The banks of the Douro; or, The maid of Portugal, כרך 1

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עמוד 108 - Fast to his ships he fled ; Yet while I sleep, his graceful form Still hovers round my bed. " Sometimes, all clad in armour bright, He shakes a warlike lance ; And now, in courtly garments dight, He leads the sprightly dance. " His hair, as black as raven's wing; " His skin — as Christmas snow ; His cheeks outvie the blush of morn, " His lips like rose-buds glow. " His limbs, his arms, his stature, shap'd By Nature's finest hand ; His sparkling eyes declare him born To love, and to command.
עמוד 224 - Unwearied chase the destined prey ; For thee I'll pierce the wild wood deep, And part the sprays that vex thy way. For thee ' —
עמוד 1 - The famed and great, decreed to equal pain, Full oft in splendid wretchedness complain : For this, prosperity, with brighter ray In smiling contrast gilds our vital day. Thou too, sweet maid ! ere twice ten months are o'er, Shalt hail Palemon to his native shore, Where never interest shall divide us more.
עמוד 45 - ... pious daughter and a faithful wife. For his return, with fond officious care, Still every grateful object these prepare; Whatever can allure the smell or sight, Or wake the drooping spirits to delight. " This blooming maid, in Virtue's path to guide, Her anxious parents all their cares apply'd : Her spotless soul, where soft compassion reign'd, No vice untun'd, no sickening folly stain'd.
עמוד 81 - Heaven-descended child! Whose power is best perceiv'd in noblest hearts; Who dress'd in smiles of patience, meekly mild, To want, relief; to mis'ry, ease imparts; By thee...
עמוד 176 - Her heart was pity's soft retreat, The refuge of despair; She sigh'd at tales of hard deceit, And felt an equal care.

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