תמונות בעמוד

And the blessed Jesus has promised unto his Disciples the holy Spirit as a Comforter in Jobn xiv. 16. saying, I will pray the Father, and be hall give you anoiber Comforter, that he may abide with you for


This Way is also a fure Way to Happiness, to Happiness both in this world and in that which is

to come.

It is declared in 1 Tim. v. 8. That Godliness is profilable unto all Things, baving tbe Promise of the Life that now is, and of that which is to come.

The Abundance of precious Promises, Promises of Blessings, spiritual and temporal, in this World to serious Christians, who believe in the Lord Jesus, and love, and serve God in Holiness and Righteouscess, the Promises of an eternal Salvation, of a Crown of Glory, of an everlasting Life, and of eternal Inheritance, (Heb. ix. 15.) are Evidences that there is a fure Way to Happiness.

The Apostle Peter says, Blefled be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which, according to his abundant Mercy, bath begotten us again unto a lively Hope, by the Refurrction of Jesus Chrift from the Dead, to an Inberitance incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in Heaven for you, i Pei, i. 3, 4.

In this World, many are the Afflictions of the Righteous, tho' few, very few, in Comparison with the Numbers of the Mercies they enjoy; and light, very light, in Comparison with the Weight and Importance of the Blessings God has bestowed on them : But God is present with them in all their Amictions, he puts under them the everlasting Arms, and will most certainly deliver them out of all their Troubles

He will make all Things to issue well unto them, as appears from that Declaration, Rom, viii. 28.

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viz, All Things work together for Good to them tbat love God, to them who are the Called according to his Purpofe. .

I have now shewed from the infallible Word of God, the way that leads to the Suffering of his Wrath in this World, and to an endless Destruction in the next; and also the Way, and the sure Way to Safety, Comfort, and Happiness, here and for ever hereafter.

I shall now conclude this Letter, with a brief Ada dress to those Sorts of Persons, whoin the righteous God has threatned with Punishments in this World.

And let me intreat such of you to consider the awful Threatnings denounced against you. You are the Objects, the miserable Objects of the divine Anger. The Lord's Indignation is against you, his terrible Controversy is with you. You have been hitherto heaping up Wrath against the Day of Wrath ; the Day of his wrathful Visitation for Sin.

And tho he may fuffer many Individuals, in each Sort of Sinners, to escape, in this World, his threatned Vengeance, yet Multitudes will be deftroyed, and by a dreadful Violence be sent to take their dreadful Abode with Devils reserved in Chains under Darkness to the final Judgment. · And you do not know, that you shall not be some of this Multitude.

O ponder this in your Thoughts, and reason with yourselves in the following Manner, as you have good Cause to do so, viz.

"How lamentable is my Condition ! how fearful “ are the Threarnings of the Almighty ! how “ fhall I be able to bear the Execution of them! “ How bitter are the Reflections on the Iniquities " of my Heart and Life ! What Advantage, “ what Confolation have I, or can I have from o those Sins, which I have indulged! How mon


strous, how heinous, how aggravated are the 46 Sins which I have been guilty of, and wilfully re“ peated, Times without Number! Alas ! what will “ become of me, if I still go on in my evil Ways ! 6. God be merciful to me a Sinner | a vile Sinner,'a “ most Hell-deserving Sinner! And may such a “ one as I, hope for any Mercy? Is there a Way “ for such a Transgreffor as I have been, to ob“ tain Pardon, and Peace, and Reconciliation with • the holy God, whom I have so much, and so “ long offended?

“ Yes, O my Soul! there is a fure Way, even “ for the Chief of Sinners, to obtain all that " Mercy, Salvation and Happiness, which guilty

and wretched Creatures do want.

" The Declar A Tions, the kind Declarations 46 of God which I have read in this Letter, and " which are recorded in the facred Scripture, are un86 deniable Proofs of it.

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“ And now, O moft gracious God, I humbly $ praise and thank thee for them ; I now renounce “ all my Sins with Shame and Grief: I confess them s with a Loathing of them, and acknowledge that “ thou mightest most juftly destroy me. But, o ” spare me for Christ's Sake! for thy Mercy Sake!

“ I believe that the Lord Jesus is both able and $ willing to save even the Chief of Sinners, and such " a vile Sinner as I have been. I believe him to be " the promised Saviour ! Lord increase my Faith! “ Help me against Unbelief! I take the Blessed Je“ sus. to be my Saviour, and humbly beseech thee “ by thy holy Spirit, thoroughly to convert, renew, “ and fanctifv me! and do thou work continually !! in me both to will, and to do of thy good Pleasure !

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« I now devote myfelf to thee, to be thine in an “ everlasting Covenant ! I beseech thee from this * Time to incline, and enable me to live according « to the holy Rules of thy Word." Amen, for Jesus Christ his Sakc.


* O my Soul reflect upon it, and consider the a wonderful Patience of God towards thee, in not “ pouring out his Plagues upon thee, and fending e thee down quick into Hell! Think on the Riches it of his Mercy manifested in giving thee this & Hour for renouncing thy Sins, and for accepting “the Saviour whom his Love provided ; and think a on his Grace in helping thee, by his holy Spirit, " to return to him through Christ, and to trust in « Christ Jefus alone for Salvation. Happy Transaction, between God and


Sout " this Hour !

“ If I had remained thoughtless, and inconside" rate, and perfifted in my evil Ways, fome de* ftroying Judgment might have put an End to my * Life while I was so doing; and then the imporu tant Tranfaction could never, never be performed.

" But since I have been through Grace enabled to

accept of Christ, and am become one of his Dif" ciples ; since I have devoted myself to God, and to renounced all my Tranfgressions, I have great

Reason to delight in God, as my God, and to rejoice in Christ Jesus, as being now my dear Lord, Master, and Redeemer.

« And may well hope, that whatever Confusions, * and Calamities may happen in this Country, or « City, my Condition for Eternity is fafe, and will to be happy. Now I may lay aside all Fears of " Death, even when the killing Arrows shall fall " thick around me,

** For to a good Man, the Day of Death is beta " ter than the Day of his Birth, and when his Soul “ becomes absent from his Body, it will be present « with the Lord, and the earthy House of this when " Tabernacle (viz. of his Body) fall be dissolved; 66 he has a Building of God, an House not made with * Hands, eternal in tbe Heavens.

2 Cor. V. I, “ And although in this World I may have Trou6 ble, yet I may well hope for Peace in Christ " Jesus ; and therefore by the Help of the Holy “ Spirit I will continue feeking to, and trusting in " the blessed Jesus, and endeavour faithfully to serve “ my God and Saviour to the utmost End of « Life."

Thus may every one that repents of his Sins, and thankfully accepts of Chrift to be his Saviour, and Lord, as he is freely offered to all Sorts of Sinners in the Gospel; thus, I say, may every such Perfon reason within himself, and be comforted.

I will only add, that it is my earneft Prayer for thofe who have hitherto been regardless of God, of an Interest in Christ and their Duty, and thoughtless of the Concerns of their immortal Souls, and hitherto walked in Ways of wilful Disobedience to the pure and holy Commandments of God, that they may by his Spirit have the foregoing Thoughts made their own, and their souls inclined, and enabled to perform those Acts fignified by the Expreffions in the Address to God.

O merciful God! hear this Prayer, and grant these Pecitions for Jefus Christ's Sake! and for che glorious Manifestation of the Energy and Sovereignty of thy Grace, and of the Riches of thy Love! Amen. And let every one that shall read these Papers say Amen.

F I N I S.

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