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Committee is to fix the price at two spread the doctrines of their great shillings and sixpence-a price which master. It is greatly through the efforts will only repay the cost by a large sale. of this Society that here and on the The circulars offering the work to clergy. Continent the name of Swedenborg has inen and ministers will begin to be sent become so well known; and the number out this month, and the Committee is of his works which they have translated sanguine enough to hope that the re- into English is so great that any one sponses will double at least those re- inclined may become acquainted at first ceived last year for the True Christian hand with the system of this remarkable Religion. It is difficult to estimate the man. importance of these two works to the

The Free Library at Leamington has religious teachers of the people. The now admitted all the philosophical light shed abroad by the New Church is works (in English). The theological already being widely received outside its works which were rejected have been pale. The following extract from the presented to several gentlemen in that letter of a clergyman, whose popularity town, who have expressed their thanks as a preacher enhances its value, affords for the gift. Few towns in the kingdom a powerful illustration. He says : have, we believe, had the name of When I reflect upon what personally Swedenborg more pressed upon their I owe to the heavenly doctrines of the attention, for we understand that 200 Lord's New Church, I feel that it would copies of Mr. Rodgers' lecture be more in keeping with true order if I Swedenborg have been sent from Bircontributed more liberally than I do formingham there. A public rejection of their spread. Notwithstanding, the the works therefore means à tenfold opinion of some of your best men, I can- publicity, with a result unvaryingly not help thinking that there are more favourable to the principles of the New receivers of New Church truth within Church. the outward pale of the Old Church than there are within the limits of the sect. SCANDINAVIAN MISSION.-TO the True, the New Church is bound to in- Editor of the Intellectual Repository."

And bit by bit the old I enclose you a statement of affairs of the Churches will be leavened with true Scandinavian Mission, prepared at the doctrine till they become streets in the request of the Foreign and Colonial Holy City itself. Thirty years ago I Missions Committee,” by the Treasurer should have been deposed for preaching as of the New Church Society in StockI now do.” The present effort of the holm. It appears from this, and other Society aims at creating, if possible, an communications that appeared previousappetite and supplying it with true ly in your journal, that the Rev. Mr. doctrine in every religious teacher in Boyesen, who is the superintendent of the kingdom until the whole lump is that mission, is eminently the right man leavened. To fully accomplish it the in the right place, and that wherever he Committee appeals for further help, goes and unfurls the standard of the which it unhesitatingly believes will be New Church, numbers flock to hear him, afforded in due time. If 10,000 applica- and some remain and join the clusters of 1ions are made for copies, some £1300 New Church Societies that are formed will be wanted, and this sum exceeds under his influence. It is very plain, the Society's present balance. But it is however, from the statement of accounts loped that with even a greater demand as furnished by Mr. Falk, that unless the monetary requirements will offer no the Scandinavian Mission is liberally difficulty. Certainly, it will not if the supported by contributions from the Edinburgh Daily Review speaks truly. friends in England and America, Mr. In a notice of “Christian Psychology,” Boyesen will soon be obliged to give up it writes : “ The name and system and his work; for he has a family to provide historical significance of Swedenborg for, and it is his first duty to provide have of late years attracted to themselves for them. The Conference Committee an increasing aniount of attention. of “Foreign and Colonial Missions,” in With a perseverance and a zeal worthy order to give the Scandinavian and of a better cause, the Swedenborg Society Italian Missions a fair trial, have respares neither time nor thought, nor solved to assist, if possible, each of these strength nor money, in their attempt to Missions to the extent of fifty pounds for


three years. This is now the third year, We decided, however, to continue the and, from the evidence furnished by the Sunday services, and engaged a ball for Committee, it appears that good work the purpose, but in want of a leader has been accomplished during the last with sufficient power, the attendance two years by the assistance received dwindled down more and more, and from the brethren in England; we sin- many of those who had put their names cerely hope, therefore, that by their down as subscribers were no more seen. liberality the Conference Committee will In April this year Mr. Boyesen returned be enabled to continue the promised and put new life into the good cause, grant of fifty pounds during the present speaking with warmth and power ;

the year, not only to the mission in Scan- hearers increased again and some new dinavia, but also to that in Italy. members joined the Society. After a

Since the close of the last Conference stay of four weeks, Mr. Boyesen again left year the friends in America have come us. We then ceased holding any meetforward for the assistance of the Scan- ings in order to husband our resources dinavian Mission to the amount of in a pecuniary sense. Now we have our $209.80 (about £40), and we hope sin- dear pastor with us again. Since the cerely that the friends in England will 6th of October, he has held three Sun. emulate the example of our transatlantic day services, and lectured six times on brethren by early remittances to Mr. week-day evenings. To-morrow and on Thos. Watson, 19 Highbury Crescent, Tuesday he intends also to preach and London, N., the Treasurer of the Com- lecture. After that he purposes paying mittee. --R. L. TAFEL, Secretary of the a visit to the country parish of Tärna, Conference Committee on Foreign and in Westmanland, where he will stay Colonial Missions.

some days. He visited Järna the last

time he was here also. In that parish a STOCKHOLM, 30th Nov. 1875. former rector was a New Churchman, DEAR SIR, — In reply to your letter to and since that time many of the parishPastor Boyesen, which has been com- ioners are believers in the doctrines. municated to me, and wherein informa. They have now written and invited Mr. tion is asked respecting the state of the Boyesen to come to them, but at the New Church in Scandinavia, I beg to same time prepared him for opposition state briefly what I know, and I do this from the present rector, who opposed in my cupacity as Treasurer to the him last time he was there. Society of New Church receivers formed Our Society consists at present of in Stockholm. About eight years ago a about seventy inscribed members, and, New Church Society began to be formed besides, of some who assist us with occain Stockholm under the leadership of sional contributions. Of the former the Mr. Oscar Tyboni. The members, about greater part pay weekly contributions, fourteen in number, used to meet at his but hitherto these have not sufficed for house on Sunday mornings for a simple our expenses. At the present moment service. All were more or less in small we are in debt to the extent of about 400 circumstances. These meetings con- crowns (about £22), of which a part howtinued in a drooping state till the ever will not be insisted on should we be autumn of 1874. Then a friend of the unable to pay all. It is not easy to say doctrines, the Engineer Lauren, from what our annual income and expenditure Wermland, came to Stockholm, together may amount to, as a twelvemonth has not with Pastor Boyesen. He engaged a elapsed since we began keeping accounts, room and announced publicly a meeting but, to judge from the receipts since of the friends of the New Church. Pas- April, I think our annual income will tor Boyesen lectured several times to amount to about 1500 crowns (about numerous hearers, was listened to with £83). Mr. Boyesen has received from great interest, and the number of mem- us 670 crowns (about £37), besides board bers of the Society increased to about and lodging during the two months he forty, who all bound themselves to con- has been with us. In Copenhagen the tribute to the maintenance of the New members of the New Church pay to him Church services in Stockholm. A com. annually 480 crowns (about £27), with mittee was also chosen. After a stay of the greatest exertions. In order to eke about three or four weeks, Pastor Boyesen out an existence, with what he receives left us, promising to return in the spring. by the kindness of the friends in Eng.

land and America, he is obliged to give a commencement. At a meeting on lessons in languages, which greatly im- the 10th, 22 were proposed for mempedes his usefulness, and delays his work bership; and on the 16th, 14 adults of translation. Mr. Boyesen appears to entered the Church by the gate of us to be a most gifted preacher, and we baptism. Bath is an important New wish for none better. He extemporizes Church centre. It is the witness for his discourses with power and warmth, the truth in the South-west of England, and gains the close attention of his and in this respect it stands almost hearers without fatiguing them. Mr. alone. It is most desirable, therefore, Boyesen has formerly been in an inde. that the Church should be, if possible, pendent position, and has at his own sustained by an efficient ministry. No expense, and from interest in the doc- finer field of labour can be presente, trines of the New Church, devoted five and we sincerely hope that a suitable years to their study in America. minister will be provided for the place.

I need not say that the Old Church does not look on the New with any great BIRMINGHAM. From the Manual of favour, and sundry fanatical persons, this Society we give the following par. both among the laity and the clergy, ticulars :-At the present time there is have endeavoured to injure the New in Birmingham a Working Committee Church. This has especially been the of the Auxiliary Missionary Society, with case among the strict Old Church party, the minister as president. The Comor the so-called “Pietists” (läsare), mittee have posted two hundred copies which is represented by the Evangelical of Mr. Rodgers' Lectures on “SwedenFosterland Institution, which has great borg the Philosopher,” and “Sweden. resources at its disposal ; and also with borg the Theologian,” to the principal some of the stricter sects, such as Bap- inhabitants of Leamington. They have tists, Methodists and Irvingites, some of despatched a parcel of books to the New which receive support from England and Church Society in Sydney, New South America. But we have had on the Wales, in addition to which, an extract other hand to rejoice at three leading from a letter from that place was sent articles in the principal Swedish news- to the Secretary of the Swedenborg paper,

· Aftonbladet, two of which Society, with a request that it should spoke of Mr. Boyesen's lectures with also take action in the matter. They have approval, and the third contained a kind also secured the placing of 140 volumes of defence of the New Church. We of Swedenborg's works in the several hope by the Lord's help that here, branches of the Birmingham Free Lib. where the cradle of His apostle stood, raries.

In the matter of church and His New Church shall find a firm abode school buildings, the Manual says for the spread of His love and truth. that nearly everything seems to have

I beg respectfully that you will make gone well with the work. “No accident known our position to the New Church has occurred; no misunderstanding in England and America, in the hope worth notice has arisen ; and the structhat some good will result therefrom. tures, so far as now completed, are I subscribe nyself with great esteem, wonderfully better than we had exT. Falk, Treasurer of the New Church pected to see. Thorough adaptation to Society in Stockholm.

contemplated uses · becomes more and

more manifest, and delight fills the BATH. — The departure into the heart when meditating upon what may spiritual world of the esteemed pastor be possible in those well - arranged of this Society has necessitated the schools, capacious lecture-room, and adoption of means to procure the ser- noble church if we will to realize them. vices of a suitable successor. A meeting This time last year, not a penny towards of the Society to consider this subject the cost was subscribed-now our list, was held on the 3rd of January. The exclusive of special gifts, is about £2800, meeting was well attended, and warm and more than £2000 of it has already interest in its object expressed. The been received by the treasurer. It is Society is small, but willing to do its worthy of record that in January last utmost to secure the services of an the turf lay on the ground, and trees efficient minister. A list of promised flourished where now stand schools, subscriptions was taken, and a reasonable lecture-room, house for resident churchprospect presented of a small salary for keeper (these nearly finished) and a beautiful church with commodious O’Mant gave a lecture on the doctrines vestries, organ chamber, gallery, and of Swedenborg at this place. It is quite matron's room, nearly ready for the a new field, and Mr. O'Mant was accomroof. Then we expected a brick-fronted panied by several members of his Society. church with a few trimmings or dress. We found, says our correspondent, a very ings of stone; now, thanks to Mr. attentive audience of about 100 persons. Bloore, we see rising a solid-looking, Questions were allowed after the lecture, handsome frontage, in rough Hamstead and many were asked; and, altogether, stone, with Bath stone dressings, in the it was a most spirited meeting. A vote most tasteful style. Then our church of thanks was spontaneously given by plans set forth a dwarf tower with a the audience, and a wish expressed for roof joining the church roof; now, we further services. Mr. Allison, of Midare raising the tower to a level with the dlesboro'-on-Tees is the promoter of the final stone of the front gable, and on the enterprise, and he is anxious to have a top of the tower we are to have a noble conrse, or even a continuance of the spire of stone, rising to a total height of lectures through the rest of the winter. nearly 120 feet. Then, we expected He pays (in this instance) for the bills plain glass windows and a cheap wood and the hire of the room, and the pulpit; now, we have promised by National Missionary Society, pays various friends, and in course of pre- all other expenses. We were all imparation—the east window, the west pressed with the idea that it is most window, two aisle windows, and eighteen desirable that the effort should be reclerestory lights, all in the highest style peated,—that there is a good field of artistic stained glass ; and a pulpit of opened for missionary labours; and that sculptured stone that will not be sur. the opening should not be allowed to passed for beauty in Birmingham. lapse. Mr. Cameron will apply to his

Committee to ascertain what help they BRISTOL.- The Society in this town can render. Of course they will do was favoured with a visit from Mr. R. something, but their means are limited, Gunton on Friday, December 17th, when so they cannot do all that is required. he delivered a lecture, his subject being So far as the work is concerned, Mr. “The Scriptural Way of Salvation : Is O'Mant might be depended upon to the Doctrine of Substitution Scriptural.” give a lecture every week, or once a There was not a large gathering, but fortnight, as the case might need. those who attended were very much in- met in Montpellier Rooms, a very comterested. The lecturer showed that modious place, and the charge is very Substitution was not, and could not be, moderate. maintained by Scripture ; that it was necessary that man should co-operate LIVERPOOL. On Friday evening, with the Saviour in the work of salva- 14th January 1876, the annual new year tion, and that the Lord came into this tea meeting and soiree of the Sunday world out of pure love to his fallen scholars was celebrated. With this creatures, and not to satisfy the wrath happy event was connected one of a of a vindictive Being. Questions were more regretful nature, which caused a asked by strangers; one individual said large attendance of the members and that whether we wished to be saved or friends of the Society, viz., the bidding not it was impossible to withstand the farewell to Mr. A. C. Moore, who is “working of the Spirit,” and conse- called from his sphere of usefulness here quently that man might be saved irre- to London. Tea was provided (at 6.30), spective of his complying with the rules during which pleasant and enjoyable laid down for his guidance. Several conversation was very general. passages of Scripture, sustained by cogent tables being cleared, the Rev. R. Goldarguments, were advanced by the lec- sack was called to preside and distribute turer, which seemed to be quite satisfac- the prizes to the successful children. tory to every one but the individual in In his opening remarks, he referred to question. Several “Silent Missionaries” the object and aim of the annual meetwere sold at the close.

ing, congratulated the teachers on the

excellent state of the school, and obHARROGATE.-On the evening of served that the growing interest of the Thursday, January 6th, the Rev. w. Society in its affairs must be encouraging




to them in their labour of love and use- tions, and with highly satisfactory re-
fulness. He also addressed a few words sults.”
to the children, advising regularity of
attendance and efforts to induce others LONDON (Palace Gardens).

The to attend and increase the school. The re- Quarterly General Meeting of this Socitations by the children now followed, ciety was held on Tuesday, 11th January. after which pleasing addresses were given Tea was provided at six, and the chair by Mr. Horn, Mr. Pixton, and others, taken by the Rev. Dr. Bayley at seven followed by one of the little school girls o'clock. The minutes of the last quarascending the platform and presenting to terly meeting were read by the secretary. Mr. Moore a very handsome Bible, with The Rev. chairman announced that the words—“Mr. Moore, please accept there were eleven new members to be this Bible from the teachers and scholars elected at this meeting, and intimated of the Sunday-school for your many that there were several others who would kindnesses." Mr. Moore concluded an no doubt come forward for election at appropriate reply to this artless address the next meeting. After the usual reand presentation with the remark that ception of the eleven new members, such nothing would give him greater pleasure as were present were invited to sign the than the remembrance of the many member's book, and received at the same happy associations he had experienced time a hearty applause from the meeting. during his connection with the Liver. This having completed the ordinary pool Society. The prizes being distributed business of the evening, the meeting reto the scholars, and a special present to solved itself into one for mutual edificaMaster John Craigie for his efficient and tion, the subject being the 24th verse of attentive performance of the librarian's the 21st Revelation : " And the nations duties and frequently recurring useful of them that are saved shall walk in the ness in preparing illuminated work light of it: and the kings of the earth for testimonials, inscriptions, etc., the do bring their glory and honour into it.” children were allowed a time for innocent Dr. Bayley introduced the subject with amusement, and the meeting terminated his usual clearness, revealing the many with a hymn.

bright and useful lessons to be derived

from this portion of the Word; and was
LONDON (Argyle Square).-We copy ably followed by the following gentle-
the following from the Christian World men, Mr. Duncan, Mr. James Alfred
of December 31 :-"A special Christmas Bayley, Mr. Horncastle, and Mr. Hamp-
service was held at this, one of the prin- sen, who, in their turn, pointed out the
cipal ‘New Church' or Swedenborgian eternal advantage of reducing all religion
places of worship in the metropolis. into life. Towards the close of the
Appropriate selections of music were meeting a circular was read, from the
sung, and the liturgical service used was Committee enrolled for the purpose of
the revised one recently recommended presenting a testimonial to the Rev. E.
by the Conference, in which a larger D. Rendell, and after a few remarks
share is assigned to the congregation in from the chairman in favour of the ob-
the shape of responses, assimilating the ject, it was announced that such friends
service in this respect_to that of the as desired to contribute should place the
Church of England. The sermon was same in the secretary's hands, who
preached by the minister of the church, would forward it in due course.
the Rev. J. Presland, from the words meeting, which was very well attended

God with us,' and in the course of it notwithstanding the inclemency of the
the preacher took occasion to enforce the weather, was brought to a close by a
distinctive doctrine of this body with hymn and the benediction.
regard to the incarnation of Christ, not

a separate personality from the LONDON (Buttesland Street). — The Father, but as an assumption by the annual meeting of the Society was held Divine Being of a human form as a on Monday, 10th January. There was medium of manifestation and a means

a very good attendance of members and of carrying out His beneficent designs in friends. From the reports presented we the restoration of the fallen race. A learn that several new members have weekly offertory has at this church been added during the past year ; the taken the place of the occasional collec. attendances at public worship have con.



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