תמונות בעמוד

promise to receive us into his rest, through the merits of Christ Jesus his Son. He has moreover given us the sacred scriptures for our rule of life ; and enjoined us to meditate therein." He hath “ Thewed thee; O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord re

quire of thee but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk:

humbly with thy God?” He hath, moreover, been gracioufly pleased to add to these inexpreffible mercies his solemn promise, that “ when the wicked man turneth away from his wickedness " that he hath committed, and doeth that which is lawful and...

right, he shall save his soul alive."

You, therefore, who have hitherto, to the best of your abilitiesja observed the will of the Lord to do it, never forego so glorious a hope, and such a transporting prospect as that which eternal life affords you.

Continue stedfast in the paths of virtue, and you will surely meet with true contentment here, and ineffable happiness hereafter.And you

who have been so unhappy, as hitherto to have been negligent of your future felicity, consider how precarious life and health are ; look round and see, how suddenly the most blooming and vigorous of your friends drop off, and sink into eternity, and reflect with yourselves, that this night perhaps your soul may be required of you, and then—BE NEGLIGENT IF YOU CAN. Consider all your past deportment as irrecoverable; and if you look back, let it be with a view only of making your peace in heaven, by a .. hearty repentance, and a steady resolution to lead a new and a better: life. Put your whole. trust and confidence in the Lord, and doubt not of acceptance; for, he that cannot lye, has promised,

though your fins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

But if there be any still fo unhappy, as to be deaf to persuasion ;. if there be any still so negligent as not to concern themselves about the truth or falsehood of the christian religion ; let not us, who build our hopes on the promises contained in the sacred scriptures, :


" that

be remiss in putting up our most fervent prayers for them, that the almighty will found the alarm and make them timely conscious of their danger. Let us point out to them, after we have demonstrated the divine authority of the sacred scriptures, those passages where eternal death is denounced against all impenitent and obdurate finners. Let iis set before them the horrors of that solemn day, when the almighty Judge shall summon mankind before his aweful tribunal ; and contign the wicked to endless, never-ceasing misery :-surely when the terrors which the dainned are to feel, are set before their eyes, they will shudder at the dreadful thought:-Surely, when they are thoroughly awakened, they will esteem the pleasures of fin but a poor compensation for the loss of heaven ; especially, as they must exchange it for a place, where no glimpse of joy can ever enter ; where the flames of the bottomless pit will for ever surround them, where they will suffer every moment for endless ages, the inexpressible torments of the most agonizing death, and at last, be not one moment nearer their release; where they will become dreadful examples of God's vindictive justice, and have the gates of hell closed upon them, never to be opened more.

That so dreadful an end awaits such as depart this life without making their peace with God, is very evident from a thousand places in scripture; and therefore, should


be fo presumptuous, as to flatter themselves that these things are not so, they are in the most dreadful situation imaginable. Much rather, O gracious God, afflict us with poverty and contempt, pain and sickness, grief and disappointment than, by such a fatal delusion, to suffer us to lofe our immortal fouls !

As none of my hearers, I hope, need such awakening scenes of horror, to call them to a sense of their condition, let us turn our thoughts from such a gloomy subject to another more engaging, where we cannot fail of filling the imagination with the most delightful and transporting ideas. Let us reflect on the indulgent promises of the Almighty, and contemplate on the pleasing prospect of a never ending state of bliss. For a short duration, indeed, we are to undergo whatever afflictions the Almighty shall deem expedient to lay upon us : however, if we bear up under them with patience and resignation to the divine will; if we do but our duty with chearful hearts, we have the best assurance that can be of an ample recompence; an assurance equal to the greatest certainty; since promised by an almighty, an infinitely just, and indulgent God. To give you the least adequate idea of the happy state of the Saints in glory, would require the skill of the most enlightened genius, and therefore be a task too arduous for me to undertake; but this we may venture to assert, that every thing we can conceive of happiness, the most elevated hopes with which we can feed our aspiring souls, will fall infinitely short of the glorious and delightful state of those, who tread the paths of virtue, who love justice and mercy, and walk humbly with their God.

I have now, MOST WORTHY AUDITORS, said all I at first propofed on the Truth of the Christian Religion, and am fully persuaded, that the arguments which I have collected will incline the attentive hearer to become from henceforth, if he be not already, a follower of the biessed Jesus.—And though I am not insensible of my inability ; yet seeing that the truths I have been treating of, carry conviction along with them, and stand in no need of the weak aid and assistance of human eloquence; all I think necessary to add, is, that throughout the whole SERIES,

I have not advanced any one position, but what appears, to the best of my judgment, to be strictly true, and for that reason worthy of our most serious regard: accept, therefore, of my sincere, though weak endeavours ; and let not the unworthiness of the Preacher prepossess you against the doctrines he has recommended to your consideration, which are, doubtless, of the last importance ; and if what I have said mould prove of the least benefit to my fellow-candidates for the joys of heaven, to God be VOL. III.



ascribed all the glory. For my part, the only praise I shall ever seek will be, to deserve the title of a faithful minister of God's holy


and I humbly beseech the Almighty to grant me his grace, that I may always keep such a watchful eye over my own conduct, as never to bring the least reproach on that religion which has been so graciously revealed, fo wonderfully propagated, and so faithfully transmitted from generation to generation, that every with righteous Job exulting say, I KNOW THAT MY REDEEMER LIVETH, AND THAT HE SHALL STAND AT THE LATTER DAY UPON THE EARTH. AND THOUGH AFTER MY SKIN, WORMS DESTROY THIS BODY, YET IN MY FLESH SHALL I see God : WHOM I SHALL SEE FOR MYSELF, AND MINE EYES SHALL BEHOLD, AND NOT ANOTHER, AMEN,

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