Visual Marketing: 99 Proven Ways for Small Businesses to Market with Images and Design

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John Wiley & Sons, 2 בספט׳ 2011 - 256 עמודים
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Effective creative strategies and campaigns for business ownersor marketers

Whether it's on the Web, in a book, or live in-person, the mosteffective solutions are those that unexpectedly grab our attention.David Langton and Anita Campbell identify eye-catching andthought-provoking marketing and PR tips, ideas, and creative"stunts." This compendium of winning ideas will inspire smallbusiness leaders, creative professionals, and students.Award-winning visual communication designer David Langton hasworked for a range of businesses from Fortune 500 leaders to smallbusinesses. Anita Campbell, an internationally known small businessexpert, reaches over 2 million small business owners andstakeholders annually.

Through case studies, photos, and illustrations, VisualMarketing displays creative marketing campaigns that broughtattention to small businesses in unique, compelling, and unexpectedways.

  • Online visual marketing solutions may include apps, interactivegames tools and modules; infographics; HTML emails / e-newsletters;widgets; YouTube videos; flash animation; social networkingcampaigns; websites, weblets, mini-sites; blogs; podcasts / MP3s;projected signage; PowerPoint / keynote presentations
  • In print solutions may include brochures, flyers; annualreports; books; direct mail, post cards; newsletters; invitations;letters; press releases; infographics
  • On-site, giveaways, exhibit, and tradeshow solutions mayinclude live events and performances; signs; billboards; exhibits;banners; tent cards; posters; plasmas screens; kiosks; giveaways:tchotchkes, t-shirts, tote bags, etc.; floor graphics/vinyl graphicwraps

With Visual Marketing, you'll discover 99 powerfulstrategies for capturing the attention of your potentialcustomers.


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Using a FlashBased
Appealing to Consumers with
Using Cartoons
When Is a Cup of Tea More Than Just Another Cup?
Gaining Media
A Visual Marketing Firm Uses Optical Illusions to See Things
Your Target Market with a Banner Containing Images and
Using Free Samples to Promote
Power to the Print Item Posters Brochures
Using Unconventional
Establishing an Identity That
Using an Iconic Symbol

Combining Staged
Using Bright and Unique
Tying in
Images are Everywhere in the Physical World
Using Posters
Promotional Giveaways Makes a Big Splash
Combining Professional
Using Beautiful Evocative
Making Your Business Story Come
Expressing Your
Creating an Intentionally Retro
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DAVID LANGTON is a visual communication designer, blogger, andauthor on visual design. He has more than 20 years experienceproviding conceptual direction for Fortune 500 companies and smallbusinesses. He is cofounder of?Langton Cherubino Group, acommunications design firm, based in NYC, dedicated to improvingthe way that businesses and their audiences interact.

ANITA CAMPBELL is CEO and founder of Small Business Trends,, an award-winning website reaching over 300,000small-business owners each month. She hosts a weekly Internet radiopodcast show featuring interviews with small-business owners andentrepreneurs and owns BizSugar, another small-business socialmedia site.

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