תמונות בעמוד



Idlethorpe, 26th of 1st month, 1824. This morning, in bed, I had the following vision shewn unto me, that I was travelling between Rowley and Oakenshaw; I had a staff in my left hand, and a measure, with a joint in the middle, in my right, and I measured as I walked. I called at several houses, where they asked me what the instrument in my right hand was; I told them it was to measure the earth. They were surrounded with victuals, and I was almost dying with hunger, but no one relieved me, and I went on measuring till I arrived at Toad-holes, where I met with


mother's father, who had been dead many years, and he said “What art thou measuring ?” I answered, “Thou knowest."

Question.—And who are the people with whom thou hast been? I made him the same answer; and he added, “I'll tell thee who they are; they are the Gentiles, whose end will be as Esau's, for they will neither feed thee nor receive thy word.” He continued, “Dost thou know that thou hast to measure

? But the Gentiles thou art not to measure, for they are to be burnt up and destroyed ; but thou art sent to measure Israel, and the Lord thy God will make them Israelites after thou hast measured them, and he is with thee; and thou hast been despairing in thy mind, but the Lord will gather a great number by thee, for thou art as a brand plucked out of the fire." And I measured till I arrived at Wibsey Bank-foot, and no person still relieving me, I came to myself with hunger.

many nations ?

Idlethorpe, 27th of 1st month, 1824. The word of the Lord came unto me by the same angel which had before ministered unto me, saying:

* Satan stands continually ready to destroy thee, and he will insinuate to the hearts of the people that thou hast destroyed thyself, and they will say thou art mad, and unfit to live.

“ And after the forty days are expired thou wilt have to enter into the priests' houses for three days, and then thou shalt go into the water, at which time you will see how Satan will swell, for he will gather å large number to fight against you all.

“And thy measure, which thou hast in thy hand, is the Spirit's measure. And as thou wert hungry they shall hunger; and as thou wert thirsty so shafi the earth be; for I will cause a drought to come upon both man and beast, and all the earth shall know that I have sent thee unto them. And as thou hast eaten thy bread by weight so shall the Gentiles; and as thou hast eaten with care and astonishment so shall the world; but it shall not be so with my children, for then it shall be known that I am separating them.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

As a part of the fulfilment of this prophecy, witness the great drought of the spring of 1834, the failure of the harvest and the consequences thereof; also a great distress in Ireland in 1816—7.

Idlethorpe, 20th of 2nd month, 1824. I, THE LORD, command that these words be sent unto all my children, for I will manifest myself unto my people this year. And for thee, thou shalt be circumcised on the 17th of the 4th month this year, and my children shall see it, and it shall be a certain sign that it is my word. Now, let not this be a trial unto thee, but trust in me, for I will deliver

thee as I delivered Isaac. Then the rest of my children shall be circumcised.

This world asketh thee the meaning of these forty days. Now, stand thou boldly before the world; tell them it is vanity—it is prepared for the fire, and that the Lord thy God has made known unto thee what the forty days are; that they are the days I will plead with fire from heaven, and that they cannot get near my sanctuary then; and that the ark of my protection will be with my sanctuary, and it shall destroy them.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

Ashton, 11th of 4th month, 1824. Son of man! cause these words which I give thee to be put to paper, that the same may be sent to all the shepherds of the earth, for this is a rebellious house, and tell them they have fulfilled my parable, and their measure runs over; and tell them the four beasts and the twenty-four elders are on the earth, and they fall down and worship me; but the shepherds worship me not, but despise my ways, and I will chase them, for I will hunt them even as the hounds hunt the foxes into the holes of the earth; for they will be of the house of Esau, who sought for death, and I hated his end. But in Jacob will I be known, for he sought, and desired all righteousness.

But the shepherds choose their own ways, for they are a stiff-necked house, but I will break down their walls, for I have an earthly king who shall draw the sword for my children, and go before them to prepare

And tell them I have put the same spirit upon thee which I did upon Noah; so the ark shall be prepared that fire cannot destroy. It is he that liveth, and was dead, that has given thee this; his name is Immanuel.-Published in the Imperial Gazette newspaper, 5th of 6th month, 1824.

the way.

Ashton, 13th of 4th month, 1824. I, THE LORD, who created the heavens and the earth —who made all things, and will prove myself all in all at the last, command thee, my servant John, as I commanded my servant Moses, to go forth amongst the Hebrews, that I will fulfil that Scripture, (Isa. xxviii. 11;)"For with stammering lips, and another tongue, will he speak to this people.” This law shall they keep; they shall enter into the water, and be baptized for the redemption of soul and body; “And as a young man marrieth a virgin, so will I marry them, saith the Lord; and I will be their nursing father and nursing mother.”

And I will send thee forth into many nations, kingdoms, and states, and those that are Israel Í will call forth ; but those that call themselves Israel and are not I will destroy, saith the Lord. Thou shalt be to me as he that carries the writer's inkhorn, and crieth in the streets, whether they will hear or whether they forbear.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

For the Roman Catholics. I, JESUS, the root, command thee to send these lines unto the Roman Catholic Doctors of Divinity, that Israel, which are hid among them, may hear and search for the truth. But instead of searching for the truth they hang me up in crucifixes; therefore if they do not pull

them down I will tell thee what I will do unto them; I will burn down their houses, and their images with them, for I will have no pity on them.

For the Protestants. I, THE LORD of heaven and earth, now command thee, my servant John, as I commanded Moses, with law, statutes, and judgments, that the same may be handed unto all Protestant priests, and their hearers, that I may be clear from the blood of all men ; for thou shalt cry aloud till the forty and two months be expired, which are forty and two years; for I said in my gospel I wrought to-day, and to-morrow, and on the third day I should be perfected. For I wrought two thousand years under the Antediluvian dispensation, and then I destroyed them. Then I wrought two thousand years under the law, and I sent my servant John to tell them to repent and enter into the water, and to be baptized for the preserving of the soul, which is from the second sentence, “ Depart, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, it being prepared for Satan and his angels. And I have wrought now nearly two thousand years under the gospel dispensation, and now I send thee, my servant John, to cry aloud, that they circumcise their hearts unto me, and I will destroy death, hell, sin, and the grave, for their sakes, that they live in eternity.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

Ashton, 20th of 4th month, 1824. Now, stand thou boldly before those that call themselves Hebrews, and declare unto them that the Lord thy God has caused thee to be circumcised, and I have healed thee; neither hast thou wound or sore remaining; and every one that comes harmless, having circumcised their hearts, shall be as thou art, for my word shall heal them.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Tillotson.

* The fire being everlasting or eternal; but this does not prove that they are to remain in it eternally, but till the final resurrection, that the accuser (Satan,) and the accused be brought face to face, and they return to their former estate. (Ezek. xvi. 55.)

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