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fore they go on to another; and these Rules should be observed whenever children are taught any thing by rote. They should be accustomed to kneel down when they are learning any prayer by heart, and be told that they should always pray to God in this humble posture, because they are sinners, and that they should end all their Prayers with the Lord's Prayer. *. *****

illi, Instruction. God knows all our wants, but it is proper for us to pray to him, to shew that we keep in mind that we depend upon God for every thing, and that it is God who takes care of us, and preserves us from harm. And we should pray 19 God every night and morning at the least, because we stand in need of many things both by night and by day, every day of our lives wé commit sin, and stand in need of forgiveness ; therefore, every night, before we close our eyes in sleep, we should beg of God to pardon our sins. And, as we receive mercies and blessings every day from God, we should thank him at least every day; we should also praise God every day, to keep up in our minds worthy thoughis of him, and to shew that we really honour our Creator,

Questions. - What is God to those who try to please him? (Ans. A beavenly Father.] What does God give to these who try to please bim? [Ans. Whatever is good for them.] What does God require those to do who wish to have good things from him? (Ans. To pray to him.] How often at least should we pray to God ? (Ans. Every night and morning.] Why does God require us to pray to him ?. (Ans. That we may keep in mind that all good things come from him.] Why should we pray every day ? [Ans. Because we want many things every day.) Do we not commit sins every day of our lives? [Ans. Yes.] What should we do then [Ans. Beg God's pardon.] Can we tell, when we go to sleep at night, that we shall ever awake again? (Ans. No.) Should we close our eyes, then, before we have begged of God to forgive us our sins ? [Ars. No.) Do we not receive blessings and mercies from God every day of our lives? [xlns. Yes,] Should we not thank God for them every day? [Ans. Yes.) Ought we not likewise to praise God every day fans. Yes.} Why should we praise God ? [Ans. To keep up in our minds worthy thoughts of him.] For what other purpose should we praise God? [ Ans. To shew that we honour our Creator.]

Instruction.-.-When you pray, you should always call to

mind that you are going to speak to God; the greatest, the best, and the wisest of beings; to a God who hates wickedness, but who is merciful to those who are sorry for their sins, and beg bis pardon.' And you must also remember that Jesus Christ is your Saviour, and ihat you are to ask every thing of God through him, or for his sake, because sinners are not worthy to ask any thing of God for their own sakes.

Questions.---To whom do you speak when you pray ? [Ans. To God.] Ought you not in be very serious when you speak to God? (Ans. Yes.] In whose naine are you to ask every thing when you pray ? [ Ans. In the pame of Jesus Christ.) Why are we to ask every thing in the name of Christ ? [Ans. Because sinners are not worthy to ask any thing of God.) Now let me hear you say


Our Father which art in heaven-hallowed be thy name-thy kingdom come-thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven-give us this day our daily breadand forgive us our trespasses—as we forgive ihem that trespass against us—and lead us not into temptationbut deliver us from evil-for thine is the kingdom-and the power and the glory—for ever and ever. Amen.

Instruction.—This most excellent Prayer was made by our Lord Jesus Christ himself, on which account it is called The Lord's Prayer; it is the best prayer that ever was made; you must therefore take great pains to learn it by heart, and never hurry the words over so as to make nonsense of it; no word of it is to be left out or changed for another.

Questions.—What Prayer is this ? [Ans. The Lord's Prayer.] Why is it called the Lord's Prayer [Ans. Because it was marle by our Lord Jesus Christ.] Was it not very good of our Lord Jesus Christ to make a prayer for us? [Ans. Yes.] May we not be certain that it is such a prayer as God will approve ? [ Ans. Yes.] Who is meant by our Father wbich art in heaven? [11ns. God.] lu what posture should you say your prayers ? [Ans. Kneeling] Why should you kneel? [dns. Because I'am a sinner.) Should not a singer humble himself as much as possible betore God? (Ans. Yes.] Should you burry this most excellent prayer over, as some children do, "without thinking of the meaning of the words ? [Ans. No.

What offence are they guilty of who do so ? [Ans. They mock God.] is not that a dreadful thing? [Ans. Yes.]


On a Morning and Evening Prayer for Children.*

Instruction.-Besides the Lord's Prayer there are many other prayers written by learned and pious men for the use of those who cannot think of proper words for prayer. I will teach you one for mornings and one for evenings, which were written by a very good nian ; and you must take pains to learn them by heart as I repeat them to you.


Almighty God—the maker of every thing in heaven and earth--the darkness goes away -and the day-light comes again at thy command-- Thou art good-and thou doest good at all times -l thank thee that thou hast taken such care of me this night--and that I am alive and well this morning-keep me, O Lord, from harm all this day long--and let me love and serve thee for ever and ever-for the sake of Jesus Christ, thy Son, and our Saviour. Amen.

Questions.--Is it not a very great honour to be permitted to pray to God? [Ans. Yes ] Is it enough if you just say the words of the prayer ? [Ans. No.] of whom must you think when you say your prayers ? [Ans. God.] What must you desire when you pray ? [ Ans. To serve and please God.) What do those do who say things to God which they do not think? (Ans. Moek God.] Who is the maker of all things in heaven and earth? [uns. God] Who makes. light and darkness? [Ans. God. Who takes care of you when you are asleep? [ans.. God.] Wben you wake from sleep every morning wbat should you thank God for? [Ans. That you are alive and well.) Are

you, not in danger of coming to some barm every hour of the day? [Ans. Yes.] May you not come to accidents ? (Ans. Yes.] Are you not likely to do many wrong things?

From Dr. Waus's Prayers for Children and Youth

[Ans. Yes. Who can preserve you from them? (Ans. God.] Should you not pray to God to do so ? [Ans. Yes.) For whose sake should you beseech God to keep you from harm? [Ans. For Jesus Christ's sake.) Who is Jesus Christ? [Ans. The Son of God ] What is Christ to us ? [Ans. Our Saviour.]

Instruction. In this short prayer you first adore God, then thank him, then pray to him.

Questions. What do you do wben you call God the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth ? [ Ans. Adore him. Wbat do you do when you say that God is good, and docth good at all times ? [Ans. Praise him.] Wbat do you do when you say, I thank thee that thou hast taken such care of me? [Ans, Thank God.] What do you do when you beg of God to keep you from all harm ? [Ans. Pray to him.]

Instruction.--I will now teach you a prayer to say at night before you go to bed.


O Lord God, thou art a God of all power and everlasting mercy ; thou knowest all things, thou seest me by night as well as by day. I pray thce, for Jesus Christ's sake, forgive me my sins, and keep me safe from harm all this night while I am asleep: 'let me lie down under thy care, and abide for ever under thy blessing, for the sake of Jesus Christ our Saviour. Amen.

Questions. -- Does not God see you by night as well as by day? [Ans. Yes.) Do you not coiumit sin every day of your life? | Ans. Yes. What does God require you io do in order to be forgiven ? (Ans. To own my sins, and beg pardon.) Is it not very right That you should beg God's forgiveness when you have done amiss ? (Ans. Yes.] Can you hope to be for-, given if you will not ask pardon ? [Ans. No.) Can you take care of yourself when your eyes are closed in sleep? ( Ans. No } Can you expect God will take care of you if

you to him? [Ans. No.] For whose sake should you ask God in forgive you[Ars. Christ's sake.] Can you preserve yourself from fire, thieves, and other evils ? [Ans. No.] Who can do this? [Ans. God. Should you not beg of God, every night of your life, to forgive you and preserve you? [-Ans. Yes.] Are not these things worth asking for? [Ans. Yes ] For whose

will not pray

sake should you ask all this ? [ Ans. Christ's.) What is Jesus Christ, that

you ask in his name? [Ans. Our Saviour.] What prayer should you always end with both morning and night? [ Ans. The Lord's Prayer.]



What is meant by creating ? [Ans. Making things from no. thing.] Who is the only CREATOR? [Ans. God.) What are meant by creatures ? [Ans. Things made by God.] Where is God at all times? [Ans. In all places.) What is God? [Ans. A spirit.] Who are meant by mankind? [ Ans. Men, women, and children.] Why cannot we see God? (Ans. Because he is a spirit.] How long has there been a God ? [Ans. Always.] How long will there be a God ? [Ans. For ever.] Whom does God love? [Ans. Good people.] What does God hate? Ans. Wickedness.) What is God to good people? [Ans. A beavenly Father.] What should we be more afraid of than any thing in the world! [ Ans. Making God angry.) What makes God angry ? [Ans. Wickedness.] Whom should we love above all ? [Ans. God.] Why should we love God above very thing and every body ? [Ans. Because all good things come from God? Who is worthy to be compared to God? Ans. No creature.] Who is the most glorious of all beings ? [Ans. God.] Who serve God in heaven? [Ans. The angels.] What will God do to wicked people ? [Ans. Punish them.] Whom does God love as his children? (Ans. Good people.] What does God know? (Ans. All things.] What did God do for us first of all ? [ Ans. Create us.] Who can create besides God? [ Ans. No one.] Cannot men make things ? | Ans. Yes.) What must men have to make what they want? [Ans. Some part of God's works.] What part of God's works must they have to make bricks and tiles for. houses ? [Ans. Earth.] What must they have for wood ? (Ans. Trees.) Suppose a man wants a coat, or a woman á stuff gown, or any Hánnel things, what part of God's works must They have? [ Ans. Wool.] Suppose they want liven or cotton, what must they have ? [Ans. Plants.] Suppose they want victuals, from whom must it come first of all?' (Ans. God.) What is meat? [Ans. The flesh of animals.) Where does milk come from? (Ans. Cows.] Şupposc shocs

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