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four days meeting in the Golconda || The school in Hines's Valley has fortychurch, and received seven members, three scholars and nine teachers. The as the fruits of the little season of refresh- school in Blount county has twentyins, that we here lately enjoyed “from three scholars and nine teachers. All of the presence of the Lord.” Both meet- these are Presbyterian schools except ings were well attended, and were inter- the one in Hines's Valley, which is a esting and solemn. But it was not then Methodist school. The whole number our privilege "to see the power and of scholars in these schools, is one hunglory” of the Lord displayed in such a dred and sixty three, who are under the way "as we have seen in the sanctuary. instruction of thirty five teachers,

I have formed a Bible class in the Gol Progress of Temperance, conda congregation, consisting of about have organized a temperance society 30 members, and expect the number to in Pleasant Grove church, thirty five increase.

have joined it, and I have heard of a good The Sabbath-school cause is progress- many more that expect to join. When I ing beyond my most sanguine expecta. first came into this region the people tions. A Sabbath-school has lately been were principally all opposed to temperestablished in Equality, and furnished ance societies. I visited and conversed with a library: and in addition to the one with them on the subject of intemperwhich I reported in the Golconda church; ance and tried to show them the evil of another has been established in the coun- it. One day riding in company with the try and one in town; making three Sab- | merchant who lives within the bounds bath-schools in the bounds of this congre- of this little church, I said to him, Col., gation.

the christian people, in almost every To one of these, 45 scholars have at church throughout the United States, are tended: to another 24. The number in organizing temperance societies, and the town school is not yet ascertained, as what ought we to do? Said he, I will be it has just commenced operations. These honest and candid with you, I will be opschools are all furnished with libraries. | posed to it. Sir, it looked like turning And I cannot but look upon these dear over a mountain without foothold, but I little nurseries of piety with intense in- || knew the Saviour was on his march to con. terest!! Equality and vicinity still ex- quer the nations of the earth, and that hibit encouraging prospects.

the chariot wheels of this heaven-born inI have not yet heard of the arrival of stitution was on the high-way, in the Mr. Ramsey, your missionary for Car- hedges and ditches, rallying the enemy, mie and Sharon. Oh that the head of and exposing them to open shame. After the church may smile upon our efforts to a long season of conversing, pleading and obtain more laborers in this needy part!! praying, I preached on the subject of Since I last addressed you I have removed temperance, June 12, 1831, from Prov, to Golconda, tho’ I still occupy the same 20th, -"Strong drink is raging”-after field of labor. We need two or three the sermon was over, the Col.exclaimed, ministers more, in this part of the state gentlemen I have been a dram drinker very much: and I think application will a long time, but I am done with it, I nev be made shortly to the Board for them. er will buy another barrel as long as I Warm hearted, zealous and devoted, ola | live, it is out of the question. This caused school men, would be best received in our my heart to leap for joy, and these words end of the state.

came immediately upon my mind, "Fear

not for I am with thee.” A Baptist broTENNESSEE.

ther came to hear me that day, who had From Rev. J. Dyke, Roane county, temperance before, he immediately saw

scarcely ever thought of the subject of inTenessee, July 11th, 1831.

the evil of it, his eyes were opened, his Increase of Sabbath Schools. soul awakened, and he is now doing all I have organized four Sabbath-schools, he can for the temperance cause in the one at Pleasant Grove church-one in little church to which he belongs. I Sweetwater Valley, three miles west of have heard since, that he has said as Pleasant Grove-one in Hines's Valley, soon as he gets about twenty persuaded seven miles west of Pleasant Grove-and, to join the temperance society, that he one in Blount county, on Holsten river, will come and bring them along and join six miles eas: of Unitia. The school at our society. Pleasant Grove has seventy two scholars and eleven teachers, which is one of the

North CAROLINA. most interesting schools I have ever visited

From Rev. H. M. KERR, daled RutherThe school in Sweetwater Valley has ford, N. C. July 11th, 1831. twenty-five scholars and six teachers, Except when absent, assisting some of Vol. IX. Ch. Adv.


my brethren on communion occasions, I though some are very resolute yet. The preach regularly twice a month, on the temperance cause is evidently gaining Sabbath, at Little Britain, and once a ground, and must ultimately prevail. month at Duncan's creek, and Drucilla At Duncan's creek there has been, for each. When there are five Sabbaths in some months, an increased attentinn to the month I preich at Brackett's Gold divine things. On next Sabbath I exmine. This place is on the out-skirts of pect to administer the sacrament of the Little Britain and Drucilla. The en- supper in that place. The appointment courgement to labor at that place is very is for a four days meeting, which I hope good. Hundreds come together, and lis- will be a precious time, when the Lord ten to the word preached with great ap- will make bare his arm, to save sinners, parent earnestness, and some visible ten- and add to the number of the faithful. derness. I cannot say that there is, as We have there also an interesting Sabyet, any certain prospect of building up bath-school. Our Sabbath-schools are a church at that place, as the population very much diminished in number, by the is very fluctuating. Though I think it operation of a late law of the state, promy duty to pay some attention to it, and hibiting the instruction of the people of do what I can for the many precious colour. Duncan's creek is a small.consouls that are round about it. Owing to gregation; but the communicants have feeble health, I do not preach often on more than doubled within the last three week days, except at our communion oc- years. casions, when we always have a four days meeting. From excessive preaching, for the last two or three years, and much

From a Missionary in North Carolina, of it in the open air, my lungs are dated July 1, 1831. considerably affected. I thought for a At

hurch we have established while, this summer that I would have a Sunday-school; and a Bible class; comto limit my preaching to one discourse posed of young people, chiefly young on the Sabbath. But I have been en- men; several of whom are pious, and I abled hitherto, to preach twice every have reason to believe are looking for. Sabbath; and my health is improving. ward to the ministry, as they are acquiMy field of labor is very extensive. ring a classical education at that place. Twenty-five or thirty miles in length; We have also a temperance society, and fifteen or twenty in width. There numbering between 50 and 60 members, is no other preacher, of our order, in and which I have no doubt, has a conthis very extensive country:

siderable influence over many of those I travel and ' visit considerable, but who even refuse to join the society. keep no memorandum of the number of At my own house, about five miles miles traveled, or tamilies visited. I distant from the church, I also preach, am in the general more than half my statedly; have a Sunday-school in operatime absent from my family. At Little tion, and Bible class: at this latter place Britain the state of religion is pretty en- it may indeed truly be said to be mission. couraging. Good and attentive congre- ary ground. The people though kind & gations wait on the ministration of the attentive, are, with a very few excepword. On the 4th Sabbath in May we tions, lamentably ignorant; great numhad the ordinance of the supper adminis- bers are unable to read their Bibles, at tered. And according to our custom the any rate intelligently; spend their Sab. meeting was continued from Friday to baths as might be expected, mostly in Monday. Though there were but two visiting, wandering over their fields, added to the communion of the church, hunting, fishing, &c. A littie north of it was quite an interesting occasion. me the county is pretty well supplied About 15 expressed anxiety for the sale with preaching; but south of where I live vation of their souls. Within the last there is not another Presbyterian preach. three years there have been 140 added | er that I know of, for upwards of sixty to this church. Here we have a Sab- miles; and but two, I have reason to be bath-school, and Bible class, which are lieve, of any denomination, who are stadoing considerable good. There are two tionary. That you may form some idea branches of the Sabbath-school in dis- of the state of things among this people, tant sections of the congregation, with I will relate one or two facts, among suitable superintendants. We have also many others, that might be enumerated, a temperance society which numbers 87 which have come within my own knowmembers, and others are now prepared ledge. A man who lived near me, a to give us their pledge, of entire absti- professor of religion, and the member of nence. To this cause we have had some a christian church, owning about twenty very violent opposition. But the opposi- thousand dollars worth of property, died, tion is decreasing in numbers and degree; || left a large family of children, all grown,

and all having families, of their own; not American Sunday School Union. These half I believe could read, and only two I attend to when ever I preach in their could make out to write their names. i respective neigborhoods. A third school, Immediately in my own vicinity, I visit- I have resuscitated, in the village of ed last spring, 30 families in succession, Manchester, distant six miles from me, and found that previous to the summer consisting of thirty five scholars, and six before, 25 of those families had been liv- teachers. This school belongs to the ing without the bible, and what was still Methodist society, though the superinmore astonishing, several professors oftendent told me that he should endeavour religion, and all residing within a short to get the consent of those immediately distance of a Baptist meeting house, concerned to annex it to the Sunday where, I was informed there had been School Union of Missouri, as he found preaching steadily for about 50 years. books could be procured cheaper from The people all through this section of that branch of the American Sunday the country know nothing about support- School Union, than from the Methodist ing the gospel; and unless ministers can Episcopal Sunday School Union. A be found of self denying habits, who for fourth school, I have assisted in organithe love they bear to their master, and zing, but cannot at present say what are his cause, will be content to live poor, and its numbers. These schools I shall reobscure, thousands of these precious soulsport to the American Sunday School must perish for the lack of knowledge; Union, in the course of two or three in this christian land. I expect on next weeks, when I can make the report Sabbath to get a third Sabbath-school in more definite than at present. operation, and the Sabbath following a Our temperance society continues to fourth one; and when all shall be proper-increase. At our last annual meeting, ly organized, and in full operation, there | (4th inst.) it was found to have increased will probably be taught at all these double during the last year. Small as schools about 200 children; which num- its amount in members are, even at presber I hope will continue to increase. sent, (70) yet considering the great op

The field in which I labour, appears position we met with in the commenceas yet a thirsty hill of Zion, but as the ment, and our very slender means, the kind master is watering, and very large- present prospects are flattering. The ly too, other neighboring hills with the little village where our meetings are held, showers of his divine grace; and that but is quite revolutionized-from being a a little distance from us, we are pray- haunt of dissipation, it has become quite ing, and hoping, and even looking out for respectable. a few drops at least to fall over this way.

I have endeavoured to be instant in sea From the Rev. J. F. Cowan, dated Popson and out of season; have however not lar Grove, near Jackson, Cape Girardeau been able to preach more than from twice to thrice a week, have attended co. Missouri, June 161h, 1831. the monthly concerts, and weekly pray- last written communication, and as you

As it has been some time since my er meetings.

have never had a summary of what has

been done since my residence in this MISSOURI.

country as your missionary, I will enFrom Rev. J. S. Ball, dated Manches- ment covering the whole period since my

deavour in this report to make a stateter, St. Louis, Missouri, June 18th, 1831. location here, of what has been accom

plished-a period of about a year and a I have been using my best exertions half. this spring & summer, in promoting Sab New Churches.-The Brazeau conbath-schools, and have succeeded better gregation have erected a small log-house than I expected. The one in this neigh- the first edifice for worship that they borhood which last summer only amount- have ever had. The Apple creek coned to about eight or ten constant scholars, gregation have the frame of a new house now amounts to thirty-four scholars, raised and nearly covered. This house with six teachers, and a library of ten is 40 by 50, and when completed will be dollars value, In another neighbor- a comfortable place for the public serhood where great prejudices existed vice of God, particularly when compared against Sabbath-schools I have succeed with the one which we have, and are ed in establishing a school of twenty now using-a house built of logs, without some odd, with six teachers, and which stove or fíre-place, plastering or ceiling, promises to do well. They are making and also withiut windows. provision for a library. These schools Preaching of the word.-On an averare attached to the Missouri Sunday | age, I have preached three times in the School Union, as an auxiliary to the week. And I have preached as often as


seven and eight times in one week. The professing parents, and one adult have Sabbath, however, is the only day that been baptised in both churches. much is to be effected by preaching in Elder: Ordained.-Three have been this country, in ordinary times

. The set apart in Brazeau, and three in Apple population being sparse, it is difficult to creek, to the office of Ruling Eldersget a congregation in the week. The making five in all the forrner, and seven preaching of the word is regularly, nu- in the latter church. merously and solemnly attended on the Missionary Support. - In the two conSabbath. I preach once at the church, | gregations $230 were subscribed last and in the afternoon at one of the Sun-year, towards my support. About two day-school places. This plan whilst it thirds of it has been paid. Nearly all of gives additional life to the schools, brings it will, however, be paid. About the the preaching of the gospel near to

same will be done the present year. many who never attend at the church, They are about making an effort to see and ihus they are “compelled to come what can be done towards my perma

nent location among them. We will try Sabbath Schools. We have six schools to make less, than your liberal proffered in our two congregations, 5 of them are aid for the current year answer our purentirely under our control. One is taught || pose. in common by the Baptists, and by our General Remarks.—The foregoing people. The Baptist minister, Mr. is a skeleton of our operations since my Green, is an excellent man-ever ready residence on the western side of the Misto co-operate in this and other institu- sissippi. In reviewing it, there is reason tions of the day. We have libraries for thankfulness, and at the same time connected with each of our schools, the much reason for humility. My field of aggregate cost of which has been about | labor has been interesting, and never was $80. We will in all probability have more so than now. Though formerly a two or three more schools in a short || distracted people, the utmost harmony time.

has ever prevailed since I have been Tracts.—Through the instrumentality | here. The Lord save us from "fightof our tract society, from thirty to fortyings within” ourselves. We all need thousand pages of tracts have been more spirituality, more prayer. I have brought into our region of country. We not said any thing about prayer meetings. have adopted the monthly distribution A female prayer meeting has been kept in a circuit of country ten or fifteen miles up a part of the time since I have been ain diameter,

mongthem, and will be renewed as soon as Monthly Concert.-In Apple creek, possible; common prayer meetings have this interesting season of prayer is regu- | been occasionally attended to. At this larly and tolerably well attended. °In season of the year, most people think that Brazeau it is not as yet observed at all. they have no time to spare from their

Sabbath School Concert-This institu- farms, to attend prayer meetings. About tion is partially observed in Apple creek Bible classes, I have said nothing. only.

These valuable institutions have not esTemperance Societies. --Much has been caped the memory of your missionary. done in revolutionizing public sentiment Our people are so generally engaged in the last year, in regard to the use of with the Sunday-school questions, that I ardent spirits. We have yet no society have thought it better that they should from prudential reasons: but will have absorb their whole attention. Provision one or two soon. Many are becoming is made for supplying our county with very anxious on the subject.

the Bible, in which we have taken part. Family Visitation. ---Many families and are contented and happy, though far

Mrs. C. and myself enjoy good health, have been visited. This part of Mission from "home,” and its thrilling associaary labor however takes up very much tions; and should the Lord continue to time if performed to suit the wishes of say, that it is our duty to remain in this the people. The minister is expected to stay all night with every family. He

country, we say Amen. must be sociable.

Members added to the Church.-To From Rev. Silas HUBBARD, dated Allen, Brazeau, sixteen have been received N. Y., July 20, 1831. seven on examination and nine on certificate: making in all thirty-nine mem- stances have occurred, in rendering it im

Several special and important circumbers, To Apple Creek, thirty-three practicable for me to make my quarterly have been admiited-sixteen on exami- report in due time. Being now provination, and seventeen on certificate- dentially permitted I attempt it. From making in all about 130,

the first of April when I reported to you Baptisms.--Forty-eight children of"I continued to labor as usual in Allen

until commencirg my journey to Philadel- was with me on Friday and Sabbath afphia, to attend the General Assembly. ternoon. During the time I was there,

Arrangements had been made for my thirty six were added to the church by place to be supplied in my absence by profession, and eleven by certificate. ministers of our presbytery. After my | The following week a small church in return my health, and particularly a Clarendon, consisting of eleven members hoarseness, which almost prevented me were, at their own request, and also by from speaking loud, were such that for the advise of the Presbytery, united with two weeks I preached but one sermon. the church at Holly. The additions in all I however,attended meeting on Sabbaths, were 25. These with the 17 previous and was able to make family visits du- members, now compose a church of 76 ring the week. Since that time my la- communicants. They have the frame of bors have not been interrupted.

a suitable house already erected, which With respect to the present state of will be finished this season. my people, I would say that there ap They are also making vigorous efforts pears to be a good degree of engagedness to obtain an acceptable minister, who among part of the church, and there has shall go in and out, before them, and been one hopeful conversion among the break unto them the bread of eternal life. people. It is a boy about 14 years of age. There appears to be some serious im- A YEAR IN THE WEST, BY A MISSIONARY. pressions on the minds of a few others. These are the encouragements; while on

About a year since, I removed with the other hand, there are some old, deep ligious region, with ardent desires to

my dear family to this destitute, irrerooted jealousies and prejudices, among be instrumental in the hands of my massome of the churches against each other; ter, of promoting his glorious kingdom, which seem impossible to be removed and the welfare of immortal souls. With in any other way, than by a special act of this purpose I accepted of the appointwhile I have been here in person, since ment of principal of the academy in this my last report, exclusive of the time I place, that I might obtain a support for was absent to attend the General Assem- and youth in the fear of God. My Sab

a numerous family, and educate children bly, I have preached nineteen times, baths and frequent opportunities in the attended two monthly concerts, made 15 week, have been occupied in preaching special family visits, and attended pray; the gospel, administering its ordinances, er meetings on sabbath evenings, when I

attending prayer meetings, and promohave not preached a third sermon. I have haptised one infant, and organized ting the benevolent institutions of the day. one Sabbath school. There has been one has increased from seventeen to 'above

The Presbyterian church in this place, person received into the church by let-forty members since my arrival. We ter.

have a bible society and I am actively

engaged in distributing bibles to the desExtract from the report of a Missionary intitute. I have organized a temperance the state of New York.

society of more than fifty members.

Finding that the agent of the Sunday Organization of a Church,

School Union, as a stranger amidst the Sabbath before last I spent in Holly, a clamours of the day, would have little small village on the canal. There has success, I voluntarily engaged gratuitous. been a revival of religion in progressly to attend to the business of this counin that place, most of the time since De- tv, and five schools have been organized. cember last. It has, however, been some- We have a tract society and a colonizawhat interrup:ed by the prevalence of a tion society. We have a weekly prayer proselyting spirit. The Presbyterian meeting in the village, and the monthly church however has taken no part in concert is regularly observed. Thus this. Although they have had occasional there is before me an ample sphere of preaching by the neighboring ministers, operation in the best of causes; but the they have never even given an opportu- difficulty is, to be sustained and supportnity for any one to unite with them untiled in this region. The enemy has been week before last. It was found that a very busy in his opposition since my arlarge number of those who had obtained rival, and he is so cunning, as to engage a hope, had not united with any denomi-even professors of religion in his designs. nation, because they were waiting for an My course is to preach the truth plainly, opportunity to unite with the Presbyte- affectionately, and forcibly—and studiousrian society. I was requested to spendly to avoid all personal acrimonious oba week with them,and I did accordingly, servations, and to treat those who differ stay with them from Wednesday until from me, with christian benevolence. Monday, Brother Myers, of Brockport, Now the question is, shall I be driven

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