William Dampier

כריכה קדמית
Macmillan and Company, 1889 - 192 עמודים

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עמוד 154 - ... flesh, by which many of them became so tame, that they would lie about him in hundreds, and soon delivered him from the rats. He likewise tamed some kids; and, to divert himself, would, now and then, sing and dance with them, and his cats: So that by the...
עמוד 32 - Seas, which they supposed was fastest shut ; and the letters were accordingly full of cautions to their friends to be very watchful and careful of their coasts. This door they spake of, we all concluded must be the passage...
עמוד 155 - At his first coming on board us, he had so much forgot his language for want of use that we could scarce understand him, for he seem'd to speak his words by halves.
עמוד 153 - Duchess," who admired our boat attempting going ashore at that distance from land. 'Twas against my inclination, but to oblige Captain Dover I consented to let her go. As soon as it was dark we saw a light ashore. Our boat was then about a league from the island, and bore away for the ships as soon as she saw the lights. We put our lights...
עמוד 154 - ... wood together upon his knee. In the lesser hut, at some distance from the other, he dressed his victuals ; and in the larger he slept and employed himself in reading, singing psalms, and praying; so that he said he was a better Christian while in this solitude than ever he was before, or than, he was afraid, he should ever be again.
עמוד 153 - Duchess" showed a French ensign. Immediately our pinnace returned from the shore, and brought abundance of cray-fish, with a man clothed in goat's skins, who looked wilder than the first owners of them.
עמוד 153 - Twas he that made the fire last night when he saw our ships, which he judged to be English. During his stay here he saw several ships pass by, but only two came to anchor.
עמוד 166 - The creatures are the ugliest in Nature, the shell not unlike the top of an old hackney-coach, as black as jet; and so is the outside skin, but shriveled and very rough. The legs and...
עמוד 153 - He told us that he was born in Scotland, and was bred a sailor from his youth. The reason of His being left here, was a difference between him and his captain...

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