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Col. Jas. M‘Dowell and

of the Board. The number of annual lady, 7 00

subscribers is 491. The amount subscriRev. Allen D. Metcalf

bed is $526 75. I have received cash and lady, 5 00

$193. Names reported to you as subC. Bias, 5 00

scribers to the Missionary Reporter, 27. William Patton,

Besides preaching at the churches exBethesda church, (Rev. A. B. Davidson, pressly upon the subject of my agency,

I S. S.

have attended a number of more private 10 Annual subscribers, amount meetings, at which, when it was deemed subscribed,

$8 75 expedient I have usually said something Received cash,

$5 50 about my object. I have not noted the Oxford church, (Rev. A. B. Davidson, number of miles travelled—I have only S. S.)

to say that the churches that I have visi13 Annual subscribers, amount

ted are spread over the width of this valsubscribed,

S7 75

ley. The two extreme points at which I Donations,

1 871 have been, Harrisonburg and Salem, are Received cash,

$6 123

120 miles distant, and the latter is about New Monmouth congregation, (Rev. J. 400 miles from Philadelphia. Payne, Minister.)

I could scarcely have engaged in this 16 Aunual subscribers, amount

agency at a more unfavourable season. subscribed,

$18 00

On account of storms, high waters, bad Received cash,

sin$3 00

roads, and cold, I have scarcely in

gle instance had an ordinary congregaFrom the same, dated Fincastle, Bote- tion. Frequently not more than one-half

or one-third of the people have been pretourt county, Virginia, Jan. 17th, 1831.

sent-often less. A season so unfavor“I have now to report the concluding able is scarcely recollected, even in this results of my agency in the Presbytery variable climate. Had the season been of Lexington. Since my last communi- good, it is right to suppose that much cation, I have visited the following more would have been accomplished. I churches, and have obtained the follow- have however in almost every case reing subscriptions, to wit:

ceived from the Pastor and Session, a Falling Spring congregation, (Rev, John distinct pledge that vigorous efforts D. Ewing, Pastor. )

should be made to extend the subscrip28 Annual subscribers, amount

tions. On the whole I think we may subscribed,

$2200 with safety calculate that an annual subIncluded, ann. subscription

scription of 600 dollars or upwards to Rev, J. D. Ewing and fa

your funds will have been the result of mily,

$5 00

this agency." Received cash,

$2 50 High Bridge congregation, (Rev. Samuel

Rev. Thomas Barr, Ohio. Houston, Pastor.)

By letters recently received, we learn, 17 Annual subscribers, amount

that the Rev. Mr. Barr is diligently and subscribed,

$22 00

successfully prosecuting the business of Included, ann. subscription

his agency–He has formed some new Rev. Samuel Houston and

Auxiliaries, enlarged and revived many family,

$5 00

old ones, arranged several of the PresbyReceived cash, $6 50

teries for annual visits from voluntary Salem congregation.

agents, collected funds for the Board,

and obtained a number of new subscri5 Annual subscribers, amount subscribed,

bers to the Missionary Reporter.

$13 00 Included, ann. subscription Col. Elijah M-Clanahan

Rev. W. C. Anderson, Valley of the Misand family,

sissippi. $5 00 William and John Walton, 5 00

In a letter dated Columbia, Tenn. DeReceived cash,

cember 22, 1831, the Rev. Mr. Ander$3 00

son informs us, that he is now on his way, Fincastle congregation, (Rev. John M. by land, to New Orleans, with a view of Fulton, Pastor. )

visiting and presenting the claims of the 6 Annual subscribers, amount Board of Missions, in all the principal subscribed,

$11 00 places on both sides of the river, between Included, ann. subscription

Cincinnati and New Orleans-He had Rev. J. M. Fulton and

formed Auxiliaries in Nashville and Cofamily,

$5 00

lumbia, and made arrangements for one William Patton, Esq. 3 00

in Franklin. Other Auxiliaries had been Received cash, $6 50

formed by him in Kentucky, of which we Asthe result of the agency, 18 congre- can give no particular account at pregations have been organized on the plan | sent, owing to the miscarriage, of a letVol. IX.-Chr. Adv.


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ter which should have been received | $50,000 to aid the Board of Directors in some weeks since. The amount of mo- || their truly benevolent and christian efnies collected will be acknowledged in forts in the cause of Domestic Missions, the treasurers account, next month. Mr. and particularly in the Great Valley of A. states that his prospects were very the Mississippi. In pursuance of the plan, encouraging, and that he was generally the first instalment of $50 has been forreceived with kindness and cordiality warded. Persons desirous of uniting in by ministers and people, and that the the above scheme, will please to make plans of the Board were highly approved known their intentions, without delay, to and readily adopted by the congregations Mr. David A. Sayre, Lexington, Treagenerally, which he had visited.

surer of the Board for the Synod of Ken

tucky; Rev. Simeon H. Crane, CincinRev. S. H, Crane, General Agent for natti, General Agent for the Valley of the West.

the Mississippi; Rev. Joshua T. Russell, No letters have recently been received Philadelphia, Corresponding Secretary from Mr. Crane, but we are happy to of the Board; or any other authorised learn from the “ Western Luminary and Agent of the Board, in any part of the Presbyterian Advocate,' published in

United States. Lexington Ky. that he is prosecuting his

The earth is the Lord's and the fullwork with energy,and arousing the Aux- ness thereof.-Yet how few hold their iliaries of the Board in Kentucky to rc- property as stewards of the Lord's bounnewed and vigorous efforts in the Mis- ty. How few hold it consecrated to the sionary cause. The happy results of his

service of Christ. How many gather earnest appeals to the churches in the and lay up riches, "for heirs, they know West, are already apparent, in the libe- not who.”. The man who, when the ral contributions, from Auxiliaries and claims of christian benevolence are presindividuals, which are beginning to re

sed upon him, refuses to impart of the plenish our exhausted treasury. The earthly substance, which God has given monies received will be acknowledged in The plan pursued so generally of holding

him-how dwells the love of God in him. our next number.

From the above named paper of the in reserve for his children or other heirs 12th instant, we select the following ar- all the property a man can make, is not ticle, which we find under the editorial only to rob God but to act a foolish part head, and would respectfully and earn

towards them. In three cases out of estly urge, upon the friends of the do- four such legacies prove a curse instea mestic missionary cause, an attentive of a blessing to children. But how much consideration of the plan proposed for good might such property do if cast into doing good. To encourage others to imi- the treasury of the Lord and spent in tate the noble example of the individual i sending the Bible and Missionaries to who has pledged 500 dollars, we would the destitute. If by such a use of his state, that should the sum contemplated property a man might be instrumentalin be raised, the Board of Missions, on their converting one soul, infinitely happier present economical plan of appropria

must he be than in leaving to heirs an tions, would be able to sustain, fifty ad- estate gathered by toil and care and unditional laborers, annually, on Mission- | touched by the claims of benevolence ary ground. The number of years of and religion. To give money for the proministerial labour, thus secured to feeble motion of Christ's kingdom, is not to churches, within the time specified for throw it away or hide it in a napkin. It the payment of the $50,000, would be is the way with five talents to gain five ted by each individual-or, 500 years of the Lord 'shall come to reckon with his equal to the number of dollars contribu- talents more, and with two talents to gain

two more, and to be in readiness when ministerial labor, for 50,000 dollars.

servants. - Western Luminary. PLAN TO RAISE $50,000 FOR THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY'S BOARD OF

$400 Donation from Mississippi. MISSIONS.

We cannot deny ourselves the pleaThe same individual who has pledged sure of inserting entire the following $500 to the Amer'n Colonization Society, letter, dated Natchez, (Miss.) Dec, 28th, has also pledged himself to pay $500 to the Board of Missions of the General 1830—it needs no comment. Assembly of the Presbyterian Church Enclosed, you will find a check upon to be paid in regular annual instalments the U. S. Bank, for $400, which you will of $50 each; and he proposes to unite with appropriate for the use of your Board. ninety nine other friends of the Board, in It is a part of a five hundred dollar postdifferent parts of the United States, who note, which I lately received through the may be willing to pledge the same Post-Office, from some anonymous friend amount, in order to raise the sum of ll of the Missionary cause. As the res

ponsibility of appropriating it, was left | Rev. A. McIver, for 1 year Missionary to me, I took the liberty of giving $100 || Agent, supported by the Presbytery of of the sum to the American Board of Fayetteville, N. C. within their own bounds. Com. for Foreign Missions,

I would, in addition, merely say, that I have no doubt that the unknown con

NEW AUXILIARIES. tributor to the Missionary cause, would Bull Creek, Pa. Rutger's street Church, be gratified, if the money should be ap- || N. Y. Jamaica, L. I. New Providence, Va. propriated to the supply of the destitute Lexington, Va. Fairfield and Timber Ridge, of this State. With earnest desires for | Va. Beersheba, Va. Oxford, Va. New Monthe success of your Board, which unites | mouth, Va. New Lexington, 0. Indianapolis, the friendly feelings of all in this quarter, Ind. Bellfontaine, 0. Stony Creek, O. Iam, dear sir, yours very truly, Truro, 0. Louisville Monthly Concert of

GEORGE Potts. Missions, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Columbia, A Mantuamaker's Christmas Gift.

Tenn. Chippewa, 0.-Total 404. On the last Christmas day, a pious mantuamaker in this city, presented to

LETTERS RECEIVED, her Pastor, the Rev. Wm. L. M‘Calla, from 20th December to 20th January. a donation of one hundred dollars, for the use of the Board of Missions. This mu

J. F. Clark, N. J. T. Lyman, N. Y. W. nificent offering is the fruit of personal in- Burke, O. R. Young, 0, H. Davis, N. Y. J. dustry and self denial. The same bene Wolf

, o. J. Callis, M. J. R. Whiting, NY. volent individual, a short time since, pre

E. D. Andrews, NY. Commit. Church, at sented twenty dollars to the Board of Mendon, NY. A. B. Wilson, Pa. J. WitherEducation, and she assists another sister spoon, N C. Elders Church at Tuscaloosa, who keeps a little store, in the support Ala. J. Kemper, 0. R. G. Linn, 0. W.c: of an aged widowed mother. Reader! Blair, 2, Tenn. G. W. Ashbridge, Ky. T. pause and ask of God" Lord what wilt | Beer, 0. C. McIver, N. C. T. Barr, 3, 0. thou have me to do?”

W. Wallace, 0. D. Page, NY. Messrs. Dar.

by & Irvine, 2, Pa. J. McKnighi, Pa El. APPOINTMENTS.

ders Somerset Church, Pa. J. L. Bellville, Mr. A. Scovel, for 3 months to Colum-0. M. Harrison, NY. M. Smith, 0. J. Hyde, biaville, Columbia co. N. Y.

N. Y. J. Ficklin, Ky. E. Swift, Pa. S. J. Rev. J. C. Campbell, for 1 year to New Miller, O. J. Peebles, Pa. L. B. Sullivan, Hope, Vigo co. Inda. and New Providence, NY. E. S. Hunter, NY. W. F. Curry, NY. Edgar co. Ills.

2; L. F. Leake, V. J. Coe, 0. A. Gilchrist, Rev. Isaac Bard, for 1 year to Greenville, SC. 0. Davis, Pa. S. Gazley O. J. M. ArMt. Zion and Mt. Pleasant and vicinity, Ky. nell, Ala. M. Smith, 0. N. L. Rice, NY. S.

Rev. W. C. Blair, for 1 year to Pinkney- Peck, NY. A. Kyle, Ky. J. S. Skinner, Md. ville and Fort Adams, Miss.

J. Pitkin, 0. T. P. Atkinson, Va. J. Reed,

2, Inda. G. D. McCucnn,Pa. G. Printz, Pa. RE-APPOINTMENTS.

H. Kennedy, Md. W. Chester, NY. G. W. Rev. E. D. Andrews, for 1 year to Men- Hampson, Pa. S. Thompson, 3, Pa. W. A. don, Monroe co, N.Y.

Hallock, NY. S. Jones, NH. J. Crawford, Rev. Geo. G. Sill, for 1 year to West | Pa. R. Armstrong, NY. T. E. Hughes, Ind. Mendon, N. Y.

B. Harding, NJ. Elders Church, Delaware, Rev. J. Spicer, for 1 year to Andover and 0. J. Dyke, Tenn. W. C. Anderson, Ten. Independence, N. Y.

Elders Church, West Mendon, NY. S. King, Rev. S. Sturgeon, for 1 year to Middle

Pa. Trustees Churches, Andover and Inde. Smithfield, Pike co. and vicinity, Pa.

pendence, NY. J. Spicer, NY. M. Hunter, Rev. S. H. Terry, for 1 year to Somer. NY. A. Broadwell, Ky. A. Boyd, Pa. A. set and Genoa, Somerset co. Pa.

Porter, NY. D. L. Russell, Va. A. Castle, Rev. J. Kemper, for 3 months in Ohio. NY. G. G. Sill, NY. W. B. Stow, NY. J. Rev.S.Gazley, for 1 year to Shelby co.O.

H. Dickey, 0. D. Ellison, O. M. CarpenRev. J. S. Weaver, for 1 year to Bell- ter, NY... Huntington, NY. J. C. Harrison, brook, Green co. and vicinity, Ohio. Ky. 1. T. Skillman, Ky.

Account of Cash received by the Board of Missions of the General Assembly,

from the 20th of December, 1830, to the 20th of January, 1831. Bethel, Pa. From aux. Miss. soc. per S. Thompson, Treasurer,

5 75 Burr Creek, Pa.

per do.

13 50 Brundon, N. Y. Collection per Rev. R. Armstrong,

62} Bangor, N. Y.

do. Do. do. Donation from a friend per do.

25 Baltimore, Md. Donation from R. L. Colt, Esq. per Rev. J. K. Burch,

50 00 Blue Rock and Meigs Congregation, Ohio. Collections per Rev. W. Wallace,

7 00 Bucks Creek Congregation, Ohio. Donation per Rev. T. Barr,

1 25 Centre, Pa. Aux. Society per Rey, l. I. Kennedy,

10 00

do. per

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son, Jr.


Cash, From Rev, E. Macurdy, M. M. Soc. per J. Thompson, Tr.

80 00 Easton, Pa. From Aux. Society per Rev. J. Gray,

40 00 Hopewell

, Chester Co. Pa. Coll. at monthly concert per Rev. E. Dickey, D.D. 7 00 Hagerstown, Md. Collection at monthly concert of prayer, in Rev. Mr. Fullerton's congregation, per J. and W. Robertson,

13 50 Do. do. Auxiliary Missionary Society per do.

27 25 Jamaica, L. I. From Thos. Napier, Esq. of the 5d Presbyterian church, Charleston, S. C. subscription for 1831, per Rev. J. T. Russell,

100 00 Do. do. Eliphalet Wickes, Esq. subscription for 1831 per do.

50 00 Do. do. Auxiliary Society in part per do.

11 66 Kishacoquillas Valley, From the Churches per Dr. Ely,

28 75 Knowlesville, N. Y. From ladies of the congregation per Rev. D. Page,

4 14 Licking Cong. Pa. Auxiliary Miss. Society per S. Thompson, Tr.

5 32 Lansingburgh, N. Y. Collections at the monthly concert of prayer in Presbyterian church per Mr. Seth Seely,

50 00 Mendon, Monroe Co. N. Y. Auxiliary Society per Rev. E. D. Andrews,

25 00 Newburyport, Mass. Auxiliary Society per Rev.J. Proudfit,

130 00 New Geneva, Pa. George Creek congregation aux. society, per j. w. Nichol

10 00 New Lexington, Preble Co. Ohio, Aux. Society per Rev. S. J. Miller,

5 80 Newark, N. J. Aux. Society in part per Rev. J. T. Russell,

45 90 Neshamony, Pa. Auxiliar y Society per Rev. Mr. Belville,

46 25 New York City, Aux. society Rutger’s-st. cong. per Rev. J. T. Russell, 27 75 Do. H. Remson, Esq. do. per do.

20 00 Do. Eliza Lewis, do. per do.

20 00 Do. Aux. society Murray.street congregation per


81 00 Do. Levi Coit, Esq. do, per do.

5 00 Do. D. Andrews, Esq. do, per do.

10 00 Do. John Johnson, Esq. do. per do.

50 00 Do. A female friend of Murray-street cong. per Rev. J. T. Russel,

4 00 Do. J. Boorman, do. per do.

50 00 Do. Aux. society Canal-street congregation, per

95 00 Do. Joel Post, Cedar-street congregation, per


25 00 Do. Hugh Auchincloss, do.


25 00 Do. Chas. Squire,



10 00 Do. R. H. McCurdy, do.


5 00 Do. John Morrison, Wall-street congregation, per do,

10 00 Do. J. S. McNight, do.


10 00 Do. J. G. Warren,



10 00 Do. Mrs. Leavenworth, do.


5 00 Do. D. McCormick,


5 00 Do. From several individuals, do.


11 00 Do. Rev. Gardiner Spring, D. D.


25 00 Oxford Chester. Co. Pa. Cong. amt. collected per Rev. E. Dickey, D. D.

18 00 Princeton, N. J. From aux. society in part, per Rev. G. S. Woodhull,

10 00 Pigeon Creek, Pa. Alix. Miss. society, per S. Thompson, Esq. Tr.

31 00 Pittsburg, do, 2 Pr. ch. per do.

55 00 Do. Donation from Theological Students, per do.

9 25 Do do. do. C. McPlierrin

50 Poland, Ohio. From aux. society 1829-30, in part per Rev. T. Barr,

7 50 Philadelphia. Colls. and subsp. in 8th Pr. Church, per H. McKeen, Esq. 86 46 Do. Donation from a female member of do. per


100 00 Do. Coll, at Concert of Prayer 2d Pr. Church,

38 32 Do. Amount subscriptions, 1830, do.

72 25 Do. Additional do. do.

2 00 Do. do.


12 00 Do. Amount subscriptions, 4th Pr. Church,

24 00 Racoon Cong. Pa. Aux, Missionary society, per S. Thompson, Esq. Tr.

23 25 South Carolina. Cash received from a Missionary,

5 00 Shelby Cong. N. Y. from ladies of the congregation per Rev. D. Page, 3 50 Do. do. gentlemen


2 75 Spring Mills, Sinking Creek aux. society, per D. Duncan, Tr.

22 75 Washington, Ohio. Collection at a public meeting, per Rev. J. L. Belville, 15 00 West Mendon, N. Y. Aux. society, per Rev. G. G. Sill,

20 00 Do. Collection on Thanksgiving-day, per


5 00 Missionary Reporter. From sundry subscribers,


92 50

$1,929 92 SOLOMON Allen, Treasurer, No. 18, S. Third street,

per do.


EDUCATION REGISTER. principles of our holy religion, but as ini

mical to peace of mind and, of conseSUGGESTIONS ADVISORY TO CANDI

quence, to the healthful operation of the DATES FOR THE GOSPEL MINISTRY. | various and delicate organs of our animal (Continued from page 78.)


But, as means of more direct influence, III. Another topic, on which we would in promoting good health and having submit a few thoughts, is the attention || strong claims to the attentiou of students, due to the preservation of health. This we may mention regularity, or something is a matter of so much importance that like system, in the taking of food, sleep, all teachers find it necessary to counsel and exercise. In regard to the first of their pupils frequently and seriously on these, we have only to remark, that it the subject. Yet young men, particular should be nutritious, and be taken frely those who feel themselves under re

quently, rather than in large quantities at ligious obligations to make the best use

once. This, to some, may appear to be of their time and opportunities, are very a matter of little moment; but to persons apt, in the ardor of their zeal, to neglect of sedentary habits, it is found, by expethe voice of experience, in this respect || rience, to be of real consequence. As to until their constitutions become radically drink-pure water is the best, the safest, impaired, and the adoption of preven- and the most healthful. It is nature's tive measures is either impracticable or beverage,—the grand diluter—the very useless. Hence many young men of un- article which the beneficent Creator has equivocal piety and high promise, are provided, in rich profusion, for the use of consigned to an early grave; and a preju- man and beast. Distilled, and ordinarily dice is, thus, fostered against a thorough fermented liquors, are not only needless, course of study, not a little injurious to but pernicious. All artificial stimulants the cause of sound learning.

produce indirect debility; and except Every student should regard the care when taken as a medical prescription, of his health as a religious duty. The ought to be discarded. connection between mind and body, in What we mean by regularity in taking man, is so intimate, that the one cannot sleep is, that a certain portion of time be affected, injuriously, without impair- should be allotted to this demand of naing in some degree, the free action and ture; and, that the season appropriated healthful vigor of the other. Let your to it, should not, ordinarily, be invaded, muscular powers become enfeebled, and either by business, or the attractions of your nervous system acquire a morbid society. The practice of intruding upon sensitiveness, and what, of comfort or the hours of sleep, is too common espeusefulness, can you reasonably count up- cially, with those who are fitly called on? The body is the apparatus of the hard students; and the mischiefs, which mind, as well in the acquisition, as in the lit produces, are the more scrupulously to communication of knowledge. Hence be guarded against, because they are gebodily disease, invariably checks profi- ||nerally, so insidious as to be unsuspected ciency in study, and renders the vigorous by the patient, until he finds himself a and effective discharge of professional confirmed valetudinarian. To say noduty impossible.

thing of the ill effects of this practice The means of maintaining and promo- upon the eyes, which are often ruined ting good health are various. We shall by it—all experience proves, that close notice a few, very briefly. And, in the study, continued to a late hour in the first place, we remark, that a peaceful evening, unfits the human system for and benevolent state of mind, is favour- quiet and refreshing repose. Every deable, if not essential to the full enjoy- | votee of the midnight lamp, knows somement of this inestimable blessing. All thing about the difficulty of coaxing himharrassing solicitude, arising out of en-self to sleep, after having been intensely gagements entered into without a reason- engaged, for hours in succession, on subable prospect of being able to fulfil them;jects of a recondite, or highly interesting -gloomy forebodings, in relation to character. The writer, taught by painevents over which we have no controul;|| ful and perilous experiment, would warn -fearful anticipations of evil, in refer- his yong brethren of shoals and quickence to ourselves, or others, for whom sands, on which his own constitution was we feel deeply interested;-all malevo-well nigh wrecked. Often have wakelent emotions, such as anger, envy, jea- || ful restlessness, distressing dreams, exlousy, hatred, and revenge, are to be haustion, lassitude, languor, and strong deprecated and scrupulously guarded temptation to encroach, by way of repriagainst, not only as incompatible with the "sal, on the active duties of the following

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