תמונות בעמוד

3 We are the poor, the blind, the lame, 2 Our lips should learn that joyful song,

And help was far, and death was nigh! Were but our hearts prepar'd like his; But at the gospel-call we came,

“Our souls still willing to be gone, And ev'ry want receiv'd supply. And, at thy word, depart in peace. 4 From the highway that leads to hell, 3 “ Here we have seen thy face, O Lord,

From paths of darkness and despair, And view'd salvation with our eyes, Lord, we are come with thee to dwell, Tasted and felt the living word,

Glad to enjoy thy presence here.] The bread descending from the skies. 5 (What shall we pay th' eternal Son, 4“Thou hast prepar'd this dying Lamb,

That left the heav'n of his abode, Hast set his blood before our face, And to this wretched earth came down, To teach the terrors of thy name,

To bring us wand'rers back to God! And skew the wonders of thy grace. 6 It cost him death, to save our lives; 5" He is our light, our morning star

To buy our souls, it cost his own; Shall shine on nations yet unknowo ; And all the unknown joys he gives, The glory of thine Israel here,

Were bought with agonies unknown. And joy of spirits near the throne.” 7 Our everlasting love is due To him that ransom'd sinners lost;

HYMN XV. (C. M.) And pity'd rebels, when he knew The vast expence his love would cost.] , Our Lord Jesus at his own table. HYMN XIII. (C. M.) 1 [THE mem'ry of our dying Lord

Awakes a thankful tongue : Divine Love making a feast, and calling

How rich he spreads his royal board, in the guests, Luke xiv. 17, 22, 23.

And bless'd the food and

Song: I HOW sweet and awful is the place, 3 Happy the men that eat this bread; With Christ witbin the doors,

But doubly bless'd was he While everlasting love displays

That gently bow'd his loving head, The choichest of her stores!

And lean'd it, Lord, on thee. 3 Here ev'ry bowel of our God

3 By faith, the same delights we taste With soft compassion rolls;

As that great fav'rite did, Here peace and pardon bought with And sit and lean on Jesus' breast, blood,

And take the heav'nly bread.] Is food for dying souls.

4 Down from the palace of the skies,

Hither the King descends; 3 (While all our hearts and all our songs

“ Come, my beloved, eat (he cries) Join to admire the feast,

And drink salvation, friends. Each of us cry, with thankful tongues, “ Lord, why was I a guest ?

5 [“My flesh is food and physic too,

A balm for all your pains: 4" Why was I made to hear thy voice, And the red streams of pardon flow And enter wbile there's room;

From these my pierced veins.” When thousands make a wretched

6 Hosanna to his bounteous love choice,

For such a feast below! And rather starve than come?”]

And yet he feeds his saints above 3 'Twas the same love that spread the With nobler blessings too. feast,

7 [Come, the dear day, the glorious hour, That sweetly forc'd us in;

That brings our souls to rest! Else we had still refus'd to taste, Then we shall need these types no And perish'd in our sin.

more, [Pity the nations, 0 our God,

But dwell at th' heav'nly feast.] Constrain the earth to come ; Send thy rictorious word abroad,

HYMN XVI. (C. M.) And bring the strangers home. 7 We long to see thy churches full,

The agonies of Christ. That all the chosen race, Maywith one voice and heart and soul, || 1 NOW let our pains be all forgot, Sing thy redeeming grace.]

Our hearts no more repine;

Our sufl'rings are not worth a thonght, HYMN XIV. (L. M.).

When, Lord, compar'd with thine.

2 In lively figures here we sce
The Song of Simeon, Luke ii. 28. Or, The bleeding Prince of Love;

A sight of Christ makes death easy. Each of us hopes he dy'd for me,
I NOW have our hearts embrac'd our

And then our griefs remove.

3 [Our humble faith here takes her rise,
We would forget all earthly charts, While sitting round his board ;
And wish to die, as Simeon would And back to Calrary she fies,
With his young Saviour in his arms. To view her groaning Lord.


4 His soul what agonies it felt,

3 On earth is no such sweetness found, When his own God withdrew !

For the Lamb's fiesh is heav'nly food : And the large load of all our guilt In vain we search the globe around, "Lay heavy on hiin ton !

For bread so fine, or wine so good. 5 But the divinity within

4 Carnal provisions can at best Supported hiin to bear:

But cbeer the heart, or warın the head: Dying, he conquer'd hell and sin, But the rich cordial that we taste And made his triumph there.]

Gives life eternal to the dead. 6 Grace, wisdom, justice, join'd and 5 Joy to the Master of the feast;

The wonders of that day : (wrought His name our souls for ever bless; No mortal tongue, nor mortal thougbt, To God the King, and God the Priest, Can equal thanks repay.

A loud hosanna round the place. 7 Our hymns should sound like those Could we our voices raise;. (above,

HYMN XIX. (L. M.) Yet Lord, our hearts shall all be love, Glory in the cross : or, not ashamed of And all our lives be praise.

Christ crucified. HYMN XVII. (3. M.) 1 AT thy command, our dearest Lord, Incomparable food: or, the flesh and Here we attend thy dying feast; blood of Christ.

Thy blood like wine adorns thy board,

And thine own flesh feeds ev'ry guest. 1 (WE sing th’amazing deeds

That grace divine performs; 2 Our faith adores thy bleeding love, Th'eternal God comes down and bleeds And trusts for life in one that dy'd; To nourish dying worms.

We hope for heav'nly crowns above, This soul-reviving wine,

From a Redeemer crucify'd. Dear Saviour, 'tis thy blood; 3 Let the vain world pronounce it shame, We thank that sacred flesh of thine And fling their scandals on the cause: For this immortal food.]

We come to boast our Saviour's name, 3 The banquet that we eat,

And make our triumphs in his cross. Is made of heav'nly things!

4 With joy we tell the scoffing age, Earth has no dainties half so sweet He that was dead has left his tomb, As our Redeemer brings.

He lives above their utmost rage,

And we are waiting till he come. 4 In vain had Adam sought,

And search'd his garden round;
For there was no such blessed fruit

HYMN XX. (C. M.)
In all the happy ground.

The provision for the table of our Lord: s : Thịangelic host above

the tree of life, and river of love's Can never taste this food; They feast upon their Maker's love, i LORD, we adore thy bounteous hand, But not a Saviour's blood.

And sing the solemn feast,

Where sweet celestial dainties stand 6 On us th’ Almighty Lord

For ev'ry willing guest. Bestows this matchless grace, And meets us with some cheering word, | 2 [The tree of life adorns the board With pleasure in his face.

With rich immortal fruit,

And ne'er an angry flaming sword Come, all ye drooping saints,

To guard the passage to'ta
And banquet with the King :
This wine will drown your sad com- 3 The cup stands crown'd with living
And tune your voice to sing. (plaints juice;

The fountain flows above,
Salvation to the name

And runs down streaming for our use,
Of our adored Christ:

In rivulets of love.]
Thro'thewide earth his grace proclaim,
His glory in the high’st.

4 The food's prepar'd by heav'nly art,

The pleasures well refin'd;

They spread new life thro'ev'ry heart,

And cheer the drooping mind. The same. 1 JESUS! we bow before thy feet :

6 Shout and proclaim the Saviour's love,

Ye saints that taste his wine :
Thy table is divinely stord;
Thy sacred flesh our souls have eat,

Join with your kindred saints above,

In loud hosannas join. "Tis living bread, we thank thee Lord. 2 And here we drink our Saviour's blood; || 6 A thousand glories to the God

That gives such joys as this;
We thank thee,Lord, 'tis gen'rous wine,

Hosanna ! let it sound abroad,
Mingled with love; the fountain flow'd
From that dear bleeding heart of thine. And reach where Jesus is.

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HYMN XXI. (C. M.) 3 (Rebels, we broke our Maker's laws;

He from the threat'nings set us free, The triumphal feast for Christ's victory

Bore the full veng'ance on the cross, over sin, and death, and hell.

And nail'd the curses to the tree. 1 [COME, let us lift our voices high,

4 [The law proclaims no terror now, High as our joys arise,

Aud Sinai's thunder roars no more; And join the songs above the sky,

From all his wounds newblessings flow, Where pleasure never dies.

A sea of joy without a shore. 2 Jesus, the God that fought and bled.

5 Here we havewash'd our deepest stains, And conquer'd when he fell;

And heal'd our wounds with hearinly That rose, and at his chariot wheels Drag:'d all the pow'rs of hell.]


Bless'd fountain, springing from the 3 [Jesus, the God, invites us here Of Jesus, our incarnate God.) To this triumphal feast,

6 In vain our mortal voices strive And brings immortal blessings down For each redeemed guest.]

To speak compassion so divine;

Had we a thousand lives to give, 4 The Lord! how glorious is his face! A thousand lives should all be thine.

How kind his smiles appear!
And O! what melting words he says

To ev'ry humble ear!

Grace and glory by the death of Christ. 3 “For you, the children of my love,

I [SITTING around our Father's board,

We raise uur tuneful breath;
It was for you I dy'd ;
Behold my hands, behold my feet,

Our faith beholds the dying Lord,

And dooms our sins to death.]
And look into my side.
6 "These are the wounds for you I bore, | 2 We see the blood of Jesus shed,
The tokens of my pains,

Whence all our pardons rise ;

The sinner views th'atonement made, When I came down to free your souls

And loves the sacrifice.
From misery and chains.

3 Thy cruel thorns, thy shameful cross 9 [“ Justice unsheath'd his fi'ry sword

Procure us heav'nly crowns,
And plung'd it in my heart;

Our bighest gain springs from thy loss;
Infinite pangs for you í bore,
And most tormenting smart.

Our healing froin thy wounds. “When hell and all its spiteful pow'rs || 4 ' tis impossible that we

Who dwell in feeble clay,
Stood dreadful in my way,

Should equal suff'rings bear for thee, To rescue those dear lives of yours,

Or equal thanks repay.
I gave my own away.

HYMN XXIV. (C. M.) “ But while I bled, and groan'd, and

I ruind Satan's throne; (dy'd, Pardon and strength from Christ. High on my cross I hung and spy'd I FATHER, we wait to feel thy grace ; The monster tumbling down.

To see thy glories shine;

The Lord will his own table bless, 10 “ Now you must triumph at my feast,

And make the feast divine.
And taste my flesh and blood;
And live eternal ages bless'd,

2 We touch, we taste the heavenly bread, For 'tis immortal food."

We drink the sacred cup;

With outward forms our sense is fed, 11 Victorious God! what can we pay

Our souls rejoice in hope.
For favours so divine?
We would devote our hearts away 3 We shall appear before the throne
To be for ever thine.)

Of our forgiving God, 12 Wc give thee, Lord our highest praise,

Dress'd in the garments of his Son, The tribute of our tongues;

And sprinkled with his blood. But thenies so infinite as these

+ We shall he strong to run the race, Exceed our noblest songs.

And climb the upper sky;

Christ will provide our souls with grace, HYMN XXII. (L. M.)

He bought a large supply. The compassion of a dying Christ.

5 [Let us indulge a checrful frame, I OUR spirits joint adore the Lamb: For joy becomes a feast :

O that our feeble lips could move We love the mem'ry of his name
In strains immortal as his name,

More than the wine we taste..)
And melting as his dying love!

HYMN XIV. (C. M.) 2. Was ever equal pity found; The Prince of heav'n resigns his breath

Divine glories and graces. And pours his life out on the ground, | HOW are thy glories here display'd! To ransom guilty worms from death. Great God? hou brigut they shine!

While at thy word re break the bread, Makes living springs of grace arise, And pour the flowing wine.

And into boundless glory flow. 9 Here thy revenging justice stands, 4 Thus God the Father, God the Son, And pleads its dreadful cause;

And God the Spirit we adore; Here saving mercy spreads her hands, That sea of life and love unknown, Like Jesus on the cross.

Without a bottom, or a shore. 3 Thv saints attend with ev'ry grace, On this great sacrifice:

HYMN XXVII. (1st C. M.) And love appears with chearful face,

I GLORY to God the Father's name, And faith with fixed eyes.

Who, from our sinful race
4 Our bope in waiting posture sits, Chose out his fav’rites to proclain
To heav'n directs her sight;

The honours of his grace.
Here ev'ry warmer passion mcets,
Aud warmer pow'ss unite.

2 Glory to God the Son be paid,

Who dwelt in humble clay, 5 Zeal and revenge perform their part,

And, to redeem us from the dead,
And rising sin destroy :

Gáve bis own life away.
Repentance comes with aching heart,
Yet not forbids the joy.

3 Glory to God the Spirit give, 6 Dcar Saviour, change our faith to sight,

From whose almighty pow'r Let sin for ever die ;

Our souls their heav'nly birth derive, Then shall our souls be all delight,

And bless the happy boun And ev'ry tear be dry.

4 Glory to God that reigns above,

Th' eternal Three and One,

Who by the wonders of his love I cannot persuade myself to put a full Has made his nature known. period to these Divine Hymns, till I have addressed a special song of glory to God. HYMN XXVIII. (1st S. M.) the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 1 LET God the Father live · Though the Latin name of it Gloria Pa

For ever on our tongues : tria, be retained in our nation from the

Sinners from his first-love derive Roman church; and though there may

The ground of all their songs. be some excesses of superstitious honour paid to the words of it, which may have 2 Ye saints, employ your breath wrought some unhappy prejudices in In honours to the Son, weaker Christians, yet I believe it still Who bought your souls from hell and to be one of the noblest parts of Christian death, worship. The subject of it is the doctrine By off’ring up his own. of the I'rinity, which is that peculiar glory of the divine nature, that our Lord Jesus | 3 Give to the Spirit praise Christ bas so clearly revealed unto men,

Of an immortal strain, and is so necessary to true Christianity.

Wbose light, and pow'r, and grace The action is praise, which is one of the


Salvation down to men. most complete and exalted parts of christian worship. I have cast the song into a 4 While God the Comforter variety of forms, and have fitted it by a Reveals our pardon'd sin, plain version, or a larger paraphrase, to O may the blood and water bear be sung either alone, or at the conclusion The same record within. of another Hymn. I have added also a few hosannas, or ascriptions of salvation 5 To the great One and Three, to Christ in the same manner, and for

That seal'd this grace io heav'o, the same end.

The Father, Son, and Spirit, be

Eternal glory giv'n.

HYMN XXIX. (2d L. M.)
A song of praise to the ever-blessed

I GLORY to God the Trinity,
God the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Whose name has mysteries unknown;

In essence One, in persons Three:
HYMN XXVI. [1st L. M.]

A social nature, yet alone.
I BLESS'D be the Father and his love,
To whose celestial source we owe

2 When all our noblest pow'rs are join'd Rivers of endless joy above,

The honours of thy name to raise, And rills of comfort here below.

Thy glories over-match our mind,

And angels faint beneath the praise 2 Glory to thee, great Son of God,

From whose dear wounded body rolls HYMN XXX. (2d C. M.) A precious stream of vital blood,

| THE God of mercy be ador'd, Pardon and life for dying souls.

Who calls our souls from death, 3 We give thee, sacred Spirit, praise, Wbo saves by his redeeming word,

Who in our hearts of sin and woe, And new-creating breath:

9 To praise the Father, and the Son, 2. To God the Son belongs And Spirit all divine,

Immortal glory too, The One in Three, and Three in One, Who bought us with his blood Let saints and angels join.

From everlasting, woe;

And now he lives,.
HYMN XXX). (2d. S. M.)

And now he reigns,

And sees the fruit
J LET God the Maker's name,

Of all his pains.
Have honour, love, and fear;
To God the Saviour pay the same, 3 To God the Spirit's name
And God the Comforter.

Immortal worship give, 2 Father of lights above,

Whose new-creating pow's
Thy mercy we adore;

Makes the dead sinner live: The Son of thy eternal love,

His work completes
And Spirit of thy pow'r.

The great design,

And fills the soul
HYMN XXXII. (3d. L. M.)

With joy divine.
To God the Father, God the Son,

4 Almighty God! to thee
And God the Spirit, Three in One, Be endless honours done,
Be bonour, praise, and glory giv'n The undivided Three,
By all on earth, and all in heav'n.

And the mysterious One:

Where reason fails
HYMN XXXIII. Or thus :

With all her pow'rs,
ALL glory to thy wondrous name,

There faith prevails,
Father of mercy, God of love ;

And love adores.
Thus we exalt the Lord the Lamb,
And thus we praise the heav'nly


The 2d as the cxlviïith Psalm.
HYMN XXXIV. (3d, C. M.)
NOW let the Father and the Son,

I TO him that chose us first,

Before the world began; And Spirit be ador’d,

To him that bore the curse Where there are works to make bim

To save rebellious man;

To him that form'd
Or saints to love the Lord.

Our hearts anew,
HYMN XXXV. Or thus:

Is endless praise

And glory due.
HONOUR to the Almighty Three,
And everlasting One;

2 The Father's love shall run All glory to the Father be,

Thro' our immortal songs;
The Spirit, and the Son.

We bring to God the Son

Hosannas on our tongues :
HYMN XXXVI. (3d. . M.)

Our lips address

The Spirit's name
YE angels round the throne,

With equal praise,
And saints that dwell below,

And zeal the same.
Worship the Father, love the Son,
And bless tbe Spirit too.

3 Let ev'ry saint above,

And angels round the throne,

For ever bless and love GIVE to the Father praise,

The sacred Three in one: Give glory to the Son,

Thus heav'n shall raisc And to the Spirit of his grace

His honours high, Be equal honour done.

With earth and time

Grow old and die.
A song of praise to the blessed Trinity.

The Ist as the cxlviiith Psalm.

The 3d as the cxlviiith Psalm. 1 IGIVE immortal praise

TO God the Father's throne To God the Father's love,

Perpetual honours raise : For all my comforts here,

Glory to God the Son,
Aud better hopes above

To God the Spirit praise :
He sent his own

And while our lips
Eternal Son

Their tributes bring,
To die for sins

Our faith adores
That man haricione.

The name we sing

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