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SEPTEMBER 1, 1831,

TO OUR READERS. The third volume of the Reporter commences with the present number. Arrangements having been made for communicating information respecting the operations of the Board of Education, in another form, the Education Register will be discontinued, and this work will in future be exclusively devoted to the interests of the Board of Missions. As we have before intimated, we shall endeavour hereafter to furnish a greater variety of missionary intelligence, both Foreign and Domestic, together with occasional communications, and some miscellaneous articles.

We are requested to say also, that the Ex. Committee of the Board of Education have it in contemplation to publish a quarterly Journal, having special reference to the office and work of the ministry—ministerial qualifications/education, particularly that of candidates for the sacred officeforeign missions, &c. &c. In the mean time what ever may be necessary to communicate to the christian public can be made known through the columns of the Reporter and other papers devoted to the great and precious interests of Zion.



tapee, (a kind of turban which the Hin

doos wear on their heads,) and cast it EXTRACTS FROM THE JOURNAL OF MR.

away, and no longer wear the Hindoo STONE,

dress. I interposed, and told Luxumun May 10. Rum Chundru, the bap- not to be angry, nor abuse his antagonist, tised native, called and had a conversa-l because he had the better side of the artion with my pundit this morning, re- gument, but to discuss the subject canspecting the divinity of the Hindoo ava- didly: He became still more enraged, tars, (incarnations,) and their various ex- said I was partial to Rum Chundru, and pedients for the remission of sins. He that he would not remain in my house maintained, that as all the Hindoo avatars nor in my service any longer, and rose were guilty of base crimes, they were sin-up and went away. The sole difficulty ful, and of course, were not the avatars was, he found himself embarrassed in his of God. Luxumun, my pundit, main attempts to defend Hindooism against tained that the Hindoo avatars, (gods in- Rum Chundru, who was equally well carnate,) though they were guilty of versed in the shaster as himself. 'Luxuthose crimes which would be sinful for mun has too much knowledge of chrismen to commit, were not by that proved tianity to presume to maintain that Hin. to be sinful themselves, because they dooism has as high claims to divinity as were gods, and as such had a right to do christianity has. In speculation he is what they pleased, without its being any probably more thoroughly acquainted evidence against their divinity. As Rum with the doctrines and precepts of chrisChundru pressed the absurdity of his tianity than any other Hindoo in western reasoning upon Luxumun, he became India. He has been employed in the angry, and called Rum Chundru a fool, service of the mission eight years; and a liar, and an outcast; and told him, if he for considerable part of the time in transhad became a christian, to take off his llating the Scriptures with Messrs. Hall Vol. IX.-Ch, Adv,

3 R

and Graves. But as he is more acquaint- were in reality doing them no good. I ed with the spiritual and holy nature of the took occasion to mention, that after scrachristian religion, so with his heart || ping together all the money they could, proud and unhumbled, he is more oppo- instead of spending it for their benefit, sed to it than are those less acquainted by furnishing them with the scriptures, with it. May the Lord Jesus who has or establishing schools, they sent it off to the hearts of all in his hands, and who Goa. I added, that not only would they once, to the glory and riches of his grace, do nothing for their good, but when othand furtherance of his kingdom on earth, || ers felt sorry to see their children growconverted a pesecuting and angy Saul, ing up in ignorance, and wished to give have mercy upon my poor teacher, hum- | them money to educate them, they opble him, renovate his soul, and make him posed them. The letter was well rea chosen vessel to bear his name among ceived, and attended, I hope, with good the gentile Hindoos. He would make a success. Any thing which tends to lesfearless and zealous champion of the sen the influence of the priests, and make cross. In his learning, his ardent tem- the people less afraid of their curses, will perament, his untiring perseverance, and of course make them less disposed to be in many other natural traits of character, ruled by the rod. I cannot but hope he resembles Saul of Tarsus. Should he that the rupture which has taken place be converted, and these natural endow- || between the priests and those people who ments consecrated to Christ, he might send their children to the school will be resemble Paul in humility, self-denial, | attended with great good. labors, sufferings, and zeal; and his motto might be, "I am not ashamed of the Progress of Religious attention in the gospel of Christ,"

vicinity of the Station. ii. Luxumun, who left me so abruptly

Of late, numbers of the people in this yesterday, in a violent passion, returned village have listened attentively to the to-day and said he would continue his words of eternal life. Some have atservices as a teacher, if I wished. He tended preaching at the school bungalow, acknowledged that he was very angry,

Each of

my brethren has labored among but thought that Rum Chundru gave him them during the last quarter, & those who sufficient provocation. As it is thought visited from house to house, found abunddesirable to retain him in the employ of ant encouragement to proceed. Coe, one the mission, on account of his perior of my native helpers, writes as follows, ability to prepare and correct matter for "I will briefly mention all the good things, the press, I told him, in reply, that he which through divine favor, have taken might act as he pleased, continue with place in Chillalle. In former times, when me, or take his discharge. He preferred I went there to instruct them, they to remain,

abused me and blasphemed the christian

religion. If they saw me in the streets CEYLON,

they would murmur. When I went to

their houses, they would drive me away. LETTER FROM DR. SCUDDER, DATFD Now many call on me to come to their

AT PANDITERIPO, JAN. 1831. houses and allow me to converse and
Opposition of Catholics.

pray with them. They gladly read the During the last quarter the Lord has not so inuch afraid of their priests as be

scriptures and tracts. The people are done great things for us, whereof we are fore, as appears both from their conduct glad.

The school I had the prospect of and conversation.” establishing among the Roman Catholics in Chillalle, was commenced three months night meetings in the village, we often

Some gladly attend meetings. At our agy, and prospers, notwithstanding all command good congregations. Mrs. the opposition from their corrupt priest Scudder has a weekly meeting for such hood. As it was said by the resident priest of the village, that I had establish- has been much encouraged to exert her

women as she can induce to attend, and ed it from malicious motives, I address self in their behalf. The mothers of Saed a circular to some of the respectable rah Woodhull

, Martha Washington, and inhabitants, in which I contradicted his Julia Ann Prime, with cne other woman, statements, and pointed out the import- | attend my meeting of inquiry. All my ance of having their children educated. schoolmasters, one excepted, also attend Extracts on the subject of education were this meeting, with several of their scholgiren from Tamul authors. One of

my objects was to show that their priests

During the last quarter several meet.

ings of peculiar interest have been held *«He that is learned has eyes. He in our mission. That with our schoolthat is unlearned, hath no eyes, but two masters was very solemn. On Friday sores in his face, &c.”

of next week, we hope to hold a meeting


with such persons as reside in our fami-struction. All this appeared so much lies, or are occasionally hired by us. We like a native scheme, that I hardly are hoping to feel the divine presence. thought to see him again. But two or Of late we have had our attention more three days afterwards he came with his than usually drawn to the importance of wife, whom he had brought in a dooley, making especial exertions in behalf of she being evidently ill. It soon appearthe spiritual good of the rising generation. ed that it was she who was principally God has been pleased to pour out his desirous of Christian instruction, and spirit copiously upon our boarding schools they agreed to take lodgings in the viland upon the schoolmasters of our na- | lage, and remain here at their own chartive free schools. My hopes are strong ges, to learn more of the way of salvathat he has begun to pour it out upon the tion by a crucified Saviour. She appearchildren belonging to the latter. I feel ed for several days to grow worse in bopersuaded there is no class of persons dy and stronger and stronger in mind. I from whom we are to expect so much. have never seen among the natives so My own exertions, together with those much of Christian simplicity, at the made by some of my brethren, in this same time that she had a thoughtful, indepartment of our work at this station, telligent mind. She had a clear knowhave proved to us that we have great ledge of the way of salvation. Christ encouragement to go forward. Some of was her whole dependence, and she was them, as I have understood, refused to anxious to take him for her Lord and go to the heathen temples. Since my re- Saviour publicly by baptism, and considturn from the Neilgherries, I have en- | ering, after the strictest examination indeavoured to weaken the confidence into her motives and conduct, I could find heathenism by showing them some of the no possible objection against her, and her images of the Tamul gods I brought state of health being precarious, and her from the coast with me. Many of them temporary accommodation here little have taken them into their hands, and suited to her comfort, I shortened the have been convinced that they are not period of her probation, and have this entitled to all that reverence, which their day baptized her. I have some hopes of brahinins would make them believe. her husband, but his case not being so urEven should they not become pious, as gent, more time is required before he be they grow up, taught to despise the gods admitted. If you ask what is there in of brass and copper, heathenism will this incident so peculiarly encouraging to have comparatively little hold on their me, I must further inform you that she minds. Could those who think that mis- was once a patient of your's, brought by sionaries should not have schools under her husband from Trincomalee, some six their care, witness all that has been seen or seven years ago, when you performed of late in our mission, it is more than a successful operation on her cheek, the probable that some of their objections scar of which still remains. She talks would vanish like the morning cloud and much of the urgency with which Mrs. early dew.

Scudder entreated her to take refuge in The anecdote which is narrated below, Christ, and mentions a promise she is extracted from a letter received by made to do so. She has never, she says, Dr. Scudder from the Rev. Mr. Lam- forgotten that promise, and she blesses brick, of the Church Missionary Society, the Lord that he has enabled her to fulstationed near Columbo. It shows that fil it. the Spirit of the Lord is operating in other parts of the island besides the dis

CHINA. trict of Jaffna; and it must have been pe- EXTRACTS FROM THE JOURNAL OF MR. culiarly pleasing and interesting to Dr. Scudder, as it brings to light the happy Mr. Bridgman spends most of his time results of his past labors, in a quarter at Canton, though he occasionally visits where he was not looking for them. Macao. He is occupied principally in

The following is an extract from a let- acquiring a knowledge of the Chinese ter lately sent me by the Rev. Mr. Lam- language. But since the departure of brick, Church missionary at Cotta, near Mr. Abeel, as mentioned at p. 229, of Columbo.

the last number, a large part of the laAbout a fortnight ago, a Tamul man bor of preaching on the Sabbath to focame to me, and said be wished to become reign residents and seamen will devolve a Christian, and wanted employment. I on him. replied that I had no employment for him, Macao, Aug. 2, 1831. Yesterday affordbut would willingly instruct him, if that ied us an opportunity, the first since we was his object. He then added that his left America, of celebrating the sacrawife, also, wished to beconie a Christian, ment of the Lord's supper. Had a and that he would bring her with him, stranger been here, he would have and both would put themselves under in-" thought, at first sight, that he had reach


ed a favoured spot; for, from whatever pared. They are composed of all classes direction he might have come, he must of people, and vary in number from one have travelled some thousands of miles, to two or three hundred persons. We without having met with a scene like see among them grave, aged, well clad this. In the midst of idol temples, and of gentlemen; priests and young men, boys idols without number, he hears the sound and girls, riding in state; numerous bands of the church-going bell, and sees among of musicians with drums, gongs, &c. two or three hundred houses, in the standard bearers, meat and fruit offerings, European style, twelve or fifteen chapels, and gorgeous, fanciful ornaments, too nuwhich seem to invite to the worship of merous to be mentioned. Jehovah. On a better acquaintance, however, the stranger finds very little to

CORRESPONDENCE OF THE distinguish the first from the other days

BOARD OF MISSIONS. of the week. There is a difference. The public offices of the Portuguese are closed, and the citizens permitted to A SOLEMN APPEAL IN BEHALF OF THE spend the day according to their choice.

WEST. Their chapels are opened, but no more The following is an extract from a comseem to attend than on other days, and munication of an agent of the Board in the of their numerous clergy, forty or fifty in number, not one comes forth to read West, dated White Co. Illinois, June 13, and expound the scriptures.

1831. The British Factory have a chapel This whole state is one day to exert a here, in which, during their residence, powerful influence over all the West and which is usually half of the year, divine perhaps over the Union. And al. services are regularly perfornied by their though erery thing is unorganized; yet, chaplain.

the time is near at hand, when distinctive Dr. Morrison, usually has worship at forms of virtue and vice will be seen rishis own house, where he is joined by a ing in the land and exercising their confew English and American citizens. -- genial influence. The present gloomy Yesterday it was our privilege to join in state of things therefore-gloomy only that worship, and after an appropriate from the destitution or moral waste discourse to sit down to the table of our ought not to deter any one from entering common Lord, where, as he remarked in any part of this field. But whilst they his sermon, the distinctions of rich and come they ought to be fully aware that poor, learned and unlearned, of nation, hardness, such perhaps as they have neand class, and original character, are all ver thought of, will have to be endured. forgotten, under the common character A man to be useful and build up the of redeemed sinners. Such a communion church in this land must (1.) expect and table is the epitome of heaven itself, be willing to be satisfied to a great extent, which consists of every nation, tribe, and with souls for his hire. (2.) He must expeople, and language, all uniting in the pect and be willing to deny himself of all Saviour's praise.

the luxuries, and many of what he may Great Festival and Procession.

have esteemed the comforts of life. (3.)

He must be willing to adapt himself at 13. Since the 5th instant, Macao has once, or as soon as possible to the manner presented an unusual scene of idolatrous and habits of the people. (4.) He must devotion. This has been occasioned by be willing to give himself wholly to the the dedication of a new temple, and the work-devote himself solely and excluenthroning of new gods. On each suc- sively to the ministry--and then concencessive day, and the work is still in full trate all his thoughts, affections, and tide, there has been wandering through desires,—his whole scul, upon the great the streets, from morning till evening, and important interests he has undertak. sometimes amidst torrents, of rain, and en to sustain. He must feel that he has sometimes beneath the scorching rays of no other interests-not even for himself an almost vertical sun,one of those proces--to advance, than the interests of the sions which are not less offensive to Je- Redeemer's Kingdom. (5.) He must hovah, than they are degrading to the have great patience, firmness, forbearcharacter of man. And on each succes- | ance, and determined perseverance: for sive night, the scene has been prolonged, he will have much and continued labor to from evening till morning, by theatrical perform ; much ignorance to instruct and exhibitions and revelry, which could not remove, many difficulties and obstacles well endure the light.

to encounter and overcome. (6.) In It is not easy to describe one of these short he must have a piety which would processions, for I know of nothing on sustain him at the stake or upon the rack, earth with which they can well be com- hand which will lead him willingly to sacrifice all things for Christ and the suc- | amount of guilt rest on it if she suffer the cess of his gospel. When he leaves present crisis to pass away and puts not home, he ought to feel that the only home forth the gigantic efforts of which she is which he now has is heaven, and that capable, for the accomplishing the great his father requires him diligently and object spoken of? Who can estimate her unremittedly to perform some certain guilt in such a case. Will not future genwork before he can enter into the man- erations curse her and that bitterly, if sion prepared for him.

peradventure they should groan under Can you not, dear brother, in love to the the grievous yoke of civil and ecclesiastifamishing churches of this land, and in cal bondage?' Will not souls in eternity pity to the thousands of souls with curse her; nay, may not God himself out the pale of any church, O can you curse her in holy indignation for her sunot send several men of the above des- pineness—her unprofitableness—her incription at once into the field, and many sensibility to the worth of souls?—But it more in a short time? Where are the may be asked what is she to do? How devoted brethren, whose hearts burn is she to accomplish this great object? I with love to Christ, and who desire to answer by clothing herself in sackcloth count it all honour when they have to en- and repenting of her past sins, and thus dure hardships for his sake? Who does renewedly dedicating herself with all her not desire to come to the West, the great, property to the Lord. But it may still the extended West? I piead for labor- be said, she has not ministers to send ers in this land, and for those fields I have out ; and whose fault I would ask is this? mentioned ; I plead for the bread of life, Has she not pious youth enough within for perishing souls! Are there none that her bosom, whom she can specially dewill come? Or have you lack of friends? | vote to the Lord and educate for his And will not those who owe God so much ministry? Why has she not done this pay him a little to sustain the poor, des- long ago? Sir on this subject I can scarce pised missionary in the field, while he, utter my feelings. So deeply impressed under the blessing of the Holy Ghost, is am I with a sense of the necessity and preparing souls for “glory and honour importance of the Education cause, and immortality" at God's right hand!!! that I believe it to be the first great duty Will they rob God and starve his people of the church. and his ministers? When will christians feel that they are but stewards of the goods or property of the Lord, and act in

REPORTS OF MISSIONARIES. accordance with such feeling! O that the time were come.

LOWER CANADA. I cannot close this already extended From the Rev. Isaac Purkis, dated Laletter without expressing to you the deep and full conviction of my mind, that the

prairie, June 5th, 1831. present period is a crisis, in which will In making my quarterly communicabe decided not only whether this state tion, permit me to thank you for your and indeed this whole valley, shall be last kind letter assuring me of the interest religious and infidel ; but also whether you feel in favour of Russell Town and of Presbyterianism shall extend and cover Canada in general, and I trust that Prothe land or not.

vidence will in due time point out such a Moreover I would say that if the Pres- Missionary or Missionaries as the great byterian church can be but aroused from head of the Church has selected and preher stupor and lethargy, and brought to pared for abundant usefulness in this part act distinctively in the great effort of of his vineyard. I am happy to say that planting and sustaining the missionary of we have one coadjutor recently introducthe cross in the whitening fields of our ed from Scotland; a man, we have good own country, she could now take posses- reason to believe, of Evangelical sentision of this whole land, and establish in ments and fervent personal piety and it the institutions of the gospel on that real. He has been led by providence to plan or those principles which she deems pitch his tent, at upwards of 50 miles to and ever has deemed most consistent with the South West of me, which will be the the word of God, and with the civil and centre of a large circuit, I trust of usefulreligious liberties of the people.

ness as well as of exertion; he is my nearPresbyterianism, sir, is the very germ, est neighbour in that direction ; but he is or rather germinating principle of re- too far distant, and the field is too necessipublicanism ; and were this church to be tous to admit of his serving Russell Town, extinguished the civil and religious lib- or the other places which may be associerties of this land, nay of the world, ated with it. This servant of the Rewould be destroyed. Ought not Presby- deemer is a Presbyterian and a seceder, terians therefore to awake on a subject and is assisted in his labours by the small of this kind? And will not a fearful missionary society at Montreal, to which

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