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JULY 1, 1831.



there is a spirit of inquiry going abroad

among this people. Extracts from the Journal of Mr. Stone, 16. There are now three brahmins who a Missionary of the A. B. C. F. M. from profess their conviction of the truth of

Christianity, who say they do not worDec. 15, 1829, to March 31, 1830. ship idols, and should be willing to be

baptised, could any way be devised for 15. In the morning, Bapoo, the Brah- their support. Two of them are embarmin at Panwell, who, in consequence of rassed by debts entailed upon them by reading our books and hearing Mr. Graves their ancestors, and should they violate preach once, about a year ago, destroyed caste, they would be immediately thrown his househoid gods and professed to re into prison. The great poverty of nine nounce the superstitions of his fathers, | tenths of the natives operates as an iron called on me and spent two hours in reli- | chain to bind them to their caste. gious conversation. He says he still be January 2. Morning, visited schools: lieves that idolatry is wrong; that there remainder of the day in my study, not is but one God; that he prays to him, and very well. Had another very interesting not to the gods of the heathen. He says conversation with Bapoo, the brahmin inthat he is convinced of the truth of Chris- | quirer. He is a native of considerable tianity, that he views himself to be a great strength of intellect, really a metaphysisinner; that he has great fears that he cian, and an acute reasoner, and possessshall go to hell, &c. I asked him, if he ed of more openness of character than was a great sinner, how he could be sav most brahmins. He is employed now as ed. He replied, that he could be saved an inspector of our schools, and comes only by repenting of his sins, believing in and reads the scriptures with me daily. Christ, and having his heart renewed by He says that every night many brahmins the Holy Spirit of God, (or to use the call at his lodgings to dispute with him, literal meaning of the Mahratta word, so that he gets but little time for rest. his heart being new created by the Holy Should he become a true christian, and Spirit of God.) I asked, if he prayed be received into the church, the natives for the gift of the Holy Spirit, to reno would at once forsake him. He brought vate his heart? He replied, that he did. | me this morning the opinion of several I asked if he was willing then to be bap- brahmins respecting the different retised and confess Christ before men? He ligions in the world, and respecting sin, said he wanted to have Christian instruc- &c. A curious illustration of their tion ripe in his mind first; an expression opinions were expressed as follows. All which means, when I shall understand religions are given to men by God. As all the doctrines and duties of Christian- vapors, through the influence of the ity well, then I shall wish to be baptised. | sun, rise from all the rivers, lakes, and He says his wife, who was very angry seas, and mingle together in the heawith him for destroying their family gods, vens, and form clouds and rain; so and entreated him not to become an out- all who practise their various recast, by forsaking their religion, is now ligions will rise and mingle together in willing herself to hear Christian instruc- heaven. To forsake the religion of their tion and will not object to his becoming || forefathers is the greatest sin. Bapoo did a Christian. He thinks she will become not pretend to believe their tenets, but one too. He mentioned another interest-wished me to give him a refutation of ing case. A merchant of the brahmin them, which I did in a few words to his caste had, by reading the books which entire satisfaction. he had given him, became convinced of Another brahmin called to-day professthe folly of idolatry, and greatly desired edly to make inquiries about this new reto receive Christian instruction from us. ligion, as they call Christianity. I had He resides beyond Poonah, more than 100 but a few moments toconverse with him. miles distant. These facts shew that I asked him how a sinner could obtain

Chr, Adv. Vol. IX. 27

the pardon of his sins and the favor of a the Lord Jesus Christ, and obey his comholy God. He asked what is sin? I re- mands. May the divine Spirit give thein plied the transgression of the command- a heart to understand and obey the gosments of God. He asked what com- pel of salvation. mands? I repeated the first and second Mrs. Stone had twenty very interesting comandments, which at once proves all Hindoo girls, belonging to her school, brahmins to be sinners. He then said call at our house, I heard them read and that pardon is to be obtained by fasting, repeat the commandments. They manrepeating the names of the gods, per- ifest much affection for her, and put forming religious austerities, &c. I asked much confidence in what she says to if the doing of these things would change thern. This was not the case a few the affections and destroy the love of sin months ago: they then regarded her with in the soul. He said he could not tell great jealousy and fear, lest she would then how a sinner could be delivered from do something to them which should polsin and be saved. I replied that was the lute them. They could not then be pervery reason why I came to this country, suaded to come to our house. Such fears to tell sinners how they may be deliver- were excited in their minds by the brahed from sin and be saved. Having given mins and others, who exert all their inhim a brief history of Christ, and of the fluence to prevent females from receiving atonement which he made for the sins of Christian instruction. These fears have the world, I told him that to renovate been removed by the kindness which and purify the heart was the work of the Mrs. S. shows them, and the desire she Holy Spirit, which could be obtained on- manifests for their happiness. ly by those who repented of sin, believ 29. At evening went to a native buned in Christ, and prayed to the true God. galow, inhabited by shoemakers; and sat I gave him the ten commandments with down on a board in the centre of the an exposition of them, and the tract en- room, as the roof was too low to admit of titled Glad Tidings, requesting him to standing erect, and they have no chairs read them attentively, and call on me in their houses, and taught fifteen men, again. May the divine Spirit guide him women, and children from the scriptures. to the truth,

I gave them the history of man's crea12. In the morning visited and exam- tion, apostacy, and the way of obtaining ined two schools; and addressed a collec- salvation. I found on inquiry that they tion of natives in the front yard of one of were all convinced that they were sinful, their houses, for more than an hour. i and I then showed them from this, that They listened with fixedness of mind, the wrath of God was upon them. I and 'manifested considerable emotion | asked by what means they could escape when I described to them the sufferings this wrath? One said by practising auswhich Christ endured to atone for their terities; another said by calling on the sins and to save them. I asked them if name of the gods, i.e. to repeat over the any of their gods ever died to make an names of their gods, a great number of atonement for their sins? They replied times; another said by ablution, &c. &c. “None." I asked if any of them ever I showed them that none or all of these did any thing for their salvation? They expedients could remove sin and obtain all replied with one voice “None of the favour of God. They then said, them."

I asked how then can you be “How can we escape the wrath of God?" saved, as you are all sinners, having vio- In reply I preached to them Jesus and lated the holy law of God. They replied him crucified, while they listened with that they should obtain pardon by repeat-great earnestness. I was peculiarly ining the names of the gods, by penance, terested by the inquiries of the aged fe&c. I shewed them by familiar illustra- males, whose feelings were much excittions these could never take away sin. ed by what they heard. I preached to Some of them seemed convinced that them till nine o'clock, prayed with them, they had been trusting in refuges of lies. and told them I would come again and Having exposed the absurdity of idola- give them further instructions; upon try and shewing them the great sin of hearing which they appeared quite reforsaking the only true God, the crea- joiced. tor, preserver, and benefactor of all, and in his stead to worship a vile image, they

SANDWICH ISLANDS. acknowledged that they ought to worship Extracts from a letter of Messrs. Richbut one God. I exhorted them, as they would escape the woes of hell, and ob

ards and Green, dated at Lahaina,

October 2, 1830. tain the favour of God, from this day to their death, no more to worship idols nor

RELIGIOUS MEETINGS. practise their abominable superstitions; Public worship on the Sabbath is conbut to repent of all their sins, believe in ll ducted as formerly, except that one of

our number goes out on the Sabbath to them to be the one thing needful, not besome of the neighbouring villages. But cause of the instruction communicated, we shall speak more particularly of this but because they are tabu. This kind in another part of the letter. On Friday of fecling, however, is not so common there is a meeting of the females in La- among those who are members, as it is haina, who profess to be seeking the sal- | among those who live at a distance, and vation of their souls. All persons known desire to attend. to be immrral are prohibited from at The meeting of the church on Saturtending. The number now enrolled as day evening, for examining candidates for members of the meeting is more than admission to the church, is also continu1,000. These are divided into classes of ed. Only a small part of the time, howeabout forty each; and native teachers ver, is spent in these examinations. One from the church are appointed to super object of the meeting is to communicate intend the classes, under the general di-that kind of advice and instruction which rection of the ladies of the Mission. The is more particularly appropriate to exercises at the meetings, consist in the church members and those who are canrecitation of scripture lessons, and an ex-didates for baptism and communion; and amination on the subject of the sermons which can be communicated with better preached during the week, and are clo-effect at a private meeting than in a mixsed by some exhortation and counsel. - ed assembly. This meeting is the conThe native teachers or monitors have al- tinuation of the one commenced in April, so occasional private meetings with their 1826. Then two persons were present; classes, and once a month assemble by now eighty-five attend. That was interthemselves, separate from their classes, esting, as the first fruits: these are interto receive counsel and instruction as to esting as an abundant harvest. We then the management of their classes, and al- received the pledge. To the glory of so to report instances of misdemeanors Zion's King, and the triumph of her and neglect. The meeting is one of rery friends, that pledge is now redeemed. great interest to the people; so much so Our success, which was formerly an obthat many would be glad to come a dis- i ject of faith, grounded entirely on the satance of twenty or thirty miles to attend cred promises, now, in a degree, ceases it, and even to cross the channel from to be such; and we realise that, the Lanai and Molokai, if we should ad- mere anticipatlon of which has borne us vise it. This is the same meeting that through many discouragements, and was established on the 18th of February, cheered many a dark hour.

We must 1825, under circumstances of very pecu- acknowledge, however, that not a day liar interest. Then ten persons were passes in which we are not still severely present-now more than as many hun- tried, and deeply affected by the vices, dreds. There have been various chan- the stupidity, and the coldness of the ges in the meeting, as new circumstan- people: but still, when we look back, ces have occurred, but the meeting has and contrast their appearance now with never been discontinued during the five what it was only seven years ago, we years. This is a good example to show drop our pens, as being incompetent to what has been effected here by a merci- describe our feelings; and we long for a ful Providence during this period. voice to reach every infidel heart on

The men have also a religious meeting carth, that we may tell in their unbelievby themselves, on Tuesday evening, at ing ears, not what we believe the Lord which nearly as many men attend as will do, but what he has already done. there are females on Friday. There are We sometimes fear to tell the full amount meetings of the same character among of what appears to us to have been acthe females and males of the neighbour complished, lest some should feel that ing villages, under the principal direction the great object is already gained, and of the native members of the church.- that little more remains to be done. But These meetings are called by the natives could we represent the exact condition of tabu meetings; because it is tabu for the people, even as it is in its present imany to attend who are immoral, or proved state, together with all that rewho do not profess to be under the influ- mains to be effected, before the people ence of the scriptures. This tabu, in the shall be raised to an enlightened state of opinion of the people, adds great impor- civilization, every pious heart in the unitance, or sacredness, to the meetings, verse would yearn over these islands; and and we have a strong hold on those who the churches of America, instead of attend, that we have not on others. This thinking that they had done well, would feeling of veneration for the meetings, on feel that they had incurred the curse of account of their being tabu, is often car-heaven, because they had done so little. ried to great excess; and among the more Still a spirit of improvement is among ignorant is real superstition. They think them. We can point to multitudes, who,

as we travel about in different parts of Johnson, Marion, Hamilton, Delaware, the island, leave their homes on Saturday and Randolph counties upon it. This morning, and travel through the day un traverses the country about three hunder a vertical sun, take a scanty meal at dred miles. The Wabash river extends night, and a still more scanty one on Sab- into the country from the Ohio river, bath morning; then go to the house of following its winding nearly five hundred prayer, and with attentive ear, and often miles. And on its margin, are Posey, with moistened eye, listen to the word of Gibson, Knox, Sullivan, Vigo, Parke, sacred truth; and when the Sabbath is Vermillion, Warren, Fountain, Tippa. over, with scarce a remnant of food, set canoe, Carroll, and Cass counties. And out for their distant homes, accounting between the Wabash and White river, themselves happy in having the word of lie Clay, Putnam, Hondricks, MontGod brought so near. We can point you gomery, Boone, and Clinton counties.to places, where a hundred of these can On the North these tracts extend nearly be assembled in a single congregation, the width of the State. I will suppose it together with two thousand more, who one hundred and twenty miles. *And it would have travelled only two or three runs with the West line of the State, miles.

South to the Ohio river, I suppose about

two hundred miles. And in a diagonal REPORTS OF MISSIONARIES, &C.

line from Posey county, on the Ohio

river, in North-east direction to RanINDIANA.

dolph county upon the Ohio state line.From the Rev. Isaac Reed, Agent of This embraces a tract of near two hun

dred miles from South to North, and the Board in Indiana, dated Bloomington, from twenty miles to one hundred and June 8th, 1831.

twenty miles of width from East to West. Three new churches organized in Indiana. In this tract lie the richness and beauty

of the State, in soil and situation. It conMay, has been a successful month in the tains the Seat of Government and the formation of churches. Three new ones State College, as also a number of the have been organized by my ministry. best towns of the Commonwealth. It is The first is Bedford Church, in Law- already extensively settled, and parts of rence co. Indiana: this has 19 members, it are now settling, faster, I believe, than This I consider a great point gained; and pray and hope, that it may be increased in territory, such in soil, and such in

any other parts of the State. Such it is with the increase of God. The next in population. And now, Sir, what are its time, is the Church at Palestine, Crawford county, Illinois. This has sixteen Presbyterian Church? Why sir, the three

ineans of ministerial supply from the members, with encouraging prospects of lower counties are without a minister, addition. This place is occupied by one and but one of them has a church. The of your missionaries. The probability whole number of counties upon the East of his usefulnes seems good. The third is Oak Ridge Church, in resident minister. They have five little

fork of White river are without a single the Western edge of Jackson county, Indiana: this has seven members. This

churches, and only two of them have as is a country settlement, where I do not Upon the West fork there are ten coun

much preaching as a Sabbath a month, expect additions fast. I expect this to ties with eight ministers, and nine churchmake a part of a missionary district with

Two of these eight ministers are the Bedford church,

confined to the College, which leaves but

six to attend to the country. Upon the A plea in behalf of the White River and Wabash river, above the mouth of White

Wabash River Tracts of Indianu. By | river, there are ten counties with nine a resident citizen.

ministers, and ten churches. In the inThese tracts may be traced upon the termediate tract there are six counties map; but they are not well known abroad. and two ministers, and four churches.They embrace a vast scope of fertile Suppose the average number of commucountry. White River is divided into nicants in these twenty-nine churches, the East and West forks, The East forty-five, which is near the real numfork extends into the country nearly two ver, but I suppose exceeds it. Then Sir, hundred miles from the junction. It has, thirteen hundred and five church memlying upon it, the counties of Pike, Du- | bers are in these thirty-one counties, bois, Martin, Lawrence, Jackson, and with nineteen ministers.' And two of the Bartholomew. The main river below ministers almost prevented from attendthe junction, has Knox and Gibson coun- ing upon the work of the ministry. Our ties on its banks. The West fork has Da- Christian Brethren, of the older States, vis, Green, Owen, Monroe, Morgan, ll are desired to pause over this, and think,



if in these Tracts, the Church does not sometimes rode twenty miles. My preneed help! And if it is not needful for sent plan of operations is, to divide my the Board of Missions to put more labour. labours principally between this place ers into this part of the field. And if the and York, in addition to other services, cry "conie and help us” is not made in to preach twice on the Sabbath, and atthis plea respecting the destitute in this tend one or two Bible classes. I think in region. Christian Brethren, read and a short time I shall be able to form a awake to their help! cast in of your church in this place. That there is an treasures to the Board, that ministers important field of usefulness here I think may be sent. O read and feel, and act there is no question. as you would wish to have other Christians act, if your lot were here. And O! ye ministers, partakers of the zeal and

Ohio. sharers of the sufferings of Christ in his

From the Rev. L. C. RUTTER, Manbody, the Church, read and think, what you will do. Will not you give to this chester, Ohio, May 15, 1831. object in this Western field? Not money; A new Church organized, silver and gold you may have none. You have been bidden to go and not take mo

My little flock at Huntington have ney in your purse. Have you, therefore, I been organized into a church, consisting nothing to give to win to Immanuel, and of about twenty members. A few more to keep in his fold, souls in these tracts of will probably join us soon, by certificate. Indiana? Yea rather, when asked, as Their house is in a state of forwardness, you are here asked, what will you give? and we hope soon to remove the ark from Let it be your reply—Sir, I shall give the grove to the temple preparing for its myself. Do this. O let this goodly land reception. The prospects of forming a become Immanuel's land.

Rourishing church at H., I consider much more favourable than at Manchester,

where they have long enjoyed the stated ILLINOIS.

means of grace. Huntington, you will From the Rev. Enoch Bouton, Dar-doubtless recollect, is new ground, which win, Clark county, Illinois, May 18th, Rankin, previous to my arrival here.

had been partially cultivated by Rev. J. 1831,

This place (Darwin,) is the county seat of Clark county, Illinois, on the

From the Rev. John McKINNEY, West side of the Wabash, and only about Frederick, Ohio, February 23, 1831. twenty miles below Terre Haut. The I have concluded the bible examinalocation is beautiful, and will probably be tion of Wayne Township, to which I was healthy-it is at the head of Walnut appointed by the Knox County Bible Soprairie. Here are several members of ciety. Of one hundred and fifty families, the Presbyterian Church, though a ser-thirty were destitute of the Bible in full; mon by a Presbyterian or Congregation only three were destitute of the New al minister had never been preached at Testament. The county was pretty well Darwin until I came here. The people supplied with Testaments upwards of a here seemed very anxious to have preach-year ago by the Sunday School Depositoing. It seemed, indeed, as if this section ry. of country had been almost entirely over I have been attending to the pastoral looked. On the second Sabbath of duties in the two congregations, Frederpreaching at Darwin, I formed a Bible ick and Harmony. The churches apClass here of nearly twenty; this con-pear united and harmonious, but no spetinues very interesting, and I trust will cial excitement exists, excepting that be useful. 'Last Sabbath I formed a simi- several members of the church appear lar class at York, a village ten miles be- anxious for a revival. We held a conferlow this. Perhaps there is no place where ence meeting on the subject, the 21st a class was more needed, or where one January, and agreed to set apart a porpromises to be more useful. Here are a tion of time every Saturday evening to few scattered sheep of the fold who have pray for the special outpouring of the long been destitute of the ordinances of Spirit of God on our church and congrethe gospel. One, formerly an elder of gation. the church of Vincennes, welcomed me I attend four Bible Classes containing with tears, and told me that he had long together about sixty members. Two of been praying for a missionary to be sent them I attend every two weeks—the there. Since I have been on this field, other two, every four weeks. I have preached frequently three times Our Temperance Society does well, on the Sabbath-in doing this I have ll considering the former character of the

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