תמונות בעמוד

church was opened, a charity sermon be preached for the benent of the poor children belonging to the school ?—That while we Tejoice in the removal of the spiritual famine, by having our souls duly refreshed with the strong meat for men, which these benefactions have supplied,--they may not continue destitute of the sincere milk of the word, so absolutely necessary for babes in Jesus Christ? I speak as unto wise men, judge ye what I say.—But as the advantages of such commemorations are evident, as they will, therefore, we trust, be confirmed by the continued approbation of this parish, and the practice of succeeding vicars'; I shall not at present indulge myself in particularising the other benefactors to this place any otherwise than by a general affertion, that there has never been wanting, on proper occasions, personages who have shewn their zeal to God, either by their contribution to the first erection of the chapel, or by other seasonable gifts, legacies, or occasional bounties, which have oftentimes made the heart of the widow and the orphan to sing for joy.

The improvements which this edifice hath now received, to every unprejudiced eye, speak loudly for themselves :- And though pride should be silent, or ingratitude insensible, yet shall the stone out of the wall proclaim them, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.-We have brought forth the top-stone with joy, and religious pofterity shall inscribe it with his name, who, like the Centurion in the Gospel, is worthy that this should be done for him ; for he hath loved our nation, and he hath built us a CHURCH.

A CHURCH then this CHAPEL is now become.---This HAMLET, by an act of parliament that must soon operate, A PARISH.--" For " when a few, perhaps a very


years are come, I shall go the way, whence I shall not return.".

This place is, moreover, honoured with ROYAL RESIDENCE } and, as such, it is likely will continue to encrease in the number,


and consequence of its inhabitants --That our late Chapel was much too small for the convenience of those that resorted, or wished. to resort to it, is most certain ;--that, in a short time, two families must again content themselves with one pew, is highly probable. — Upon the whole, therefore, the improvement of the building is, to a demonstration, equal to the enlargement of it. They are, in fact, but one and the same thing.

Moreover, let it, with all due thankfulness, be remembered, that this BOUNTY has enabled the minister, in behalf of himself and Luccessors, with the approbation of the patron, to relinquith his claim to some blended and disputable rights.-A most pleasing circumstance this to a sincere lover of harmony and good neighbourhood.—These blended rights having already been productive of serious inconvenience to all parties. When brethren cannot dwell together in unity, the spiritual table is supplied in vain.— The salt hath lost its favour, and better is a dinner of herbs where love is, than a stalled ox and hatred therewith.

Another evident advantage then resulting from this enlargement is the equivalent it has afforded to the present minister, and your future vicars, instead of those contested lands which are now ascertained to the parish ; as are likewise, by express stipulation in the faculty, certain fees for monuments and tombs, which the general custom, if not the laws of the land, would confer on the labourer in the vineyard.

The act of parliament on the one hand, the royal munificence on the other, having thus taken away all questions of frife between minister and people, it is to be hoped, indeed it is not to be feared, but a good understanding, and a cordial friendship will. ever after subsist between them; for in however degrading a light some proud or licentious spirits may affect to regard the established. clergy of this land-take but away temporal disputes, and it will be acknowledged there are few of them so unworthy or unquali


fied asnot to be of considerable use in their respective parishes. Their extensive learning, their seasonable advice, their inoffenfive conversation, the benevolence of their principles, their readiness to attend whenever they can administer comfort in the dreary hours of sickness and of forrow, have always been found a general advantage to society. Oh! may the Almighty Ruler of hearts accompany their work and labour of love with his benediction and grace ! and may these blessed effects thine forth eminently in this our day, and continue to future ages !

Finally, brethren, as partakers in some of these bounties, and stewards of the rest, I am persuaded we shall so act as that we be found faithful at the great day of account.

The future harmony and welfare of these parishes 'will depend in no small degree on our candour and diligence in discouraging vice and immorality by our authority and example ; in attending to the morals of the

growing generation ; in marking accurately and distinctly our respective rights, which will be best done, by reviving the much neglected duty of depositing in the Bishop's court as complete a TERRIER as may be of our lands and properties ; a matter this of the utmost consequence to the poor ; the furest human mean of preventing for the future the fatal, the irremediable consequence of that fpiritual famine which has been now described. The firmert bond of friendship and unanimity. I have the inexpressible satisfaction to be able to sum up the whole matter, by declaring that the happy agreement which subsists among all parties concerned, gives us a lively assurance, an animating presage, that the pleasure of the Lord will continue to prosper in our hands.

In conclusion, let us, following herein the example of the great KING SOLOMON and the PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, on a like occasion, lift

up our hearts, and say,– “ O Lord our God, hearken unto the cry, and the

and the prayer which thy servants pray before thee, that thine eyes be

be open upon this

« house

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“ house day and night; hear thou from thy dwelling place, even “ from heaven; and when thou hearest, forgive, and render unto

every man according unto all his ways, whose heart thou know“ est; for thou only knowest the hearts of the children of men, “ that they may fear thee, to walk in thy ways fo long as they

And if they fin-against thee, yet—if they bethink them“ selves, and come and pray in this house,saying, we have

finned, -we have done amiss, and have dwelt wickedly;--if

they return to thee with all their heart and with all their soul" then hear thou from the heavens, even from thy dwelling-place, "and forgive thy people which have finned against thee.-Now, our God, let, we beseech thee, thine



open, and let thine ** ears be attent unto the prayer that is made in this place.

“ Now, therefore, arise, O Lord God, unto thy resting-place, c. thou and the ark of thy strength.-Let thy priests, O Lord

God, be cloathed with salvation, and let thy saints rejoice in

goodness,” saying, AMEN. Blessing and glory and wisdom, " and thanksgiving, and honour and power, and might be unto « our God forever and ever.-Amen.

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