תמונות בעמוד
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that the world through him might be comply with the call. I beseech saved-Behold the Lamb of God, you "remember your Creator in which taketh away the sins of the the days of your youth, while the world-In whom we have redemp- evil days come not, nor the years tion through his blood, the forgive- draw nigh, when you shall say you ness of sins, according to the riches have no pleasure in them."*-Early of his grace. For he hath made piety is exceeding lovely in the eyes him to be sin for us who knew no of the sober part of mankind, highsin, that we might be made the ly acceptable to God, and will be righteousness of God in him." Ne- infinitely profitable to yourselves. ver think, my dear youth, of seek- Be not enticed with the deceitful ing salvation by attempting to di- promises and false pretences of minish your guilt-admit it in all worldly enjoyments, which are so its extent and aggravation ; your ready to inflame your passions, and hope of salvation is derived, not so warmly solicit your love. Befrom the lightness of your disease, lieve the testimony of all, without but from the infinite efficacy of the exception, who have gone before provided remedy, and the skill and you, and have left this record writpower of the Almighty physician. ten on created comforts, that they Go to him, and tell him you are un are “vanity and vexation of spirit." der a mortal malady, and that with- Believe it, you have entered on a out his interposition you are sure to world of sin and sorrow. You may perish. Cast yourself on his mercy feel the early stirrings of corrup-make it your sole reliance. Re- tion in yourselves, and see its maject with abhorrence every thought nifest and manifold fruits, both in of help, but from him alone. Accept yourselves and others. Alas! are and rely on him as your only and there not some young persons who all sufficient Saviour; and be assure learn, as their first language, to ed " though your sins be as scarlet blaspheme their Maker's name? they shall be as white as snow; Many children who cannot work, though they be red like crimson

are expert in sinning. Alas! your
they shall be as wool;” for “this, hearts are naturally far from God.
said the Saviour himself—this is You “go astray as soon as you are
the will of him that sent me, that born, speaking lies.”
whosoever seeth the Son and be Be persuaded, therefore, to fly
lieveth on him may have everlasting to the blood of Christ, the precious
life; and I will raise him up at the blood of Christ, “who loved you,
last day'_Believe him, trust him, and gave himself for you.” He
rely upon him, and you shall be died upon the cross to save you
saved. Amen.

from the hell which you have de-
served by your sins; and he gra-
ciously invites you, saying, “ suffer

the little children to come unto me, WITHERSPOON ON REGENERATION. and forbid them not, for of such is (Continued from p. 252.)

the kingdom of God.”+ Blessed

are those children, who, like their 3. I would preach the gospel to Saviour, advance in wisdom as in those who are but yet in the morn- stature, and “in favour with God ing of life. This is the most plea- and man.” Let young persons in sant and hopeful part of a minister's general remember, as they are work. Happy are you, my dear growing up, that all the early opchildren, who have been so early portunities of instruction which called into God's vineyard, but in- they have enjoyed, especially such finitely more happy, if you are inwardly and fully determined to

• Eccles. xii. 1. † Mark x. 14.

Have you

as have been brought up under the peruse this discourse, who have inspection of pious parents, will many years resisted the calls of the greatly aggravate their guilt, if they gospel, and have been long accuscontinue to despise them. For this tomed to do evil.

What cause reason some, I wish I could not say have you to admire the mercy of many, are old in sin, when they are God, that you are not now “in the but young in years. Wherefore, lake which burns with fire and brimwithout further delay, betake your stone for ever more?” selves to God in Christ; learn and not followed many of your equals love your Redeemer's name, and in age to the churchyard, and comlet the life that you live in the flesh, mitted their bodies to the dust? be a life of faith on the Son of God, What preparation have you made, and only Saviour of the world. in consequence of the reprieve alYour early entrance on a religious lowed you, and the admonitions life will make you regular, esta- given you? Hear then, once more, blished, useful, fruitful Christians. the joyful sound; believe in the If you are to continue long in the name of the Son of God, that you world, it will greatly contribute to may have life through his name. the sweetness and serenity of life; Fly to his blood, that you may obtain and if it be the will of God that you the forgiveness of your sins, and an should die soon, it will make you inheritance among them who are meet for the inheritance of the sanctified. He, and none else, is able saints in light. There is something to deliver you. Cry to him, that very terrible in the death (often the he may breathe upon the dry bones, unexpected death) of young per- and they shall live. Though you sons, in the bloom or middle of life, are hardened in profanity, though plunged in sensuality, inflamed you are besotted in sensuality, with lust, and bent on sin of every though earthly-mindedness has kind. But, blessed be God, there overspread you like a leprosy, his are also some agreeable instances right hand and his holy arm will of young saints quickly ripened by get him the victory. He is able to divine grace, thoroughly mellowed create you anew unto good works; by early affliction, resigning the and, as you are already inonuments world, not with submission only, of his patience and forbearance, to but pleasure, and taking wing to a make you to eternity the happy land of rest and peace, where “the monuments of his sovereign and inhabitants shall not say, I am almighty grace. Is there now any sick;” and “the people that dwell remaining objection? Is there yet therein shall be forgiven their ini. any room for farther delay? Hath quity."*

not time shed its hoary bairs upon 4. I must now preach the gospel your heads, and drawn its furrows to those who are old, who having upon your brows? Make haste gone through many vicissitudes, are then, and fly for your lives, lest perhaps totterring upon the brink you lie down in sorrow, and make of the grave, and drawing near to your bed in hell. “the house appointed for all liv. 5. Let me preach the gospel to the ing." And I do it because my office self-righteous.

self-righteous. By the self-righobliges me to preach the gospel to teous, I mean those who trust in every creature. There is but little an outward, lifeless form of duties, pleasure in addressing such, be- in a character formed upon worldly cause there is but little hope of prudence, and a few of the most success. May I not suppose, that common oflices of civility, between some one, or more, may be led to man and man; especially those, if • Is. xxxiii, 24.

any such have persisted in reading

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this discourse to the close, who de- loved his worship, and served him spise the doctrines of the grace of in public, in my family, and in seGod. Do any of you lean to the cret, and I hope he will accept of fashionable scheme of irreligious, it? I think I am authorized to anipretended morality; and when you swer in his name, “Was it worare at liberty, treat the doctrine of shipping me to be singing psalms free grace, and of Christ's righ- with your mouths, and not once reteousness and merit, with contempt membering their meaning? to be and scorn.

As the full soul loath- thinking of an hundred vain things eth the honey-comb, so the self-righ- when you were in the house of God? teous soul spurns at the riches of To be praising without thankfuldivine mercy, and likes not the in- ness, confessing without sorrow, cessant repetition of the name of and asking blessings without desirChrist. Your guilt is of the dark- ing them; and to be more attentive est and deepest dye. Your danger to the faces and dresses of others it is impossible to conceive or ex around you, than to the frame of press. What views have you in your own hearts? Was it hearing drawing near to a holy God in so- my word, to be criticising the style lemn worship? Or what meeting and manner of the speaker, and do you expect with God, when he laying hold, with the utmost eagersitteth upon the throne of his holi- ness, of every improper motion or ness in the day of judgment? Do ill-chosen expression, as a fund of you ever, though in the slightest entertainment for yourselves and manner, make conscience of the your companions over your cups duty of self-examination? May I and bowls? Or do you call your not have some hold of you by that careless, hasty, drowsy prayers, quarter? What satisfaction have with long intermissions, worshipyou in your own hearts ? Dare ping me in secret?” you tell us now what passes there? But perhaps you will rather O the power of self-deceit! You choose to trust to the duties of the would be covered with confusion, second table, and what you owe did but the world know the foul to your neighbour. Perhaps you pollution that lodges within you: will say, I have been honest in all how much less shall you be able to my dealings, and never wronged stand the strict and impartial any man: nay, I have been kind judgment of the great Searcher of and charitable, have dealt my bread hearts?

to the hungry, and supplied the Do but open the book of God, wants of the afflicted and poor. I and what page will not condemn answer, in the name of God, “Many you?

This sentence stands un- have been your defects even in cancelled against you, “ Cursed is these duties; but supposing it to be every one, that continueth not in all so, you have not feared me. It things that are written in the book might be from pride, from fear of of the law to do them. “ Out of censure, from prudence; but it was your own mouths will you be not in obedience to me, for I was judged, ye wicked servants. Thou not in all your thoughts. Was it that makest thy boast of the law, your duty to your neighbour, to through breaking the law, disho- make a mock at his sins, to lead nourest thou God?” Bring forth him into intemperance, to despise your boasted morality, and let it be him in your hearts, and ridicule put to the trial. Will you, or dare him in your conversation po' In you say, “I have loved the Lord one word, do but examine all your with all my heart, with all my soul, “righteousnesses," they will be with all my mind, and with all my found as filthy rags before God.” strength=" Will you say, I have Trust not in such a "refuge of lies.”

- The bed is shorter than “that a living God.-Men and brethren, man can stretch himself on it, and what shall we do?” Behold, I the covering narrower than that he bring you good tidings of mercy can wrap himself in it.”* Believe unmerited, pardon unsolicited, a it, there is no salvation in any other full and free remission of all your than in Christ. His atoning blood sins. “I have blotted out thine will reconcile you to God : his iniquities as a cloud, and as a thick grace and love will captivate your cloud thy sins: return unto me, for souls: his holy and blessed Spirit I have redeemed thee.” Receive will write his laws in your hearts. this testimony, and “set to your Belive in hiin, and you will be more seal that God is true.” holy than ever, and yet stand as Think not to do injury to the tonished at your profane and blind grace of God, by weaving a selfpride and vanity. He will create righteous cobweb, and refusing to in you a clean heart, and you will believe, till you have laid down then blush at the thoughts of your some rules of a new life, and efremaining pollution. You will ap- fected some partial reformation, as ply yourselves to his service with if you would first save yourselves, zeal and diligence, and yet still say that you may be fit for salvation by you are unprofitable servants. One Christ. These hopes will soon be view of the cross of Christ will dashed in pieces. Faith in the immake sin more odious than a thou- puted righteousness of Christ is the sand fine descriptions of the beauty sinner's only plea. The more vile of virtue, which commonly serve you are in your own apprehension, only to nourish and fortify the pride the more need you have " to put on of man. If ever you desire to see Christ.” The subsequent change the face of God in mercy, or to of heart and practice must be the dwell in his presence, believe in effect of his power, is a part of his Christ, for there is no other way to purchase, and ought to be received the Father.

as his gracious gift. And I will 6. In the last place, suffer me to venture to foretell, that you will preach the gospel to the chief of make the greater progress in true sinners. It is the glory of our Re- holiness, the less you are disposed deemer, that he saves “ to the ut- to boast of, or to trust in it. termost all that come to God by This I apprehend, is the gospel him.” The dignity of his person, itself, styled in Scripture, with the the greatness of his sufferings, and highest propriety, the "gospel of the infinite value of his atonement the grace of God."'.

“ Christ came founded on both, makes him "migh- not to call the righteous, but sinty to save.” Let such sinners at ners to repentance." If you will tend to this, who are without ex- rely on him for salvation, he will cuse, whose hearts have been a sink shed abroad the love of God in your of the greatest impurity, whose hearts by the Holy Ghost, which lives are stained with the foulest will be a powerful and operative and grossest crimes, whose sins principle of new obedience. I behave been numerous and heinous, seech you, therefore, in the most and scandalous; who have no plea earnest manner, not to reject the to offer, but are sensible that they counsel of God against yourselves. have justly merited the wrath of Nothing can be more liberal, or God in its utmost rigour. Let such more gracious, than the offer of the attend to this, as are trembling at gospel: "I will give to him that is the thoughts of a righteous judg. athirst of the fountain of the water ment, and saying, "It is a fearful of life freely." There is no sin of thing to fall into the hands of the so deep a dye, or so infectious a • Is. Izviii. 20.

stain, but the blood of Christ is suf




ficient to wash it out. There is No sadness on their features; to their

limbs not any slave of Satan so loaded

No fetters clung; and they whose early with chains, but he is able to set him free. If you perish, it is of Had toid dark tales of wretchedness and yourselves. i have given you

shame warning, from a sincere and ardent Lifted a calm, clear eye. concern for your everlasting inte

Amaz'd, I ask'd, rest; and may God himself, for Is this a prison and are these the men, Christ's sake, by his Holy Spirit,

Whom justice from the world's sweet fel.

lowship effectually persuade you to comply Hath sternly sever'd?with it.

'But a voice replied(To be continued.)

God's spirit has been here. Serene it Into the cells where guilt and punishment

Rivet her chains, making the victim's life When I consider thy heavens, the work of A hated burden, and his hope despair! thy fingers, the moon and the sturs, which

It came !--Rebellion laid bis weapons thou hust ordained; What is man, that

down; thou art mindful of him? and the son of the flinty breast grew soft; the rugged man, that thou visitest him ?-Ps. viii.

brow 3, 4.

Gave channels for the tear of penitence; When I behold the evening sky,

And souls which sin had blotted from And all the starry wonders there;

their race Thy power, Oh Lord, and majesty, As a foul gangrene, to the Healer turn'd,

O'erwhelm my heart with awe and fear. Bathed and were whole. There shine Arcturus and his sons,

So now, with humble step, There Mazaroth proclaims thy praise;

Their penal course they measure,-giving There, too, Orion circling runs,

still And Pleiades' influence sweetly plays. The day to toil, and meeting every night, And does that same almighty arm, In solitude, reflection's chast’ning glance, Which holds and guides each rolling Which wounds to purify. There too doth sphere;

glide Protect me from surrounding harm, Fair charity, prompting to deeds divine

And grant me every comfort here! The unaccustomed pupil, while he cons, Well might the royal psalmist say,

Yiid the deep silence af a lonely bed, Viewing those glittering orbs above;

His Bible lesson; seeks a deeper root Lord, what is man—what worthless clay! For Christian purpose; or anticipates

That thou shouldst visit him in love Glad Freedom's sacred gift. That thou shouldst every want supply,

Ye whom our God Notice and keep each pious tear; Hath held from deep transgression, be not And when be lifts to thee his cry,

proud; That thou shouldst bend a gracious ear. Nor in the heat of passion, haste to weigh Oh! may thy condescension fill,

A brother's fault. The Eternal Judge With love and gratitude my soul;

himself And prostrate this rebellious will, (When by the sin of ingrate Adam moved,) Submissive to thy full control.

Came not to Eden till the cool of day.

And since that hour when first the venge. Whate'er denied, o grant me Faith,

ful sword That heavenly guide to realms above; Which shows ihe straight and narrow

Hung o'er the forfeit gate of Paradise,

Man hath been wayward, -weak, and path, That leads to everlasting Love.

Beneath temptation's wile, and so must be K.

Unto the doomsday burning.

Then let his bitterest discipline be mixed From the Mirror.

In Mercy's cup,--that so the prison cell THE BIBLE CLASS,

May work his soul's salvation; and the

• law,

Like a school-master' severe, the truant I saw them bending o'er that holy page,

bring Whose breath is immortality. There To Christ, his advocate and righteousness, seem'd


L. H. S.

prone to fall


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