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more will come forward at the next com- || West Mendon and fifty dollars in Rush munion.

being raised for my support. The con“There are some particularly striking | gregation of West Mendon having gained instances of the power of divine grace in some strength the last year, now prosubduing the human heart that have poses to raise two hundred dollars this been presented to view in this revival, year and ask the aid of the Board of Miswhich I should love to describe and per- sions to the amount of 100 dollars. haps I may when I write again.

A wedding fee well appropriated. “Immediately after the date of my last, “ Now for my apology for not forward-. our circumstances required the number ing my report before. I made a pledge of weekly meetings to be increased in my own mind some weeks ago, that I Since about that time, I have attended a would contribute the next marriage fee meeting nearly every day or evening: I which I should receive, to the funds of preach three discourses upon the Sab- the Auxiliary in this place. I heard of bath, three or four lectures in the course an intended marriage before the quarter of the week, the remainder of the time is was out, and I delayed my report till it employed in visiting and attending con- should take place, which was last evenferences and prayer meetings.

ing. Five dollars was the fee. I told “My Bible class which I was in the some of our young men that they must habit of attending Sabbath morning, at 9 raise a similar sum which being done, o'clock, has been for a little season sus- raises the funds of the Auxiliary to pended, and in its stead has been substi- | twenty dollars-So that the delay has tuted a prayer meeting for the Sabbath turned to your advantage." School Teachers. These exercises have been blest. At the hour appointed the From Rev. Jabez SPICER, dated Andosuperintendent opens the meeting with

ver, N. Y. Dec. 1, 1830. prayer and singing. The lesson is then

A Season of Refreshing. read and explained; prayers are offered with special reference to the school, that

Since my last we have been again visiteachers, and scholars, may be led to a ted with a little refreshing from the preright understanding of God's word, and sence of the Lord, which has made glad that the carnal minds of both may be re- the people of God in this region, and newed.

awakened in them those expressions of “Since the commencement of these gratitude which evince that they do not meetings, four teachers and nine scholars despise the day of small things. During have in the estimation of charity become the latter part of summer and autumn, subjects of renewing grace.

The Sab- the Lord has been pleased to pour out his bath School cause has strengthened spirit, and carry on a work of Divine greatly the season past.”

grace in that part of Thornelsville,

which lies on the north-east corner of From Rev. G. G. Sill, dated, West Men had lived in the place several years, and

Andover. A few professors of religion don, N. Y. Dec. 18th 1830.

had not been favoured with but two ser“The prospects of West Mendon are mons from Clergymen of our order premore encouraging. The congregation has vious to my visiting them: yet I believe been gradually increasing for the last six they had prayed much for the means of months.

grace and for the blessing of God to “During the quarter there has been accompany them. I have visited them one case of hopeful conversion, and some as often as consistent with other duties, are now inquiring. A meeting for reli-| going from house to house and attending gious conference and prayer has been es- religious meetings: the distance from tablished and the organization of a church | Andover Center is about eight or ten is contemplated as soon as practicable. miles: numbers attend public worship on We now count four male and six female | the Sabbath at Andover: seven have alprofessors of the Presbyterian order in ready united with the church; twelve or This place. It is a singular fact that when fourteen more have expressed a wish to this congregation was commenced, more unite, and probably will soon; others are than two years ago, there was not known entertaining hopes of a gracious change, to be a male professor of the Presbyterian some have recently gained evidence of order in this village of four hundred in- | an interest in Christ, and others are still habitants. Previous to that period the inquiring: which gives evidence that the Methodists, Chrystians, and Universal- Lord has not yet taken his spirit from ists had the sole occupancy of the them; and there appears to be an ardent ground.

desire breathed out in fervent prayer to “The congregation are now desirous God for the continuance of his gracious of my services the whole of the time. It work. will be recollected that my services have On examining my journal, I find I have been divided between West Mendon and preached one hundred and twenty-two Bush, one hundred and fifty dollars in sermons, made some over one hundred

family visits, and rode about five hundred || five more were added subjects of the and sixty miles. I have thought it pre: || gracious work, and three others on letters ferable to have prayer meetings and of recommendation. Have baptized eight religious conferences rather than ser adults and one infant. mons in times of awakening, in order to

Previous to the revival, the Church habituate young professors to take an active part, that they may be the

better in Scott, (the Presbyterian Church) numprepared to hold religious meetings in bered only eighteen members; twenty their respective neighborhoods when I three have now been added to that numcannot be with them.

ber. This something more than doubles I have admitted seventeen to the com- | their number, and as several families munion of the

churches in Andover and have thus been added, their strength is Greenwood, Baptised eighteen infants also in some measure augmented, and and four adults, administered the sacra- there begins to be some talk of building ment of the Lord's supper four times; a house for public worship, and I am have regularly attended four Bible class- | rather inclined to believe they will ates, established two temperance societies, tempt it the coming season. and a Sabbath-school in every school The town of Scott has within six district where there was sufficient Pres- months last past undergone a very great byterian influence to warrant success. moral change, and yet in Scott, that is in The Church and Society in Andover are some parts of it, iniquity still aboundsin a very flourishing state, they are going | especailly Sabbath breaking. As it reson with their meeting-house well: I have pects the Presbyterian Church we hope received by the hand of Rev. M. Hunter that the revival' is not altogether pasta donation of fifty dollars from Rev. Mr. that the Lord has not yet withdrawn the Dwight, of Geneva, for aiding in finish- Holy Spirits' influence from us. It is ing the house, which they are expending thought that the spirit of prayer is rather to good advantage. The Church and reviving amongst professors of religion, Society in Greenword are also in a pros- and that some impenitent sinners are unperous state, it will be more convenient der serious impressions. Prayer and for them to unite with the town of Jasper conference meetings are still kept up and the coming year. I have preached a are interesting, and we still hope to see number of Sabbaths and frequent Lec-l numbers more gathered into the Church. tures in the town of Independence. So-For what the Lord has already done, we ciety is flourishing there, and a Church have abundant reason to call upon our will probably be organized soon after the souls and all within us to bless and prsise next' meeting of Presbytery, they are his great and holy name—and we have engaged in finishing their meeting-house. I great occasion also to be very humble I have also received fifty dollars for them and to abase ourselves before God for our at the hand of the Rev. M. Hunter a unfaithfulness, seeing so many remain imdonation from the Rev. Dr. Janeway, of penitent and unbelieving-probably on Philadelphia; which they have expended account of the unfaithfulness of Christin nails, glass and putty. They are youngians. I need not say to you, dear brother, and feeble, surrounded with enemies who pray-pray for me as your Missionary, are devising every means to hinder their that I may be found faithful to my trust work, and hoping they will not be able |- I would feel that souls are committed to finish. If there could be any further to my care. donations made them from Philadelphia, We have uniformly a conference on the smallest would be thankfully received Saturday afternoon. I preach twice on and expended to the promotion of the Sabbath, attend the Bible class between Redeemer's cause. Do procure them | services, and conference at six o'clock. some assistance if you can. Their house is 50 by 40, two story, and will be a rich || the town of Scott is about a hundred and

The number of hopeful conversions in blessing in this wilderness town if it can twenty about sixty have united with the be completed.

Seventh-day Baptists, and between thirty From Rev. M. HARRISON, dated Pre- and forty with the First-day Baptists. ble, N. Y. December 23d, 1830.

In Scott there is a Bible society auxilInteresting Revival in the town of Scott, iary to the county society of Cortland, N. Y.

and I believe that every family in town In my communication about the first

is furnished with a copy of the Bible. of October, if my memory serves me, I

There is also a Temperance Society in mentioned the precious season of revival || this town consisting of between fifty and or work of grace that the people in the one hundred members, and is evidently town of Scott had been favored with. exerting a very salutary influence. About that time there were added to the Presbyterian Church fifteen persons on profession on their faith. Last Sabbath


Ohio, From Mr. N. L. Rice, dated, Morrisville, From Mr. R. YOUNG, Millersburg, O. Pa. January 5th; 1831.

Dec. 6, 1830. “ Although in giving you an account of

Additions to the Church, my labours in Morrisville and vicinity Little has occurred, during the three during the last three months, I cannot |months past, which merits notice. The inform you of an extensive and powerful Sacrament of the Lord's Supper was diswork of grace; yet I rejoice to be able to pensed at Millersburg, by the Rev. say there is good reason to believe that Archd. Hanna, of Paintville, on the last the preaching of the Gospel, however | Sabbath of August; when fourteen comfeebly done has not been in vain. Its effects municants were added to the congregaare manifested in several ways. Public tion. Seventeen children were admitted worship is attended by many, who for by baptism members of the visible years have either entirely or at least ha-Church, bitually neglected it. The Sabbath is less profaned. The Scriptures are more Measures adopted for the erection of a read-a number who were in the habit

new Meeting-House, of neglecting entirely this important duty The East Hopewell Congregation, afnow read them with interest. About two ter a tedious discussion, have agreed months since, I formed a Bible class in unanimously to build a frame MeetingMorrisville, which is attended by from House; and they have contracted with 16 to 20 females, almost all of whom an undertaker, who is engaged, at manifest increasing anxiety to understand present, in preparing the necessary mathe Scriptures. The Sunday school is in terials. The number of hearers, who a tolerably prosperous state, though not attend at each place of worship, has inso well attended now as in warm weather.creased greatly during Summer; and The cause of temperance is gradually deep interest and order characterize all gaining ground. Intemperance is the our meetings. And although, no singugreatest obstacle to the progress of the lar excitement prevails in this place, yet Gospel here. A few however, have de a considerable number wait with anxiety termined no longer to use ardent spirits, for an opportunity to profess publicly and an individual in extensive business their faith in Christ. We have disconhas determined not to give ardent spirits tinued the Sabbath-school on account of to those whom he employs. Several lit- the return of Autumn; not withstanding I tle dram-shops have been broken up and propose to maintain Bible classes during one notorious drunkard has entirely Winter, as the number of those who ceased to use ardent spirits and is indus- | attend them increases progressively.-triously engaged in his business. A large" During the last six months, I have number of males attend on publicworship, preached in different parts of the county, some of whom appear to be in an interest to audiences composed of men of various ing state of mind. Since my last report I sects and of dissimilar faith. The peorejoice to say that several persons have ple, almost uniformly, appear solicitous given pleasing evidence of having been to hear Presbyterian preaching. This born again, the number I cannot state station demands much labour, but it unprecisely. For several reasons an op- folds a prospect which is highly interestportunity has not been given them as yet ing. of making a public profession, but this will be done I hope very soon. There are From the Rev. J. L. BELLVILLE, near also several who are enquiring what they Miamiesburg, Ohio. must do to be saved-these are some of A Public Meeting and Revival in the the effects of the Gospel amongst this Congregation of Washington. people, from which it will be seen that ihe encouraging state of things mentioned

A meeting was appointed to be held in in my last still continues, though the work On the day previous pursuant to appoint

our bounds, on the 23d of September. is still and gradual. But while we rejoice that God has in any degree owned ment, I expected to meet my people in and blessed his word to the salvation of the Church for the purpose of special perishing sinners, we look, and hope, and prayer to God for his superintendence of, pray for greater things.—Paul may plant

and blessing upon, the meeting in prosand Appollos water, but God only can pect... But scarcely a dozen of the congive the increase. I spent about 3 weeks gregation met, such was the deplorable last vacation in visiting the families in this state of the Church; (here, however, I place and vicinity. My visits were in al- should say, that the attendance on the most every instance kindly received and Sabbath, was numerous and apparently frequently were interesting. Several cases

solemn,) but the day appointed arrived, of awakening are to be ascribed under the ministers and people collected, the God to these visits.”

meeting commenced and progressed, and the spirit of God descended; Christians

were aroused and sinners alarmed. As before we left them, and they hoped to be to the preaching, I think I can honestly able to raise somewhere near $150, say, it was the simpleunadulturated Gos- although it is doubtful whether they will pel of Christ, exhibited with great be able quite to reach it. But inasmuch earnestness and much affection; accom as it is likely to become an important panied with the most powerful appeals to section, I do hope the Board will furnish the heart and conscience. But besides them with a Missionary as speedily as this, there was public and private exhor-possible. tations, and an earnest wrestling in prayer, and truly it was good to be there; I

ILLINOIS. am aware that many do consider such From the Rev. B. F. SPILLMAN, dated meeting as Anti-Presbyterial, yet I am Shawneetown, Illinois, October 31, 1830. constrained to say that when langour prevails in the churches, they are a pre-ordination, it has devolved upon me to

“ As Brother B. has not yet received cious means of arousing and calling into attend to the administration of the sacralively exercise the graces of the Chris-ments of Baptism and the Lord's Supper, tian, and assisting the attention of unbe- &c. in his field of labour as well as my lievers. The results of that meeting have to us been precious indeed. The travel more than it otherwise would have

own. This makes it necessary for me to Lord (we trust) has added to our Church been. Besides this, I have yielded to the 27 precious souls as fruits of the revival, pressing solicitations of some members of and there is yet a most delightful state of things existing. Our Sabbath-school about 150 miles from this place; and have

our church in Clarke county in this state, which we held in the Church during the visited them and organized them into a Summer, we have divided into three Church consisting of about 20 members, schools, which we hope to continue with promising prospects if they can only through the winter season: heretofore there has been a suspension of Sabbath- tions I have still labored at Shawneetown,

obtain a minister. With these excepschool instruction, but aware of its impor

Equality and Golconda. tance, and also of the loss sustained by so long a vacation, we resolved on making

Some Mercy Drops. the

trial of winter schools and hope they “In the Golconda church, we have at will flourish. We have now three regular length realized that for which we have weekly prayer meetings, all well attend been praying and looking—a few cases of ed and profitably conducted. Of those conviction made their appearance in Aulately added to the church, the greater gust; and the number gradually increased number are heads of families, three are until the time arrived which we had set upwards of 60 years of age, and among for a four-day's meeting including the them one who had not been seen at any two Sabbaths of September. And as the meeting, (except at his own house as his congregation does not live compact it was wife was a member,) for about 9 years, thought best for the families who lived at previous to the one above named;curiosi- a distance from the place of worship to ty prompted him to come, and the Lord prepare and encamp on the ground. had mercy on him. He was not received Thus they continned there during the at that time but has since joined us, and four days. This is what is called a camp thus far is steadfast. Since my last report | meeting. Good order and solemnity preI have baptized 14 adults and 17 infants, vailed throughout the meeting, and it total 31. ‘At our last stated meeting of was manifest that the Lord was with us. Presbytery, (in view of our wide extend- Seven persons were on examination reed moral desolations,) we resolved that i ceived and sat down with us for the first it was the duty of each member of the at the Lord's table. A number more left Miamiesburg Presbytery to spend at the place under deep anxiety, of whom least one month in each year in Missiona-eight are now indulging as hope in the ry labours. In accordance with that crucified Saviour. A few others are still resolution, I spent two weeks in company | among the anxious. We do not yet venwith Brother Coe, in Shelby Co. In ture to call this a revival: but you will Shelby Co. there is a small Presbyterian agree with us, that "the Lord hath done Church of about 20 members; these have great things for us, whereof we are glad.” as yet enjoyed but little preaching, & alas! To his name be all the glory. “God on we found them too generally insensible his thirsty zion hill, some mercy drops of their spiritual wants, but' ere we left has thrown.” I find also two places in them, there was evidently a hungering brother Bennet's field, where the Lord is and thirsting after righteousness, and showing some “ tokens for good.” But with tearful eye and aching hearts, seve- I leave it for him to give you particulars. ral bade us farewell. We encouraged With other means we believe that the them to trust in the Lord while they Head of the Church especially smiles made exertions to procure a Missionary. upon our visits from house to house, A subscription paper was in circulation in which we converse personally with

all the members of families who are old “ These facts we think you ought to enough to understand. And dear Sir, || know.. And now we plead our wants. while I express the gratitude which these With the confidence of children to a mofeeble churches feel to our more favored ther, we ask you to think of us. We ask brethren in the East, for what they have you to send us a minister; to go iri and out done and are doing for us: let me again before us; and break to us the bread of request them to remember us in their life. To whom shall we apply but to you? prayers. We do hope that a brighter We cannot reconcile it with our feelings day' is about to dawn upon this part of to live without one to instruct our chilIllinois.

dren and our neighbours in the way of “During the quarter just closed I have life. We cannot bear the idea of these travelled 1151 miles, preached 61 ser- churches languishing and dying. “Come mons besides several public exhortations over into Illinois and help us." And, O! and addresses, organized one church, or- that our cry may reach the heart of some dained one elder and installed two others, dear servant of Christ, who will immediadministered the Lord's Supper. fourately reply: “here am I send me.” times, received into communion (inclu “ By order of the Sessions of Carmi ding those in the newly organized church) and Sharon Churches." 11 on examination and 20 on certificates

BENJ. F. SPILLMAN, baptised 2 adults and 5 infants, made many family visits, attended and addressed the Sabbath school as often as

REPORTS OF AGENTS. practicable and distributed a quantity of religious tracts.

From Rev. L. F. LEAKE, Lexington, A request of the Sessions of Carmi and Va. 220 December, 1830. Sharon Churches.

“Since my last report I have visited “At a meeting of these sessions on the the following churches, and have obtain23d inst. they requested me as their ed the following subscriptions, to wit: agent to represent to the much esteemed New Providence congregation,(Rev, Jas. Board of Missions of the Assembly, in Morrison, pastor. ) substance as follows:

49 Annual subscribers, amount 1. The time during which Mr. Isaac subscribed,

$56 50 Bennet, your Missionary was appointed Donations,

1 00 to labour with us has now expired: and Received cash,

$21 00 he has informed us, that he does not Included ann. subscrip. wish to locate himself permanently. But Rev. Jas. Morrison and we feel it to be due to him and to the family,

$7 00 board, to express our cordial approba- Robt. M'Chesney, 5 00 tion of him as a faithful Minister of James Martin, 5 00 Christ, and our gratitude to God and un- James M.Nutt, 3 00 derhiin to your Board for his labors thus Lexington congregation, (Rev. Dr. Baxlong, and our sorrow that we cannot con

ter, pastor.) tinue to enjoy them. But we consider it

47 Annual subscribers, amount a duty to acquiesce in the dispensation by

subscribed, which we are for the present left desti

$72 25 tute of the stated preaching of the Gos- Received cash,



$4 00 "i2. As we cannot bear the idea of re- | Rev. Dr. Baxter,

Included ann, subscrip.

$5 00 maining in this destitute situation, we

Rev. H. Ruffner, 5 00 feel it our duty and privilege again respectfully to send up our cry to you.


5 00 Maj. J. Alexander,

Edward Graham and cannot promise any thing very inviting in


3 50 a pecuniary way. We are in moderate

A. T. Barclay, 3 00 circumstances and most of us still labour under the difficulties, common to new

J. Leyburn & family, 5 00

John M‘Corkle, 4 00 settlers. The Carmi church feels able

3 00 with its present strength to promise for Joseph Steele,

Doctor A. Leyburn, 3 00 the support of a minister 80 or from that

J. F. Coruthers, and to 100 dollars a year. The Sharon church


5 00 does not feel disposed to say what it can do. But we think that if a minister were Fairfield and Timber Ridge congregasettled with us and would receive as a

tion, (Rev. Allen D. Metcalfe, Pastor:) part of his support the produce of the || 33 Annual subscribers, amount earth; we could give him nearly or quite subscribed,

$42 25 a competant support. The present num-Donations,

2 25 ber of communicants in our two churches Received cash,

$14 50 is sixty-four.

Included ann, subscrip.


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