Parachuting: The Skydiver's Handbook

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Para Publishing, 1998 - 396 עמודים
Fly with your own wings

Skydiving! It's not just falling but the thrill of unencumbered horizontal flight. Sport parachuting today is not rough and tumble. New equipment and the latest training techniques let you advance quickly to graceful freefall, swift and controlled canopy flight, and smooth and easy tip-toe landings. This all-new, "7th revised edition" covers every phase of skydiving from beginning to advanced.

You will learn: What will happen on your first jump and your next ...Exceptional freefall maneuvers that will surprise your instructorsAdvanced canopy flying techniquesTo be throrughly prepared for every possible emergencyHow to open your reserve parachuteAll about Automatic Activation DevicesWhy people jump out of planesWhere to get the best equipment and what to look forHow to get into the action with lists of skydiving centers, parachute equipment dealers, books, videos, magazines and more - world wide.

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Parachuting, The Skydiver's Handbook is an easy-to-read popular book directed to those looking into the sport for the first time as well as the advance jumper. Authors Dan Poynter and Mike Turoff go ... קרא סקירה מלאה

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"Skydiving is the closest humankind can come to unfettered flight. Parachuting, The Skydiver’s Handbook helps both novice and experienced jumpers get the most out of the sport. The book details every ... קרא סקירה מלאה


About the Authors
Chapter Two Your First Jump and Your Second
Chapter Three Parachuting Down Through the Ages
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Dan Poynter was born on September 17, 1938. He received a bachelor's degree in social science from California State University, Chico. He worked in the aviation industry as a parachute-designer. When he went looking for a book on the then-emerging sport of hang gliding and couldn't find one, he decided to publish his own book on the subject. He was one the earliest advocates of quality self-publishing. He wrote more than 130 books during his lifetime including Hang Gliding and The Self-Publishing Manual. He founded Para Publishing in 1969. The company focused on technical books and manuals about sky-diving and parachute design. The company eventually expanded its list to include books on a variety of topics including self-publishing and writing. He was a founding member of the Publishers Marketing Association (now called the Independent Book Publishers Association). In 1992, he received the organization's Benjamin Franklin Person of the Year Award for Lifetime Achievement. He died after a long illness on November 3, 2015 at the age of 77.

Turoff is a skydiving instructor.

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