תמונות בעמוד

away from such an important station, subject, and have succeeded in removing through want of support for myself and objections, with all whose hearts are not family. The church is small and un- enmity to order and morality, Schools able to afford it, & the great mass of the with good libraries are now in successful people is irreligious and dissipated, and operation, at Dille's Bottom, Boner's would rather drive a minister of Christ | Ridge, Wayman's, Fowler's, Forks of from this region, than contribute a cent Wheeling, Wolf Run, Strickland's and to retain him. I have been preaching| Howard's. I am also about etablishing the gospel from my youth—have been others at Dunsmore's, Patterson's, and often employed by my master, as a mis- Unity. Money is already collected for sionary and a pioneer, and glory in his libraries, which are to be procured this service, while I have scarcely received a week, and on next Sabbath they will comsubsistence for myself ard family, I am mence. Some of them have raised ten still willing to do much and suffer much dollars themselves, and for the others, I in the same cause, and also willing that obtained an order from an agent for five the ordinances of the Redeemer should dollars, so that they all have books to be observed, as it is written, “Even so the amount of ten dollars. The schools the Lord hath ordained that they who are mostly large, numbering from forty preach the gospel should live of the gos- to eighty scholars, and bid fair to be usepel.” I am a great friend to economy, ful. I visit them as often as practicable. but parsimony, defeats the great object. I mostly visit two every Sabbath. One Could our brethren in their pleasant cir- in the morning and another in the evencumstances, know our difficulties and ing. Bible classes I have not yet formed, our privations, by living in such dismal owing to my time being so completely regions, they would cheerfully afford us a occupied, that it was impossible for me comfortable subsistence. It is a perni- to attend to them. I hope, however, cious error, that young preachers and hereafter to facilitate my labours by those of inferior talents and attainments, having my different appointments in difwill answer the circumstances of a new ferent places, to come in more regular country-when in fact these unorganized succession. My wish is to have three, regions, abounding in wickedness,and er- one at each of my stations, for Sabbath ror, need, imperiously need, ministers of preaching. I have made arrangements age and experience, and the first talents for establishing three tract societies, one in the ministry.

in each congregation, which I hope will enable us to furnish every family with a

tract, every month. I have been sucVIRGINIA,

cessful beyond expectation, in the cause From Mr. Wm. D. Smith, dated Grave in a short time, it will be completely tri

of temperance, and have not a doubt, but Creek, Ohio co. Va. Aug. 1, 1831. umphant. Two distilleries have ceased

Between these stations, and on each to make, and one tavern to sell liquors, side, as you will observe by the plot of within the last two months. We have a the county, which I have sent you, I society at Wolf Run, of near 40 members, have a number of stations for week-day and one at Unity of 15. I have preachpreaching, at each of which I mostly ed on the subject, but owing to the strong preach once in three weeks. There is opposition at first, I made it a point never generally good attendance. My audi- to mention it on the Sabbath,which I think ences are generally large, considering had a good effect. Both the societies time and circumstances, and mostly at

were formed nearly two years ago, but tentive and orderly, At Wolf Run being neglected, had declined, and a numHere appears to be considerable so-ber of their members had proved unfaithlemnity, and some anxiety, and iful. Such was the state of feeling, when am not without hopes that something I came among them, that there were more than ordinary may be the result thoughts of dissolving the society, but With the assistance of an agent of the it now embraces the respectability and American Sunday School Union, I have influence of the neighbourhood. established Sabbath schools at every With respect to the surrounding coun. place in my vicinity where it was practi- I try, I can yet say but little, I can, percable. When I came on the ground there haps say more in my next report, how. was but one of these useful nurseries in ever, I can say of it generally, that it is operation. I found a rooted opposition, literally a "wilderness.” The situation owing to unfavourable impressions re-of the country east of me, as it was despecting the American Sunday School scribed to me by others, and the wants of Union, which were diligently kept up the people almost persuaded me to visit by the Universalists, Campbellites and it at least, as far as Waynesburg, but laInfidels. I preached considerable on the bour is accumulating so fast, that I feared

to take a too wide field, lest I should not PRESBYTERY OF ILLINOIS. be able to cultivate it thoroughly. Mis

Jacksonville, August 2, 1831, sionary labourers, zealous, and faithful, Dear Sir-It is my official duty to comare much needed.

municate to you the following resolution of the Presbytery of Illinois, viz:

Resolved, "That Messrs. Ellis, Fraser

Sturtevant and Watson, be appointed a A FIVE DAYS MEETING IN TENNESSEE.

committee of correspondence with the In compliance with the demands of General Assembly's Board of Missions, public sentiment, and with the fond hope and with the American Home Missionary of advancing Messiah's kingdom, I ap- Society. And the stated clerk is directpointed and held a five days meeting, ed to transmit a copy of this Resolution within 11 miles of this place, and 2} from to the respective secretaries of the two Raleigh,commencing on Friday 15th Ju- Boards.

A true copy. ly, and ending the following Tuesday.

John M. ELLIS, Stated Clerk, It was numerously attended, and with no other guard but the strong bulwark of enlightened public sentiment; there was SPECIAL NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS. an order, decorum and ready conformity The present number commences the 3d to the ordinances of God's appointment, volume of this work. The first number seldom witnessed, and not surpass

by of the third volume will be sent to all our that which prevails at ordinary meetings, present subscribers, and if there should

By the aid of five other brethren, we be any, who wish to discontinue it, they were enabled to have four sermons during will either inform us by letters, post paid, the day and night, together with other before the 1st of September, or return public exercises, -all of which I am the present number to the Rev. J. T. happy to say were seriously attended to by Russell, with their name and post office all present. As no preparations had been address written upon the cover of the Remade to gratify a luxurious appetite, but porter. little time was consumed in preparing or

All persons who are in arrears for the receivingour'plain but wholesome diet.On Reporter will please without delay to the Sabbath God was indeed among us pay over the amount due, together with of a truth in the breaking of bread- the advance for the third volume, to any many a spirit held high and boly and de- Presbyterian minister, or other authorlightful communion with the Father and ised agent, most convenient to them, that his co-equal Son, Jesus Christ, and while the same may be forwarded to the Editthe Holy Spirit drew aside the curtain or, which veiled the bright splendours of the

We have it in contemplation in the Heavenly Paradise, many a bosom was next volume to furnish a greater variety filled with a “joy unspeakable, and full of of missionary intelligence, and occasional glory.” God's people sweetly realized original communications. and could almost bear individual testi Our agents and inissionaries are re. mony to the soul-thrilling truth “He spectfully requested to renew their efforts brought me to the banqueting house, and to obtain new subscribers, and to forward his banners over me was love.' Yea! their names without delay. that place was as the house of God, and the very gate-way of Heaven to some blood-redeemed spirits. And although

Cash received by the Treasurer of the Board there were but few cases of pungent con

of Education of the General Assembly, viction, yet the moistening eye, the

from July 15, to Jugust 15. flushing cheek, and deep solemnity, are From Mr. Wm. Rowland, per Rev. W. M. inevitable proofs that the Holy Spirit Engles,

$100 00 was striving with the sinner, and its in- Dr. John White, do. do.

50 00 fuence upon the impenitent, will be seen Dr. Neill, late Gen. Agt. collected in eternity if not in time. I would re by him, a few individuals of the ch. mark by way of conclusicn to this hasty Bedford, N. Y.

7 00 account, that the general impression


Hudson 15 50 made upon the pubic mind, not excepting do. do. Cooperstown, 80 00 those formerly prejudiced, was and is Judge Moore, Cherry valley, 10 00 now, that four and five days meetings in Levi Beardsly, Esq. do.

5 00 this sparsely populated region is proper- Joshua T. King, Albany for salary ly conducted, may be greatly instrumen.

10 00 tal in the hands of God, of pullling down the strong holds of the Prince of dark

$277 50 J. B. MITCHELL, Treasurer. Philadelphia, Aug. 24, 1831.


late ag't.



son, 2, N. Y., J. C. Crawford, Ill., B. F. From the 20th of July to the 20th of August. Spilman, ill., A. Todd, Ky., J. Dyke,

l'enn., T. B. C: Dayton, N. J., C.C. Beatty, Rev. Horace Galpin, for one year, too., R. Clapp, N. Y., T. Barr, 0, A. LeoCenterville and Pike congregations, Alle- nard, O., S. Peck, N. Y., J. Wilson, N. Y. gheny co. N, Y.

C. Stewart, 0, T. B. Clark, 0. J. McRev. D. Pratt, for one year, to Carlton Elhenny, Va. S. Hubbard, N. Y., T. Barr, and Yates, N. Y. Rev. Chandler Bates, for one year to T. Smith, N. J., s. 1. Crosby, Pa., W.

0., C. Forbes, N. J., A. Alexander, N. J., Gaines, Orleans co. N. Y.

Hughes, 2, O.. J. Huntington, N. J., D.

Page, N. Y., A. Lykens Pid., E. Jones, 0, RE-APPOINTMENTS.

J. C. Stockton, O., L. McLeod, N. Y., J. Mr. A. Torrence, for one year, to Pleas. Maclean, N. J., P. Monfort, 0., G. W. ant Hill and Lexington, Ohio.

Johnston, Pa., J. Crawford, Ind., W. J. Rev. W. G. Cainpbell, for one year to Frazier, Ill., J. McKinney, 0 , A. JohnLittle Levels and Spring Creek, Va. ston, Pa. J. A. Sterrit, Pa., S. K. Kollock,

Rev. A. Raws«n, for one year, to Royal-Va., .4. Benton, N. Y., Elders, Warrenton, ton and vicinity, N. Y.

Va., Charlotte B. Armour, Md., J. Pitkin, Mr. T. G. Potts, for one year, under the o., J. Graham, T: nn., J. Dockery, N. C., direction of the Corresponding Executive J. Smith, P., W. Gray, 0., J. H. Logan, Committee of the Presbytery of Hulsten, Ky., J. Dickey, Va., S. Scovel, Ind, p. Tenn.

C. Allen, 0., H. Brown, Va., I. Reed, Ind.,

R. Clapp, V. Y., C. Cist, 0., R. Pettibone, LETTERS RECEIVED N. Y., W. Low, N. I., J. Stites, N. J., W. Fram 2012 July, to 20th August.

Sickles, Ind. R. H. Chapman, Tenn., J. W. C. Anderson, Pa., R. G. Wilson, O., Wetherby, N. C., W. Brookens, Pa., D. A. Scovel, N. Y., L. G. Gaines, O., H. McC. Wait, N. Y., D, Page, N. Y.. A. M. Kerr, N. C., A. Hamilton, Mo. J. Glenn, Keith, Ky. S. H. Crane, 0., W. S. Plumer, Pa., D. Humphreys, S.C., J. Bell, 0., F.Va., J. Venable, Ky., W. D. Smith, Va. McFarland, Va., T. Olham, Ky., J. H.

W.C, Blair, Lou, M. Birchard, 0. Prentice, N. Y., J. McCord, Geo., J. Cul. bertson, O., J. W. Robinson, Geo, E. W.R.

NEW AUXILIARIES. Wier, Ky., R. B. Hill, Ky., Executive Greencastle, Pa, Great Cove, Pa., Welsh Committee Presbytery of Niagara, A. Raw-|Run, Pa., Marslı Creek, Pa. Total 448. Account of Cash received by the Board of Missions of the General Assem elf

the Presbyterian Church from the 20!h of July, to the 201h August, 1831. Columbia, Penn'a. Auxiliary society,

$12 00 Chillisquaque, Columbia co. Congregation, per W. Seddon,

13 00 Female Missionary society, per do.

- 12 00 Greenwich, Cumberland co. N. J., Auxiliary society, per. Rev. S. Lawrence, 15 00 Lewistown, Ad:ltional annual subscribers, Presbyterian cong. per. S. Macklay, 5 00 Onondaga Hill, N. Y. doration from Rev. J. H. Prentice,

31 Philadelphia, from Isaac Snowden, Esq. Treasurer of the General Assembly, six monuis inter: st, lue August 1st.

375 00 do Donation from Wm. White,

10 00 Rushville, Ind. Auxiliary society, per Rev. W. Sickles,

2 00 Collections per do.

3 50 Saltsburgh, Indiana congregation, Pa additional, Rev. W. Hughes,

4 50 Missionary Reporter, from sundry subscribers,

16 50 SOLOMON ALLEN, Treasurer, $468 81

No. 34, South Third Street, Philadelphia. Note.-In the July number of the Reporter, there are a number of collections acknowledged from different churches, within the bounds of the Presbytery of Carlisle, per Rev. Dr. Cathcart, which ought to have been acknowledged, as the result of the voluntary Agency of the Rev. Robt. Kennedy. As some persons may have thougbt that the collecrions, donations, &c. have not been duly forwarded, we have been requested to give the fillowing statement, viz: Middle Spring, Pa., collection and Aux. society,

$13 12 Green Castle, Pa., collections at a night meeting,

5 01 Loudon, Pa.


4 62 Great Cove, Pa., collection and Aux. society,

21 65 Welsh Run, Pa. col. $16 and donation from a young lady $4,

20 00 Marsh çreek, Pa. collection $17 50, dona. from a widow, friendly to missions, $2, 19:50



$ 83 90




OCTOBER, 1831.

Heligious Communications.





would have done us no injustice, if he had treated us just as he did " the angels that sinned.” But in his boundless love and compassion,

he has provided for us a Saviour, Having shown in the last lecture and through him a way of escape. what every sin deserves, we are now

Farther-The very word escape, to consider, that “to escape the suggests two other important ideas. wrath and curse of God due to us One is, that this word is never apfor sin, God requireth of us faith in plied to any but to those who are in Jesus Christ, repentance unto life, a state of peril or danger. We have with a diligent use of all the out- seen in what an awfully perilous ward means whereby Christ com- condition man was placed by his municateth to us the benefits of re- original apostacy, and how the didemption.”-Much that is contain- vine benevolence has opened a way ed in this answer of our Catechism, of deliverance. But it is not enough we shall bave occasion to treat of that the way should be opened-it hereafter under separate proposi- must be used; it must be entered tions, which therefore we shall en- and pursued, till it leads to a refuge deavour not to anticipate. Several of perfect safety. Every unregeneideas of importance, however, which rate sinner is still in a state of the appropriately belong to the position most awful peril. Believe it, belovnow before us, will demand your ed youth, if any one of you who is present attention

not yet reconciled to God through I. The first is, that there is an “es Jesus Christ should have his eyes cape,” which may be made from the opened at once, to see all the danwrath and curse of God. It is too ger of his condition, it would make little recollected, that for the possi- him tremble. Awakened sinners, bility of such an escape we are en who get only an imperfect view of tirely indebted to the sovereign their fearful condition, de often grace and mercy of the Deity. You tremble; and the only reason why know that for the angels “ who kept any wonder that they do so is, benot their first estate,” no way of es cause they themselves are blind. cape was provided or possible they The other idea suggested by the were immediately consigned to un word escape is, a flight from the avoidable, hopeless, and endless impending evil. He who escapes perdition: and God was under no hastens away, with all possible obligation to deal in a different speed, from the peril which threatmanner with our fallen race.

He ens to destroy bim. Now this inti. Vol. IX.Ch. Adr.

3 T

mates the duty which a regard to alone the meritorious consideration, their own best interest, as well as to on which pardon, justification, and the command of God, enjoins on all eternal life, are granted to any of unsanctified sinners. They ought our guilty race. You will undernot to remain at ease for a single stand how faith and repentance moment, in a situation in which operate as means of salvation, if you they are constantly exposed to re- consider attentively, that none will mediless misery. Hence we read be admitted to heaven, but those who of "fleeing from the wrath to are at once entitled to its ineffable come.” Hence the anxious demand bliss, and qualified to enjoy it; and of the convicted Jews, on the day that it is by faith and repentance of Pentecost, for immediate direc- that both the title and the qualifition,

“Men and brethren, what cation are obtained. The nature of shall we do?”and of the trem- these graces are to be particularly bling jailer at Philippi-"Sirs, explained, in discussing the next what must I do to be saved ?" De- answer of the Catechism. In the lay is pleaded by unawakened sin mean time, it may be sufficient to ners under the gospel, and it de- observe, that faith is exclusively the stroys them by tens of thousands; grace by which the believing sinner but no sinner who has his eyes open- becomes connected and identified ed on the danger of an impenitent with the Saviour, and of course instate, ever pleads for delay. He is terested in all the benefits of his all alive to make bis escape from great redemption; and thus gains the brink of fipal perdition: and a title to those celestial mansions would to God, my dear youth, that which the glorified Head of the reevery one of you, not yet savingly deemed bas promised to all the interested in the redemption of members of his mystical body, and Christ, were in this very state of which he has gone to prepare for mind. You would then listen with them. Repentance, at the same time all earnestness, to what I am still to –for faith and repentance always state from the answer of the Cate- take place together--breaks the pow. chism now before us--which is er of sin in the soul, turns the whole

II. That means are to be employed, bias or current of its affections from in making an escape from the "wrath sin to holiness; and thus the dispoand curse of God due to us for sin.” sition is implanted and cherished, These means are of two kinds, in which, when perfected in the article ward and outward. The outward of death, qualifies it for partaking means are to be particularly consi- in all the holy exercises and enjoydered hereafter; the inward means ments of the heavenly state. It is are those that claim our special at- in this way, and this only, that faith tention in the present lecture. and repentance are means of salvaThey are “faith in Jesus Christ tion: and till it can be proved that and repentance unto life”-called there is merit in the acceptance, by inward' means, because they are a perishing individual, of offered life .acts or exercises which take place and happiness which he has a thouentirely within the mind. When sand times forfeited; and merit in these, however, are called the means ceasing to hate, and beginning to of escaping the divine displeasure, it love, what is supremely amiable

and is of the highest importance to under- excellent-it can never be shown stand and remember, that they are that faith and repentance are merinot the meritorious cause of the re- torious acts: for faith is really and conciliation of God to the offending summarily nothing more than the sinner. The merits of the Lord Jesus acceptance, by a perishing sinner, Christ-his finished righteousness of spiritual and eternal life and hapand prevalent intercession-are piness, procured for him and offer

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