Therapeutae: St. John Never in Asia Minor 1872

כריכה קדמית
Kessinger Publishing, 1 באוג׳ 2003 - 352 עמודים
This volume exposes the frauds of the churchmen of the 2nd century. Let the reader imagine that he is in Jerusalem, in Judea, about the year AD 34. There is unusual tumult in the vicinity of the Temple. A large crowd has gathered, and is swayed like the billows in a storm. As we approach, we see a young man, who is trying to raise his voice above the din. There is something very striking about his looks. His eyes gleam with an unearthly light. As the crowd surges & threatens, he is calm. His thoughts & looks are directed more to Heaven than Earth. Partial Contents: death of Stephen; Paul & Barnabas start west to preach; Therapeutae of Philo; origin of the Church; how the four gospels originated; John the son of Zebedee; the Gnostics; Acts of the Apostles; Matthew the author of the only genuine gospel; four distinct eras in Christianity from Paul to the Council of Nice; the Trinity; the Catholic epistles; the prophetic period; Bethlehem the birthplace of Christ; Christ & John the Baptist; miracles; Epistle of Paul to the Hebrews.

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