A Concise History of Florida

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Arcadia Publishing, 23 בספט׳ 2014 - 256 עמודים
A quick overview of the Sunshine State’s fascinating past, with photos and illustrations included.
In 1513, Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de León first set foot on Florida’s east coast. The land he discovered was a geographic anomaly so distinctive that one day, centuries later, astronaut Neil Armstrong would say that Florida was the first shape on earth he recognized on his return from a visit to the moon.
This unique state has witnessed such momentous events as the 1959 arrival of the first Cuban exiles under Fidel Castro and the 1981 launch of the Columbia—the first space shuttle. Join historian James C. Clark as he chronicles the surprising history of the Sunshine State in this concise and captivating book.

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Florida Immigrants
Florida Colleges
Making Music
Space Age Florida
The 1920s
Florida Writers
Florida in the Movies

The Territory of Florida
The State of Florida
Establishing Education
The Seminole Wars
The Civil
The Early Tourists
The Everglades
Presidents and Florida
Bourbon Florida
The SpanishAmerican
Sports in Florida
The New Tourists
Florida Governors 18681950
The Great Depression
World War II
Modern Tourism
Florida Politics 19482014
Air Conditioning
Civil Rights in Florida
Modern Florida
Floridas Counties and Admission Dates
Florida Governors
About the Author
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James C. Clark is a lecturer at the University of Central Florida, where he has taught since 1987. He has become one of Florida's leading historians, and the author of ten books. His work has been honored by the Florida Historical Society, the Florida Society of Newspaper Editors and the Florida Magazine Association. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

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