society, the which, after discussion, was decided in General Assembly recommend to the Sy- the negative. nods of Ohio, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Ten

"In view of the important subject subnessee, West Tennessee, Indiana, Illinois and the Presbyteries connected with the consideration of Synods and Presbyteries

mitted by the General Assembly to the same, to CORRESPOND with each other, in the Valley of the Mississippi, and on and endeavourto agree upon some plan for which this Presbytery is now called to conducting domestic missions, in the deliberate, the devout gratitude of all the Western States, and report the result of members ought to be offered to the great their CORRESPONDENCE to the next Ge head of the Church, for the opportunity neral Assembly. It being understood thus afforded to the Bishops and Elders that the brethren in the West, be left to representing this part of our spiritual their freedom, to form any organization, Zion of expressing their cordial and un. which, in their judgment may best pro- qualified approbation of the Board of mote the cause of missions in these States: Missions of the General Assembly of the and also that all the Synods and Press Presbyterian Church, to which thís Presbyteries in thc Valley of the Mississippi bytery stands pledged as an Auxiliary may be embraced in this CORRESPOND- and that such an expression may be fully ENCE provided they desire it.'

and fairly given, the following resolutions “Therefore in obedience to the recom are respectfully submitted. mendation above named, resolved that 1. Resolved, that the Presbyterian this Presbytery do approve of a conven- Church in these United States needs no tion to be held in Cincinnati, on the 23d new plan in order to carry op successfulday of November next, as the best me- ly Domestic Missions-the present orgathod of correspondence and do now pro- nization of the Assembly's Board being ceed to the appointment of delegates, in simple, expansive, improvable and effinumber and form as is usual in this Pres- cient, needing, only the countenance, bytery in appointing Commissioners to prayers, pecuniary aid and united efforts the General Assembly.”—After much of all the churches to carry the gospel debate, the question was taken, by yeas through the whole length and breadth of and nays—twenty-one to nineteen. The the land, and to prepare the way for same vote as was given in the case of sending it in every direction into heathen Mr. Bushnell, with the addition of the lands. Rev. James Kemper, to the minority, 2. Resolved, that as there is no need who was not present when the vote was for a new organization, so there is no netaken in relation to Mr. B. We hope it cessity for holding a convention, for withwill be distinctly understood that no one llout any waste of time and money, all the

churches that adhere to the Presbyterian PRESBYTERY OF MIAMI, OHIO. standards, can to the extent of their abil

The following preamble and resoluities co-operate with their own Board of tions were adopted by our Presbytery at Missions, and those congregations which its late meeting almost unanimously, desire to co-operate with an unecclesias- viz: tical society can as well be in connexion Whereas a resolution of the last Genwith the American Home Missionary So- eral Assembly, has made it the duty of eiety as with any independent Western this Presbytery to state explicitly their Institution.

views respecting the best method of con3. Resolved, that shonld any new plan ducting domestic missions in the west:, of Missionary operations be devised in and whereas a convention has been prothe West, unless the institution be made posed. Therefore, exclusively auxiliary to the Assembly's Resolved, 1. That in the opinion of Board of Missions, it will be giving the this Presbytery, the entire management western churches three subjects of dis- of domestic missions in the Presbyterian pute instead of two, for it is evident that Church ought to be under the control of that the churches now attached to the the General Assembly. General Assembly's Board of missions Resolved, 2. That this Presbytery do cannot conscientiously unite with any in- entirely acquiesce in the plan of conductdependent institution West or East. ing domestic missions which has already

4. Resolved, that should a majority of been adopted by the Assembly. the Presbyteries and Synods in the Val

Resolved, 3. That although this Pres. ley of the Mississippi agree to call a con- bytery are fully convinced that the Home vention formed according to our consti- Missionary Society has under God been tutional ratio of representation that,

the instrument of great good, yet consibe and they are hereby appointed to re- dering the present state of our churches, present this Presbytery in said Conven- we feel it to be our duty to withdraw our tion and to use their best endeavours to auxiliary connextion from that Society, secure the co-operation of all the church Resolved, 4. This Presbytery are not es with the General Assembly's Board aware that there exists at present suffiof Missions, for the following reasons: cient reasons for calling a convention of

1st. Because the plans and operations the Western Churches, nevertheless, if of said Board of Missions have been at the Synod of Cincinnati should be favortended with increasing and encouraging able to a Convention, in that case, resolvsuccess ever since its re-organization in ed that D. V. McLean, minister, and 1828,

William Lowry, Elder, be, and they 20. Because the blessing of God dur-| hereby are, appointed delegates to attend ing the past year evidently attended their said Convention, and that the Stated labours and the prospect for extensive Clerk be required to furnish the deleusefulness was never more encouraging gation, with a copy of these resoluthan at the present time. 3d. Because the pledge given by the

(A true copy.) Board of Missions, to supply feeble and

JAMES COE, Stated Clerk. destitute congregations throughout the Valley of the Mississippi within five years

E pluribus unum." with a faithful and devoted ministry, You are aware that the fact of there should call forth the united prayers and being ministers in the Presbyterian efiorts of all the churches for the ac- Church, who have never answered the complishment of this great and good questions required to be put to ministers work.

at their ordination, has been again and 4th. Because in the opinion of this again called in question. On enquiry at Presbytery, the peace, unity and efficien- our late meeting, a candidate for memcy of the Presbyterian Church can be bership was asked, whether he had ever best preserved by all uniting with the answered those questions; he replied Board of Missions of the General Assem- that he never had! They were therebly.

fore put to him and answered before his 5th. Because the proposition now un reception. Should you think it necessary der consideration is substantially the that this fact and the foregoing resolusame with those which were made last tions, or either of them, should obtain year-one for uniting the operations of publicity in your section of the church, the A. H. M.S. and Board of Missions, you are at liberty to make such use of in the West, and the other for organizing them as you think proper. And should an independent Western Missionary So- the statement in the latter case be called ciety-the first of which was rejected and in question you shall have all the evidence the last deemed inexpedient.




REPORTS OF MISSIONARIES. two weeks ago yesterday, when 16 were

added on examination. Several others New York.

applied, who, we thought might be better From the Rev. H. Halsey, Cambria, Nia. prepared by putting them off until the

the next communion, not that we suppos gara county, N. Y., Oct. 3, 1831.

ed them insincere, but that they might I have administered the ordinance of have more time to pray over it, and make the Lord's Supper three times; admitted themselves more familiar with the nature eleven persons to the communion of the of the ordinance. We are persuaded that church; baptized six adults and thirteen it is not best to admit persons too soon infants; assisted in organizing a church in (after their awakening) to the Lord's a neighbouring town, consisting of nine-Table, but on the contrary, that it is teen members; paid some attention to often followed with painful consequences, catechetical instruction, and the visiting both to themselves, and to those who adof common schools, and attended Biblemitted them. Classes and Sunday Schools. I have There continues to be considerable expaid some attention to the circulation of citement among us, though not so great Tracts, and the promotion of benevolent as it was a few weeks ago. On the Saboperations. No'extensive or general at- bath previous to our communion here, the tention to religion has been awakened, Supper was administered in Petersburg, but individual cases of awakening and when six were added on examination, conversion have occurred. These how- and one on certificate. There is at pres. ever have been few, and it is to be fear-ent a general attention to the subject of ed that truth would compel the acknow. religion there, though no unusual exledgment, that our present condition is citement. Now I think, I have reason one of spiritual declension.

to hope, that my feeble labours are not in The standard of benevolent effort in vain in the Lord. the church generally is low. Some few it is hoped, begin to understand the sub

VIRGINIA. ject better than they have done. Some of our Sabbath Schools flourish,

From the Rev. J. Paine, Warm Springs, but others languish.

Va. Sept. 16th, 1831.

Progress of a revival at Warm Springs, PENNSYLVANIA.

Virginia. From the Rev. A. B. Quay, dated, Dills It affords me great cause of praise and burg, October 30, 1831.

gratitude, to be able to state, that the Revival in Dillsburg, York county, Pa. Lord still continues to bless us in this

part of Zion. We have been greatly enSince my last report, I have had more couraged during the last few months, by to encourage and animate me in the glo- seeing the work of the Lord prosper in rious work of winning souls to Christ than our hands. We have every reason to ever before. The Lord has somewhat believe, that the Lord has owned and increased these feeble congregations to blessed our poor endeavours, for the which I preach, with those whom I trust building up of his church in this part will be everlastingly saved. I think I of Zion. The Eternal Spirit has been intimated in my last report, that there with us, has convinced many of sin, were indications of good; that little cloud righteousness, and judgment to come, has come up over us, and a few mercy and has so operated upon their hearts, 'drops have fallen,

as to turn them from a love of sin, to In June last, I was assisted by several of a love of holiness and Truth. And my brethren of the neighbouring church- l our hearts' desire and prayer to God is, es, in holding a four days meeting in this that he may pour out more abundantly place. I have no doubt the great Head of his Spirit until all “the redeemed of of the Church was with us. It was a sol- the Lord shall return, and come with emn season to many a soul. The mem- singing unto Zion,” with gladness and evbers of the church appeared humbled erlasting joy upon their heads. The state and revived. Many of the careless and of things is more encouraging now, than impenitent were awakened to an awful it has been at any former period. sense of their danger. At the anxious We have lately had a communion meeting held during the season, there season at this place, which was indeed a were present perhaps about 40 or 50 who season of refreshing from the presence of were anxiously enquiring, “What shall the Lord. Tiventy two were added to I do to be saved”?' It appears that God | the Church on examination and profeshas not yet forsaken us-new cases of sion of their faith in Christ. Many (per. awakening are still occurring. The haps forty) are anxiously inquiring the Lord's Supper was administered here ll way to Zion. The prospect of useful

Vol. IX.- Ch. Adv. 41

ness here is very considerable. But the feeling, anticipating soon to see these labourers are few. The wants of this persons turn their faces Zion-ward. But county (Bath) and some of the adjoining these anticipations have been but in a counties are great and pressing. Bath very few instances realized. Indeed the contains a population of upwards of 4000|| state of religion continues very low, not souls, and all the Presbyterian preaching only in the field which I occupy, but they enjoy is the one half of my labours throughout this whole region of country, In Ållegheny,an adjoining county—there and perhaps there is no part of the church is a still greater moral waste, no Presby- where the gospel is more pointedly terian labours there. Can you not send preached, or where its ministers are us a Missionary of the right stamp to more laboriously employed in their vooccupy this destitute field? Truly "the cation. But while we seem to be labourharvest is great, but the labourers are ing almost in vain, our hearts are rejoiced few. Pray that the Lord may continue by the tidings which reach us of the proto make bare his arm for our salvation, gress of the kingdom of our God and Sa

viour in other parts of the land. Placed INDIANA,

as we are, by the Captain of the Lord's From the Rev. WM. Sickels, dated,

host as watchmen upon Zion's outer wall,

we feel that great responsibility rests upRushville, Rush Co. Ind. Aug. 3, 1831.

on us, and as we are called to "endure The term for which my last commis- hardness,” to contend with hardness, and sion was granted, has now expired, and I especially to feel much hardness in our here transmit my report for the last six own hearts, we realize our insufficiency, months. During the time included in and sometimes detect the secret wish, this Report, I have preached ninety. that some other had been assigned us. eight sermons, besides other occasional But, my dear Sir, whilst we have the addresses. Six persons have been added consciousness in our own hearts, that we to the church on certificate, and one on never entered the ministry, for the sake examination; and I have recently found of ease, or wealth, or earthly distinction, two or three persons who are deeply we are not disappointed, and trust that anxious, one of which gives some evidence through the grace of Christ, we shall of a saving change. These are tokens for neither be removed nor remove, on acgood in the midst of a great deal that is count of the lack of any of these things. discouraging. There is, however, a very A manifest change, for the better, has respectful and serious attention to the taken place in public manners, and mopreaching of the gospel on the Sabbath, rals in this county, within the last two or and often much solemnity, but no gene. three years. Intemperance and proral seriousness among the impenitent. Ifaneness have received a very decided trust, however, that a considerable mea-check, and a more general attention is sure of religious knowledge has been ac- given to literary and religious instruction. quired, and that in answer to our suppli- It is not to be questioned that these efcations, God will eventually quicken the fects have resulted from the influence of seed sown, and cause it to bring forth the gospel, which instructs, enlightens, fruit. One fourth of my time has been and restrains many whom it never conspent in the adjoining county of Henry, verts. and I have occasionally visited and The Sabbath School cause has received preached in Hancock. In these coun- a new impulse in this county, and great ties there are a few Presbyterians, but no efforts are making to accomplish the purorganized church of our denomination. pose of the American Sunday School In one of these counties, I believe, no Union. In this county, there are now Presbyterian minister but myself, has eleven or twelve schools, with a prospect cver preached. In Henry Co, there is that more will be established. The Menow a prospect of organizing a small | thodist brethren are engaging with much church. In all places where I have interest in the work. At a Methodist preached statedly, there are pretty good camp.meeting in this vicinity, a few days audiences, especially on the Sabbath. ago, one of their ministers delivered a But the word preached seems to be at very excellent discourse on the subject tended with very little effect upon the of Sabbath Schools. One of the Socieminds of sinners. Sometimes indeed ty's Methodist Agents resides in this there is manifested a degree of thought- neighbourhood, and he has been very fulness and relenting, which seem to say successful in removing the prejudices they are almost persuaded to make the which existed among his denomination "successful resolve." The tear is often against the Sabbath School cause, I have seen toglisten in the eye, or steal silently myself established three new schools, down the cheek. With interest and which are in successful operation, and hope, I have marked these indications of might have done more, but was convinced

that Mr. Havens the Methodist agent, two, that were, at the same time, receive could do most among his own people. ed on certificate, made an accession of My Bible classes, have still been con- nine; an important addition to this little tinued.

band of brethren, which previously conOur meeting house in this place is so sisted only of eleven members. And far advanced that we are able to use it there are still some others indulging for preaching. This I consider as a very hopes, who we trust, will soon be visibly great object accomplished. We have added to the per ple of God-yet there now a meeting house in each of my con- is one circumstance, which renders this gregations, and are thus freed from those little, but gracious work of the Lord, peperplexities and inconveniences to which culiarly interesting, that is, about one we have heretofore been subjected. half of its subjects are young heads of

families, who seemed very soon led to ILLINOIS.

regard it not only as a duty, but as a preFrom Mr. I. Bennett, Paraclise, Colescious privilege to worship God in the do.

mestic circle, which has, as I believe, Co. Aug. 5th, 18:31.

resulted in the erection of five family al. Increase and enlargement of new churches tars. They now have a Sabbath School,

in the southern part of Illinois. a Bible, a Tract, and a Temperance SoDuring the early part of this quarter, ciety among them. I rode two hasty circuits through my old After this, with much reluctance I field, thus twice visiting each of the left this dear little group of disciples, and churches within my former bounds. In bent my way to the Embarras, in comthe latter round, I was accompanied by pliance with several earnest solicitations, brother Hamilton, a devoted agent of to visit the Fair Prairie church, which your Board; whose visit (it being that of was organized last fall, and then left an old class-mate) was peculiarly cheer- ever since entirely destitute of preaching. ing to me in this land of strangers, while -And after labouring a short time in bis labours for the time being, tended this place, I obtained the aid of brother greatly to alleviate my burden. Consid- Bliss, in order that the brethren here ering that it is here yet the day of very might, for the first time, enjoy a coinmu. small things, his success in the object of nion season. This four day's meeting his agency, I think was by no means dis was evidently attended by the Saviour's couraging; which he probably has repeat. smiles and life-giving presence; and ed to you before this period. , After part- made a precious blessing to this long fam. ing from him, I concluded to spend some ished church. Some of the saints seemtime among the brethren of the two new ed in a good measure excited to a solemn congregations. And accordingly com sense of their duty-several of the unmencing with Gilead, a church recently regenerate were awakened to an alarmformed in Jefferson Co., the organization | ing view of their sin and danger; and a of which was noticed in my last, I re- few, as we trust, have found the Saviour mained in a manner stationary two or precious to their souls; and in a word, all thi ee weeks. And here I was not a lit-things which appeared gloomy before, tle rejoiced to discover that the interest- assumed and still continue to wear a ing state of things, which commenced much more encouraging aspect, which among this people last winter, still, in a evinces the presence of the Son of Rightgreat measure, continued;-though, in eousness.

Fourteen were added to the general, they have enjoyed preaching people of God, three on examination, only monthly, and even that frequently and eleven on certificate; and the prosinterrupted. A very gradual, but de- | pect that some more will soon be receive lightful work of the divine Spirit has ed is very cheering. And I think that if been progressing here ever since my first they could have stated preaching here visit to the place. His awakening and which the brethren are amazingly anx, life-giving power has attended the word ious to obtain) with the blessing of God to the hearts of a goodly number, of this would ere long become an extensive whom I have been favoured with seeing and flourishing church. one after another coming out to tell what They have two small Sabbath Schools the Lord has done for their souls, and in here, and a Tract Society; and at the almost every case their subsequent lives meeting above mentioned a County Bible have hitherto afforded me more than an Society was organized, into which the ordinary degree of satisfaction that their people entered with a remarkable dechange is deep and genuine.—Six of these gree of cheerfulness and energy, notwith(as I once stated) were admitted to the standing the virulent opposition wbich communion of the church in the latter this heaven born cause has met from the part of March; and seven more have deplorable ignorance, or else desperate since been received, who, together with || depravity of several here, who (horribile.

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