תמונות בעמוד

stroy all their images, and burn their idols; for my decree is fixed which I caused to be written in the Scriptures, which I will not alter, that there shall be time no longer. For I am sending my Spirit a second time to rest upon the house of Israel, and no other shall appear with me on Mount Zion, in mine image.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Lees.

Trieste, 18th of 11th month, 1823. Thou shalt go forth to the clergy of this place, and stand boldly before them, and tell them my decree is fixed, which I caused to be written in my Scriptures, that there shall be time no longer; and if they hearken not unto my word, which I give unto thee, I will destroy them from the face of the earth, both them and their little ones.

Now, son of man, prophesy against those who call themselves Israel, that they are not Israel; if they were they would hear my voice. Go thou unto their houses, and speak the words that I give thee at the time, for I will send my angel with thee, and he shall give thee words.

Now, I tell thee, when thy forty days are expired, I will cause thee to enter into å river, within one mile of Idlethorpe, that the waters overshadow thee, to wash off the filthiness that the world has given thee, for that is not of me. This shall be done every time thou returnest from distant lands.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Lees.

Milan, in Italy, 29th of 11th month, 1823. This morning, as I lay in bed, the word of the Lord came unto me, saying :

“Why art thou meditating in thy mind concerning the images of this land, seeing I will destroy both them and their images? These are the false gods, which I told thee of before, which I shewed thee in vision, they have fulfilled their forefather's iniquity : the day of judgment is at hand; I will destroy them saith the Lord. This place is as Sodom; my number is small, yet will I bring it out of other distant lands. Now see that thou be bold before them, and cry aloud. Yet I know what they will do, they will be against thee in all lands; yet they are not against thee, but me, as I have chosen thee one of my instruments. And I will bring a people out of the nations where you have been, which shall join you, and I have a man in them who shall interpret many languages."

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Lees.

In the coach between Chalons and Avallons, in

France, 9th of 12th month, 1823. ABOUT five o'clock in the morning, the words of the Lord came unto me, saying :

"I tell thee S. French shall come forth and do my work; I have also some true Israelites in Trieste, who shall come forth and join this body.

“Now, I tell thee I will gather a large number by thee in England, before thou go into distant lands, that will join my people, for my work will be sharp and powerful.”

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Lees.

Chatham, 22nd of 12th month, 1823. As I have been travelling in Gibraltar, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, and various parts of England, and am drawn to this place, I am commanded by the Spirit of the living God to leave you these lines, that you may have no cloak for your sins—that I may be clear—that I have warned you, as the Lord has chosen me to be one of the instruments in his hands; for I am commanded to


forth with

these words which were spoken from the fire, which are as follow :

“Thou son of man, I command thee to stand with one foot on the land and the other over the sea, and swear by me that liveth for ever, that there shall be time no longer; for my time is drawn to a full end, that my Spirit shall strive no longer with you.

“Go thou and stand boldly before Hebrew and Gentile ; tell them my decree which I caused to be written in my Scriptures is fixed, which I will not alter: tell them if they will gather themselves together, and seek me, I will be found of them, that I may give them one heart, that they may serve me with one consent. And if the Egyptians hearken not unto this, I have appointed them to the sword.

“Am I God, and should you choose me a servant to work by? If I were to let you choose me a servant, I should become Satan's servant. I will work by whom I will, for my children are these, the gold seven times refined; and this is the hundred and forty-four thousand that shall appear with me on Mount Zion; they are in all nations, kingdoms, and states, and are become all languages, and I will set a mark upon them. Then I will send forth my destroying angels into the four quarters of the world, that you may judge between me and my Scriptures, whether I have fulfilled them or not, for revenge shall be mine saith the Lord.Now, if


be friends in the work of the Lord, search for the truth that it may deliver you.

Do not the Scriptures direct you “ to follow the Lamb whithersoever he goeth ?” Did Israel stop when the Lord took Moses? Ye answer no. But you are now going to fulfil what the Hebrews did, when Jesus was on the earth; for ye have been following strange gods, and putting trust in them, who put trust in silver and gold, but I will tell you what the Lord has made known to me

“He that putteth trust in the sword of the world, shall perish with the world; and he that putteth trust in silver and gold, it shall not deliver him, for I see a great nakedness among you—you are neither hot nor cold, yet there shall a remnant come out of you, though you have blind guides among you, that will neither walk in the commands themselves nor permit others.”

Now, if you hearken to this, I will tell you what you must sign to; that the Lord is sending his Spirit into the world to gather Israel, that he may redeem their bodies, as he redeemed his own, from death, hell, sin, and the grave, that ye may dwell in his Spirit till he put it within your temples.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by William Lees.

London, 24th of 12th month, 1823. To the committee of the Lord's children, for the execution of the commands to George Turner: “Thus saith the Lord, I have nourished you until you have forgotten your first love, and one part of you have been following strange gods of silver and gold. This is the second time I, the Lord, have warned you, and the second letter you have received. Ye stiff-necked, and uncircumcised in heart, who call yourselves Israel, if ye hearken not to this I will give you to the four winds; yet I have a remnant among you who have not partaken of the corrupt gold. Now, if ye will ask of me in serious prayer, I will shew you plainly of my servant. Have not I, the Lord, sent thee to them with these words ?”

To JOHN NISBET, one of the forenamed committee. When I was in Italy, the word of the Lord came to me, saying,

“There was one of the committee that had not partaken of the silver and gold, and that I should call upon him; and that he had a work for him to do, which he will make known, and for all the rest he would separate them, as he is dividing the true Israelites; for the Lord will send his word into all nations, kingdoms, and states, and will find a remnant in every kingdom.”

Ashton, 27th of 12th month, 1823. Son of man! arise and behold my children! For one of my shepherds has caused thy body to stink, and the stink is come into my nostrils, and it shall fume over the face of the whole earth, that I may cleanse my sanctuary.

This night shall be one of mourning, which shall be heard in all the land, and then your sanctuary shall be cleansed. And as thou doest among this people, so shalt thou do in the churches and chapels into which I cause thee to go; and this shall be a grievous mourning in their sight, for it is against all the land.

And as thou mournest, so shall the priests, for I will not hear them, saith the Lord; for revenge is mine, and the whole earth is on fire, which shall leave neither root nor branch of evil.

Written from John Wroe's mouth by Henry Lees.

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