E-Learning in the 21st Century: A Community of Inquiry Framework for Research and Practice

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Routledge, 7 באוק׳ 2016 - 202 עמודים
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The third edition of E-Learning in the 21st Century provides a coherent, comprehensive, and empirically-based framework for understanding e-learning in higher education. Garrison draws on his decades of experience and extensive research in the field to explore technological, pedagogical, and organizational implications. The third edition has been fully updated throughout and includes new material on learning technologies, MOOCs, blended learning, leadership, and the importance and role of social connections in thinking and learning, highlighting the transformative and disruptive impact that e-learning has recently had on education.


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List of Illustrations
Community of Inquiry
Social Presence
Cognitive Presence
Organizational Issues
Blended Learning
Guidelines for Practice
Assessment and Evaluation
Future Directions
About the Author
Teaching Presence
Design and Organization
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מידע על המחבר (2016)

D. Randy Garrison is Professor Emeritus at the University of Calgary, Canada.

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