תמונות בעמוד

to the Egyptians and to all the earth, that the God of Abra. hain, Isaac, and Jacob, is the only true God. Whenever Moses, as the minister of the Lord, stretched forth a stick which he carried in his hand, and which was called the Rod of God, the Lord wrought a miracle or sign to shew forth his almighty power, and to punish the Egyptians; but none of these plagues fell upon the people of Israel.

And these are the plagues which came upon the Egyptians when Moses, by the command of the Lord, day after day, stretched forth his rod, and called for the plagues, in the sight of Pharaoh and all his servants."

1. The river and all the water of the land was turned into blood, so that the fish that were in the river died. dá 2. Frogs came up upon all the land, and into the houses, even into the king's chamber. 53. The dust of the land was turned into lice, which tormented man and beast.

4. Dreadful swarms of flies, which bred corruption in the land.

5. Murrain upon beasts, which destroyed the cattle of Egypt. 1.6. Boils and blains upon man and beast.

7. A most dreadful tempest of thunder, lightning, and hail.

8. Swarms of. locusts, which ate up every herb of the Jand, and all the trees that the hail had left.

9. Darkness so dreadful that none of the Egyptians could see, or stir from their places for three days.

10. The death of all the first-born of Egypt.

When the plagues were sent, Pharaoh used to entreat Moses and Aaron to pray that they might be removed, and he then promised to let the people of Israel go to serve the Lord; but as soon as they were taken

away, he hardened his heart, and broke his word, and would not let them depart.

Questions. What did the Lord send upon Pharaoh and the Egyprians, to shew bis power and punish them? [Ans. Plagues.] What was all the water in the rivers turned into? [ Ans. Blood.] What disagreeable creatures came into all their houses ? [.4ns. Frogs.] What was the dust of the land turned into? {Ans. Lice.] What destroyed the cattle

of Egypt? [ Ans. Murrain.] What came out upon man and Cirbeast Ars: Boils.] What dreadful plague came in the

air ? Ans. A tempest of thunder, and lightning, and hail.] What creatures did God send to eat up all the herbs and trees ? [Ans. Locusts.] What plague was sent next? [Ars Darkness that might be felt.] What was the last plague. [ins. The death of all their first-born.] Did any of these plagues fall upon the children of Israel - [Ans. No.]

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Instruction.---Before the Lord brought the last plague npop the Egyptians, he commanded Moses to tell the people of Israel to kill a lamb for every family, and to put some of its blood upon the door-posts of their houses, as a sign that they believed the Lord would spare their first-born when he should destroy those of the Egyptians; when they had done so, they were to make a feast of the lamb, and to eat the flesh with unleavened bread and bitter herbs, and they were to eat it in haste, with their staves in their hands, and every thing ready for a journey. The Israelites did as the Lord commanded, and at midnight the Lord sent his angel to destroy the first børn of the Egyptians; and there was a great ery throughout all the land of Egypt; for there was not among the Egyptians a house in which there was not one dead, but of the children of Israel died not one.

And Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron by night, and said, " Rise up, and get ye forth from among my people, both ye and the children of Israel, and take your foeks and your herds, and be gone, and bless me also." And the Egyptians were urgent that they should go out of the land, for they said, “ We be all dead men." Then the people of Israel departed from Egypt, about six hundred thousand on 1 foot that were men, besides children; and the time they had dwelt as strangers in Egypt was four hundred and thirty years; and Moses carried the bones of Joseph with them, as he had desired. And the Lord cominanded the people of Israel to keep the feast of the Passover every year froin that time, in remembrance of his passing over heir houses when he destroyed the Egyptians, and of his delivering them out of the land of bondage.

37... Questions.-What was the last plague which the Lord sent upon the Egyptians ? [Ans. The death of their first born.} Who were the first-born? [Ans. Theirekest children.] Did all

die vergeet vett

the first-born of Egypt die ? [Ans. Yes.] Did any of ibose Israelites die ? [ Ans. No.) What did Pbaraoh beg of Moses and Aaron to do? [Ans. To take all the people of Israel away.) What were they all commanded to do before they went, as a sign that they believed the Lord would save their first-born ? ( Ans. To kill a lamb, and put the blood upon the door-posts.] What were they to do with the flesh of the lamb? [ Ans. Eat it.] What were they to eat with it ? [Ans. Bitter herbs.] How were they to eat it ? [Ans. In haste.] Did the Israelites do so? [Am. Yes.] What happened at midnight? [Ans. The Lord sent his angel to destroy the first-born of Egypt.] What did Pharaoh beg of Moses and Aaron to do then? [ Ans. To depart, and take all the people away.] Did they all go ? į Ans. Yes.] How many were there of them ? [Ans. Six hundred thousand men, besides women and children.] How many went into Egypt when Joseph was governor [Ans. Threescore and six.) Did not the Lord multiply the race of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, as he had promised ? [Ans. Yes.]

Instruction. When Pharaoh heard that alī the people of Israel were gone, he made ready his chariot, and all the chariots of Egypt, and captains over them, and all his host, and pursued after Israel, and when Israel perceived that Pharaoh and his host were pear at band, and that there was no way for them to escape, they were greatly terrified; but the Lord commanded Moses to lift up bis rod over the Red Sea, which was before them, and immediately the Red Sea divided, so that the waters stood up like a wall on the right hand and on the left ; and the children of Israel went into the midst of the sea on dry land, and passed over to the other side ; but when Pharaoh and his host followed them, the waters returned, and covered the chariots and the horsemen, and all the host of Pharaoh, that came into the sea after them : there reinained not so much as one of them. Thus the Lord saved Isi ael that day out of the hand of the Egyptians. And Israel saw the Egyptians dead that day upon the sea shore. And the people feared the Lord, and believed the Lord and bis servant Moses.

Questions. What did Pharaoh do when he heard the people of Israel were really gone ? [ Ans. Pursued after themu with his chariots and horsemen.) What did the Lord do to save his people from Pharaoh and his host ? [Ans. Divided the Red Sea.] How did his people pass through the sea ? ( Ans. On dry land.) Did the Egyptians go over on dry

land? Ans. No.] What became of them? [Ans. They were all drowned.] Was not this a most wonderful deliverance? [Ans. Yes.] What did the Lord prove by all the wonders he wrought in Egypt? | Ans. That he is the only God.) How long bad the people of Israel lived as, strangers in the land of Egypt ? [Ans. Four, bundred and thirty years.] What feast did the Lord command the Israelites to keep every year, in remembrance of his having saved their first-born ? [Ans. The Passover.] * ,

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LECTURE XI. Instruction.—Though the Lord had wrought such miracles for their deliverance, the people of Israel were disheartened with every disappointment that befel them. It happened as they were marching through the wilderness of Shur, that they were in great want of water, and the first water they came to was bitter, and they immediately began to murmur against Moses and Aaron, on which the Lord made the bitter water sweet. After this they arrived at a very pleasant place, called Elim, where they stopped and refreshed themselves, and then went on their journey ; but they soon began to murmur again, because their provisions ran short, and they bmented that then had latino mised to rain bread from heaven for them; and for forty years the Lord sent manna to serve them for bread. This manna was in its appearance like a round seed, very sweet to the taste, and every morning it was found upon the ground as thick as the white frost; and the people of Israel were commanded to gather a certain quantity of it fresh every day, of which they made cakes; but if they kept any of it till the eveving it was good for nothing, and they were obliged to throw it away, except on the sixth day of the week, when they were commanded to gather a double portion of it, that they might not have occasion to gaiher it on the Sabbath day, and what was thus gathered for the Sabbath kept good, and no manna fell from heaven on the Sabbath day. And the Lord commanded Moses to gather up a pot full of manna to be kept for other generations; and the manna which was put into the pot kept without spoiling for a great number of years.

The sixth portion of Miscellaneous Questions to be asked here,

Questions.Were the people of Israel contented and thankful; after they left Egypt? Ans. No: they murmured.] What did they say would happen to them in the wilderness?

Ans. That they shoulds die oof hunger.] What did God. promise to send them ? [Ans. Bread from heaven.] What : was this bread! [Arsa Manna:} How often was it to fal) ? [Ars: Six days in every week.] Why was it not to fall apon> ther seventh day? [ Ans. Because that was the Sabbath.) : What were they to do for bread on that day? [Ans. They were to have twice as much on the sixth day.] How many years did they eat this bread? [Ans. Forty years.]

Instruction. --As the people pursued their journey, they came to a place where there was no water, and, aceording to their usual custom in all difficulties, they murmured against Moses, and asked him, “ Why be had led them out of Egypt for them and their children to perish by thirst in. the wilderness :" Moses was grieved, and the Lord, was: angry, but for the sake of his faithful servants, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Lord spared their ungrateful race, and commanded Moses to strike with his rod a stony rock. The instant Moses did so, water flowed forth, and the people had a plentiful supply. .

Questions --How did the people of Israel behave when they were in want of water ? [Ans. They murmured.] What. Whisbexsudbexshould die seat that means. 10 smite in rock.) What flowed from the stony rock when Moses did

the Lord commanded ? [Ans. Water.] Were not the Istaelites very ungrateful to behave in this manner? [ Ans. Yes.] Was not God very good to them? [Ans. Yes.]

Instruction.---When the people of Israel had travelled to the foot of Mount Sinai, the Lord called Moses unto the mount, and commanded him to tell them, that if they would obey his voice, and keep his commandments, he would take them for his own people, and bless tbem above all the other nations of the earth ; and whep Moses told the people the words of the Lord, they all answered together,

* All that the Lord hath spoken we will do."

And on the third day the Lord descended upon Mount Sinai, and Mount Sinai was altogether in a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it in fire; and the whole mountain shook greatly, and there were lightnings and thunderings, and the sound of the trumpet e exceeding loud; and the Lord Spake the words of the Ten Commandments. And the Lord


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