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sions will turn their eyes to this field of bath. His conscience appeared tender, labour, with a full purpose to try the ex. and he wept freely. But should he let periment without a moment's delay; if his wife suffer, pine away in sickness, they succeed in procuring one or two and perhaps die, for want of certain neable missionaries of the sort mentioned, cessaries which he could get for her in no to labour on the banks of the Mississippi, other way? I confess, on imagining great might be the consequence for the myself placed in the situation of this poor good of these French citizens, as well slave, I was somewhat staggered at this as the safety of our own American popu- question. I knew it was not right "to lation. At this present juncture, when the do evil that good might come," but at French nation are making such rapid whose door would the crime of Sabbathstrides to relieve themselves of the heavy breaking, in this case, lie, that of the burden and galling chains of Jesuit cu- | poor slave, or his master? pidity and tyranny in their own country; it would be a desperate and untenable effort in the Jesuits, entirely to hold these A Drunkard burnt to death. people in subjection, if a talented Frenchman were coming among them. At pres The following melancholy account of ent, many of this people feel very uneasy the miserable end of a drunkard, in the under the heavy mulcts of these extortioners, who, by their thousand contrivances western part of the State of New Jersey, to get money, are like the horse-leach, is taken from a recent report of one of who never has enough. May the Mis- the Missionaries of the Board. sionary Society be led, by this feeble no The most correct account of the case tice, to take efficient means, like Mr. states, that in the latter part of the day Raffles, in another case, and I pray God, he came to his house, under the influthey may be as successful.

ence of intoxication, as usual; his wife had to make her escape, but the children

he kept in the house, he was yet capable Slavery and Sabbuth-breaking.

of sitting on a chair; after some time his

wife returned and succeeded in getting A Missionary in Tennessee, thus writes: the children away with her, this was now One little incident, illustrating another

the more easily effected, as a degree of subject, may not be uninteresting. On stupor had overpowered his inflamed felast Sabbath, a man of colour, a slave and rocity, and thus a merciful Providence a professor of religion, called at my

snatched three helpless children from house. He had walked nine miles that the jaws of destruction. Here, the last morning, to get some necessaries at the lines of Selkirk's soliloquy appear in their store for his wife, who was sick, and was

correct bearing. about to return home the same evening Knowing that he had spent several Sab

"There's mercy in every place, baths in the same way, I asked him if

And mercy, encouraging thought, he did not feel guilty of breaking the

Gives even affliction a grace Sabbath. He said, he did frequently,

And reconciles man to his lot." but he could not help it. His master would not spare him from his work, to come up After a short space of time, perhaps on any other day of the week; some fifteen or twenty minutes, the wife, anxtimes, after working all day, he had ious to ascertain the state of her wretchcome up in the night, and returned before ed husband, returned to her cabin, but day light, to labour all the next day || alas! on opening the door, she found the without sleep; once he came up in that house was filled with a dense body of way, and after knocking and calling in smoke; she then gave the alarm, that vain at the stores for some time, was un- | either the house was on fire, or John was der the mortifying necessity of returning burning up: the first man that attempted the same night, without accomplishing to drag him out was completely baffled his object. When coming up on the Sab- by the intolerable stench and smoke; bath, he prayed all the way, that the || a second making the attempt, succeeded Lord would not lay to his charge, the sin | in dragging him out of the apartment, his of Sabbath-breaking, or forgive him if face was but little, if any marred, his guilty. But there were some things, it clothing, which I uuderstood was all cotseemed to him he must get, but could ton, was burned up, and his sides connot, without trespassing upon the Sab- siderably burned in; he lay about three bath. I urged him to submit to his lot, | feet from a small fire on the hearth, even though it might seem a hard one, without any appearance of contact with and not by any means to violate the Sab-it, unless one of his arms lying in that di

rection. Many conjectures have been offered as to the probable way he fell un

RE-APPOINTMENTS. der the accident, but no satisfaction re- Rev. Matthew Harrison, for one year to the sults.

congregation of Scott, Courtland Co. N.Y.

Rev. Jacob Burbank, for one year to the

church of Naples, N.Y. The following note was intended for Rev. C. Webster, for one year to Hempour May number, but was inadvertently stead, L. Island. omitted,

Rev. Moses Hunter, for one year to An

gelica, N.Y. From the Western Luminary.

Rev. John Glenn, for one year to RichLast week Mr. David A. Sayre re- land and Rockland, Venango County, Pa. ceived through the Post Office, a letter Rev. Salmon King, for one year to Warof which the following is a copy:

ren and vicinity, Bradford County, Pa.

Rev. Peter Hassinger, for one year to “Scott County, March, 1831.

Waterford and vicinity, Erie County, Pa. “SIR-I enclose $30 Commonwealth | Mr. George W. Hampson, for one year of Kentucky, to be exchanged by you at to Concord and Oil Creek, Pa. your rates of exchange, and afterwards, Rev. A. McKeehan, for one year to Shir.' I wish you to apply $20 to the benefit of leysburg and Tbree Springs, Pa. the Colonization Society, and the balance Rev. Robert B. Dobbins, for one year to to whoever may be agent for the Board Williamsburg and White Oak, Obio. of Missions of the General Assembly: Rev. James Cunningham, for one year


to Mary Ann and West Carlisle, Ohio. "Mr. D. A. Sayre."

Rev. William Hughes, for one year to The donor is informed that $20 has Loudonville and Lake fork Roads, Ohio. been paid to the Treasurer of the Colo

Rev. Richard Brown, for one year to nization Society, and $6 25 placed to the Mount Hope, Ohio. credit of the General Assembly's Board

Rev. Jacob Wolff, for one year to Bloomof Missions, which shall be duly for- ings Grove and Sharon, Ohio. warded to the Treasurer at Philadelphia.

Rev. Robert Young, for one year to Millersburg and East Hopewell, Obio.

Rev. William Gray, for one year to APPOINTMENTS.

Springfield, Clark County, Ohio.

Rev. Salmon Cowles, for one year to From the 20th of April to the 1st of June. Fairview, Malaga and vicinity, Ohio. Rev. L. Brookes, for 1 year to Bethany

Rev. John L. Belville, for one year to Centre, N.Y.

Washington congregation and vicinity, 0. Rev. Samuel E. Cornish, for six months

Rev. William Wallace, for one year oneto the 1st African Church, Philadelphia.

third of his time to Cambridge, Guernsey Mr. Samuel Wilson, for one year to the County, Ohio. Huntingdon Presbytery, Pa.

Rev. Samuel J. Miller, for one year to Rev. James B. Morrow, for one year to West Lexington and New Providence, 0. New Philadelphia and Sandyville, Ohio. Rev. 1. Reed, Missionary Agent for three

Rev. James Anderson, for one year to months from 28th of May to Indiana and Ill. Rockbill, Bethel and vicinity, Ohio.

Mr. eorge W. Kennedy, for 6 months Mr. John Crawford, for one year to Car- to Taneytown, Md. lisle and Hopewell, Indiana.

Rev. Jacob F. Price, for one year to Mr. Cochran Forbes, for two months to Louisville and vicinity, Ky. Georgetown Roads and vicinity, Md. Rev. D. L. Russell, for one year to N. C.

Rev. Richard Campbell, for one year to Rev. H. Patten, for 6 months to Concord Three Springs, Brook Co, Va.

church, Tenn.
Mr. W. D. Smith, for one year to the
Flatts of Grave Creek, Wolf Run and vi.
cinity, Va.

Rev. Roswell Tenny, for one year to
Salem, Botetourt Co. Va.

From the 20th of April to the 1st of June. Rev. H. M. Kerr, for one year to Little 0. Leavitt, NY. I. Reed, Ind. G. Colton, Britain, Duncan's Creek and Drusilla, N.C.NY. W. McJimsey, Pa. A. D. Montgome.

Mr. James Kerr, for 6 months to Goshen ry, Va. R.IM'Cachren, Pa. J. Thomson, 0. and Olney congregations, N. C.

D. Monfort, Ind. Executive Committee of Mr. John Pumroy, for one year to Rock. Washington Presbytery. E. Hart, Pa. R.B. ingham Co. N.C.

Dobbins, 0. I. A. Ogden, Ind. S. J. Cox, 0. Rev. Reuben Sears, for one year to the T. G. Govett, Ky. A. Y. Lockridge, NC. Territory of Michigan.

K. G. Linn, 0. J. Thomson, Ind. J. Spicer,

2, NY. 1. Barr, 2 O. R.M.Cartee, NY. A.E. son, Tenn. J. Coe, 2 0. T. Lindsey, Miss.
Campbell, NY. G.H.Hulin, NJ. J.Wolff, 0. Pastor and Elders, Pleasant Ridge, 0. J.
A.Hamilton, 2, Tenn. S.H.Crane, Kv. J.M. Paine, Va. O.HII, NY. J. B. Watkins, Ky.
Arnall, Ala.Ch, at Scott, NY. S.J.Miller 0.A. A. M'Ginley, Pa. A. B. Gilliland, O. J.
D.C. Allen, 0. Elders Concord, Tenn. T.J. Cunningham, o. M. Hunter, NY. W. Sic-
Morgan,Pa. J. Caine,Ind. R.A.Lapsley, Ky. kles, 3 Ind. J. C. Harrison, Ky. S. Rhea,
W.Gray, O.S.M. Williamson, Tenn. J.H. Gil-Tenn. D. Hoyt, Tenn. S. B. Robertson,
lespie, Ala. J. L. Belville, 0. S.F.Holliday, Ky. J. Culbertson, O. C.C. Beatty, 2 0. A.
NY. I. Bennett, III. G. W. Warner, 0. C. Hamilton, Ky. G. Addison, SC. A. B. Law-
B. Bristol, Va. J. Montgomery, Ind. N. rence, Tenn. I. Brainard, NY. R.Post, D.C.
Murray, Pa. T. Hoge, Pa. J. C. Campbell, R. Dilworthi, Pa. Elders, Poke run & Plum
I!l. 1. Reed, 2 Ind. L. G.Bell, Tenn. H. B. creek, Pa. R. Henry, Pa. J. Pomeroy, NC,
Funk, 0. C. Birnie, MI. M. Harrison, NY. S. Austin, Pa. D, L. Russell, NC. W. Han.
C.Riggs, Pa. W. S. Potts, Mo. S.W.Doak, ford, 0. D. A. Sayre, Ky. S. King, Pa. R.
Tenn. W. H. Whitaker, Ala. W. Carlisle, Kennedy, Pa. G. W. Ashbridge, 2 Ky. J.B.
SC. Elders, Naples, NY. A.Q. Patterson, Pa Davis, NC. R. Holman, Ky. Executive Com-
J. Dyke, Tenn. A. Coe, 0. J. L. R. Brown, mittee Susquehanna Presbytery, Elders
N.W. Territory. J. M.Street, N.W. Territo-and Trustees, Peekskill, NY. C. Webster,
ry. J. F.Price, 2 Ky, S.B.Smith, O. J. Hunt, L.1. W. Brobston, NC. Presbytery of Cham-
O. L. G. Gaines and Ellers Hopewell, o.plain. A. Parmele, NY.J.J. Rice, NJ. W.J.
W. A. Aitkin, N.W. Territory. Elders and Frazier, III. G. S. Woodhull, NJ. J. Buch-
Deacons, Bethel, 0. J.B. Wilcox, NY. Elanan, Pa. W. F. Houston, Pa. J. L. Mont-
ders and Trustees, Round Bottom, 0. W.gomery, Pa. E,S.Hunter, P.. L. Clark, N.
K. Stewart, 111. HM. Pharr, NC. S.Cowles, Y. J. Ficklin, Ky.
0. J. Crafford, Pa. J. Dorrance, Pa. D
Page, 2 NY. Executive Committee Niaga.

New AUXILIARIES. la Presbytery. A. Rawson, 2 NY. J.B. Mc

Elk Ridge, Tenn. Bethberei, Tenn. Creary, Pa. Executive Committee Shiloh Piedmont, Tenn. Bethesda, Tenn. Fra ik. Presbytery. W.C. Blair, Lou. Elders, Som.lliin, Tenn. Jackson, Madison, Co. Tenn, ersel, 0. A. M Keitli, 2 Ky. R.Everitt, NY.Trenton, Gibson Co. Tenn. Peytons creek 1. Oakes, NY. R. Young, 0. J. W. Robin || Tenn. Murfreesboro, Tenn. Dauphin Misson, Geo. J. Witherspoon, NC. W.J. Frier.llsionary Society, Pa.—Total, 433. Account of Cash received by the Board of Missions of the General Assembly,

of the Presbyterian Church, from the 20ih of April, to the 24th of May 1831. Smwill, N. J. Auxiliary Society per Rev.J. Moore,

$4 25 Collections per do

4 40 Albany, N. Y. Collected in 1st Presbyterian Church per P. Boyd,

36 00 Alexandria, Huntingdon Co. Pa. auxiliary society per Mr. J. Porter,

3 00 Amsterdam, N. Y. Presbyterian Congregalion through Board of Domestic Missions of the Presbytery of Albany,

100 00 Fugusta, Ky, auxiliary society per D. A. Sayre,

15 50 Bethany, N. Y. Female auxiliary society per Rev. J. B. Wilcox,

7 00 Belhesda, Tenn. auxiliary society per Rev. A. Hamilton,

2 50 Bethany, Tenn. auxiliary society by Rev. 0. Jennings, Treasurer Execu. tive Commilice per Rev. A. Hamilton,

10 50 Beach Springs, 0. auxiliary society per Rev. J. McArthur,

29 50 Bedford Co. Da. Donation from Miss Martha D. Mitchell,

5 00 Beihel, Ky. auxiliary society per D. A. Sayre,

12 50 Bellbrook, 0.

do per Rev. J. L. Bellville,

5 00 Buffalo, 0. Contributions 50 cent plan per T. Hood,

20 00 Carlisle, Pa. Donation from Rey. S. B. Howe, D.D.,

3 75 Columbia, Tenn annual subscription by D. Hardin, per Rev. A. Hamilton, 2 00 ('rab Apple, O. auxiliary society per Rev. J. McArthur,

33 50 Centreville, Crawford Co. Pa. Congregation per Rev. Mr. Chamberlain,

7 00 Champlain Presbytery, per Rev. M. Chase,

11 50 Chanceford, Pa, from an unknown individual per Dr. Martin,

10 00 Deerfield, N.J. auxiliary society and collection per Mr. J Davis,

12 00 Danville, Pa, from Gen. D. Montgomery bis sub, for 1831, per Dr. Green, 100 00 Doylestown, Pa. auxiliary society per Rev. Mr. Bellville,

17 00 Dayton, O. do do Rev. J. L. Bellville,

18 00 Ebenezer, Tenn. annual sub, by Rev. D.Brown, per Rev. A. Hamilton,

2 00 Erie, Pa auxiliary society per Rev. Peter Hassinger,

50 50 East Liberty, Pa. auxiliary society per S. Thompson, Treasurer,

35 00 East Chanceford, Pa. do do per Dr. Martin,

17 75 No. 10.

3 81 16 25 5 00 6 50 3 00 3 00 12 72 5 00

9 37 11 00


s, Bell per

6 53 3 00 3 50 3 50 3 11 38 50 12 00

5 00 23 00

5 00 10 00 5 50

50 14 88

4 50 27 62 2 00 3 10 3 00 4 00

Flemington, N, J. do do per Rev. J. Moore,
Fairfield N. J. do do per Rev. Ethan Osborn,
Fox Run & Bullskin, Ky. United churches per Rev. S. H. Crane,
Franklin, Tenn. auxiliary society per Rev, A. Hamilton,

donation from a lady per do
Fairfield, N. J. from Rev. J. Osborn annual collection per Isaac Snowden,
Fountain County, Ind. collections per Rev. J. S. Thomson,
Frankfurd, Pa. auxiliary society additional per Rev. Mr. Biggs,
Fairfield, Crawford Co. Pa. from the Female Missionary Society per Wells

Busb nell, Treasurer, per Rev. Mr. Chamberlin,

from the Male Miss. So, per do
Forks of Brandywine, Pa, collections per Rey: J. N. C. Grier, Stated Clerk

of the New Castle Presbytery,
from Capt, Buchanan per
R. McIntyre per

S. Ralston per

do J. Ralston jr. per

do Female Miss. So. per

do Rev. A. G. Morrison per do

do Robert Adair per

do Thomas Love per, do

J. Magraw, D. D. per do
Fayetteville, Tenn. auxiliary society additional per Rev. A. Hamilton,

donation from Rev, E. McEwen per do
Goshen, O. collection per Rev. R. G. Linn,
Greenwich, Cumberland Co. N.J, auxiliary society,
Great C'onowago, Adams Co. Pa. Female Miss. So.per D. McConau hy,
Greersburg Society, by Mr. Stephen Todd,
Hopewell, Ind collection per Rev. J. A. Ogden,
Hastings, N.Y. centributions in congregation per Rev. 0. Leavitt,
Hempstead, L. I. collection per Hugh Auchincloss, E q. Treasurer,
Hopeicell, Orange Co. N. Y. donation from several individuals per Rev.

H. M. Koontz,
Hartford Presbytery, by Rev. W. Nesbit,
Hopewell Congregation, by
Hillsboro, O. auxiliary society per Mr. S. D. Blythe,
Jumuica, L. I. collection per Hugh Auchincloss, Esq. Tr.
Kingsborough, N.Y. Presbyterian congregation through Board of Domestic

Missions of Presbytery of Albany,
Kingston, N.J. auxiliary society per Rev. D. Comfort,
Lammington, N. J. do per Mr. Benj. McDowell,
Lower Marsh Creek Congregation per D. McConaughy,
Liek Run Congregution, Pa. per Rev. Mr. Peebles,
Lawrence, N.J. Presbyterian congregation per Mr. R. Green,
Liberty Congregation, Presbytery of Hudson,
Lexington, ky. donation from J. Williams per D. A. Sayre,
Landisburg Congregation, per Rev. E. S. Ely, D. D.,
Laurence, NJ. auxiliary society per Mr. R. Howe,
Lambertsville, N.J. do do additional per Rev. J. Studdiford,
Louisville, Ky.

do do 2d Presbyterian Ch. per Mr. M. Daverille,
Millersloun, Perry Co. Pa collections per Rev. B. E. Collins,
Morgantown, Monongalia Co. Da. collections per Joel Stoneroac!,
Mount Vernon, ky. from the family of Mr. Bradstreet, per Rev.S.H.Crane,

Anna S. Walsh,
Franklin Dunlap,

do do
Mount Pleasant, Pa. donation from A. Basset, per Rev. A. 0. Patterson,
Mississippi, from A. Macrery, Esq. Tr. of Mississippi Presbytery, 50 cent

contributions per Isaac Snowden, Esq.
Mount Horeb, Ky, auxiliary society per Rev. S. Steel,
Middle Spring, Pa, collections per Rev. R. Kennedy,
Mill Creek, t'a. auxiliary society per S. Thompson, Treasurer,
Mount Pleas'ınt, Pa. do do do
Moira Church, N. Y. collection per Rev. A. Parmelie,

donation from Widow Filton per do


63 25 22 52

2 00 12 25 2 50

200 00 31 00 16 62 5 25 5 00 8 00 2 25 5 00 10 00 11 00

2 00 11 00 2 50 5 00 2 00




50 50

120 00

9 00 13 12 22 31 26 15 1 86 5 00


Milton, N. Y. contribution 50 cent plan per T. Hood,

5 00 Mount Horeb, Ky. auxiliary society additional per Rev S. Steele,

3 00 Newville, Pa. donation from an unknown individual per Rev. R. McCachran, 5 00 auxiliary society per do

1 00 Natchez, Miss. donation from an unknown individual per Rev. G. Potts, 50 00 Nashville, Tenn. annual sub. per Rev. 0. Jennings, Tr. by Rev. A. Hamilton, 27 00 New York, Wall street Ch. 2 friends additional per'Rev. W. W. Phillips, D.D. 14 00 collection in 1st Presbyterian Ch.per Flugh Auchincloss, Esq. Tr. 75 40 Cedar street Ch. per


31 00 Brick Church per


428 00 from Canal street Church per


16 00 donation from George Zabriskie, Esq.

50 Samuel Boyd, Esq. subscription for 1831,

50 00 North East, Pa. auxiliary society Rev. G. W. Hampson,

25 00 Newton, donation from Mr. Rosset,

1 50 New Brunswick, N. J. Presbytery per Rev. G. S. Woodhull,

11 84 Newark, O. auxiliary society Rev. J. Little,

2 00 Newburyport, Mass. donations from Females of the 2d Presbyterian Ch. 7 13 Nashville, Tenn. collections additional per Rev. A. Hamilton,

10 00 Newark, N.J.auxiliary society additional Mr. D. Nichols,

1 00 donation from D. Nichols,

20 00 Neshamany, Pa. auxiliary society additional per Rev. R. B. Belville,

1 50 New Providence, 0. collection per Rev. S. J. Miller,

4 00 Orford, N.J. auxiliary society Rev. J. T. Russell,

30 00 Piedmont, Tenn, auxiliary society per Rev. A. Hamilton,

1 00 Portland and Carroll, Chatauque Co. N.Y. collections per Rev. I. Oakes, 14 75 Pleasant Hill, O. auxiliary society per Rev. J. Little,

4 75 Pike & Cleurfield Congregations, Pa. by Rev. J. Hutchinson,

2 00 Pine Creek, Lycoming Co. Pa. congregation per Rev. J. H. Grier,

17 50 Presbytery of Lewes,

11 50 Peytons creek church, Tenn.don. from Rev. J. L. Sloan, per Rev. A. Hamilton, 1 00 Pigeon creek, Pa. auxiliary society per S. Thompson, Tr.

14 00 Poland, 0. do do do

7 50 Philadelphia, Pa, auxiliary society 6th Prn. Ci. per Rev. S.G. Winchester, 30 00

from 7 members of the 8th Prn Ch. for support of a
missionary for one year per H. Mckeen,

100 00 Monthly Concert collection 8th Prn. Ch. per do

10 00 collections at Concert of Prayer in 2d Prn. Ch.

46 20 donation from Mrs. S- through A. Henry, Esq.

5 00 Joseplı P. Engles, Esq. his subscription for 1830 & 1831, 200 00 annual contributions 4th Prn. Ch. per James Algeo,

9 00 collection at Monthly Concert of Prayer in do per do 5 03 J. McAlpin, Esq. lis subscription for 1831,

100 00 Solomon Allen, Esq.


100 00 from the 41b Prn. Ch. per Isaac Snowden, E-q.

9 00 William Brown, Esq. his subscription for 1831,

100 00 donation from L. Lamb, Esq. per Dr. Ely,

12 00 Red Clay creek congregation, from a lady,

1 00 Rushville & Pleusunt Ridge, Ind auxiliary society per Rev. W. Sickles, 10 00 Surgoinsville, East Tenn. donation from Mr. W. Lyons, per Rev.S. W. Doak. 5 00 St. Louis, Mo. auxiliary society per Rev. S. H. Crane,

105 75 Springfield, Portage co. 0. do do per Rev. J. D. Hughes,

10 00 Shiloh, Ind. collections per Rev. John S. Thomson,

3 12 Short creek congregation, Ohio co. Va. donaiion from Mrs. Mary Waits, per Rev. Mr. Wylie,

96 62 Salem, Mercer co. Pa. congregation per Rev. Mr. Chamberlain,

8 50 Sweet Hollow, collection per Hugh Auchincloss, Esq. Tr.

1 65 St. Francisville & Pinkneyville, La. congregations,

8 00 Scott Settlement, La. Presbyterian Church,

3 50 Saltsburg, Indiana co. Pa. congregation per Rev. W. Hughes,

11 12 Shelbyville, Tenn. from auxiliary society additional per Rev. A. Hamilton, 8 50 Sawickly, Pa. auxiliary society per S. Thompson, Tr.

26 50 Susquehanna Presbytery, per W. Jessup, Tr.

103 75 Slate Ridge congregution, Pa. collection per Rev. Mr. Parke,

10 00 Steubenville, 0. from Presbytery per Rev. C. Člinton Beatty, Tr.

137 00

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